the future lied


Played through LiS Episode 3 last week, and, yo, this game is gettin’ cah-razaaayyy!!!!

This little animation was an attempt to learn some basic After Effects.  Unfortunately, that meant a significant reduction to the quality and framerate of the original video to export it as a gif… sorry :/

How to Make the Most of Today

1. Choose not to feel too anxious or to fear what’s in the future. Often, things turn out much better than we thought that they would do.

2. Allow yourself to dream about - and then plan for - the future … But still work hard today as that determines your tomorrow.

3. Don’t simply grit your teeth and try to make it through the day. Decide to find the “positives”, and good things on the way.

4. Don’t rest on your successes as that was yesterday. The past has gone forever – but the future lies ahead.

5. Let go of hurts and grievances: they’ll only pull you down, consume your energy and leave you feeling sad and tired.

6. Be optimistic, smile and have a positive outlook. It brightens how you feel, helps us get the most from life.

I will never understand why Republicans, Donald Trump supporters, and those of the like call themselves the "SILENT Majority"…

Considering the fact that Donald Trump lost the popular vote (by a large margin) and most of the country does not like him aka his approval ratings are low. Not to mention the fact that a lot of the people who did not want him in office had difficulty or were barred from voting.

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but majority means “most of a certain thing” does it not?

The title is a farce.


married bbies 。゚◟ (*; ▽  ;)◞。゚ 。

“I love you,” I whispered softly.

“Then stay,” he whispered back.

“You aren’t my future,” I told him, my voice suddenly loud in the quiet room.

“I was, though, at one point before all of the heartbreak and lies, I was your future,” he reminded me.

“No,” I corrected him, “I fantasized and dreamed that you were my future. Even when you lied and hurt me I love you so much that I imagined this is what the future would hold. We would have great love and greater heartbreak, but that’s all it was, fantasies and dreams. You were never committed enough to be my future. It was just another thing you lied about and I believed.”

—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write #168

I made a photoshop of a Tarot Spread inspired by Witches of East End. 

There was an original image of this spread, it’s called the Truncated Celtic Cross. It wasn’t pleasing to look at so I remade it myself.

But nonetheless, this spread is what the Witches of East End used frequently and I really wanted to try this spread out!

  1. The Central Issue: The theme of the entire spread, the issue at question.
  2. What Crosses You: It could be a person, or anything that’s crossing you, getting in your way.
  3. What Lies Below: Could be something you’re or the issue is standing on; the foundation.
  4. What Lies Behind (past): The past, what created this issue. Could be a person, an object, or anything.
  5. What Lies Above (possibilities): The possibilities that are above you, look up in the sky and think. Your thoughts, etc.
  6. What Lies Ahead (future): What is ahead of you. Could be a person, an object, or anything. The outcome.

The best way to do this reading is to look at the symbols on your cards, the meanings behind the card, and what it represents to you. Use your intuition!

sirharrypotter  asked:

Can you recommend any anime or manga with yandere character(s) in them? Heck, give me a list of names if you want.

I certainly can! Sorry this took so long to make. I probably missed a bunch but oh well. Anyways, here’s a list of either Canonly or very commonly considered characters that fit into the Yandere category! 

Note: You might not agree with some of the characters on this list and that is totally alright! I whipped this up by looking up characters that have done Yandere-esc things. If you have any suggestions/reasons why a character should/shouldnt be on this list I’d love to hear it! I might add/remove them if you have good reasoning and I can find a reference to your point(s)!



  •  Death Note (Misa Amane)
  •  Mirai Nikki (Yuno Gasai)
  • The meloncholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Ryoko)
  • Elfen Lied (Lucy)
  • My little sister cant be this cute (Ayase)
  • Hetalia Axis Powers (Belarus)
  •  Date a Live (Kurumi)
  • When they Cry (Shion. Rena is more Yandgire but whatev)
  • School Days NSFW (Kotonoha)
  • Jojo’s Bizzard Adventure (Yukako)
  • Shiki (Megumi)
  • Nou Come (Yuragi),


  • Inu x Boku Secret Service (Soushi)
  • Amnesia (Toma)
  • No.6 (Shion)
  • Kamigami no Asobi (Baldr)
  • Code Geass (Rolo) 
  • Inuyasha (Naraku)
  • Tokyo Mew Mew (Kisshu)
  • Ai no Kusabi YAOI (Guy)
  • Saint Beast YAOI (Shiva)
  • Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi YAOI (Hatori)
  • Sailor Moon (Prince Diamond)
  • Perfect Blue (Me-Mania/Uchida)
  • Tokyo Ghoul (Tsukiyama)
  • My Little Monster (Haru)



