the funny thing is that i was ready to give up at about.... idk like 2 hours in

Cuddling with Jaemin
  • dAMN YES
  • i love this request so much
  • i’m more than ready 2 die bc of this
  • i heard that dream is having a comeback soon
  • i hope it’s true i rlly miss them
  • but anyways, i’ll just start w this
  • okay so,, this b o i
  • !!!!
  • let me tell you that this loser l o v e s cuddles
  • no one is surprised, i know
  • okay but first thing first, he LOVES skinship
  • he just friking loves it, i swear he would never get tired of it
  • he’s the kind of bf that would do lots of cheesy shit
  • like putting your hair behind your ear as he’s having eye conct w you or having a super dramatic kisses in the rain lmao
  • cliche things like that are really common in y’alls relationship so yeah  
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • and talking about cuddles,,,
  • do y’all remember that moment in the chewing gum bts video where markiepoo and hae and jae were cudDling
  • first of all, it was super cute
  • but the important part is that cuddling him it’s pretty much like that 24/7
  • i mean, both of you occupying all the bed not matter how big or small it is and with your arms and legs completely interlaced w each other
  • that plus like a millions of plushies and blankets and pillows in between
  • and it’s a mess tbh
  • but it’s the softest and warmest mess ever, and probably the most comforting too
  • and your cuddles make him, basically, go from a 0 to a solid 100 in seconds
  • he just really loves being able to hug you and caress you as much as he wants and also getting your attention back
  • he gets so soft :’)
  • and he loves simply talking with you as he cuddles
  • like he could be kissing you and hugging you but y’all would be talking about idk aliens or plants lol
  • anyways, this is getting out of control lmao
  • i’ll just start with the story now
  • so,,,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • both of you were @ his house
  • it was afternoon probably and y’all were in the middle of a lazy date where y’all were just watching some movies together
  • and tbh, y’all never know how y’alls cuddles sesions always start
  • you just innocentely start holding hands as you watch the movie and before you realize you have him over you without letting u breath
  • “jaemin, remind me one more time how did we end up like this”
  • “i don’t know but it’s comfy, don’t move”
  • lmao, how cute
  • and the positions are so weird???? like y’all are moving non stop
  • one second y’all r facing each other and the other second you’re resting ur head in his stomach and the other he’s resting his head in your lap,,,,
  • and y’all are like this for hours and it’s so cute and funny i’m-
  • but he gives gr8 cuddles and the softests caresses
  • probably y’all always end up napping together bc the way he’s slowly playing with your hair and his soft lips in your skin feel so good
  • also, you know when he talks in that soft and calm voice of his??? is so ???? perfect ??¿??
  • so how could you NOT get super sleepy when you literally have the calmest person alive by your side??
  • i’m getting sleepy just by writing this
  • he’s just so ?? calm ???? i need a bf like him thx
  • and his hearts mElts because you’re just so adorable like: ‘))) stOP
  • when you start getting all sleepy and you’re constantly yawning he would get more serious w the cuddles
  • he would put a romantic vintage movie and leave the sound of the tv rlly low and go to the traditional spooning kind of cuddle
  • eventually both of you would fall asleep together <3
  • and he would woke you up int he same way
  • with kisses all over your faces and love
  • also, he would say the sweetest things to you
  • “you’re so beautiful, y/n”
  • “i just realized how much i love you”
  • “like, seriously, you stole my whole heart, y/n”
  • & u kinda die bc he’s so perfect
  • i’m SO soft for jaemin, i’m in pain rn
  • but the end
  • wow i love him so much :’))) <3
  • this baby is so important for me y’al don’t understand
  • anyways, bye ^^
My Girl - Yondu x Reader

Just a small request, but do you think you could write a fluff fic where Yondu teaches the reader how to whistle (maybe like to teach them his native language or even to use the Yaka arrow? Idk just some thoughts XD)? Thanks! ^u^ - ashlynlikesdonuts 

