the galawains


One of the things I love the most about this interaction is that Pallegina is the only one who dares to be openly angry at her god. Hiravias was often grumbling about Galawain, Durance was openly hostile towards Magran and yet, when the opportunity came for the gods to actually listen to what any of them had to say, Pallegina was the only one to voice her anger at Hylea to Hylea herself. While everyone else is looking for their answers vainly trying to interpret the will of gods, Pallegina demads them from the source. Also she’s probably the only person to ever tell a god that being a deity doesn’t absolve them of responsibility.

I’m thinking about how Seren never had friends before. And then:

“Aww, Calisca seems nice! I’m gonna befriend her… Oh no!”

“Maybe this elf will be my friend? Oh look, he didn’t die! Galawain blessed me!”

“This farmer is funny, I’l ask him to come with us too!”

“OMG, this priest wants to travel with me too? I don’t know about this, but let’s try…”


“This dwarf lady reminds me of my mom, I’m totally asking her to join!”

6 months later.

“Everybody left… Ok, at least I still have my castle and pets!”

5 years later.

“Oh no!”


SUMMARY. Their stories are mirrors of each other, and they’re both moving towards Galawain.
Or; Hiravias and Neria discuss gods, inevitability, and the future.
NOTES. written for @pillarspromptsweekly
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“You’re leaving after this,” she guesses, her hands dropping to rest in her lap. With Thaos gone, all that holds their little band together are the favors that Neria can do for them; Sagani’s still here, because Neria asked – pleaded, really, if she’s being honest – for her help with the dragon in Hylea’s temple, but she’ll be leaving again as soon as they’re back in Caed Nua. Aloth’s just waiting for the right time to speak with her, she knows, and they haven’t yet had time to tackle the immensity of the tunnels of Od Nua but now that they do, Neria doesn’t imagine Kana will stay long after, either.

But even if she thought delaying the trip to the druids of Twin Elms would’ve convinced Hiravias to stay longer, she still would’ve sought them out immediately. He’d wanted answers, and he’s her closest friend and she’d wanted to help; she doesn’t regret it, exactly, but part of her wishes she could’ve put off the meeting with Scathden just a bit.

She’d been searching for answers too, though, and their journeys had aligned in such a way that they’d both found themselves in Twin Elms, chasing down Galawain with questions and demands and favors. Perhaps, if she’d just turned to Berath – like she’d resigned herself to before she’d ever stepped foot in Teir Evron; he’d cursed her once, maybe she could demand payment from him now – she wouldn’t have felt such an overwhelming drive to pursue Hiravias’ own line of questioning.

But Galawain’s message of strength… Neria couldn’t ever claim to be devout, but strength and self-reliance and survival is something she’s familiar with, a hard lesson she learned long ago. Her gaze falls to the half-finished symbol in her hands, and her thoughts are completely interrupted as Hiravias elbows her in the side.

“Did you really think I would leave without helping you deal with that pompous lord who thinks he can take your keep from you?” he asks brightly, and the cheerfulness is forced but Neria doesn’t comment on it. 

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Just finished Pillars of Eternity

And I’m confused about a few things.

If the Gods aren’t real, then who are they? Were they Engwithan creations? Or Engwithan people who somehow found a way to become as powerful as you’d perceive gods would? 

Then does that mean the natural order of things are also Engwithan creations? Seeing that things happen because of the influence of the Gods. What about the Wheel of Reincarnation? Was it merely Berath’s creation or has he decided upon himself to be the Usher when he discovers the Wheel? 

What about before the Gods were created? Were things the same? How much power did the Gods have over kith and beasts? 

One version of my ending had Galawain commanding all monsters to wreak havoc and Magran burns everyone. How the heck did these fake gods have such power? All this time the people were complaining that the Gods were silent and never answer their prayers. Which I came to an early conclusion that the Gods were fake and they were simply ideas. And yet I was able to talk to them and see them. So, they’re not fake? And are actually extremely powerful? 

And how do you explain Godlikes then? 

I have so many questions right now. Guh.