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important post

hey guys.

i have a kind of weird announcement and i’m a little nervous. i like the name Charlie a lot, but right now it reminds me of someone I’d rather forget. I’ve did a lot of growing since them and since i chose my name. i want to move on with a fresh start and a brighter future.

so from now on, can you please refer to me as either Jack or Jackie? or Blue of course. Blue will always be my name. but as for my legal name, it would mean a lot to me if you’d use Jack.

thanks guys. all the love to you. 

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Sis a Scorpio man doesn't love unless he threatens to kill your non existent side nigga at least 7 times day

Scorpio men ARE CRAZY!!!!!!!! you leave him on read once you got 200 missed calls and him threating to kill you and your non-existent side nigga, you just wanted to take a nap,now you got this dude outside screaming and crying cause he thinks you cheating on him


Nintendo Karen has become a full-on meme

The latest subject of the internet’s affection is “Karen,” the unnamed woman in the Nintendo Switch trailer. She’s the one playing that mysterious new 3-D Mario game, only to be rudely interrupted by her friends for a social gathering on the rooftop across the street. It all started with one Tumblr post.

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My brother is replaying Ni No Kuni and I told him that I wanted to doodle Oliver, and… uh… I did not expect to go so overboard.  HECK, I DIDN’T PLAN ON DRAWING A BACKGROUND.  whelp, it was GREAT painting practice, I’m getting faster! OwO

If you will be here tomorrow
I will love you
not because it was how I felt yesterday
or because it’s how they told us
our futures needed to be
but because for right now
every day starts with my body learning
how to love yours
in the most basic way–
every morning is not a given
but a realization
that I am continuously 
waking up to a love
that has survived 
through the night.
—  One day at a time


From.KNK Inseong Fancafe Update 161117

I saw your guys fancafe event

I’m so touchedㅠ You waited such a long long time, you worked hard you. I’m sorry you had to wait for songs and stages. It seems like it’s time for us to repay you. Thanks so much for getting it on the music chartㅜㅜ You’re the best! Unbeatable Tinkerbells!!!

With our song at dawn alone, if you put headphones in, and listen to “Will you smile”, sometimes you’ll get a strong overwhelming feeling. The lyrics are really beautiful. Our Heejun-ie and Youjin-ie hyung wrote a good song, you worked hard.

Now is the start, in the future for our 2nd mini album U promotions let’s be together every day without exception. Let’s stack up a lot of nice and happy memories. 

I want to give you touching words about your event. Although it’s late tomorrow let’s meet on the VApp Comeback Show.

Look forward to it, and let’s share our love for a long long time

Translated by fy-knk


So what would you do, if you could get into someone’s head? And carve out a small piece of trapezoid-shaped thick part of dura mater lateral to sinus sigmoideus? And wouldn’t have to go to jail for doing it? 

You would slice it! You would stain it!! You would observe it!!!

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Re-watching Joker Game: Ep 1 Joker Game Part 1

So, as I proposed a re-watching, here I go doing the re-watching. Hopefully someone else will join! ^_-

Mind you, what follows are my ramblings over Ep 1 comprehensive of my impression on how the frames were structured and so on with some occasional reference to the other Joker Game media.

Also, for personal comfort, I’ll use the characters’ names even if the anime hasn’t stated them yet. In short, as this is a re-watching and not a first watching, you’ll also get a telling that’s mixed with my knowledge of the future. Consider yourself warned.

And now, let’s start.

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Applying To Medical School Series- Part One: Are You Sure?

It starts early.

You’re 14 years old and your teacher tells you that you’re going to be starting the GCSE syllabus now. You still have to ask permission to go to the toilet but your future begins now. You have to start paying attention, even when everyone else is talking. You have to do your homework even if the rest of the class makes a pact not to do it and tell the teacher they forgot to assign any. You have to ask questions and study hard and do loads of practice questions to perfect your exam technique so that by the time exams roll around a year or two later, you can smash them.

August comes. You get your results.