Cute and fluff and funny

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Guilt Part 2

A/N. Sooooo, this was so highly requested that I just had to do another part. (I also wanted to because holy mother of gods I’m so into writing this and I’m stopping myself from making it too fast paced and it’s so hard but yeah) But this will be the penultimate part, I’ve decided. I’m just so invested in portraying Draco as the character he really is - he’s truly a kind and caring person, but of course he’s got this dark side and idk he’s BEAUTIFUL AND HOT. But I hope you enjoyed this, and for some reason this chapter reminds me of ‘Famous Last Words’ by MCR, so if you want to give that a listen, go on ahead :)

Originally posted by tess453

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Confessions of a recently admitted size queen

I did it again, and god it was good!!

last evening I got a call from a friend the operates a dive bar  I used to work at in a blink ya missed it town. She needed a fill in for the night.

So some extra cash sounded good and i had no reason I absolutely couldn’t help a girl in need, so hey! Off I went.

I hadn’t been there in well over 2 yrs, but it was fun to be back. All the regulars  were there and happy to see me and give me hell just like I never had left! Most of the guys just had to say hi to the twins! Which always gets me very good tips! I made sure to wear a tight cut off T just for the occasion! Though I didn’t put it on till after I got out of the house. Hubby is not fond of many stories from my time there and didn’t want him getting pissy about it.

Like I said, small local bar, the bar, fire station, a bank and 2 gas pumps. That what the towns got! LOL. So it can get to b anything goes sometimes and most know and don’t care.

After the happy hours crowd died down I got to talking and flirting with the few left, an old drunk, a couple, another gay couple(oddly enough) and a few regulars. Of course the topics always seem to get sexual and be a lot of fun and sometimes awfully raunchy! They all know various things about my naughty side so not unlike the past the pool started for getting me to serve with a little less on! I have to admit this is always fun but I never made it a habit when working there but when the owners husband was there and the pool got high enough…  well ya know. I’ve been persuaded on some occasions!

There really was very few there this night. I knew everyone very well anyway so I played along to see where it would go. It didn’t take long before I was astounded and decided to go change out of my jeans! I had to improvise this unplanned circumstance and found an old beaded type thing. Like something from a renaissance fair i guess, idk. I used that even though there was little point as it really didn’t cover anything! What did it really mater anyway? I figured. So feeling a little awkward but turned on at the same time I came back out in my half t and makeshift bead skirt! Of course they all loved me! he he!

After a little while I was having fun with it as these guys were thoroughly enjoying they’re mostly nude bar maid! Eventually the pool talked me out of my top. Before leaving the old men got to cop their feels. I had to let em, I know 2 of em rarely get any and they were extremely respectful and generous! The other, well lets say I’m glad the couple were still there as the husband had to escort him out as he found himself unable to leave without showing me just how happy I was making him! It was kinda funny in a cute “old man” kinda way. Though he may have been wanting more so it started getting  a little creepy! ewww!

I began cleaning up a little getting ready to close while “Bob and Mary” were finishing their drinks and keeping me company. I hadn’t bothered to get dressed, as I had my shirt on anyway and been this way for like over 3 hrs. Besides they contributed to the cause just as much all night! She liked me and I could tell just how much he did too!

The conversation went that direction after a little while so I had to ask her how big he looks… is it really? lol. After a lot of girl talk that I knew was going to far into our agreement about experiences with bigger than average guys I went to wipe down the tables real quick. Just trying to let em know it’s time to go. I then couldn’t help thinking as I was bending over the tables how much i was getting turned on by the idea of her husband just coming up behind me and just slamming his huge hard member in me!

As I finished up the last table Mary asked me,  "Would u like to feel him before we go? I don’t mind.“  I was surprised and don’t know what I did exactly next, but I didn’t turn around I know that. I was trying to figure out what to say and then i felt her come up next to me and she put her hand on my shoulder and kissed me. I didn’t wanna stop her and then she whispered, well?” I just nodded my head. Then he came behind me and put his hand on the back of my neck, gently bent me over the table as she walked away. His body wasn’t even touching me as I felt his hard cock against my already wet, slippery lips. Then, as if he knew, with one strong thrust he slammed his girth inside me as i let out a scream that was both pain and pleasure! He never said a word but did not stop the thrusts as I kept screaming from the mixture of feeling ripped open and filled full of ecstasy inside with an immediate orgasmic pleasure!! I soon reached a uncontrollable climax. Relentlessly, he held me down tighter now and did not let up! No longer was I feeling any pain, only what seemed to be a wave of pleasure from his violent thrusts deep into me insides!

