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Laura Marling’s cover of “Colorado Girl” by Townes Van Zandt

Name  10 (or less or more) things that calm/comfort you. Tag whoever you like.

1) Baths. Whenever I’m upset I take a bath. I like to use bubble bars or bath bombs. Candles make a nice addition too. Once I took a bottle of tequila to my bath. 

2) Music, more specifically metal. Helps me express negative feelings in a controlled manner. For this I like to use the albums Funeral by Ghost Bath, The Way of All Flesh by Gojira, and select tracks from Sunn O))). Ghost also helps get me through bad days.

3) Art. I like to draw gore when I’m really upset. It’s cathartic. Nicer things are good from when my depression is making me feel down in the mouth too. Coloring books help when I’m frustrated. 

4) Horror movies. This is more like passive catharsis. Blood on screen is calming. The red color helps me calm down. Doesn’t hurt anyone so there’s that. Sometimes I want to empathize with certain characters as well. 

5) My baby blanket. I have this really old baby blanket that I’ve had forever. I like to rub it between my fingers. I used to suck my thumb too but it’s not comfortable anymore. 

6) Shopping online. Even if I don’t buy anything it’s still nice to look at all the neat stuff online. It’s like virtual window shopping. 

7) Making things by hand. There is something calming about making an object by hand. I knit a lot and make stuff I will actually use. I give away a lot of the stuff I make but I do have a fair collection of hats I wear pretty often. I also embroider patches for my band vest thing. 

8) Pretend I’m dead and buried under the ground. I meditate and pretend I’m dead. It sounds weird but it’s really calming for me. It’s like a progressive relaxation thing. The logic is dead people don’t have muscle tension so I try to lose as much tension as possible.

9) Using my TENS unit. My shoulders get stiff so I got this TENS unit that shocks them. It gets rid of the headache associated at least. It’s a good kind of pain without damaging the body as well. 

10) Reading my books. I’ve got a lot of horror literature and nonfiction books about dead stuff. Atmospheric stuff like Lovecraft and gothic literature helps when I need escape. Reading about dead stuff puts my mind in a different place too. Blunts some feelings. 

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