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I love to play New Game+ with tales of the abyss. It’s literally the funniest thing when Luke eats the apple in Engave during the first chapter of the game. He’s like “what’s gald?” And I’m like “listen here boi you’ve got more than 10 million gald in your pockets right now I think you know what gald is”


Consider: Tales of zestiria AU where all the seraphim are dragons but in a Cool way not an angsty way because dragons are fucking rad

They’d probably have normal human forms too, that couldn’t be seen by normal people, so to everyone w/o resonance they’re just big scaly beasts that keep stealing everyone’s prickleboars and gald.

so instead of talking to nothing, sorey scares the hell out of everyone by having casual weird grunt noise convos with giant lizards

Random thought, as I’m noticing my gald total going through Berseria’s final dungeon:

  • Tales of Zestiria: Always broke, constantly skyrocketing equipment fusion costs.  The only thing Sorey and Mikleo eat is fried shrimp from that one inn made of tents in Lohgrin to keep the gald income going because, hey, when you have a ton of Acqua stacks and the ability to negate enemy water resistance, Aqua Limit does a shit ton of damage and breaking 10k is suddenly not so difficult.
  • Tales of Berseria: The entire crew eats whatever they want, Barbatos’ Palmiers being a favorite because damn look at all that loot plus I’m sure there’s a swimming pool on the Van Eltia filled with nothing but gald for Magilou, Eizen and the rest of the pirate crew to swim in whenever they want.  I’m up to 1.4 mil gald and no clue what to do with it.

Someone go tell Velvet to stash that loot in a bank and call that the Emergency Save Phi fund, lol.

Ok so I love Eizen and Edna too much so time to gush abt them and malakhim/seraphim facts in general

  • Malakhim/Seraphim are born from untainted mana 
  • they could also have previously been human that became a malak/seraph 
  • if they were originally human they have no memories of their human lives 
  • Eizen was born from an earthpulse point on top of a sacred mountain and he just kinda chilled there for a while 
  • Edna was born from the same earthpulse point much later and Eizen was like “mine now" 
  • Edna would hold on to Eizen’s pinky and he’d poke her cheek to make her laugh fucking destroy me 
  • not all malakhim/seraphim born of the same earthpulse point will feel related to each other 
  • Eizen felt a connection to Edna that he initially didn’t know what it was, but when she was sad, he was sad, and when he was happy, she was happy 
  • Eizen likes cats better than dogs but he likes squirrels best bc he used to live somewhere with Edna that had squirrels that he’d pet 
  • the day Eizen left, he and Edna gave each other good luck pendants 
  • Eizen’s has a hand drawn portrait of Edna in it made by her 
  • Edna’s is her necklace that Eizen made from a stone on the mountain they were born from 
  • Eizen then knew they were siblings bc they gave each other similar presents in the same shape and neither of them told the other 
  • Eizen is a huge fucking nerd
  • oh wait in addition Eizen once stole 100 gald from Edna’s secret stash
  • it was to buy a painting. by Beryl Benito. and he was short 100 gald apparently
  • the painting turned out to be a forgery
  • it’s heavily implied Eizen never told her bc he said that he hopes she would forgive him


I mean it’s no Tangled (2010), but it’s a really good continuation of my favorite movie

Things I loved:

- everyone seems so in character (except one). Rapunzel is the sweetest girl and Eugene is hilarious. Pascal is the best friend anyone could ever have and Maximus is still rocking is charge. Getting to see more of those characters and others really helps in loving them more. Cant wait for more adventures

- Cassandra is awesome! I didnt like very much the fact that rapunzel was out at night with only her and no pascal or eugene in the music video but watching the whole thing makes perfect sense now! Sorry for judging too soon!

- Mom and Dad moments! I totally love how comprehensive her mother is and I love when she says ‘’I only ask that you’d be safe, smart and, above all, be true to yourself’’. I can also understand her dad’s point of view but since I didnt like him that much I’ll discuss that in the ‘’things I didnt like’’

- THE WIG THING. I had a huge problem with the wig when it appear on the trailers because it was never established in the world of tangled that those things existed and I really disliked rapunzel with it. It seem something more for beauty and the beast and it make me think of cinderella 2. But, again, after seeing the movie it all made sense. I knew whe was using it to hide the hair but its not something they just threw in, so I’m gald and sorry for judging too soon.

