the future of burning man

when i say i feel ugly it doesn’t always mean i’m talking about my outer appearance. some days, you just feel ugly. your past is ugly, your present is ugly and your future for sure looks fucking ugly. the past haunts you, the future haunts you, your burned bridges haunt you. fuckin ugly shit man, life.

if dwarves don’t grow their own food

Dwarves prefer to live in places where farming is a pain in the ass. Rocky soil combined with a montane climate does not produce a sizable yield.

But the Dwarves have a ton of wealth, so they can just buy almost* everything they need. (This could possibly mutate into elitism, where other races tend to plants and REAL KHAZÂD dig for their wealth in the rock.)

*almost, because i’m sure there are mushroom farms and fishable streams

Anyway, the Dwarves stockpile food for emergencies, but it’s harder when you’re purchasing it instead of growing it yourself. For one thing, when the enemy approaches a farming society’s holdfast, the leader will call everyone back behind the walls. This includes the farmers, who will bring their livestock and their crops with them. Said crops will then be appropriated and used to feed the entire population. Dwarves don’t have that. 

It’s even harder to stockpile food when all of your reliable suppliers have either been sacked or been made inaccessible because of a severed supply train. The supply train is the most vulnerable part of any army; of course the opposing side is going to go after it. And, if the opposing side is directly attacking the suppliers (i.e. non-Dwarves) to harm the Dwarves, then the other races will be leery to do business with them in the future. If you wanted to hurt Men, then you can burn their Man-owned farms and attack their Man-owned cities. But if you want to hurt Dwarves, you have to burn the Man- or Elf-owned farms as well. 

And if you’re trading in pure gold, pure silver, and gems, buying tons of food at once will flood the market. That just adds rebuilding the economy to the list of post-war to-do list.

So, no wonder the Dwarves are such fierce warriors. Besiegement is probably the worst-case scenario for them.

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Will likely post more from the Further Future 02 event I covered for 24 hours this past weekend just because it was visually intriguing and I made some interesting images along the way. 

For many new to this event, this is how they describe it:

A new kind of music and lifestyle festival. From 12pm on Friday April 29 through sunset on Sunday May 1, 2016, they gather at the Moapa River Indian Reservation near Las Vegas, Nevada, for a weekend filled with incredible music, visionary speakers, inspirational art and human connection. I also heard it referred to as “the Burning Man for the 1%” so take it for what it’s worth.


Gotham s2e14     Jim Gordon: Past, Present and Future

Even though Jim wasn’t the focus of this episode, there were a number of significant moments that spoke to where Jim is, how he got there, and where he’s headed.

1.The Past: Because Jim hasn’t mastered his inner demons, he’s failed at being the hero he set out to be. He hasn’t been able to change Gotham for the better. Bruce has lost faith in him.

2.The Present: Jim’s no longer fooling anyone but himself. All of Gotham knows about his anger issues; Leslie, Barnes,Dent (and probably Nygma) know Jim’s a liar. Jim spends this episode running from one place to the next, accomplishing nothing.

3.The Future: Jim sees his future in Matches Malone; a burned out shell of a man who “got away” with murder, and died isolated and alone. Jim’s still got time to turn things around, but will he?


“Where are we going?”  "The future.“

(the man on the bridge)

{Burn Bright / My Chemical Romance} {The Ghost of You / My Chemical Romance} {Phantom Always / Kenna} {Miss Missing You / Fall Out Boy} {No Light, No Light / Florence + The Machine} {Little Lion Man / Mumford & Sons} {Alone Together / Fall Out Boy} {Heaviness / Kenna} {Overjoyed / Bastille} {Skulls / Bastille} {Yellow / Vitamin String Quartet}

(but I knew him)

{Yellow / Jared Evan} {Riptide / Vance Joy} {Cosmic Love / Florence + The Machine} {Casualties of War / Gossip} {I Don’t Love You / My Chemical Romance} {Demons / Gareth Bush} {Baptized in Blacklight / Kenna} {I and Love and You / The Avett Brothers} {Flaws / Bastille} {Hello My Old Heart / The Oh Hello’s} {Demons / Dry the River}