the funny thing is that i was ready to give up at about.... idk like 2 hours in

Guilt Part 2

A/N. Sooooo, this was so highly requested that I just had to do another part. (I also wanted to because holy mother of gods I’m so into writing this and I’m stopping myself from making it too fast paced and it’s so hard but yeah) But this will be the penultimate part, I’ve decided. I’m just so invested in portraying Draco as the character he really is - he’s truly a kind and caring person, but of course he’s got this dark side and idk he’s BEAUTIFUL AND HOT. But I hope you enjoyed this, and for some reason this chapter reminds me of ‘Famous Last Words’ by MCR, so if you want to give that a listen, go on ahead :)

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My Girl - Yondu x Reader

Just a small request, but do you think you could write a fluff fic where Yondu teaches the reader how to whistle (maybe like to teach them his native language or even to use the Yaka arrow? Idk just some thoughts XD)? Thanks! ^u^ - ashlynlikesdonuts 

Cute and fluff and funny

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Cuddling with Jaemin
  • dAMN YES
  • i love this request so much
  • i’m more than ready 2 die bc of this
  • but anyways, i’ll just start w this
  • okay so,, this b o i
  • !!!!
  • let me tell you that this loser l o v e s cuddles
  • no one is surprised, i know
  • okay but first thing first, he LOVES skinship
  • he just friking loves it, i swear he would never get tired of it
  • he’s the kind of bf that would do lots of cheesy shit
  • like putting your hair behind your ear as he’s having eye conct w you or having a super dramatic kisses in the rain lmao
  • cliche things like that are really common in y’alls relationship so yeah  
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • and talking about cuddles,,,
  • do y’all remember that moment in the chewing gum bts video where markiepoo and hae and jae were cudDling
  • first of all, it was super cute
  • but the important part is that cuddling him it’s pretty much like that 24/7
  • i mean, both of you occupying the whole bed/couch/whatever not matter how big or small it is and with your arms and legs completely interlaced w each other
  • that plus like a millions of plushies and blankets and pillows in between
  • and it’s a mess tbh
  • but it’s the softest and warmest mess ever, and probably the most comforting too
  • he just really loves being able to hug you and caress you as much as he wants and also getting your attention back
  • he gets so soft :’)
  • and he loves simply talking with you as he cuddles
  • like he could be kissing you and hugging you or smth but instead y’all would be talking about idk aliens or plants lol
  • anyways, this is getting out of control lmao
  • i’ll just start with the story now
  • so,,,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • both of you were @ his house
  • it was afternoon probably and y’all were in the middle of a lazy date where y’all were just watching some movies together
  • and tbh, y’all never know how your cuddles sesions always start
  • you just innocentely start holding hands as you watch the movie and before you realize you have him over you without letting u breath
  • “jaemin, remind me one more time how did we end up like this”
  • “i don’t know but i’m comfy, don’t move”
  • lmao, how cute
  • and the positions are so weird???? like y’all are moving non stop
  • one second y’all r facing each other and the other second you’re resting ur head in his stomach and the other he’s resting his head in your lap,,,,
  • and y’all are like this for hours and it’s so cute and funny i’m-
  • but he gives gr8 cuddles and the softests caresses
  • probably y’all always end up napping together bc the way he’s slowly playing with your hair and his lips in your skin feel so good
  • also, you know when he talks in that soft and calm voice of his??? is so ???? perfect ??¿??
  • so how could you NOT get super sleepy when you literally have the calmest person alive by your side??
  • i’m getting sleepy just by writing this
  • he’s just so ?? calm ???? i need a bf like him thx
  • and his hearts mElts because you’re just so adorable like: ‘))) stOP
  • when you start getting all sleepy and you’re constantly yawning he would get more serious w the cuddles
  • he would put a romantic vintage movie and leave the sound of the tv rlly low and go to the traditional spooning kind of cuddle
  • eventually both of you would fall asleep together <3
  • and he would woke you up in the same way as the cuddles started
  • with kisses all over your face and more caresses
  • also, he would say the sweetest things to you
  • “you’re so beautiful, y/n”
  • “i just realized how much i love you”
  • “like, seriously, you stole my whole heart, y/n”
  • & u kinda die bc he’s so perfect
  • i’m SO soft for jaemin, i’m in pain rn
  • but the end
  • wow i love him so much :’))) <3
  • this baby is so important for me y’all don’t even understand
  • anywAys, bye ^^

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Hi! Can I request 33 for Choi Minho??? ☺️ thanks!

