the funny thing is

Draco and Blaise, About Harry Taking Cho to the Yule Ball
  • Blaise: Bloody hell Draco, you had your chance, and now Harry's moved on. Can't you just be happy for them?
  • Draco: The best I can give you is a fake smile and dead eyes.
  • Blaise: Sold
Stereotypical ENFP Things I’ve Said and Done

don’t judge me.

‘’you know, i like it when like, it’s like when we go into the class and then like. like. just shut up’’

‘’Hey maybe they could make an ice cream with all of the flavors. Nevermind, it’d probably taste like poop since when you mix all of the colors you get brown. You know what I mean? Right?’’

*Put my Spotify playlist on random but skip most songs because they’re not what I am looking for*

me: ‘’The pool we just went to was just as salty as the ocean, i mean it’’             other person: ‘’really??’’ me: ‘’I mean, no, but it was very salty.

*forget everything that isn’t attached to my body*

*Have 400 songs in a playlist but always listen to the same 5 songs*

*stares to the ceiling during science class and then get asked about the topic and be like* ‘’MITHOCONDRIA IS THE POWER HOUSE OF THE CELL.’’                  

if you guys want more of these just reblog saying ‘’Babies should rule the world’’

I swear this is legit. :P

This is literally just Aleks fucking up an intro

new chapter of centripetal force, titled centrifugal force!!

it’s so funny to me how so many youtubers have to overhype their vids, like they’ll tweet 57 things in a row like “HEY BANANA SQUAD 😂 RT if you’re excited for a new video where i may or may not take off my pants in the middle of a whole foods!! 🙈 there might be a special guest….or 5???? 👀😝 mark SUNDAY the 21st at 7pm eastern standard time⏰ into your calendar📆 or i’ll come into your home and murder you and your entire family!!!1! 🙌👯😘”

but then all dan has to do to get the phandom so hyped for a video that people are basically frothing at the mouth with excitement is to vaguely ramble about a “cheeky idea” for about 15 seconds during a liveshow

after you read your own writing like a million times you begin to be unable to look at it critically lol
like its hard to tell if you think it sucks because it actually does suck, or because you’re a self depreciating perfectionist with low self esteem

lettherebedragons  asked:

Thanks for answering my ask, I've been wondering about that for a while! Given all that, how exactly did it play out with Toronto being the lead in Star Trek? Did they only find out he was a city when the test footage was all weird? Did Star Trek have to develop newer, better filming tech in order to cast him?

uhhh I don’t know how canon Shatner!Toronto! is I think a lot of us might have been messing around but hey if you like it go for it. They would’ve known he was a City probably maybe he turned up to the auditions for a joke and then they were like ‘ngl he’s pretty charming let’s just do a test run’ 

That said colour television was introduced in the 50s I think?? And then Star Trek began in the 60s?? So you could say that whatever technological strides they were taking then were enough and all connected– suddenly there’s colour and a bunch of other stuff and hey look we can suddenly film Cities woo

“The best one is if he cups your face. It means he’s the romantic type and you make him feel like he can protect you or like you make him feel more masculine. It means that kissing you is hardly enough because he also has the desire to hold you. The fact that he’s paying more attention to your face and less to your body is a very good sign.”