the gabby effect


Gibbs & Abby || Something I Needed || NCIS

Created for and Inspired by an awesome Gabby (Gibbs & Abby) Shipper, The Gabby Effect. Thanks for all the vids that you create and share, here’s a little gift for you. 


I’m tired of ME fandom pitying Gabby and calling Kenneth Donnelly ‘pervert’. Yeah, he’s not perfect. His jokes are not always funny, but did it cross your mind that he genuinely still cares for her? They’ve been friends for a long time, they work together and they like each other. Yeah, he did some nasty comments about EDI’s body, but so did Joker. Not every guy acts flawlessly around his beloved one like Garrus or Kaidan.


Try || Gibbs & Abby [Gabby] || NCIS

A vid for an awesome Gabby Fan HeavenlyGabby , enjoy.

Confession:  I wish some Bioware fans would stop creating conflicts where there isn’t one. In the case of Gabby and Kenneth, they’ve been great friends for years both on and off duty, it’s clear there is an incredible level of self-insertion here “I believe Y so therefore Gabby must think Y too”. If she didn’t like anything he was saying she’s has years to ask him to stop, she enjoys his humor and that’s how it is, not everyone thinks the same things or shares the same opinion so stop forcing it on people.


Red || Gibbs & Abby (Gabby) || NCIS

This is the Abby version, the Gibbs version will be coming up soon!