Your results need to be great. Now this is relative, it really is. If the average GCSE grade across your year is a D and you got mostly Bs, a few As and maybe somehow scraped an A* or two, this can actually better than if everyone at your school averaged 11 A*s and you got 9 A*s and 2 As. Don’t worry whatever the case, all hope is not lost here.

Sixth Form begins. A lot of people will choose an “easy A” subject. Subjects they don’t really need to work very hard in and which aren’t particularly useful to them in the future.

You, on the other hand, need to have Chemistry. You also choose Biology and Maths. For your 4th subject, you decide on Spanish because you’d quite like to go to UCL and you’ve heard they prefer a non-scientific 4th subject. But crap. You were also thinking that with GCSEs like the ones you worked your butt off to get, maybe you’d consider Cambridge if your AS Results turn out well. And don’t Cambridge love you to have 4 sciences? Well whatever. What’s done is done. Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Spanish it’ll have to be.

Oh but this isn’t all. 

You’re volunteering in a care home, tutoring younger students, acting as a mentor, working with autistic children at a weekly club, captaining the basketball and hockey teams, raising money for the school in Senegal that your own school is affiliated with and of course, you’re going to South Korea over the summer to teach English to children.

You’re also reading New Scientist and books by Atul Gawande and other popular medical books. You don’t read The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat because medicslacks on tumblr told you that everyone and their hat has read that book and seriously if you put it on your personal statement you are just wasting characters.

And of course. Work experience. You emailed every GP in the area and they all told you they can’t take you because it might compromise patient confidentiality. So you ask that girl in class who you kind of know but don’t really talk to if she could ask her dad, the GP, if you can shadow him for a day or two. She looks confused but says sure, she’ll ask.


You shadow the GP and realise this is only primary care. One of the patients really gets to you, a patient with Multiple Sclerosis and this intrigues you. You go home and read up about the condition. You then decide to email all the neurologists about your interest at your local hospital on the off-chance one of them will let you shadow them.

A miracle! A week later, one of them replies! Oh, but there’s a lengthy official process. That takes a month or so and then FINALLY you get some hospital work experience- just one afternoon, but you get to meet patients and ask the doctors more about MS and you decide it’s all worth it.

You grit your teeth as the kids with doctor parents talk about how they just follow their mum or dad around whenever they want.

And all this while you HAVE to keep working hard at school. You pay attention in class. You go home and do your homework, you flag things you don’t quite understand to ask at school. You start making notes early and you revise so hard in the run up to exams because secretly you’re still hoping to go to Cambridge and you’ve heard you need a minimum of 90% UMS in all your papers to have a chance. It’s okay if you don’t though- you know a family friend who got ABBC and still got an offer from Manchester.

But you’re hoping.

Results day rolls round aaaaand… YOU’VE DONE IT!


Now the nightmare that is application season begins.

UKCAT booked. Okay. You’ll worry about that later.

Everyone else has until January but YOU need to get everything done by October. You panic and sit down to draft your personal statement aaaaannnndddddd…

You draw a blank.


The hell.

Do you write?

It’s okay because I AM HERE TO HELP. Personal Statement Help Post Coming Soon!

But for now, let’s just assume you somehow get through it. You draft it and you take it to your careers advisor who looks at it and then asks where you’re thinking of applying. “Cambridge, Imperial, Leicester and Hull York.” you say. You like the variety.

Your careers advisor looks baffled. “You can’t apply to those 4.” She tells you. “Your personal statement will never tick all the boxes for them all, they’re far too different and are looking for completely different things. They all teach medicine in completely different ways. On the spectrum of Traditional to PBL, you’ve really run the whole gamut.”

So you go away and you look into the courses and you decide that you’re not particularly bothered about research and you want to see patients as early as possible. You don’t really care about the city you’re in or the prestige of the university.

“Ahh that’s better.” Your careers advisor smiles as she sees you’ve scrawled across the top of your page: “Leeds, Hull York, East Anglia and Sheffield. You know, with GCSEs like yours, you should really consider Birmingham.”

You decide to see how your UKCAT goes.

Your school also registers you for the BMAT since Leeds requires it. But you’ve got the whole summer to worry about that.

Over the summer you prep for next year by reading ahead in the text books a little and making some notes. You carry on with all of the extracurriculars and volunteering you were doing. On top of this, you start doing practice questions for the UKCAT and BMAT.

After your first day of these questions, you break down. This is impossible. How does ANYBODY do this?

The next day you take a deep breath and try again.

They’re a little easier.  

A week later and you’re finally starting to get the hang of it. You’re starting to know what to look for. You’re starting to notice patterns and learn the rules. You’re starting to think the right way.

You can do this!

You sit the UKCAT in the same seat where you did your driving theory exam. You get a 750. Excellent.

School starts again.

You refine your personal statement, you fill out the rest of your UCAS form. You see your reference.

You hold your breath as your Head Teacher clicks Send on your form.

Then you wait.

You don’t have time to stop. On top of school you’re now having to go over GCSE science again for the BMAT. And practicing writing as tiny as possible so you can fit an entire essay onto a page. As well as still struggling with all those logic questions. You’ve already applied to Leeds so now you HAVE to do it. You get a 2.5 in Section 2 of one of the past papers. You wonder if you might as well just give up on Leeds now.

You sit the BMAT and are fairly sure you failed every section. Whatever.



You’ve got an interview. AAARGGGHHHHH.

Mock interview. You NEED a mock interview. You beg your careers advisor who sorts out for a local doctor to come in and interview you. They ask you about your personal statement, your work experience, they ask you about a few ethical dilemmas and some odd questions that seem to have no purpose. They also discuss some topical issues in the NHS with you. You make a joke about Jeremy Hunt.

They laugh.

A few days later, you get your BMAT results. You did SO much better than you thought. Excellent.


Another interview.

You’re on cloud nine when… UCAS Track updates again.

Your first rejection.

It feels as though someone just snapped a rubber band around your heart. Why would they reject you? What was it they didn’t like? Were you not good enough? Did you not seem dedicated enough? Why?

You swallow down the disappointment. You already have TWO interviews. You’re so lucky. There are thousands of people who don’t even get that. And you have EARNED it. You’ve been working hard for years for this.

You prepare for the interview. You ask yourself questions and change the answer every time. “Why do you want to be a doctor?”

You know they’re going to ask you this but what do you say? You have an idea! You’ll talk about a patient. The patient with MS you saw at the GP who really touched your heart. You can say you liked how the science that the doctor knew would be nothing without the way he was able to console her more personal worries and concerns and this kind of application of science to help people really convinced you that you want to do this. At least by adding in a patient you saw, your answer will be more personal.

Interview day arrives and you’re sitting nervously with a few other students. A boy in an oversized suit and a girl wearing heels so high you’re worried she’ll break her ankle on her walk to the room. A student at the university smiles and calls your name. She walks you to the door. “Are you ready?” she asks. You nod but it’s not true, your stomach is full of butterflies and you feel a bit sick.

And for a second you pause.

Are you sure?

Are you ready for the path this could lead you down? The life of a doctor. Forget that. The life of a medical student! Antisocial hours, a lifetime of having to keep requalifying and doing exams, mountains of paperwork, not really saving lives so much as helping to reduce the effect of symptoms. Putting your heart and soul into delaying the inevitable.

Is making a difference to even just one life, is making life less painful or less miserable for just one person, is keeping just one person alive so their loved ones can see them for another day, or helping even one person to die in as little pain as possible… is that enough for you?

You take a deep breath and open the door.

Two weeks later. You get an offer.


You end up getting two more offers.

August rolls around again.

You cry when you get the email from UCAS confirming your place at your Firmed University.


It was all worth it. You got into medical school.

Your parents buy you a copy of Gray’s Anatomy and this is when you realise… The work has only JUST begun. The first 18 years were nothing.

So I’ll ask you again.

Are You Sure?

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why do u think their relationship will work this time? They used to fight all the time and don't you think they will be scared to try again? Because if it won't last their friendship is over.

I love this question because I’m super excited for their reunion and I’m actually rewatching from the beginning at the moment. So firstly I think it’ll work this time because both Nick and Jess have grown up in the past couple years. Nick owns the bar now, he’s started thinking more about his future and the possibility of having kids (s5 ep?), he wrote a BOOK inspired by Jess, he’s more brave, he takes more risks which I think you can see with Reagan. Jess on the other hand has gotten a new job as a principle, she’s admitted her own mistakes in her past relationships and I think she’s just a lot stronger as well. Jess has matured a LOT, she admitted that she still loves Nick but has handled it really well by being a great friend for him this season particularly.

I think their fights were always something that made them so special. Because their fights were never them just arguing and ignoring each other, but it was where you could see the most passion between them apart from their makeout seshs. Also they used to fight more when they were friends so I don’t think thatll be an issue when they get back together. I also think it’ll work better now because they’ve matured and it’ll be more about their future together rather than sexual tension and passion like it was when they were first discovering each other. I think they’re over that ‘scared’ phase too considering Jess confessed her feelings for Nick to everyone pretty quickly and they’ve already done it before so it’ll be easier this time. Plus Nick and Jess complement each other really well which I loved how they pointed that out in the last ep. And lastly their friendship will never be over because Ness are endgame. 

“I wish to get out of the labyrinth of tomorrow – stop planning ahead, thinking about my future… And just start living in the now.”
- Xueh Wei @xuehwei from Selangor, Malaysia.

From the Wishing series, 5 of 10.

Just making it clear

I’m going to unfollow everyone here who starts shipping Snowbert romantically, now or in the future. I suggest you unfollow me if you like bad writing and forced relationships. It’s going to be a long and bumpy ride. I want to surround myself with people who have what it takes to make it to the end, unaffected by these meaningless interactions that the writers love to give us. I’m Snowbarry trash. If you’re not, you know what to do. 

HELLO!!!!! ( ̄∇ ̄)

I have reached 400 followers and I’m like- the most grateful person on Earth at the moment (and also the most confused). So I decided to make a post that I hope will be helpful to some of you, which will be about Starting.

You see all these amazing studyblrs, and then you think: Won’t it take me forever to get to that level? How do I even start?


My first advice for you is to Start Now. I’m quite sure you’ve had thoughts such as “If only I had started earlier…” , “If only I hadn’t put it off until…”. These thoughts alone are proof that you should start now. Stop putting it off. If you start now, the future you is bound to thank you for the first step. If you never start, then you will never get anywhere. This is the present; It is an opportunity for you to begin. Do not waste it.

Secondly, know what you are studying for. Are you studying for academic grades? Are you studying simply to broaden your horizons? Know your intended destination, and make plans to reach it.

Since you know yourself best, please observe your limits when planning. Are you able to study for an hour at one shot? If not, would 25 minute study sessions be better? How long can I go before I combust from information overload?

Also, remember to take things slow and to set realistic goals. Let’s say you are horrible at studying and your grades are not the best. Know that a total 180 Degree change is not possible overnight. Do not expect yourself to instantly become an A* student. Life doesn’t work that way (sadly). You may consider setting small goals to motivate you, instead of goals that are too ambitious (honestly, it’s like setting yourself up for disappointment)

Other things to take note of to make your journey easier:

• Know the type of learner you are. You will then know which studying methods work best for your type! This will greatly help in your learning (in memorising, understanding etc)
• Experiment with different note taking methods. You never know, maybe another method works better for you! I recommend you check out the Cornell Method and Two-Column Note Taking Method.
• Consult teachers. A reason you may not be scoring in exams may be due to some important concepts that you don’t fully understand, or maybe it’s the way you phrase your answers. Consult your teachers and SHAKE THEM (no don’t) SO YOU LEARN!

Okay that’s all from me. I hope you guys found this helpful (maybe not but still!) and good luck on your journey! ٩(˃̶͈̀௰˂̶͈́)و