I still had not seen his manhood but was becoming very aware this man may be more than I’ve ever taken as the feel of him stretching my insides full was becoming increasingly more pleasurably sensitive.

He continued to fuck me this way and I couldn’t stop moaning in pleasure as the waves never seemed to cease. Something very new to me! Then my curiosity won over and I lifted myself on the table to turn on my back. I had to witness, at least for a moment.

When I saw him a whole new gush came over me as he pulled my legs apart as far as he could. He had opened me much more than I was aware. Only 2 other men have ever come close to doing this to me. He certainly was long enough, though nothing much more than others well endowed I’ve been with.  My lord the man was thicker than I’ve ever seen a real cock to be! Seeing him sliding his truely massive thickness in and out of my soaking wet and swollen pussy made me have another intense orgasm! As I came I unconsciously was telling him “I fucking love your cock” over and over as I lay back on the table spread eagle letting him pound his cock as deep as possible then pulling all the way out teasing my wide open hole with new sensations. He soon after came as I held my thighs for him. I felt him cum up against the back of my vagina. I felt no pain, only his release and numb. Confirming to myself he is in fact the biggest I’ve been with.

Others have bottomed me out, always too much to handle. This man was by the end for sure and I was fine. Size isn’t everything. It really isn’t guys. But I do prefer a little bigger than average and that night, well…  If the guy really knows how to use it right AND is big also. U hm Every girl should be so lucky!!

falling in love with snow and

request: So how about a Caitlin x reader where reader is Barry’s sister and reader finds out Barry is the flash so when Barry takes her to meet team flash she meets Cait for the first time and like they both hit it off so they like go on a date?paring: Caitlin Snow x fem! reader warnings: swearing, girlxgirl, unedited, and idk what else

A/n: this was requested by @that-hardcore-fangirl, I hope this makes you feel a little better lovely !! part 2 anyone??

Y/n’s hair blew through the rough winds of central city, she bit into the cookie Barry had wrapped in a napkin for her that morning. She couldn’t say that their life had been perfect, but she loved her brother and her adoptive father and siblings. She thought even though their life wasn’t perfect she had the perfect family and friends, except one thing, Barry had been keeping something from her. Y/n knew her brother, she knew his body language, his voice changes, and the way he lies. Barry was the flash, he wanted y/n safe, he needed y/n safe.

Iris was making her way to jitters to get her and barry coffee. She was going to persuade barry to tell his sister that he was the flash, she needed to know. Iris texted Barry, Barry texted Y/n thinking it was just an innocent gathering between his sister and girl. He sped there, waiting a few minutes to not seem suspicious but his sister texted him that she was running late.

Y/n arrives with wet hair, her clothes soaked, tears in her eyes and mascara running down her cheeks. The site broke his heart, then he realized they were angry tears and she was wet from being splashed by a truck colliding with a puddle near her.

“A fucking criminal crashed a set of cars together, I was stuck in traffic, then on my way walking from my parking spot a truck splashed me! ” she growled and shoved past him.

Barry had given y/n his coat and hot her a piping cup of coffee, to which she gladly accepted and moved closer to her brother to steal his body heat. He smiled to himself watching her stomach rise and fall, she was alive and smiling at him with the love of a sister who just had her brother be nice to her. Iris canceled saying she just received a stack of work.

There sweet time was interrupted by the sound of breaking glass, screaming, and gun shots. Y/n calmly crouched down next to Barry, wait where did Barry go?! Y/n jumped up searching for her brother, when a rush of wind flew past her and all the sudden she was in the middle of some type of lab, with at least 5 people staring at her. Wally, Iris, some brown haired guy, Harrison Wells, a rather stunning red head girl, and some guy who looked a lot like Draco Malfoy.