Choi Minho ; “Close your eyes and hold out your hands.”

Prompts here.

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  • when was the last time i wrote for SHINee
  • it’s been like,,, eight months damn
  • alright so you and minho have been dating since his predebut days
  • and you even moved in together sometime after SHINee’s eighth anniversary 
  • you’ve been there for him through thick and thin
  • through every rumour
  • through the (quite minimal prob) hate
  • he’s always making sure you know how appreciative he is
  • like he gives you gifts often
  • and takes you a out a lot
  • not that money has anything to do with your relationship really
  • you guys eat home-cooked meals more often than anything
  • it’s always nice to come home to a cooked meal, so you two take turns cooking depending on your schedules
  • and you’re always doing these little things for him
  • like cleaning up the house when you knew he’d be really tired even if it was his turn to do it (he does that for you too)
  • you’d wait for him to come home because he likes talking to you about both of your days
  • you guys are just an all round domestic couple tbh

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falling in love with snow and

request: So how about a Caitlin x reader where reader is Barry’s sister and reader finds out Barry is the flash so when Barry takes her to meet team flash she meets Cait for the first time and like they both hit it off so they like go on a date?paring: Caitlin Snow x fem! reader warnings: swearing, girlxgirl, unedited, and idk what else

A/n: this was requested by @that-hardcore-fangirl, I hope this makes you feel a little better lovely !! part 2 anyone??

Y/n’s hair blew through the rough winds of central city, she bit into the cookie Barry had wrapped in a napkin for her that morning. She couldn’t say that their life had been perfect, but she loved her brother and her adoptive father and siblings. She thought even though their life wasn’t perfect she had the perfect family and friends, except one thing, Barry had been keeping something from her. Y/n knew her brother, she knew his body language, his voice changes, and the way he lies. Barry was the flash, he wanted y/n safe, he needed y/n safe.

Iris was making her way to jitters to get her and barry coffee. She was going to persuade barry to tell his sister that he was the flash, she needed to know. Iris texted Barry, Barry texted Y/n thinking it was just an innocent gathering between his sister and girl. He sped there, waiting a few minutes to not seem suspicious but his sister texted him that she was running late.

Y/n arrives with wet hair, her clothes soaked, tears in her eyes and mascara running down her cheeks. The site broke his heart, then he realized they were angry tears and she was wet from being splashed by a truck colliding with a puddle near her.

“A fucking criminal crashed a set of cars together, I was stuck in traffic, then on my way walking from my parking spot a truck splashed me! ” she growled and shoved past him.

Barry had given y/n his coat and hot her a piping cup of coffee, to which she gladly accepted and moved closer to her brother to steal his body heat. He smiled to himself watching her stomach rise and fall, she was alive and smiling at him with the love of a sister who just had her brother be nice to her. Iris canceled saying she just received a stack of work.

There sweet time was interrupted by the sound of breaking glass, screaming, and gun shots. Y/n calmly crouched down next to Barry, wait where did Barry go?! Y/n jumped up searching for her brother, when a rush of wind flew past her and all the sudden she was in the middle of some type of lab, with at least 5 people staring at her. Wally, Iris, some brown haired guy, Harrison Wells, a rather stunning red head girl, and some guy who looked a lot like Draco Malfoy.

“What the hell is going on, Wally? Iris? Where the hell is Barry?!” She boomed frightening everyone in front of her.

“Y/n, there’s something we- Barry, needs to tell you.” Wally spoke up walking closer to his best friend and foster sister.

Y/n stepped back, shaking her head not believing the situation she just got thrown into, her brother was the flash.

The familiar gust of wind shook the building signaling Barry’s arrival. Y/n was beyond pissed at her brother, balling her fists and getting ready to give him a piece of her mind.

“Bartholomew Allen, what the bloody hell do you think you are doing? You could get hurt or killed or… or..” she yelled and began to cry.

It hit her right then that her brother was always in danger, that his secret was bigger than she could ever imagine. He took a sad step closer, drawing his breath in and out trying to find the words, or any for that matter. She crashed into her older brother, tears streaming down her face, clutching him close.