  • Codename: Kids Next Door (Lizzie)
  • Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends (Berry)
  • Chowder (Panini)
  • South Park (Wendy shows traits i guess)
  • Legend of Korra (Eska)
  • Family Guy (Meg)
  • The Fairly Oddparents (Princess Mandie, Trixie),  
  • Fanboy and ChumChum (Yo)
  • Hey Arnold! (Helga fits both the yandere and tsundere trope)
  • Gravity Falls (Giffany)


  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (Nergal)
  • The Fairly Oddparents (Super Bike) 
  • Megamind (Titan)
  • Adventure Time (Ice King is sort of a mild version)
  • Gravity Falls (Lil Gideon was suggested but idk)
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot (Sheldon)
  • Dexter’s Laboratory (Mandark)
  • Grossology (Chester/Kid Rot)



  • Steven King’s Misery (Annie)
  • The loved ones (Lola)
  • The Crush (Adrian)
  • Devil In The Flesh 1 & 2 (Debbie)
  • Orphan (Esther)
  • Madoka Magica Rebellion (Homura towards the end)
  • Fatal Attraction (Alex)
  • Obsessed (Lisa)
  • Swimfan (Madison)
  • Leave her to Heaven (Ellen)
  • Ran (Princess Kaede)
  • The Roomate (Rebecca)
  • Dark Shadows (Angelique)
  • Queen of the Damned (Akasha)
  • Gone Girl (Amy)


  • Fear (David)
  • Paprika (Osanai)
  • The Cable Guy (Chip)
  • Red Eye (Jackson)
  • You Belong to Me (Micheal)
  • Sucker Punch (Blue)
  • Lost Highway (Mr.Eddy)
  • Labyrinth (Jareth)
  • No Brother of Mine (Drew)
  • Blue Steel (Eugene)


  • Abide in the Wind (Kairak)
  • Alice in the County of Clover: Bloody Twins (the twins duh?)
  • Scott Pilgrim (Knives Chau kinda?)
  • DC Comic’s Harley Quinn for Joker (in some versions)
  • Risou no Kareshitachi (Main guys)
  • Pandora Hearts (Vincent, Oz??)
  • Secret Six (Black Alice)
  • Aishite Kudasai, 
  • Paperweight Eye
  • Conflict Lover (warning: Incest)
  • Strangers in Paradise (Veronica)
  • Kubera (Yuta)
  • Metronome (Onyu)
  • Youko x Boku Secret Service (Soushi)
  • Watashi no megane kun
  • Ouji No Hakoniwa YAOI
  • Loveless (Seimei)
  • Desire Climax (Hina and Shoei)
  • Karakuri Douji Ultimo (Rune)
  • Sluggu Freelance (Oasis),


  • Yandere Heaven (quite literally all the guys)
  • Yandere Heaven BL YAOI 
  • Jooubachi no Oubou NSFW (Rin), 
  • Aisaresugite Series 
  • Dark Night Princess NSFW
  • Futari no Himitsu Yanderu Kare
  • Kankin Danshi volumes 1 & 2
  • Yandere no Onna no ko
  • Oujisama no Neko, Kyouai Catharsis NSFW
  • Osananajimi no Kare NSFW
  • Yanero Volumes 1-3 NSFW

GAMES (not necessarily Otome games)


  • IB (Mary)
  • Yandere Simultor (player/Yandere-chan)
  • Shuffle! (Kaede)
  • Yandere Clicker (player)
  • Yanderella (girls)
  • Mad Father (Alfred aka “Father”)
  • Fire Emblem Awakening (Tharja)
  • Catherine (Catherine and Katherine)
  • iDOLM@STER (Mayu)
  • Arcana Heart 3 (Scharlachrot)
  • Fate/stay night (Ilya),


