the future of transportation

Written for @thefitzsimmonsnetwork’s Spacetime Challenge and based on a theory that I had after the Season 2 finale.

A FitzSimmons Post-Season 2 AU in which the monolith did not take Jemma to Maveth. Instead, it transported her 10 years into the future- to a little cottage in Perthshire.

Read below or on AO3. ~2100 words. Title from Michael Bublé’s “Someday”.

The first thing Jemma became aware of was the noise. The whooshing sound mixed with the electric cackle, overtaking her mind until it drowned out her clouded thoughts. As her mind became clearer, she noticed the darkness- a darkness so black and so freighting that she desperately tried to open her eyes to escape- only to realize that her eyes were already opened, a dark abyss surrounding her. Then, she noticed the pounding in her head. A horrible, dull ache that travelled through her body, leaving her almost breathless. Before she could begin to panic about whatever in the world was happening to her, she felt her body emerge through damp soil and dry grass as she was flung out into brightness.

She laid there, breathing heavy, with her eyes closed from the harsh sunlight, as the pounding ache in her head slowly began to subside. She tried to force her foggy mind to begin to grasp what had happened to bring her here.

The containment chamber. The open door. The liquifying monolith. Fitz. Dinner. Somewhere nice. Fitz.

She bolted up, the sharp movement making her head spin.

“Fitz!” she screamed, her throat hurting from the force of her desperation. “Fitz!” she yelled, as she scrambled over to where a cloud of dust was slowly disappearing into the ground. “Fitz! Fitz!” she repeated his name- her lifeline- as she clawed at the ground, her fingernails breaking through the dirt but finding nothing but earth. “Fitz.” she sobbed, sitting back on her heels as an overwhelming sense of dread began to consume her. What in the world had just happened? And, more importantly, where was Fitz?

As she took a moment to take in her surroundings, she was startled by the innate sense of peace she saw all around her. It looked as though the monolith had transported her to a quiet, rustic place with a blue, cloudless sky overhead and birds chirping in the nearby trees. Still, any place that wasn’t the Playground- any place without Fitz- was not any place Jemma should have been.

After determining that the monolith must have been some sort of a transportation device- a portal, taking her to this unfamiliar place- Jemma pulled her cell phone out of her back pocket.

Quickly, she pulled up Fitz’s contact and hit the call button- only to hear the beeps that meant that there was no signal. She opened the map application, trying desperately to determine where she was, but was met with a notification that simply said “No cellular data available”.

“Ugh, Fitz,” Jemma sighed. “Where in the world am I?”

Not knowing what else to do, Jemma began making her way down the dirt road that was adjacent to the clearing that the monolith had deposited her in. After walking a little ways, she came across a simple sign, with letters spelling out “Perthshire” and a white arrow directing her down the path.

Suddenly, a flood of memories hit Jemma all at once. She remembered coming to Perthshire with her parents when she was a young girl. She had been fascinated with the beauty of the quiet Scottish town. She had even found a small cottage that she had quite fancied, thinking it looked magnificently rustic and charming.

Jemma smiled softly at the memory and began picking up her pace, continuing the path in the direction of Perthshire.

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The OUREA Christian Grajewski

“317 years after human kind’s extinction, the OUREA reaches her final destination, the planet Aion. Loaded with the genetic samples and the memory of a billion people and the equipment to build a new world. Theia the artificial intelligence has the task to rebuild human society…“

You’re transported hundreds of years into the future. The future government arranges for you to meet with a historical expert on the 2010s. The only problem? Everything they know about us is hilariously inaccurate.

✨ february fanfics!! ✨

» After the Storm by ofthedells

Allura, Pidge, Hunk, Lance and Keith go camping.

» bad communication by calliopinaround

“Can we, like, stop speaking in code now actually, because I’m not anymore certain than I was two minutes ago that we’re talking about the same thing and I just want to know if you’re saying you like me back or if I just maybe read way too much into this entire conversation and made that part up?”

» Block, Punch, Dodge by chasing_the_sterek

In which Lance is a secret badass, Keith is surprisingly not as emotionally constipated as normal and everyone cheats at least little bit.

» Dancing Lions, Painted Wings by genericfanatic

Years after peace has been made between the Galran and Altean kingdoms, The witch Haggar comes for vengeance. The young symbol of peace, the half-galran, half-altean Prince Kalor is lost.

» galaxies in your eyes, flowers in my heart by Elysabeth

Lance meets his neighbor, grows flowers, almost dies, paints the universe and falls in love. Not necessarily in this order.

» Ghost of the Future by wittyy_name & Zizzani

When Lance is thrown through time, his future self from one year ahead is transported to the past in his place.

This Lance is faster, stronger, and markedly more mature. Not only that, but he’s distinctly more intuitive about his teammates and A LOT more touchy with Keith.