- the hair growing back again made sense (even tho she touched the stone thing and not the ground where the flower was but okay). I really want to know what are those spikes

- the animation is really cute and consistent

- OTP IS BACK YEAH - eugene is so romantic and caring and funny and protective and everything rapunzel deserves. I loved when he declared himself her best friend because yeah they can be a couple of best friends!

- I also liked cassadra’s realtionship with eugene. sassy buddies

- I love the songs! (even tho they’re few!!)

Thing I didnt like:

- some cliches or plot holes like the opening scene (where they want us to believe rapunzel is running from trouble when it was all just a game they took too seriously?? i dont get the point of it, it seems forced just to indruduce the world she wants to visit), why is a rat delievering a paper to lady cane, how did she got into the castle (just because you put a fancy wig doesnt mean your automatically royalty), there are few guards on jail because most where at the coronation doing their incompetent jobs?

- my biggest problem is the king. Yes, the man that cried so emotionally that made you cry, the man that cried even when his wife didnt, the man that even without any lines whatsoever thill now delievered a great and super emotional performace. That man is now a stupid cliche ‘’i want to protect you so you stay locked forever’’ father. Dont get me wrong, losing his dauther would probably make him take those decisions but he alwasy seems so strick with rapunzel for no need. I wanted him to talk to rapunzel with kind and sad eyes explaining things to her, how he feels and how he felt, what he fears and trusting her a bit more- but he’s always like ‘’dont embarrass me’’, ‘’dont go out’’. I think he’s reaaaaally out of character

- I understand why rapunzel said ‘’no’’ to eugene’s proposal but why did they create that situation where she would be forced to say no? she would have never said no otherwise. I think they deserved better

I think that’s all I have to say



So uh, in Berseria, pretty much around the time when Eleanor joins you, Magilou makes a bet with Velvet and she says like “100 gald you break” in regards to fighting Artorius again. But like. We all know Velvet isn’t gonna give up no matter what… and 100 gald is absolutely nothing

Like a stay at the inn is 100 gald, and you pick up like 1000 gald from treasure chests… I know, gameplay and story segregation, but.

We aalll know Magilou makes that bet just so she has an excuse to stay with the gang. She even brings it up at Titania “I’m bored and I have a bet with you anyways so I have to stick around for that”

She caaaaares about everybody, especially Velvet. What a doooork

MimiBTSGhost announecement:

Hi, I am very gald a lot of you seem to enjoy the BTS SPAM series:


I received asks requesting: Jimin x Jungkook, V x Jungkook and Jin x Rap Monster too (EDIT: Rapmonster x Jimin and Jin x Jimin too) . I believe that BTS interactions can bring a looot of happiness so I plan on making as much as you ask for and as much as I can^^. As we respect every ship on @mimibtsghost, I hope you will enjoy all of them even if they are not your OTP, because they are still BTS that we cherish^^

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Love you ARMY

  • Artorius: Billions of Gald in property and infrastructure damage, around thousands of Exorcists dead and even more Malak devoured at your hands. I don't remember raising you like this, Velvet!
  • Velvet: Well, I don't remember my sister marrying a two faced messiah complex nutjob who suckered my younger brother into becoming a human sacrifice so he can become a bratty deity.
  • Artorius: You got me good there.
Dear Journal,

Sirius and I went to Mum and dad’s tonight to tell them that the orphanage was going to let us have the baby boy. We talked about kids and they knew we were thinking about addopting soon. We were getting ready and Sirius wore a button down shirt. The last time I saw him with one, he was wearing the Hogwarts uniform.

“You took out your old button downs?” I asked, a smirk on my face.

“I want your parents to think i’m ready to be a dad!” He giggled.

“babe you would be wearing a potato bag and they would still like you.” I smiled, sitting on his lap.

“Yeah.. That’s the Black charm..” He smirked.

We took the train to my old house. When mum opened the door, she smiled and jumped in my arms. I had to bent my knees so I could hug her properly. The whole house smelt like my favorite soup.

“Oh my Remus!” She smiled.

“Hi Mum!” I giggled.

Sirius was standing behind me, hands behind his back, trying to look presentable. He was always nervous when we met my parents. He didn’t want to disappoint them.

“Oh Sirius! Well you look so nice! I’m gald you came!” She said, giving him a big hug too.

“Oh thank you.. I’m happy to see you Mrs.Lupin, you look great too.” He smiled.

