the gabby effect

Am i the only one who really loves the idea of Lexi having yoga classes for the whole ship?
Like everyone claims she needs to relax a little and she uses it as a excuse to make sure everyones does their daily 10 minutes at least.
I know my Ryders especially would always completely forget to do it or theyd just not want to so the idea of them trying to do simple yoga exercises and just whining to Lexi as shes just like “5 more minutes then you can leave” makes me smile


Gibbs & Abby || Something I Needed || NCIS

Created for and Inspired by an awesome Gabby (Gibbs & Abby) Shipper, The Gabby Effect. Thanks for all the vids that you create and share, here’s a little gift for you. 


“This is why I ship GABBY (Gibbs & Abby). It’s just EVERYTHING about them makes me ship them even more with every interaction, eye contact, hug, kiss and even when they say nothing at all… yes, I will go down with this ship there’s no doubt about that.” - TGE

11 Seasons, 250+ episodes and I still ship Gabby!


Abby’s Superman… Gibbs.

Confession:  I wish some Bioware fans would stop creating conflicts where there isn’t one. In the case of Gabby and Kenneth, they’ve been great friends for years both on and off duty, it’s clear there is an incredible level of self-insertion here “I believe Y so therefore Gabby must think Y too”. If she didn’t like anything he was saying she’s has years to ask him to stop, she enjoys his humor and that’s how it is, not everyone thinks the same things or shares the same opinion so stop forcing it on people.


Try || Gibbs & Abby [Gabby] || NCIS

A vid for an awesome Gabby Fan HeavenlyGabby , enjoy.