“What the hell is going on, Wally? Iris? Where the hell is Barry?!” She boomed frightening everyone in front of her.

“Y/n, there’s something we- Barry, needs to tell you.” Wally spoke up walking closer to his best friend and foster sister.

Y/n stepped back, shaking her head not believing the situation she just got thrown into, her brother was the flash.

The familiar gust of wind shook the building signaling Barry’s arrival. Y/n was beyond pissed at her brother, balling her fists and getting ready to give him a piece of her mind.

“Bartholomew Allen, what the bloody hell do you think you are doing? You could get hurt or killed or… or..” she yelled and began to cry.

It hit her right then that her brother was always in danger, that his secret was bigger than she could ever imagine. He took a sad step closer, drawing his breath in and out trying to find the words, or any for that matter. She crashed into her older brother, tears streaming down her face, clutching him close.

There was going to be no more secrets, no more lies about who they are with and what they are doing, they were going to be honest with each other from then on.


A few months had passed, y/n never really went to the lab, she never felt the need to. Holding a scarf she stole from barry close she made her way to the lab to bring barry his phone that he’d left back at he and iris’ apartments . Iris was running late so she asked y/n to take it.

Upon arriving, the same beautiful redhead greeted her with a huge flashy smile. Y/n let a small smile out and introduced herself nicely.

“Y/n, Y/n Allen.” she smiled up at the redhead.

“Caitlin, Caitlin Snow.” Caitlin grinned stepping out of the elevator leading her to the cortex.


If Caitlin hadn’t been so intriguing, y/n would have not waited for barry to return but left. She asked Caitlin questions, Caitlin asked her questions, and then she was introduced to Cisco.

“So do you have any embarrassing baby pictures of Barry?” Cisco questioned y/n.

Cisco was funny, he had long hair and knew a shit ton of movie facts. After Cisco, she was introduced to Julian Albert, who she was convinced was Draco Malfoy’s twin. She wanted to meet someone named H.R but he wasn’t in the building.

A few hours passed and Barry hadn’t returned, y/n decided to let these people get back to their jobs and leave her brother’s phone on the desk. Caitlin walked her to the elevator, accidentally brushing up against her cause electricity to jolt through y/n’s body.

“I know we just met but would you like to get some coffee, or maybe dinner sometime?” Caitlin smiled shifting her weight from one foot to the other.

“I’d love to! Tonight good for you?” Y/n questioned hopefully.

Y/n arrives at the restaurant with her hair curled and a red dress curving around her hips, she had a grin plaster on her face and her heart was racing. Caitlin rushed over, her hair swaying in the wind and her white dress fitting her perfectly. The smiles at each other and rushed into the restaurant, eager to start their date.

Y/n could have sworn looking at Caitlin was like staring a god in the face, and Caitlin felt the same about her. They were laughing and drinking and eating, then all the glass windows around them shattered and everything turned dark.

Initiation (Will Roland x Reader)

Anonymous: “Hi Jess! Can I have an fluffy imagine with Will Roland where it’s my first day as an understudy for Alana, and the cast celebrates it? Sorry if it’s too weird lol 😅”

Plot 1 of 2: It’s your first day coming into the show as Kris’s understudy for Alana and boyfriend Will and the rest of the cast surprise you when you show up to celebrate you joining the cast!

warnings: nopity nope nope (idk swirlie mention and implied ass slapping from the one and only Mike Faist)


You walked into the side entrance to the Music Box Theatre, for the first time as a cast member. You took a sharp inhale of breath and took in the sight and familiar smell of the theatre. Walking down the hall to the staircase that led to all the dressing rooms, you pulled out your phone, smiling giddily at your screensaver like you did every time you saw the picture. It was one of your favorites, a selfie of you and your boyfriend Will on the first night Dear Evan Hansen went on Broadway…

You had gone to see the show, slightly amazed that Will actually managed to get you a ticket. You had walked him to the theatre and to the door, but you weren’t allowed past that point, cast and crew only. He looked at you and smiled, you grinning back proudly, pulling him into a firm and comforting hug.