“What did I tell you about calling me Mrs.Lupin?! It makes me feel old!” She laughed.

Dad arrived from work a few minutes later. We sat down at the table and ate mum’s soup (she made my favorite). Then, I spoke up.

“Hum.. Mum, Dad… We have some news.” I smiled, taking Sirius’ hand under the table.

“Oh really?” Dad asked.

“Yes. Sirius and I received a letter from the orphanage.. We’re going to be parents!” I said.

Mum gasped and put her hands on her mouth. She had tears in her eyes. Dad stood up and hugged me.

“Well I’m so proud of you boys!” He said, a big smile on his face.

“Thank you.. Mum are you okay?” I asked.

She just nodded, crying of hapiness. I hugged her.

“Well when is the baby joining the family?” Dad asked.

“In a few days. We need to make a room for the baby first!” Sirius said.

“Will it be a boy or a girl? Do you have a picture of the baby?” Mum asked, drying her tears.

“It’s a newborn baby boy! He was abbandoned when he was only a week old… but yes I have a picture! Tommorow we’ll go to the orphanage to meet him for the first time!” I smiled.

“Oh i’m so proud of you two! Show me the picture!” Mum said.

I took out the small picture of our future son. He looked so small.

“Oh look at him honey! Isn’t he so cute! Does he have a name?” She asked.

“No.. we are still thinking of something..”

“Well i’m proud of you both! I will be a grandpa!” Dad laughed.

“Oh we’re so old honey!” Mum laughed.

Sirius and I washed the dishes while mum and dad were slow dancing in the living room. Sirrius leaned on the counter while drying a plate. I could feel him look at me so I turned my head and caught him staring. He was smiling. He kissed me.

“I love you.” He said.

“I love you too.”

April 7th 1978

So I had written this post, promising something similar on Nordic types of magic. I’ll say this to begin with: even though it is my branch, it’s not something I’ve approached academically very often, so purists might catch me saying something not entirely correct, but whatevs.

The standard disclaimer still applies–this is my impression of these terms based on what I’ve read and seen, and aren’t meant to be concrete definitions.

  • SEIÐR (Proto-Indo-European *h₂seut-, “to move about, roil, seethe” +  Proto-Germanic *seuþaną, “to seethe, boil”) is considered a Vanir magic, having been taught to the Æsir by the goddess Freyja. It is worked the majority of the time after utiseta, and involves communication with wights or other spirits. Seiðr is usually worked in an altered state of consciousness (ASC) and primarily utilized for divination, illusory magic, astral travel, or channelling. Practitioners may be called seið-worker, seiðkona (seiðwoman) or seiðmaðr (seiðman).
  • UTISETA (Old Norse, “sitting out”) is a preparatory practice for seið-workers. Traditionally, the practitioner goes out into a place of the dead and seats themselves upon a burial mound, with the object of task being to come into communion with the spirit that will be worked with during the practice of seiðr.
  • SPÁ (unknown origin, possibly Proto-Indo-European *spey-, “stick, staff”) is the power of prophesy or foresight, by ‘the determination of ørlög’. Ørlög is 'the law of fate’ as determined by the Norns. Practitioners may be called spá-worker, spákona, or spámaðr. The term 'spáwife’ is also commonly used. One who is highly skilled with spá or born with the innate ability may be called a völva, which is a traditionally feminine title, since such magics were seen as being in female domain.
  • VARÐLÖKKUR (Old Norse “warding songs”) are songs to be sung in preparation for seiðr or spá which are intended to help bring one into ASC. Unlike galdr, varðlökkur can be very melodic, and are today widely inspired by joik and kulning, two traditional singing styles amongst certain Nordic peoples.
  • GALDR (Proto-Indo-European *ghAl-, “to shout, to sing” + Proto-Germanic *galdrą, “incantation”) is viewed as a more Æsir brand of magic due to its seeming rigidity, but is similar to varðlökkur in the intent to induce ASC. Galdr is often called “runic chanting” and refers to the repetition of the sounds of the runes, i.e., if one meditates upon the rune fehu, then one may continuously gald the sound fe. Practitioners may be called galdra-worker, galdrakona, or galdramaðr.

AU where Hubert has a hairstyle like the other Oswells

Raymond totally convinced him to dye his tips but Hubert (and Garrett) fucking hate it but GODDAMN he spent 500 Gald for that barber’s appointment he can’t just immediately schedule another what a waste of money