There was going to be no more secrets, no more lies about who they are with and what they are doing, they were going to be honest with each other from then on.


A few months had passed, y/n never really went to the lab, she never felt the need to. Holding a scarf she stole from barry close she made her way to the lab to bring barry his phone that he’d left back at he and iris’ apartments . Iris was running late so she asked y/n to take it.

Upon arriving, the same beautiful redhead greeted her with a huge flashy smile. Y/n let a small smile out and introduced herself nicely.

“Y/n, Y/n Allen.” she smiled up at the redhead.

“Caitlin, Caitlin Snow.” Caitlin grinned stepping out of the elevator leading her to the cortex.


If Caitlin hadn’t been so intriguing, y/n would have not waited for barry to return but left. She asked Caitlin questions, Caitlin asked her questions, and then she was introduced to Cisco.

“So do you have any embarrassing baby pictures of Barry?” Cisco questioned y/n.

Cisco was funny, he had long hair and knew a shit ton of movie facts. After Cisco, she was introduced to Julian Albert, who she was convinced was Draco Malfoy’s twin. She wanted to meet someone named H.R but he wasn’t in the building.

A few hours passed and Barry hadn’t returned, y/n decided to let these people get back to their jobs and leave her brother’s phone on the desk. Caitlin walked her to the elevator, accidentally brushing up against her cause electricity to jolt through y/n’s body.

“I know we just met but would you like to get some coffee, or maybe dinner sometime?” Caitlin smiled shifting her weight from one foot to the other.

“I’d love to! Tonight good for you?” Y/n questioned hopefully.

Y/n arrives at the restaurant with her hair curled and a red dress curving around her hips, she had a grin plaster on her face and her heart was racing. Caitlin rushed over, her hair swaying in the wind and her white dress fitting her perfectly. The smiles at each other and rushed into the restaurant, eager to start their date.

Y/n could have sworn looking at Caitlin was like staring a god in the face, and Caitlin felt the same about her. They were laughing and drinking and eating, then all the glass windows around them shattered and everything turned dark.

Instagram Post- Tyler and Jenna Joseph (poly)

Request- idk if these would make good ideas but maybe a tyler jenna and reader imagine where they first go public about adding the reader into the relationship.

It was about 11 months ago when you had met the two of them. Tyler and Jenna came in for a few drinks at the bar you worked at. They were a cute couple and both very attractive. You carried on some conversation with them for the few hours they were there and somehow you ended up giving Jenna your number so you could keep in touch.

After hanging out as friends for 2 months you started to realize how much you were into both of them. You knew it was wrong, they were married but you can’t control what your heart wants.

The three of you were into your second bottle of wine that night and things came out that wouldn’t have if you were in your right state of mind.

“You guys are the best. I mean how am I so lucky to have 2 friends who are so caring and loving and gorgeous.” You let the alcohol speak.

“You are really lucky. But Y/N, Jenna and I have been talking.” Tyler started. “We feel like we’re falling in love with you.” He finished and you stared at the two of them dumbfounded.

“Wait really? Why?”

“Y/N you’re an amazing person. You’re everything we could ever want in someone. When I married Tyler we were both aware that we needed something a little more. We both believe that’s you.” Jenna said moving closer to you.

“We understand if you don’t want to be apart of this, but since that night we met you we haven’t been able to stop thinking about you. I know this is weird so we get it if you want to go.” Tyler said but you shook your head.

“I’ve been fighting these feelings for a while but I can’t deny anymore that I love both of you.” You said and both of them looked at you with a smile.

“So you won’t mind me doing this?” Tyler said before connecting your lips with his. You pulled away and looked at Jenna.

“It’s okay Y/N.” she said and you started kissing Tyler again.

One thing lead to another and you woke up in their bed the next morning. You all talked about it over coffee and decided it’s something worth trying. None of you could try and say you didn’t want this.

You had been keeping it a secret for the past 9 months now and it was time you told the fans. Your families and friends all took it well and supported you guys. You all feared that the fans would stop listening to twenty one pilots or be hateful towards the three of you so you kept it on the low.

‘Tyler’s cheating on Jenna.’

‘Omg Jyler is dead.’

‘Who does this girl think she is. Tyler has a wife and she thinks she can just come in and take him.’