“I’m so proud of you, Will, you’re gonna be amazing, okay?” You reassure him, pulling out of the hug and holding onto his shoulders tightly, looking him in the eyes.

“Well, I am the Will Roland after all!” He joked. You chuckled, mumbling about what a nerd he was, before leaning in to kiss him good luck. As he turned to walk into the building you called to him.

“Break a leg, nerd!” You called, The sentence being sincere but mostly an excuse for you to use the cliche ‘break a leg’ saying, “Or break in a glove, instead!” You said, giggling to yourself.

“You’re not funny!” Will called before the door closed behind him. You could hear his fond laughter from the other side. You smiled and walked back towards your apartment to get ready for the show tonight, which was only in a few hours.

You got to the floor you’re dressing room was to be on, putting your phone away after shooting Will a quick text saying you’d made it and asked if he was here. He said he had to do something before coming to the theatre and would meet you there, being very vague about why he wasn’t going to be walking with you today. You had shrugged it off and didn’t think much of it, wondering now what he had to do as you opened your dressing room door. Your hand flew to your heart as it sped up, hearing a semi-large group of people yell various forms of ‘Congratulations!’ when you entered your dressing room. You smiled, Will standing in the very center of the rest of the cast and their understudies, smiling proudly at what he had done. A banner hung lazily over the mirror in your otherwise plain dressing room. It read ‘Welcome To The Cast, Y/N’ in big blocky letters in the same color scheme of the show.

“Awww, Will!? Did you do this?” You asked, running into his arms and squeezing him tightly.

“Nah. I mean technically I guess I did, but I really wanted to make you go through some cult initiation thing. Unfortunately some people,” he gestured to Ben and Laura, “didn’t think it would be funny to give you a swirlie or make you do the autograph line in just the Evan egg or something,” he chuckled, hugging you tightly.

You laughed, pulling away from the hug, “Thank you all, seriously,” you said, each of them saying their own ‘you’re welcome’s and ‘congrats’ and patting you on the back as they all eventually filed out of your dressing room, leaving you and Will alone.

The two of you eventually made your way over to the small couch in the corner of your room, cuddled on it as you talked quietly about the show before you had to get ready.

“Thank you, you really didn’t have to do this,” you said, looking up fondly to the banner, which you figured Mike painted based of the amount of blue paint on his hands and the blue handprint his understudy, Michael, hadn’t yet noticed on his ass.

“Anything for you,” he said softly, kissing the top of your head lightly, “now, about your initiation swir-”

“Roland,” you warned him, giggling a bit at your nerd of a boyfriend.

My breakdown of Transformers 4!!!!

Alright so I saw Transformers 4 yesterday and I loved it! It wasn’t perfect but it was awesome; I think it’s best summed up by saying: I was expecting it to be better than the previous 3, and while it was about the same as the previous 3 as a whole, there are so many individual aspects about this movie that do make it so much better than the other ones. You should definitely go see it, it’s a great thrill ride!

Okay on to my personal list of pros vs. cons. Remember this whole post is just my opinion so yeah idk. Minor spoilers may follow, I’ll put a read more break in before I get into the really spoiler-y stuff.

Things I liked:



  • Want a solid cast of bots who each have their own 3-dimensional personalities and are treated like actual characters? Check
  • Want human-made Transformers that are badass and have a cool new unique way of transforming? Got it
  • Want some mysterious references about Cybertronian history and mythology/legends? Yep
  • Want some vicious robotic/cyborg wolf beasts? Got that too
  • Want a badass Cybertronian bounty hunter that doesn’t give a fuck and can probably transform any part of his body into a weapon? Bingo
  • Want to know some cool shit about Cybertronian biology like what they’re made of, etc.? Sure
  • Want to see the how the world works now after the Battle of Chicago and how all of our robot alien friends are doing? Got that too
  • Want to see an assload of screentime devoted to Transformers? It’s got it
  • Want a serious assload of robots everywhere? Good 
  • Want to see some awesome giant fucking spaceships and their interiors full of Cybertronian tech and robots and shit? Boom

