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Extra Missions for 5☆ Characters
Duration: 3/24 (Fri) 5:00~

Extra Missions will be added that can be cleared for various rewards, such as gald and exp books, with a final reward of a 5☆ character of your choice. Each mission is cleared by clearing all Daily Missions.

The rewards for each Extra Mission are:
1 Time  = 30,000 gald
2 Times = 40 4☆ exp books
3 Times = 50,000 gald
4 Times = 20 3☆ arte exp books
5 Times = 100,000 gald
6 Times = 3☆ limit break gem
7 Times = choice of 5☆

※ As of right now, you can only choose one character to summon. Additional missions/characters may be added in the future.

For new players and players returning after a long period of inactivity, all quests will cost ½ AP for 14 days.

Character details under the cut.

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I’m just… gonna leave this here. Yeah. :D

(Quick doodles of the opposite!Revolutionary Set + Hhilip done in blue pen during class. ^^“”)


I mean, putting up some good D is pretty silly when most of the participants are actively smaller than a traditional ball.

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Jin, Suga, Jungkook

Thanks for over 3800+ followers! This amount of people is very motivating to continue with this blog and make improvements over time. I’m so gald to be part of the Kpop community. I’ve met so many amazing people, such as Carla! Carla, thank you so much for helping me out and being the awesome person that you are. I hope to meet more of you in the future. (Self promo, sorry eh🍁) Don’t be shy to message me @hope-and-roses. I hope you’re all having a great New Year!

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  • Artorius: Billions of Gald in property and infrastructure damage, around thousands of Exorcists dead and even more Malak devoured at your hands. I don't remember raising you like this, Velvet!
  • Velvet: Well, I don't remember my sister marrying a two faced messiah complex nutjob who suckered my younger brother into becoming a human sacrifice so he can become a bratty deity.
  • Artorius: You got me good there.

03/02/2017 Visiting my son’s family

Well, finally I able to write down about our last visit to Fernando and Gemma’s house. I know, I know we live in the same city, but they have their own family and everyday routine so we can’t really meet too often. But yesterday was that day when we all can finally get together and have some home fun! 

It’s almost 2 months since Faye was adopted by Gemma and Fernando. I have to say that this girl is super cute and communicative! At the first time she was as active, cause it was adaptational period and and it took a while to get used to the new environment and people. She calls Gemma ‘mama’ and Fernnado ‘dada’ since her first day in their house. And it can’t not buy over! She’s so sweet and girly. She likes hugs and attention. She quickly found a common language with Debora and they played almost all the time we spent there. 

Elio is doing well too. I’m so gald to see the extension of my son in him. I see many common moments with little Fernando. Of course it’s 50% of Gemma in him and there’s visible too, cause Elio is not a copy of dad, she’s mix of both parents. He’s still very calm and don’t cry too much. This sweet boy amazes me everytime I see him. Now he’s almost 8 months and he crawling almost everywhere! He tries to stand near the furniture, but not for so long yet. He loves to throw his toys and play hide and seek with blanket :) 

As for my role to Faye, she didn’t understand yet who I am and who is Debora. It’s still difficult to 1year and 4 months child to correlate people’s roles in her life. I guess for her I still “ an aunt” that cames somtimes to visit her family and talk to parents and play with her and Elio. She tries to call me ‘grandma’, but for now it’s like ‘grama’ :D 

I’ll made the second post with some other photos, that can’t be pasted here, so hope you’ll enjoy them :)

Hope you all have a great day :)

higanbanabythesea  asked:

Hi Laura! So randomness, I saw your postings about the Captive Prince and was like I read a Drarry fanfic that seems awfully similar. So of course I went back and sure enough Captive Prince is what it was based on. Now I'm slowly working my way through the trilogy. Once again it is another story you converted me to and I have just crawled out of my Pandora Hearts binge, I thought I was free lol


 Because of the Reaper’s Curse, I petition ‘Thanks, Eizen‘ to become Berseria’s ‘Thanks, Obama‘. It rolls off the tongue.

 ‘I ran out of gald, already sold all that I could, and still need to buy stuff. Thanks, Eizen.‘

 ‘The boss completely kicked my ass. Thanks, Eizen.‘

 ‘I can’t find my way in this bloody dungeon. Thanks, Eizen‘