Tweet after tweet came in with the picture some fan took of you and Tyler when you were at the grocery store last week. It was just you holding hands for what was all of 3 seconds but the picture was frozen in time. There was no taking it back when people said how awful of a person you were.

“Y/N you don’t deserve the hate I think we need to tell them.” Jenna said as you three facetimed that night.

“Yeah I agree. I don’t like what people are saying and as long as you are ready I think we should tell the fans.” Tyler said.

You nodded in agreement. “I guess, but how?” you questioned.

“I have an idea. Don’t worry. We love you. Good night love.” Jenna said with a love you coming from Tyler too.

“Good night, love you too.” you said then hung up.

You loved facetiming them. You often spent hours at night before you went to bed if you weren’t with them on the phone. You called them dates even though most of the time you just got home from being with them all day.

@jennaajoseph just posted a photo.

Your phone went off signaling Jenna posted on instagram. You opened it and saw a photo set of 3 pictures. The first was of the three of you holding hands, just focused on your hands. The next was you two watching Tyler on stage and love in both of your eyes. The last one was of both of them kissing either of your cheeks and you making a funny face. They were all cute pictures that melted your heart slightly. Under the pictures she wrote true love has no limits. We love you to the moon and back. Forever and always. @Yourinstagram you make us complete.

Then your phone buzzed again. This time Tyler posted a picture. It was a screenshot of him and Jenna facetiming you just a few minutes ago.

Me and my girl chatting with our other girl. Words can’t describe the happiness the two of them bring me.

You loved them so much. You didn’t even care about what people were going to say, you just cared about them.

The next morning you woke up to Jenna and Tyler in your living room.

“Umm, good morning?” you said rubbing the sleep out of your eyes.

“Good morning sunshine.” they both said in unison.

“So what brings you here at 8 in the morning and not telling me?” you asked sitting next to them both on your couch.

“Have you seen your phone?” Jenna asked with a smile on her face.

“No I literally just woke up. Why?” you questioned.

“People love you Y/N. I never expected people to be so accepting of you. It makes me so happy.” Tyler said cheerfully.

“Wait really?” you asked confused. You expected a lot of hate.

“Well most people. There is still a lot of people being rude, but that doesn’t matter.” Tyler said.

“I say we celebrate over breakfast.” Jenna said standing.

“Agreed.” Tyler stood too.

“Well can I change. I’m only in underwear and a t shirt.” you laughed.

“I think it’s hot.” they both said in unison again making you laugh.

After getting ready you all ventured to your favorite diner down the road.

“So Y/N where is your instagram post happening. We both did something. It’s your turn.” Jenna said.

“I’ll do one I guess. I’m just scared they will all come at me on my account.” you said being totally honest.

“I’ll sit in your comments section and make sure nobody is being mean to you.” Tyler said.

You pulled open Instagram and picked your favorite photo of the three of you. It was of you and Jenna dancing in the bathroom mirror, you singing into a hairbrush and Tyler laughing as he took the photo.

We’ve had fun times. Many more to come. Love is strange, but so are we. Love you both.

You set your phone down on the table as Tyler and Jenna looked at you.

“What?” you asked taking a sip of your coffee.

“Just wait. The clique is very observant.” Tyler said.

Soon your phone was buzzing as you were being tagged in photos.

‘Tyler and Jenna both liked Y/N’s picture before she even posted it. HOW???’

“You guys are too cute. Did you just keep refreshing the page until I posted?”

“Yup.” they said again in unison.

“We raced.” Jenna added.

“Well your fans are really liking it. They think it’s cute.” you said. “I’m happy they are good with us, because that means I can do this.” you said leaning over the table to kiss both of them.

It was the first time in public and it was amazing. You finally felt free, like you could be who you wanted to be, with the people you loved.

A/N- Wrote this at 3 in the morning so please excuse errors or the terribleness that it is. Love you all.  