The plot was decently solid, probably better than the last 3. It kinda starts to give way at the latter half of the movie though but it’s still pretty good. Also I know people complain about it being 3 hours long but it’s totally worth it, and the cool thing is that there are so many characters and so much shit going on but it’s handled decently well. Transformers 4? Nah, more like Like seriously, so much happens, everybody’s fighting everybody, and it’s all pretty great. So, some quick things:

  • Bay is definitely lightyears ahead of the previous 3. You can tell he’s learned from some of the criticism and improved tremendously
  • All of the Autobots have their own distinct personalities, goals, motives; they can affect the plot by their own choices now instead of just offering fighting and information
  • I loved every single scene with the Autobots in it. They joker around, bicker, use teamwork, and interact with one another and with the humans, and every scene is gold
  • Crosshairs is awesome. He’s sort of an asshole but he’s great. I wonder if he used to be a Wrecker
  • DRIFT…TIRPLE CHANGR? YES Drift is a triple changer!!! His face really isn’t creepy either, it was just that damn toy. He’s cool too, he’s got a samurai-type personality and kicks ass with those swords
  • Hound is hilarious. He’s awesome on the battlefield too but wow he’s just a great character.
  • Bee is going through a sort of rebellious teenage boy phase? He’s pretty great too though, really funny scenes and some badass combat too
  • OP-..OPTIMUUUSH? OPTIMUSH PRIEM??? PERSONALITY??? MICHLE BOY MOVIE??????? YES Optimus actually has emotions in this one!!! Okay so this time around he’s kinda pissed and has lost faith in humanity, it’s really sad. So there’s that, but that’s not all. He may be the same in combat but we see a softer, more genuine side of him with his Autobots, he’s finally like a father figure to them! Think along the lines of TFP Prime. Optimus even has a line or two of comic relief!!!!
  • also he can fly without a jetpack now, he’s got cool leg jet things
  • There are so many great scenes with Optimus, he’s fucking awesome
  • I love Lockdown, he’s amazing. Not only is he badass just because of his alt mode or his weaponized body or his ship, but his attitude too. Think TFP Soundwave, only with more personality and the ability to speak. Where Megatron was more of a barbaric warmonger who wants to rule everything, this dude is calm, cool, collected, ready to fuck shit up because he’s pissed and he works for the “creators”. He knows he’s a badass
  • DINOBOTS!!!! They were cool, robot modes were awesome, didn’t get much screentime but they were amazing. Also they’re HUGE. Movie was sort of loyal to their characterization in previous incarnations of being neutral but choosing to help the Autobots in the end
  • Really does feel like a fresh start for the franchise for most of the movie
  • I really enjoyed the human characters too. I have nothing against Witwicky but damn it was so refreshing to not have him there. Cade and Tessa were great. Tucci’s character was cool too and T.J. Miller’s character was fucking hilarious. Grammer and Welliver’s characters made good human villains.  Shane was alright I guess. Acting was good all around
  • Voice acting was stellar
  • Comedy was great. There are some golden moments, and the sexual/crude humor is pretty much gone, except for one or maybe 2 lines
  • Some people say the beginning 30 minutes or so is boring because it moved slow and there’s not many Transformers but I personally loved it. The human characters and interactions are all really good and it’s nice to take it slow for a little while and get acquainted with our new characters. Also there’s some nice scenery porn of Texas and western countrysides and little towns and abandoned buildings. Very cool
  • Scenery porn and CGI porn. Everywhere. The settings are all great and so are the designs of everything CGI. It is a visuallly fucking stunning film. 3D was amazing

Things I disliked:

