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This pretty much sums up how I feel about the whitewashing of Hollywood. Waiting for something to happen, puts us as the Asian American community in a vulnerable spot. Instead, We should look towards the online media! Youtube has provided a space where creators can make what they want, when they want, how they want, and with whoever they want. Even if you aren’t a creator, support the amazing Asian American content online! 

And so much moresupport this content, and do not support whitewashed films 


ABG, geek, hipster, party chick, white-washed etc..

We counted 18 Types of Asian Girls.  Which one are you? Or which one do you like? 


FUNG BROS FOOD: Cantonese Seafood Dinner

Featuring Wesley Chan!


AVICII gets animated with our Cartoon Hangover series Bravest Warriors in a new music video for the recent re-mix of DJ/re-mixer/record producer AVICII’s hit song, Hey Brother.

So, how did this collaboration come about? Cartoon Hangover’s Nate Olson explains, “AVICII’s label, Universal Sweden, approached Cartoon Hangover about doing a video for a re-mix of an AVICII song in Cartoon Hangover’s “signature style.” The catch? (There’s always a catch) We’d have just 2 months to pull something together. In our universe what that means is … if we are going to do something we’ll have to re-purpose existing content with maybe a bit of something new. But, Olson says, “AVICII’s team was persistent.” AVICII and his team were into a Bravest Warriors remix and we know what a huge following he has and that the collaboration could bring Cartoon Hangover and Bravest Warriors to a whole new audience.

We selected the Bravest Warriors “Lost Episode” Sugarbellies, basically a non-verbal episode, for the collaboration. Animator/artist Erica Liu created an animated version of AVICII, while Nick “Nicky” Fung got to work on directing and editing the music video. With that we were off and running to beat the clock. Enjoy.

- Gwen


lol looks like i fucked up freshman year.

tbh i regret not following a lot of what their advice o_o


7 Things Asian American Teens Love
There are certain things that seem to unite the Asian American youth and The Fung Brothers have tapped into those things. David and Andrew talk about the top 7 things most Asian American teens love and goes into just way they are so loved. On the list are, of course, K-pop, K-dramas and K-BBQ.

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Asian College Bubble - The Fung Brothers

Sigh. I’m in an Asian College Bubble for real.

Such a weird contrast to my life in Tennessee. -.-

Like this video so aptly states, there are pros and cons to only hanging out with Asian people.

It’s not like I meant for it to be like this…it just happened organically.

I do miss having non-Asian friends. Maybe that’s why I try to not hang out with Asian people when I’m at home.


This Tennessean is getting reverse culture shock.

I was watching a YouTube series called “What Asian Girls Like”, which was produced by a couple of Chinese dudes and their Asian female friend, and the content was problematic in itself.

However, I noticed one of the comments was like “Are all Asian girls this vain?” and someone responded “Only the Westernized ones.” and it really annoyed me because it’s like - STOP FETISHIZING ASIAN GIRLS FROM ASIA, like all Asian-Asian girls are delicate submissive lotus flowers or some bullshit. Or that materialism is the purview of Westernized people alone.

I just wanted to vent to someone who might understand.