Initiation (Will Roland x Reader)

Anonymous: “Hi Jess! Can I have an fluffy imagine with Will Roland where it’s my first day as an understudy for Alana, and the cast celebrates it? Sorry if it’s too weird lol 😅”

Plot 1 of 2: It’s your first day coming into the show as Kris’s understudy for Alana and boyfriend Will and the rest of the cast surprise you when you show up to celebrate you joining the cast!

warnings: nopity nope nope (idk swirlie mention and implied ass slapping from the one and only Mike Faist)


You walked into the side entrance to the Music Box Theatre, for the first time as a cast member. You took a sharp inhale of breath and took in the sight and familiar smell of the theatre. Walking down the hall to the staircase that led to all the dressing rooms, you pulled out your phone, smiling giddily at your screensaver like you did every time you saw the picture. It was one of your favorites, a selfie of you and your boyfriend Will on the first night Dear Evan Hansen went on Broadway…

You had gone to see the show, slightly amazed that Will actually managed to get you a ticket. You had walked him to the theatre and to the door, but you weren’t allowed past that point, cast and crew only. He looked at you and smiled, you grinning back proudly, pulling him into a firm and comforting hug.

“I’m so proud of you, Will, you’re gonna be amazing, okay?” You reassure him, pulling out of the hug and holding onto his shoulders tightly, looking him in the eyes.

“Well, I am the Will Roland after all!” He joked. You chuckled, mumbling about what a nerd he was, before leaning in to kiss him good luck. As he turned to walk into the building you called to him.

“Break a leg, nerd!” You called, The sentence being sincere but mostly an excuse for you to use the cliche ‘break a leg’ saying, “Or break in a glove, instead!” You said, giggling to yourself.

“You’re not funny!” Will called before the door closed behind him. You could hear his fond laughter from the other side. You smiled and walked back towards your apartment to get ready for the show tonight, which was only in a few hours.

You got to the floor you’re dressing room was to be on, putting your phone away after shooting Will a quick text saying you’d made it and asked if he was here. He said he had to do something before coming to the theatre and would meet you there, being very vague about why he wasn’t going to be walking with you today. You had shrugged it off and didn’t think much of it, wondering now what he had to do as you opened your dressing room door. Your hand flew to your heart as it sped up, hearing a semi-large group of people yell various forms of ‘Congratulations!’ when you entered your dressing room. You smiled, Will standing in the very center of the rest of the cast and their understudies, smiling proudly at what he had done. A banner hung lazily over the mirror in your otherwise plain dressing room. It read ‘Welcome To The Cast, Y/N’ in big blocky letters in the same color scheme of the show.

“Awww, Will!? Did you do this?” You asked, running into his arms and squeezing him tightly.

“Nah. I mean technically I guess I did, but I really wanted to make you go through some cult initiation thing. Unfortunately some people,” he gestured to Ben and Laura, “didn’t think it would be funny to give you a swirlie or make you do the autograph line in just the Evan egg or something,” he chuckled, hugging you tightly.

You laughed, pulling away from the hug, “Thank you all, seriously,” you said, each of them saying their own ‘you’re welcome’s and ‘congrats’ and patting you on the back as they all eventually filed out of your dressing room, leaving you and Will alone.

The two of you eventually made your way over to the small couch in the corner of your room, cuddled on it as you talked quietly about the show before you had to get ready.

“Thank you, you really didn’t have to do this,” you said, looking up fondly to the banner, which you figured Mike painted based of the amount of blue paint on his hands and the blue handprint his understudy, Michael, hadn’t yet noticed on his ass.

“Anything for you,” he said softly, kissing the top of your head lightly, “now, about your initiation swir-”

“Roland,” you warned him, giggling a bit at your nerd of a boyfriend.


Week 9: Sunday, October 29th to Sunday, November 05th 2017 

hello and welcome to this week´s reading list. i´m so sorry for being really inactive but i have so much school work to do, it´s killing me. i don´t have time to continue my series or even write some requests. but i still try to take one hour on my sunday to put this list together bc this list is special to me :) So, here we go!

I proudly present you 20 masterpieces I enjoyed reading this week <3 as usual, i read a lot more, but those 20 stood out to me :) 

so have fun and leave some love to the authors! 

xx, aileen

1. Long Time No See by @ssa-aaronhotchner

i really really really enjoyed reading this. i always like the idea of emily having a younger or older sibling. but the fact that you also involved aaron in this made my heart swoon (?). i really love it. good job! <3

2. In Your Footsteps: Part 11 by @butsomeofusarelookingatthestars

oooookay, hold up a minute! first of all…WHAT THE HELL??? if anything happens to Y/N i´m gonna cry straight for 5 years. okay now….you actually deserve an award for this masterpiece that IYF is. like it gets better from week to week. i can practically feel the angst luke and Y/N are feeling, i´m not kidding. first thing i do when i wake up on a monday morning at 6:15 am: i go check tumblr and see if you already update and i hurry into the bathroom and get ready so i can read it. i really love it and i never want it to end. i am already so excited for part 12. it makes getting up at 6am on a monday morning totally worth it <3 really good job, you talented little bean! <3

3. A Comforting Sebastian by @lucifersagents

this was so cute and i slowly fall in love with sebastian. you are really talented at writing him :) well done!