  • BAY YOU WERE SO FUCKING CLOSE OMFG. Okay so just to be clear, I love Michael Bay, the Bayverse movies, and I loved this movie. But I do recognize that these movies have their problems. There’s alot of problems addressed by whiney geewunner fanboys and film critics that I say are total bullshit, but there are still a few problems. So anyway, I have a tie between my 2 biggest complaints for this movie for my chief complaint. I’ll detail one here, and one under the spoiler cut. Here goes
  • Most of the movie was perfection, but the climax rubbed me the wrong way, it seemed a little sloppy. I don’t know if this was the fault of Bay, Kruger, or the editors. I think everything that happened was great, from the Dinobots to the human-made Transformers to the fight against Lockdown to the fight against the human villains. But I just think it could have been told and put together so much better than it was and could have been more cohesive with the rest of the movie.
  • There were some parts where the music didn’t fit the action and some other parts were really cheesy. Don’t get me wrong, the action in the climax is pretty amazing but it just left me unimpressed after seeing how good the rest of AOE was, it almost felt like a clone of DOTM’s climax. I think it could have used some longer, more intimate combat scenes with higher stakes and Cons that didn’t go down so easily. In other words they should have made it more like the ROTF forest battle. I think that scene is where the Bayverse has peaked on its action levels and 5 years and 2 movies later it still can’t top it.
  • The Autobots tend to say things like “I’ll kill them!” or “Die!” or “I’m gonna kill you!” a little too much
  • Also it’s not really a complaint of mine because I see these movies for the Transformers, but I just wanted to point out there’s alot of sexism throughout the movie. Alot of it is redeemed by Li BingBing’s character kicking some major ass though

But yeah, all in all it’s an awesome movie and you should totally see it! Okay, here’s a couple more things I want to say, that deal with major spoilers, so here’s the “read more” break.

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anonymous asked:

Hi!! For the prompt thing would u do Pimms with my cat keeps breaking into your apartment next to mine so I tied a note to its collar to apologise and you write back so we keep exchanging cat notes and you’re pretty funny. (Maybe where Jack and Kent already know each other but haven't been in touch and somehow don't realize they've been living in the same building and rebuild their relationship?? Or bitty can live w Jack and it can be pb&j if u want! Idk or anything else I trust u!)

ahhh this was in my drafts so long so I’m just putting out into the world. Not shippy, just a Jack n Kent reunion fic. Sorry it’s not really what you asked for orz


Hi, I’m Kit! The note reads. I just moved into the building and like to explore. I’m not lost. Please don’t feed me no matter how much I beg. 
It’s a pretty simple note, Kent thinks. Direct, to the point. The cat is named Kit, she wanders a lot, and she’s on a strict diet. All anyone has to do is read the note to learn that 1) they don’t need to call animal control and 2) they don’t need to feed her. Which is why he doesn’t understand the messily written addition to the note, the one that appeared sometime after Kent left for the day which says
Your cat is really cute so I gave her some salmon sorry -#401
“Come on, Kit,” Kent gripes. “We talked about taking food from strangers.” He scraps the paper he’d attached to her collar and writes a fresh note, being sure to underline all key phrases. Once certain he’s made his point clear, with an addendum specifically for Mr. or Mrs. #401, he affixes it to her collar again.
With a loud slurp of his coffee he determines his task done and shuffles around his temporary home, a place he found on Air BnB cheaper than any pet friendly hotel room. Though the amenities are lacking, it’s good enough for the five nights he’s staying, but there’s not much to keep Kit occupied. She’s taken to the fire escape, stalking up and down the rails and harassing anyone who might be on her path with pleas of petting and food.
“I gotta get going,” Kent say over his shoulder, searching through the ten different snapbacks he brought for the training camp. He settles on an alternate Aces cap before looking outside and seeing the rain coming down. Fuckin’ New England. Fine, he switches for the standard cap, the one they give him by the box, checking his reflection once more before grabbing his bag and making his way down to the rink.

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sspacegem  asked:

ahh oh my gosh thank you so much!! that sounds so exciting omg I literally have no idea how any of this works!! I'm actually fairly young unfortunately so I don't know how that will go down but I'll try my best to fit in and see how it goes ;v; thanks again! C:

They can be really scary! I took two Aussies to Otakon and it was a big culture shock. OKAY LET’S GO


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