the funny thing is that he's already married


Shingeki no Children - Part 2

Do you have to be special? Do you have to be acknowledged? I don’t believe that. At the very least, not when it comes to this child. He doesn’t need to become great. Why would he need to be better than anyone else? He’s already great, after all, he was born into this world.

        -Carla Jaeger.

EDIT: I have made a huge mistake and forgot Child! Annie. So I replaced her with the orphans and added 3 children in Orvud District in chapter 68! I am really sorry for this mistake!

FWB with Nate

Friends with benefits with Nate would include:

“Shit! Derek’s coming”

“Put your clothes on! Sammy’s home”

Getting caught by Swazz

Late night booty calls

Car sex

Funny snap chats

Whispering dirty things to each other

Fans asking if you’re dating

Nate getting jealous when people hit on you

Being afraid of someone catching feelings

High sex

Rough sex

Sleepy sex

Sex in the shower

Bringing him food when you come over

Having a key to his house

He has a key to your house

“Will you two just get married already”

Your roommate finding Nate on the couch or in the shower

Playing with his hair

Secretly feeling each other up at dinner

Nate discreetly touching your ass

“We’re out of condoms”

Late night grocery shopping

Getting high together

“Lil Mama”

“I’m not going to call you Papi”

Band of Brothers AU where they all attend ‘Single Parent Speed Dating’

  • Nixon isn’t even an actual father. But he has 5 dogs and they totally count as his children.
  • Even though he told everyone he did not need something like Speed Dating Speirs still showed up. But he totally sneaked in the room just so no one would see him.
  • Liebgott and Webster are married already but whenever they have a fight they go to an Event like this just to prove the other one that they could totally find somebody better than their husband. After 2hrs of awkwardness they remember that they already found the perfect match.
  • Lipton and Winters were convinced by Welsh to go try meet other single parents. They are both very loving fathers but Harry knew that they needed somebody else in their lives. 
  • Babe refused to go on his own, so Bill had to come with him. Bill never told him that he wanted to come anyways just for a different reason.
  • Malarkey, Skip and Penkala are the trio hosting the thing and make everybody attending uncomfortable with their stupid jokes. But they have a surprisingly good idea of who might match with each other.
  • When Speirs enters the room the first thing he sees is Lipton smiling at him, highlighted by a violin playing a romantic melody. The violin is played by Skip who quickly disappears before Speirs can vent his anger.
  • Roes collegue Renee mislead him to the Speed Dating because she figured he needed someone by his side to take care of his adorable daughter.  

Liora: Darling, you just don’t know the danger we all are in. Irma, Gavin’s mother, has already found a caterer, and she thinks he’s good, but as far as I know he works at “Simburger“.

Ocean: What a strange name. Do they make burgers from sims?

Liora: I’m not sure, but they taste like they make them from soap.

Patrice: I don’t want a Burger Wedding anyway.

Liora: Funny thing, it was your dream when you were seven.

Patrice: Yes, and I wanted to marry Moominpappa.

Ocean: Wasn’t he already married?

Patrice: Yes, but I wanted to lure him with the Burger Wedding.

A little over a week ago the love of my life made my the happiest woman in the world by asking me to be his wife. I already knew long ago that I want to spend my life with him, but I had not expected that he would propose, especially not in the nearest future.

The funny thing is, I’ve never ever in my life wanted to get married. I’ve always felt the need to have an easy way out of a relationship. I think mostly because I’ve learned the hard way that whenever anything goes wrong soon after everything falls into pieces.

Still as soon as he asked, I couldn’t say “yes” quickly enough. Why? Because he’s different. He’s different than any other man I’ve met in my life, either friend or lover. We’ve been good friends long before any idea of a romantic relationship between us ever surfaced. He understands me like no one else. He can make me laugh at the silliest things. His warm smile can stop my tears in a heartbeat. For the first time in my life I feel safe and truly, unconditionally loved. He made me believe that I deserve to be happy, and gives me strenght to fight the demons that have been hauting me for years and made my life a living hell. I’m finally not scared of the future anymore, because I know that no matter what happens I will have him by my side to support and protect me.

For the first time in my life I can honestly say that I’m happy. And damn I want to marry this adorable psycho and keep him forever ♥