4. Imagine… by @of-badges-and-guns

this little imagine was everything. i loved it so much! i always enjoy your imagines no matter what fandom :)

5. Changes by @butsomeofusarelookingatthestars

okay this is also super cute and lovly and amazing and idk. it´s just great!

6. Sickly, Not Spooky by @mentallydatingspencerreid

this was so good! i loved spencer in this and i loved the touch of halloween and how caring he was :) well done! 

7. Are You Sure About That? by @give-me-a-moose

this was such a masterpiece and i loved your writing. like omg well done! 

8. Luke Alvez / Always and Forever by @writefasttalkevenfaster

idk about you but this was so so good and i am a sucker for luke alvez fics at the moment to COME AND GIVE ME MORE BC YOU ARE FREAKING AMAZING IN WRITING HIM. (sorry for screaming.) <3

9. Trick or Treat by @butsomeofusarelookingatthestars

seriously i should give you your own reading list but then i would have to put everything on it bc you are way too talented for this world. this was the cutest shit ever i was crying bc i love mia and i love the baby boy (i forgot his name or did he get one? :D) well done!

10. Just The Three Of Us by @imaginefan

as i said, i am a sucker for Dad!Reid and this is just perfect and adoreable and sweet <3

11. Remember Me - Part 2 by @of-badges-and-guns

i totally enjoyed reading this part bc it was so intense and i love my boy pride. you have such a good way of writing :) 

12. Shifting Narratives - Part 12 by @illegalcerebral

sarah, girly, i am so sad that this wonderful wonderful piece is over. it was so amazing. i love your writing. i just can´t wait for what more you have in store. very very very well done! I am proud of you! <3 congrats on an amazing series! 

13. The Morning Run by @butsomeofusarelookingatthestars

can i slap that nursery school teacher in the face please? god, but luke is so reassuring and lovly and omg i´m crying. i loved it. i´m a sucker for Dad!Luke. NEVER STOP!!!

14. Spencer Reid / Regrets by @writefasttalkevenfaster

this little piece here was so amazing and easy to read. i really loved the slight angst in it. :) 

15. Criminal Minds AU Episode 16: The Instincts - Part 1 by @remember-me-forever-silent-angel

girl i swear this will be awesome, i can feel it. you always slay! i love your writing so so much! can not wait for more. 

16. Luke + “I got you, it´s okay. It´s okay.” by @scottmccallmeishmael

awwww luke i´m crying. i love my hubby so much. this was short, but so intense and goood <3

17. Misunderstanding by @dontshootmespence

okay this really good, if not a little funny bc emily is annoyed with the teams bullshit and idk they just worry so much about each other it breaks my heart. i loved it :) 

18. Losing You by @butsomeofusarelookingatthestars

ok this definitley made me cry in 20 different languages like seriously. i could literally feel the angst. 

19. All You Need Is Love: Chapter Five “A Little Help From My Friends” by @welp-there-it-is

awww yey finally a new part. i love percy, she is one of my fav oc´s. and i love spencer and his protectiveness towards her. can´t wait for more xx 

20. His Approval by @ssa-aaronhotchner

okay this was my highlight at the end of this week. this was so cute and i love my babies. well done! 

this was this week´s reading list :) i really hope you enjoyed it! as usual, if you want me to read your stories, feel free to tag me in it or message me :) See you next week! 

aileen :) 

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ahh oh my gosh thank you so much!! that sounds so exciting omg I literally have no idea how any of this works!! I'm actually fairly young unfortunately so I don't know how that will go down but I'll try my best to fit in and see how it goes ;v; thanks again! C:

They can be really scary! I took two Aussies to Otakon and it was a big culture shock. OKAY LET’S GO


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