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‘Pokémon Go’ Christmas event brings free incubators, more starter spawns

  • Niantic announced today a Pokémon Go holiday event.
  • “Starting the morning of Dec. 25, 2016, and through the afternoon of Jan. 3, 2017 (PST), PokéStops will award one single-use incubator each day after your first photo disc spin,” Niantic explained.
  • “As you visit PokéStops during this time period, there will be a greater chance of finding eggs that hatch Togepi, Pichu and several other recently found Pokémon, originally discovered in the Johto region.”
  • Niantic is increasing the starters’ spawn rates. Additionally, you’ll also see their evolutions in the wild. Read more

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listen i have a lab final in 5 hours and im running on painkillers and espresso jUst listen 

  • Andrew Minyard could snap you in half. 
  • Andrew is 5′ feet even, probably weighs somewhere between 130 and 150
    • mostly pure muscle don’t get me wrong 
  • and could bench press Neil sitting on KEvin 
  • LisTEN
  • he has the waist/chest ratio of a d o r i t o 
  • Think steve rogers but smol and angry 
  • Andrew is one of those people you look at and you wonder how their sleeves havent ripped
  • Andrew is one of those people you dont even dare think of fighting bc you just /know/ he could pummel you to mush with his bare hands 
  • you’d thank him but that’s besides the point 
  • Andrew also keeps his arms folded a lot 
  • like he does is absentmindedly,when he doesn’t really knwow hat to do with his hands, h just folds his arms 
  • and 
  • that flexes his arms 
  • classmates are swooning 
  • there’s a betting pool, idek what about but money changes hands as soon as Andrew leaves the room
  • NICKY, Aaron, KEvin, and NEil all lost to Andrew at arm wrestling 
  • it becomes a competition 
  • Matt tries his hand
  • ha pun not intended 
  • it ends on a tie
  • Matt’s red in the face
  • Allison and Renee try too, but to no avail 
  • Wymack’s nodding in thought, maybe amusement who knows
  • Dan breezes by, sits down, and beats Andrew within 14 seconds 
  • Matt starts crying 
  • Nicky’s yellin g 
  • I’m sscreaming 
  • i need to catch up on a weeks sleep in the next 4 hours and cram a semester’s worth of info at the same time 
  • Im sorry for this mess 

We have all-new Indivisible music for you today!

Listen to the track you’ll hear as you explore the “Dark Rainforest” surrounding Ajna’s hometown on today’s #MusicMonday!

Lesbian ask game part 4

I’m posting this in celebration of reaching 5k!!

1) daytime lesbian or nighttime lesbian

2) girls like girls lesbian or Gravel to tempo lesbian

3) pro sprinkles lesbian or anti sprinkles lesbian

4) Cola lesbian or Sprite lesbian

5) black coffee lesbian or candy coffee lesbian

6) neon lesbian or pastel lesbian

7) pet mouse lesbian or pet snake lesbian

8) fire lesbian or water lesbian

9) mermaid lesbian or witch lesbian

10) orange soda lesbian or grape soda lesbian

11) earth tone lesbian or dark colors lesbian

12) scented candle lesbian or incense lesbian

13) sneakers lesbian or heels lesbian

14) dolphin lesbian or shark lesbian

15) rain lesbian or snow lesbian

16) pierced nose lesbian or pierced tongue lesbian

17) vacation to Hawaii lesbian or vacation to Paris lesbian

18) good with kids lesbian or bad with kids lesbian

19) soccer lesbian or volleyball lesbian

20) purse lesbian or tote bag lesbian

21) lollipop lesbian or Popsicle lesbian

22) Instagram lesbian or snapchat lesbian

23) 60s rock lesbian or 80s pop lesbian

24) dark wash denim lesbian or light wash denim lesbian

25) pro glitter lesbian or anti glitter lesbian

26) Italian food lesbian or Indian food lesbian

27) orange is the new black lesbian or sense 8 lesbian

28) piña colada lesbian or White Russian lesbian

29) Steven universe lesbian or legend of Korra lesbian

30) pancake lesbian or crepe lesbian

31) autumn lesbian or spring lesbian

32) buy her flowers lesbian or buy her chocolates lesbian

33) cheek kisses lesbian or tip of the nose kisses

34) meme lesbian or aesthetic lesbian

35) leather lesbian or lace lesbian

36) Dairy Queen lesbian or Jamba Juice lesbian

37) dimple loving lesbian or freckle loving lesbian

38) always over dressed lesbian or always under dressed

39) fantasy/ sci fi lesbian or realistic fiction lesbian

40) daisy lesbian or orchid lesbian

41) picnic date lesbian or restaurant date lesbian

42) chocolate candy lesbian or fruity candy lesbian

43) horror movies loving lesbian or passes out within the first 5 minutes of horror movies lesbian

44) poetry writing lesbian or story writing lesbian

45) always rickrolling your girlfriend lesbian or always being rickrolled by your girlfriend lesbian

46) chemistry lesbian or biology lesbian

47) long hair lesbian or short hair lesbian

48) Nintendo lesbian or x box lesbian

49) road trip lesbian or cruise lesbian

50) good dancer lesbian or dorky dancer lesbian

Who do you trust with your phone: Overwatch

Ana: Disappears for 14 years with it. Pretends she didn’t know she still had it.
Bastion: Will protect it but at what cost?
D.Va: Will beat all your app high scores and blow up your Twitter feed.
Genji: Did you have fruit ninja? Now you have fruit ninja.
Hanzo: What the fuck is a phone, he asks. You leave the man be. He has no need for such things. Only guilt.
Junkrat: Breaks your phone on purpose. Will not apologize. 100% do not trust.
Lucio: Phone comes back better than what you originally had. Plus he gives you free music. 100% sweetie pie.
McCree: Buttdials your significant other and facetimes your parents pretending to be your sugar daddy. 100% do not trust.
Mei: Updated your apps and finally cleaned the screen.
Mercy: Buys you an otterbox.
Pharrah: Your phone comes back the same way it came. Nothing is different. 100% safe.
Reaper: Reads all your emails and throws your phone away when it dies.
Reinhardt: Protects it. Cherishes it. 100% safe.
Roadhog: Nothing seems different but for some reason there are a lot of blurry pictures of animals on your photo feed.
S76: If your phone is a smart phone, do not even think about it. This man doesn’t know how to use a touchscreen are you kidding me??? 100% safe but might come back with a few new scratches and smell like mothballs.
Symmetra: Updates your phone and downloads apps without asking. Says its for a better world.
Torbjorn: Your phone is now a turret.
Tracer: Takes selfies at light speed. Breaks your phone on accident. Doesn’t replace it.
Widowmaker: Doesn’t use. Refuses to use it. Refuses to touch it.
Winston: Breaks your phone on accident. Replaces it with a better model.
Zarya: Breaks your phone on accident. Replaces it with the same model.
Zenyatta: Talks to the os systems for fun. 100% safe. 100% cute.