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the thing I don't get is when people say that Cas loves dean but it is unrequited O.O like hello, have you seen Dean, that pining fool?

Yeah, I think season 10 really did a number on the fandom, because I remember joining around the end of season 9, and everyone was still talking about how season 8 had made it seem like it was all totally unrequited on Dean’s end, and now it was changed so that Dean was acting all weird about Cas but Cas was so obviously in love with Dean now, and I was already thinking that this was missing how season 6 would make you think it was all unrequited on Cas’s side before season 7 & 8 hit you with the pining/mourning Dean stuff, but then season 10 is again all Cas steadfastly loving Dean and Dean paying him no attention… Season 11 though, Cas may be firmly established to love Dean, but Dean’s the one doing all the freaking out about him and Cas barely has a minute of screen time, only for it all to flip back around again in 11x23 when Dean calls him a brother and Cas looks so miserable and now maybe Dean thinks Cas is a brother but Cas is getting all this nonsense about angels loving humans and literally just saying “i love you” and - 

anyway in general my life advice is “go rewatch Supernatural some more” but I think sometimes we do get very caught up in whatever the most immediate 3 episodes told us, and feel if something is not shown or repeated it goes away or is no longer felt…

I really love those posts that go around fandom which are people who’ve clearly just re-watched an episode and make a friendly reminder like remember when Dean kept the trenchcoat and carried it between a dozen crap cars??? and you’re like “ow no thanks” … maybe it’s good for us to bear in mind all the crazy stuff they’ve done out of love though after so many years, keeping ALL those endless lists in your head is next to impossible :P 


On this day music history: February 21, 1981 - Prince makes his first appearance on NBC’s Saturday Night Live performing “Party Up”. Hosted that week by actress Charlene Tilton (“Dallas”), Prince is booked on the show on the recommendation of Eddie Murphy who becomes the breakout star of the show’s new cast. The episode becomes infamous because the expletive “f***” is said twice in the program during the live broadcast. Once by Prince during his performance, and by comedian Charles Rocket in a sketch. Rocket is fired for his infraction, while Prince’s goes largely unnoticed on the original broadcast and subsequent re-broadcasts of the program in syndication.


1. コンピュータサイバー魂PC'86 - OPEN UP YOUR HEART 00:00:00

Long Mixes For Long Nights


Here’s some new Modern Funk out now on Sneer Records!

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From the forthcoming album, Further.

Many thanks & much peace.

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About ‘Uptown Funk’: everybody sings the “I’m too hot” part, and so does Viktor… while looking for his T-shirt before breakfast.

I wasn’t thinking bout posting this bcs it’s a warm up till my dear friend @micharax3  told me to post it anyways.

I used my brother as model again lol.