  • Hatoful boyfriend (Dr.Iwamine Shuu)
  • Diabolik Lovers (Kanato)
  • Lucky Dog YAOI NSFW (Guilio)
  • Hana Awase (Himeutsugi)
  • Corpse Party (Kizami)
  • PersonA Opera Za no Kaijin (Phantom)
  • Nameless (Tei)
  • Starstuck Love! (Shion)
  • Blood Soup
  • Togainu no Chi YAOI (Keisuke)
  • Kuro to kin no Akanai Kagi (Hasui)
  • Diabolik Lovers (Kanato)
  • Clock Zero (Toranosuke)
  • Alice in the Country of Hearts (Ace, Peter and the Twins)
  • Cinderella contract (Yuri)
  • Dandelion (Jiyeon and Jisoo)
  • Outlast (Eddie Gluskin/The Groom)
2017 Cannes Film Festival Lineup

Opening Night Film

  • “Ismael’s Ghost” directed by Arnaud Desplechin


  • “The Day After” directed by Hong Sangsoo
  • “Loveless” directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev
  • “Good Time” directed by Benny Safdie and Josh Safdie
  • “You Were Never Really Here” directed by Lynne Ramsay
  • “Jupiter’s Moon” directed by Kornél Mandruczo
  • “L’amant Double” directed by François Ozon
  • “The Killing of a Sacred Deer” directed by Yorgos Lanthimos
  • “A Gentle Creature” directed by Sergei Loznitsa
  • “Radiance” directed by Naomi Kawase
  • “Wonderstruck” directed by Todd Haynes
  • “Happy End” directed by Michael Haneke
  • “In the Fade” directed by Fatih Akin
  • “Rodin” directed by Jacques Doillon
  • “The Beguiled” directed by Sofia Coppola
  • “Le Redoutable” directed by Michel Hazanavicius
  • “Okja” directed by Bong Joon-ho
  • “120 Battements Par Minute” directed by Robin Campillo
  • “The Meyerowitz Stories” directed by Noah Baumbach
  • “The Square” directed by Ruben Östlund

Un Certain Regard

  • “April’s Daughter” directed by Michel Franco
  • “Lucky” directed by Sergio Castellitto
  • “Jeune Femme” directed by Léonor Serraille
  • “Western” directed by Valeska Grisebach
  • “Wind River” directed by Taylor Sheridan
  • “Directions” directed by Stephan Komandarev
  • “After the War” directed by Annarita Zambrano
  • “Dregs” directed by Mohammad Rasoulof
  • “Out” by György Kristóf
  • “The Nature of Time” directed by Karim Moussaoui
  • “Before We Vanish” directed by Kurosawa Kiyoshi
  • “L’atelier” by Laurent Cantet
  • “Beauty and the Dogs” by Kaouther Ben Hania
  • “Barbara” directed by Mathieu Amalric
  • “Closeness” directed by Kantemir Balagov
  • “The Desert Bride” directed by Cecilia Atan and Valeria Pivato
  • “La Cordillera” directed by Santiago Mitre 
  • “Walking Past the Future” directed by Li Ruijun

Out of Competition

  • “Blade of the Immortal” directed by by Takashi Miike
  • “How to Talk to Girls at Parties” directed by John Cameron Mitchell
  • “Visages, Villages” directed by Agnès Varda
  • “D’après une histoire vraie” directed by Roman Polanski

Special Screenings

  • “12 Jours” directed by Raymond Depardon
  • “They” directed by Anahita Ghazvinizadeh
  • “An Inconvenient Sequel” directed by Ronni Cohen and Jon Shenk
  • “Top of the Lake: China Girl” directed by Jane Campion & Ariel Kleiman
  • “Promised Land” directed by Eugene Jarecki
  • “24 Frames” directed by Abbas Kiarostami
  • “Napalm” directed by Claude Lanzmann
  • “Come Swim” directed by Kristen Stewart
  • “Demons in Paradise” directed by Jude Ratman
  • “Sea Sorrow” directed by Vanessa Redgrave
  • “Clair’s Camera” directed by Hong Sangsoo
  • “Twin Peaks” directed by David Lynch
  • “Le Vénérable W.” directed by Barbet Schroeder 
  • “Carré 35” directed by Éric Caravaca

Midnight Screenings

  • “The Villainess” directed by Jung Byung Gil
  • “The Merciless” directed by Byun Sung-Hyun
  • “Prayer Before Dawn” directed by Jean Stephane Sauvaire

70th Anniversary Events

  • “24 Frames” directed by Abbas Kiarostami
  • “Come Swim”, directed by Kristen Stewart
  • “Top of the Lake” directed by Jane Campion
  • “Twin Peaks” directed by David Lynch

Virtual Reality

  • “Carne y arena” directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu