the furious gods

the best story i think i’ve ever heard at a party was from this ex-Lutheran who was absolutely shitfaced and told us all about the origins of Lutherism bc it’s so??? incredible??? apparently martin luther was this like twenty-one year old college student and atheist (of course) and he’s walking home during this thunderstorm, just soaking wet, miserable, probably cussing out the god he supposedly doesn’t believe in, and he gets struck by lightning, which, obviously, sucks. he’s probably pissed as hell because he’s miraculously alive but also probably in a lot of pain, probably cursing god’s name yet again, and he gets struck by lightning a second time like??? What the fuck!!! how unlucky is that!! and so now he’s running for a forest to hide underneath the trees, once again furious at god, and he gets struck by lightning for the third time!!! so he finally makes it to the trees, probably crispy as hell, exhausted and in pain and he drops to his knees and says basically “god, please, for fucks sake, stop hitting me with lightning. I swear if you leave me alone i’ll go to a monastery and become a monk and re-invent this religion i guess but please just leave me alone” and he’s not struck by lightning again so he becomes a monk like??? i’m not Lutheran so i don’t know how accurate this drunk re-telling is but i believe it whole-heartedly and have gained a healthy respect for the wrath of god

Simply using feminine imagery for God does not resolve all the problems of God language. The Bible speaks of God as King, Judge, Creator, and many other traditionally male roles that are not linked to fathering. Much of the feminine imagery is maternal, which suggests that women are most like God when they are mothers, while men are like God in most of their activities. Maternal language about God can also become stereotypical. God the Mother is safe, warm, and gentle. God the Father is tough and demanding, but very strong and protective. God the Father is still clearly the boss. If the divine feminine is always linked with love and nurture, while the divine masculine is always strong and rational, our stereotypes about male and female will be perpetuated rather than challenged.

The book of Hosea offers us a useful antidote to stereotypical feminine imagery by portraying God as a female figure who is both maternal and furious. God faithfully fed and cared for the Israelites; but instead of being grateful, they forgot God. That made God say angrily, ‘I will fall upon them like a bear robbed of her cubs, / and will tear open the covering of their heart’ (Hos 13:8). This maternal image invokes no romanticized piety, softness, or sentimentality. Mothers, and the Mother bear in Hosea, are fiercely protective. Elizabeth Johnson wrote of the paradox of angry love, 'The wrath of God is a symbol of holy mystery that we can ill afford to lose. For the wrath of God in the sense of righteous anger against injustice is not an opposite of mercy but its correlative. It is a mode of caring response in the face of evil.’

Another nonmaternal feminine image of God is as midwife, which occurs in Psalms 22 and 71. The psalmist described his feeling that God has abandoned him. His ancestors had trusted in God and were saved, but he felt God’s scorn. In the midst of despair he said to God, 'Yet it was you who took me from the womb; / you kept me safe on my mother’s breast. / On you I was cast from my birth, / and since my mother bore me you have been my God’ (Ps 22:9-10). He recognized that God has been present at the vulnerable time of birth, assuring his safety and comfort, and ever since. Comparing God to the one who helped deliver babies meant comparing God to a woman. It is an intriguing image, because midwives are active throughout a birth. They offer encouragement, they teach the mother how to work with the pains of labor; but they cannot do the laboring themselves, and they cannot take the pain away. The metaphor suggests that God encourages and supports human beings even when God cannot take their pain away.

—  Lynn Japinga, “Language about God”
Jesus came not only for those who skip morning meditations, but also for real sinners, thieves, adulterers, and terrorists, for those caught up in squalid choices and failed dreams.
—  Brennan Manning, The Furious Longing of God

God dammit I’m jumping on board the AU bandwagon, it was only a matter of time, I blame @sportathicc for making me love the idea of Lazytown AUs im gonna draw the ice skater sportacus soon btw

Obvs the only course of action is to crash 2 of my favorite franchises into each other, creating this abomination that is the Fast and Furious Lazytown AU OK JUST HEAR ME OUT:

  • Robbie Rotten is a veteran street racer in some skeevy little town called Latabæ, he’s been the champion of the racing circuit for years and the local cops are too few in number to do anything about it
  • He’s a little bit magic when it comes to how machines work so he wins races easy, and he never has a real challenge, but he just lays back and rules over his part of town and keeps the neighboring gangs at bay
  • don’t tell anyone but he has a bit of a soft spot for this little bunch of runaway kids who’ve taken up residence around his garage - apparently they’ve started calling it ‘the lair’
  • on the one hand he likes having it easy, on the other hand the monotony of not having someone to compete with is so damn aggravating that sometimes he cant sleep for days on end
  • then one day out of fucking nowhere this blue sports car comes rolling into one of Robbie’s races and out pops a guy who looks like heaven and has absolutely no business being in Robbie’s circuit
  • he immediately challenges Robbie to race and for the first time he can remember, Robbie loses, but for some reason the newcomer just laughs and tells him it was fun and maybe he’ll see Robbie around sometime and he just fucking leaves and Robbie’s never been so confused or enraged
  • he goes to a local ex-CI named Milford demanding to know everything about this newcomer, as soon as he gets an address Robbie sends his 3 employees out to locate this blue suited abomination
  • they come back sheepishly saying they couldn’t do anything, Robbie takes matters into his own hands, he arrives at a run down motel only to find his new rival washing his car with the help of this pink haired pixie of a kid who keeps calling him ‘dad’ and Robbie nearly loses his grip on reality
  • how the hell is he supposed to run this musclebound menace out of town the man has a daughter and Robbie is many things but he’s not a MONSTER
  • he starts keeping tabs on the pair anyway, he notices the girl befriends the runaways and even starts hanging out with Milford and his ladyfriend Bessie when her dad is off working at an auto garage literally ten minutes away from Robbie’s place
  • at least twice a week this asshole shows up and races Robbie and for some reason he never seems to grasp the fact that races are not meant to be for fun, dammit
  • at some point Robbie learns this pointy-eared prick’s name
  • it’s Sportacus
  • what the hell kind of name is Sportacus and why does your accent make me blush how dare you
  • one day a race gets broken up by the cops, who have become unusually vigilant as of late, and Sportacus and Robbie end up fleeing the scene together
  • “I don’t want to worry Stephanie, you know how to lose the cops, can I stay at your place? just for tonight?”
  • Robbie has never been so flustered in his entire life
  • “f-fine”
  • dear god this man’s smile should be illegal
  • “thanks Robbie”
  • “we’re not friends”
  • “i know”
  • Robbie doesn’t know whether to kiss him or shoot him, maybe he should do both just to be sure
  • Sportacus eventually gets home, all the runaways are sleeping in the motel living room, Stephanie gives him the most suspicious look when he tells her where he was last night
  • “it was just so the police wouldn’t catch me”
  • yeah dad just keep telling yourself that
  • Robbie and Sportacus don’t know when to quit and within a week they’re racing again, they start having one-on-one competitions
  • Sportacus visits Robbie’s garage after he loses his job at the other one asking if Robbie will hire him
  • Robbie wants to say no but he remembers that stupid pink thing who’s so fucking nice to the other kids and he begrudgingly hires this stupid man and has to suffer through seeing him way more frequently
  • Sportacus does gymnastics in the parking lot
  • why does he do gymnastics in the parking lot
  • it doesn’t take long for their friends to catch onto the fact that they like each other
  • everyone knows
  • even the cops know
  • they’re equally oblivious to the fact that they care about each other
  • it’s hopeless

bleh people who like. have never understood going to drastic lengths to get through school or like. been legitimately afraid of going and feeling like your life is being ruined/threatened by it for reasons outside your control and never really had a hard time with it bug me. and i guess not even In General just the people who like refuse to understand when people who Have had an immeasurably hard time with school tell them “hey this is what happened” or “i would do this if i couldve made it go by faster” like don’t tell them they’re bad people if you were having this hard a time you would too lol

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How about Loki transforms Tony into a duckling. But Duckling-Tony imprints on him and now Loki has to take care of him because the spell last 3 days? And it was so not Lokis plan to be a duck-sitter.

“Loki!” Thor bellowed in manner that told Loki that the sham of a god was furious about something or another. Perhaps Thor had found the doctored photos of his lovely Jane with a moustache? Or maybe he had learned about Loki’s adventure at one of the Midgardian zoos where Loki had impersonated Thor and unleashed all of the predators on the Midgardians.

Thor stormed into Loki’s chambers–really a closet, even if the Man of Iron claimed otherwise.

“What do you want now?” Loki did not look up from reading his spellbook. He was lying on his stomach, across his pathetic and tiny bed–again the Man of Iron was wrong about what was the appropriate size of anything designed for royalty. The bed wasn’t fit for a peasant, let alone a king.

Loki startled when a tiny and insignificant weight landed on his back, followed by the happy sounds of a Midgard duckling.

Loki bit back a groan of annoyance. He turned to look over his shoulder where the Man of Iron in duckling form was burrowing into his back.

“Get that filthy animal off me.”

Thor crossed his arms over his chest. Perhaps a weaker being would find his looming presence intimidating, but Loki saw only a man playing at being powerful. “We have spoken about this at lengths brother. You are responsible for Tony’s condition which has lead to him to imprint on you, therefore, you must care for him. Leaving him outside your room is not caring brother, even if our fellow shield brothers believe a wall more capable of warmth and tenderness than you.”

A vein in Loki’s forehead throbbed. How dare the Midgardian fools who were but insects compared to Loki insult him. “Just because I choose not gift the unworthy with my affections does not mean I do not possess such traits.”

“A sentiment, I once would have agreed with, but after what we have been through I question it myself.” Thor paused, a frown creating creases at the corners of his mouth. Thor shook his head and scooped up the the duckling on Loki’s back, ignoring the noise of heartbreak and fright the creature released. “Never mind, I thought it best for Tony’s emotional and mental wellbeing not to be away from the one he had imprinted on, but now I see our shield brothers were right. I shall put Tony in the care of Sam, who has made a point of researching duckling needs.”

Loki’s temper snapped. He sat up and seized Tony from Thor. “I more than capable of looking after a bird. You tell your shield brothers that they are nothing more than worms and they shall soon see that I am far superior to them at everything. Tony shall be treated so splendidly that when this spell wears off and he is human again, he will be at my beck and call due to the unbridled love I shall inspire in him.”

“I do not think,” Thor started, but Loki cut him off.

“Out!” He pointed at the door. “You are not welcomed here.”

Thor nodded grimly then backed out of the room. “Very well.” Thor stopped in the doorway. “If you need something, I am sure Tony’s invisible servant will help you.”

Loki snapped at Thor to leave, and Thor took the last step out and closed the door.

Loki grumbled and hugged Tony to his chest. He stroked Tony’s head. “They’ll see. I am the best at everything. You were wise to give your devotion to me Man of Iron. You will know love like no other by the time I am through with you.”

The duckling just looked up at Loki adoringly, and pride swelled in Loki’s chest.

Yes, Loki would reward his devout follower with more kindness and affection than his puny brain could handle.


Alright, I’m legit infuriated because I spent forever on this and it looks bomb when I play it on my computer but the second I upload it online the filters go CRAZY and the certain scenes get fuzzy, but nonetheless, here’s my Bamon-centric trailer for season 7. Looks best if you watch it from Vimeo, but ugh but guys it looks so good on my computer I’m–ugh. Whatever. Sigh. I tried.


Sol - Norse Goddess of the Sun

Sol and her brother came into this world radiant, glorious beings. So enamored with them, their father arrogantly named each after a sacred heavenly body, he for the moon and she, the sun. As they grew, each child proved their namesake. Mani, of the moon, was contemplative, obedient, calm. Sol, conversely, became willful, spirited, passionate. His children were everything a father could dream, but Odin and his ilk were not pleased. For their father’s hubris, Mani and Sol were punished.

To the sky, they were sent, each to lead the chariot that dragged the sun or the moon. At their heels were loosed the bloodthirsty sons of Fenrir. Hungry wolves, relentless in pursuit of their prey.

Resigned, Mani guided his steeds through the night, ever ahead of his hunter, but Sol did not accept her fate. Furious at the Gods, she taunts and challenges the wolf Sköll as she blazes across the sky, unleashing her spite on the only opponent she can reach.

Odin has never shown signs of regret for his decision, but now war is upon the land. His attentions are turned. Sol, normally confined to her chariot has found a way to send her flaming essence to the battlefield. To the casual observer, the combat, the bloodshed, may all seem just a game to Sol, but she is driven by an age old grudge and a desire to be free.

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