» Heart on Fire by dumpsterdiva 

Recipe for this fic:
1 peaceful morning jog in the park
1 auto-mechanic hothead keith
1 soccer player sinamonroll™ lance
2 cups mutual pining
A dash of angst
All the sugar in the world
Way too many bad pick-up lines
And a burn so slow you could slow roast a whole Kaltenecker

» He Sleeps in the Sky of Ice by jadencross

It’s been three months since the plan to rescue Allura, and Team Voltron has finally found each other again.

Well, almost.

» He Who Fights Monsters by magisterpavus

When Knight cadet Lance Espinosa is kidnapped by a strange red dragon who kills its own kind, certain truths are revealed…and so are the true monsters.

» how will you know its good (because you never do) by mayerwien

Keith and Lance make a 1 AM pilgrimage to Jollibee, Keith questions everything in the known universe, and Lance just wants to eat his gravy and carbs in peace.

» i just want you to know who i am by Kyoshu_Koi

“It’s you!” Keith screamed, “It’s always been you.”

» it’s quite bizarre, and will remain this way by mayerwien

Dear Mr. Coran,

I am writing to entrust to you the care and supervision of the young man who will be working with our custodial team starting this coming Tuesday. The young man’s name, as I’m sure you already know, is Keith.

» Laughter Lines by tibetanturnips

Keith and Lance have visited Earth a few times since they became paladins twenty years ago. This time will be the hardest.

“I’ll see you in the future when we’re older and we are full of stories to be told.”

» let the whole world know by redburn

Your soulmates first words said to you are inked on your wrist at birth.

Except now Keith decided he wasn’t going to wait for his soulmate to come along, instead he was more keen on asking out the cute barista who worked near their campus.

» Love and Other Questions by squirenonny

Canonverse Soulmate AU with romantic and platonic soulmates (and some gray areas in between)

» never saw you coming by dimpleforyourthoughts

Three months in space on his own would have been fine. Three months in space with Lance McClain is a whole other fucking story.

» Of booty shorts and injuries by Queerswimming

Keith and Lance unexpectedly meet at the emergency room in the middle of the night.

» Pillars of Doubt by Sarolonde

Lance’s wild, carefree smile is missing and he’s isolating himself. Keith hates it, he misses Lance but doesn’t know how to fix it, especially when he can barely cope with his own problems. 

» Shadow of the Past by wittyy_name & Zizzani

When Lance is thrown through time, he finds himself one year in the future, in place of the Lance that should be here.

He finds his team to be remarkably familiar, yet distinctly different. They have more scars, a better grip on the whole saving the universe thing, and over a year’s worth of teamwork to bind them together. But the weirdest part? Keith seems to be a lot more touchy with him. Not that he’s complaining… much.

» The Canvas Effect by neadevar

Lance Mcclain is desperate to find his niche in the world, thought he might have when he discovered he had a soulmate. Only his soulmate seems to be a dick.

» the currents you create by theoddoodisnude

Some days, he woke up even more tired than he’d been when he’d gone to sleep, and willing his body to go through the motions was just—tough. Like wading through thigh-high water or running on soft sand that gave under the soles of his feet.

» The Hunt is Over by lilythechessie

Along the road to making the world a better place by taking down any and all Galra, Lance runs into love in the dark of night on a motor bike. Literally.

» this love has a heartbeat by ashmes

Keith has never really paid any mind to grand romantic gestures, let alone big celebrations and days dedicated to them. It didn’t make sense to him back then on Earth, still doesn’t make sense to him now that they’ve all been invited to the Festival of Love.

» together by RainPhee

Not a single member of Voltron was ready to be taking care of an alien baby themselves.

But that’s what they got.

» Voluntary Drowning by GhostFox

“Oh my god, are you always this annoying?” Keith fists a hand in his hair, tugging lightly as he tries to convince himself that the tingling in his stomach is frustration and not because the dumb quirk at the corner of Lance’s lips is kind of cute.

“Only with people who are cute when they’re mad,” he says easily, as if his own stupid words don’t embarrass him at all. Keith, however, tries to ignore how hot his cheeks feel and blame it on the sun.

“I hope you do drown.”

» you are the sun, and I am the moon (and we will never collide) by dreamingunderthetstars

Lance was Keith’s sun, and Keith was Lance’s moon.

Chasing after one another for eternity, never stopping, only running, and wising that for once, just for a little while, if they could collide.

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Innovation at 100

Air travel, spaceflight, robotic solar-system missions: science fiction to those alive at the turn of the 20th century became science fact to those living in the 21st. 

America’s aerospace future has been literally made at our Langley Research Center by the best and brightest the country can offer. Here are some of the many highlights from a century of ingenuity and invention.

Making the Modern Airplane

In times of peace and war, Langley helped to create a better airplane, including unique wing shapes, sturdier structures, the first engine cowlings, and drag cleanup that enabled the Allies to win World War II.

In 1938 Langley mounted the navy’s Brewster XF2A-1 Buffalo in the Full-Scale Tunnel for drag reduction studies.

Wind Goes to Work

Langley broke new ground in aeronautical research with a suite of first-of-their-kind wind tunnels that led to numerous advances in commercial, military and vertical flight, such as helicopters and other rotorcraft. 

Airflow turning vanes in Langley’s 16-Foot Transonic Tunnel.

Aeronautics Breakthroughs

Aviation Hall of Famer Richard Whitcomb’s area rule made practical jet flight a reality and, thanks to his development of winglets and the supercritical wing, enabled jets to save fuel and fly more efficiently.

Richard Whitcomb examines a model aircraft incorporating his area rule.

Making Space

Langley researchers laid the foundation for the U.S. manned space program, played a critical role in the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs, and developed the lunar-orbit rendezvous concept that made the Moon landing possible.

Neil Armstrong trained for the historic Apollo 11 mission at the Lunar Landing Research Facility,

Safer Air Above and Below

Langley research into robust aircraft design and construction, runway safety grooving, wind shear, airspace management and lightning protection has aimed to minimize, even eliminate air-travel mishaps

NASA’s Boeing 737 as it approached a thunderstorm during microburst wind shear research in Colorado in 1992.

Tracking Earth from Aloft

Development by Langley of a variety of satellite-borne instrumentation has enabled real-time monitoring of planet-wide atmospheric chemistry, air quality, upper-atmosphere ozone concentrations, the effects of clouds and air-suspended particles on climate, and other conditions affecting Earth’s biosphere.

Crucial Shuttle Contributions

Among a number of vital contributions to the creation of the U.S. fleet of space shuttles, Langley developed preliminary shuttle designs and conducted 60,000 hours of wind tunnel tests to analyze aerodynamic forces affecting shuttle launch, flight and landing.

Space Shuttle model in the Langley wind tunnel.

Decidedly Digital

Helping aeronautics transition from analog to digital, Langley has worked on aircraft controls, glass cockpits, computer-aided synthetic vision and a variety of safety-enhancing onboard sensors to better monitor conditions while airborne and on the ground.

Aerospace research engineer Kyle Ellis uses computer-aided synthetic vision technology in a flight deck simulator.

Fast, Faster, Fastest

Langley continues to study ways to make higher-speed air travel a reality, from about twice the speed of sound – supersonic – to multiple times: hypersonic.

Langley continues to study ways to make higher-speed air travel a reality, from about twice the speed of sound – supersonic – to multiple times: hypersonic.

Safer Space Sojourns

Protecting astronauts from harm is the aim of Langley’s work on the Orion Launch Abort System, while its work on materials and structures for lightweight and affordable space transportation and habitation will keep future space travelers safe.

Unmasking the Red Planet

Beginning with its leadership role in Project Viking, Langley has helped to unmask Martian mysteries with a to-date involvement in seven Mars missions, with participation in more likely to come.

First image of Mars taken by Viking 1 Lander.

Touchdown Without Terror

Langley’s continued work on advanced entry, descent and landing systems aims to make touchdowns on future planetary missions routinely safe and secure.

Artist concept of NASA’s Hypersonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator - an entry, descent and landing technology.

Going Green

Helping to create environmentally benign aeronautical technologies has been a focus of Langley research, including concepts to reduce drag, weight, fuel consumption, emissions, and lessen noise.

Intrepid Inventors

With a history developing next-generation composite structures and components, Langley innovators continue to garner awards for a variety of aerospace inventions with a wide array of terrestrial applications.

Boron Nitride Nanotubes: High performance, multi-use nanotube material.

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Trade Your Trouble For A Bubble - Pleasure Ball Illustration and concept by James B Settles. Featured back cover story of Amazing Stories, February 1946.

Trade Your Trouble for a Bubble’ and decide to go sightseeing across the country in this giant rolling ball of transparent plastic, balanced by interior gyro stabilizers controlling a suspended core which ever remains erect as it travels around its giant “track-ring.”

This ring is magnetic, and powered by the atom, revolves along the roadway, with is a specially magnetized roadway. The same power that makes the ball move forward (or backward) acts for stopping the ball. There are no huge motors, no complicated apparatus, just the simplest of gadgets, and a complex and very interesting interior which is the last word in pleasure palaces. Games,
terraces, ramps, restful lounging places, dance floors, swimming pools and just plain sightseeing would make this huge ball a pleasant place to while-away a day. 


There’s no Uber at SXSW and the Silicon Valley elite are freaking out

  • Wealthy venture capitalists and tech CEOs at Austin’s annual South by Southwest conference gazed sullenly into their phones, wet and angry, nowhere to go but Twitter to air their grievances.
  • It was Saturday, and they’d just discovered they couldn’t hail a private car with Uber or Lyft. They were stranded — in a city with working public transportation.
  • The quick backstory: Uber and Lyft left Austin in May after the city’s citizens voted that the ride-sharing companies would have to fingerprint their drivers as part of a more rigorous background-check process.
  • Of course, there was convenient transportation in Austin over the weekend. A quick Google search reveals the city’s public transportation options faster than you can say “gig economy” — there’s even a landing page dedicated to it on the SXSW website. Read more (3/13/17 12:55 PM)

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