the galka family

I really love the Galka family epsiodr

Not because of the paranormal stuff, not because of the evidence, but for 2 reasons. 1.) the family got help to communicate with their daughter and 2.) we get to see Zak being empathetic and sympathetic which is something I feel like we don’t see often.

skye-rye  asked:

I just discovered Ghost Adventures what are the best episodes to watch?

Oh goodness, so many. Let’s see, my personal favorites in no particular order would probably be:

–Valentine’s Day Special (season 4, episode 18)
–Bobby Mackey’s Music World (s1, ep1)
–Dorothea Puente Murder House (s13, ep5)
–The Galka Family (s6, ep6)
–Hell Hole Prison (s12, ep8)
–Gettysburg (s4, ep1)
–Villisca Axe Murder House (s4, ep13)
–Island of Dolls (s10, ep4)
–Rose Hall (s5, ep9)

These are some of the ones that have had some of the best paranormal evidence in my opinion (and let’s be honest, some of the best moments of crew acting like the total dorks that they are) :)

I just finished the Galka Family episode of Ghost Adventures.

That was so powerful.

I started crying when Melissa said “hi dad” and “miss you all”.

I can’t describe how I’m feeling, but it’s comforting to know that not all spirits are in pain.

What I got out of the episode was that spirits can choose to stay, or come and go as they said in the episode.

Definitely something to think about.

The Galka Family

Last night’s GA episode was so emotional. I haven’t cried this much in ages. Melissa would be 25 now. I am 25 and it certainly made me think about life. It could be over in a matter of seconds. :/

The guys handled it so well and were so respectful. The EVPs were so chilling and so clear. Best and most touching episode so far.

R.I.P. Melissa Galka