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It’s Kevin time *gets hit in the face with a chair*


 …the sky watch his love below, only able to dance with her in the twilight glow. Till finally the day she could greet him in his home and they could dance together till the end of time…

Afterglow finally grew up~! And if that it’s a good accent match I donno what is~

the right to remain silent

Okay so I recently hit a follower and a fic milestone, and my immediate reaction was just to go, “oh, nice!” and eat some ice-cream - but then my sister, who is my conscience in human form, said, “Why on earth are you congratulating yourself? You should be doing something nice for the people who made this possible!” so in the end I went “Alright alright alright have this terrible ficlet I wrote in like 20 minutes”. Thanks for everything, guys!

“my dad is a cop and i just called him and he was like “hey i have a 17 year old boy in the back of my cop car right now that i’m running him to the station” and i asked if he was cute and my dad said “Hey, my daughter wants to know if you’re cute” and the guy said “i want to say yes, sir” and my dad started laughing so hard” AU based on this post . (It was supposed to be Zutara, but honestly? It’s basically Hakoda deciding to adopt Zuko)

the right to remain silent 

“Are you okay with this, or do you want me to change the station?” Hakoda says. Silence greets him, so he glances into the rear view mirror at the boy sitting behind him, who is looking back at him with anger and apprehension and uncertainty written over his face. It’s actually a pretty impressive range of emotions he’s displaying, given the fact that the kid really only has one eye.

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Jimon headcanons?

i’ve never really created any jimon content but here goes

  • simon’s been asked dozens of times if he’s okay with the fact that his ex-girlfriend and ex-girlfriend-slash-current-best-friend are getting married. and he is!!
  • he’s assured clary and izzy that he’s not jealous, but simon doesn’t exactly think they believe him.
  • ergo, thus, therefore! the only course of action is to show up to their wedding with a hot date !
  • this is a lot easier on paper. calling his other ex-girlfriends would probably be a good place to start, but he can’t. maia is out of the country with lily, and maureen already has a date to the wedding: rebecca, simon’s sister. #awkward
    • he knows that you can’t turn people gay, but it’s still a bit of a blow to his self esteem that all his exes are dating women now
  • anyway, his remaining list of hot, single people is pretty short
  • he’s not thrilled that jace is the only person left to ask, but not exactly disappointed, either
  • jace looks so happy when simon asks him to the wedding that he doesn’t finish his sentence, swallows the part where he was supposed to say it was to show clary and izzy he’s moved on.
  • simon feels a little bad about stringing jace along, at first, until jace shows up at his door on the day of the wedding with a sloppily tied bowtie and a 100-watt smile, and simon realizes that he wants this, too
  • it’s a beautiful wedding. luke and jocelyn give really nice toasts and no one mentions the fact that maryse and robert didn’t make the trip from idris
  • after clary and izzy have been pronounced wife and wife, they all dance for hours. simon lets jace lead; it seems like what captain america would want.
  • (”does this make me peggy carter?” “who the fuck is that?”)

It’s funny because it’s true.

(But, you know what, I’m not going to give in to despair. Because 1) there are WAY more of us than there are of them and 2) seriously, fuck that guy.)
Whosoever's Is The Storm
A JeanMarco Pacific Rim AU!
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: Whosoever’s Is The Storm

Rating: M, descriptions of graphic violence, major character injury, and emotional disturbance

Pairings: JeanMarco, Jean & Marco | background: YumiKuri, Springles, EreJean (Drift pairing make this complicated to tag lol)

Word Count: 57,000 (more or less) (across 4 chapters)

Alright lads! Here’s my entry for the JMGE, as requested by my secret santa, @yoitay, who wanted PacRim! Merry Christmas, friendo! I hope I delivered everything you wanted. This was a blast to write.

Fic Summary: Jean Kirschtein is a Jaeger pilot, just trying his damnedest not to meet a disappointing end. Maybe he had goals once. Maybe there was a part of him that the storm didn’t touch. Not anymore.

Having been kicked from the Mark II Jaeger, Atlas Rogue, on account of the fact no-one Drifts with Eren Jaeger and walks out unscathed, Jean finds himself relegated to the Anchorage Shatterdome, Alaska, the very edge of the world. There’s a new Mark IV about to be launched, and it needs a pilot. Technically - it needs two pilots. It’s a shame he has a chip on his shoulder the size of a Kaiju.

A JMGE PacRim AU for Yoitay, exploring the journey of a Jaeger pilot from the bottom of the barrel, to the cusp of hope, across every up and down in between.


Pride & Restraint

This was requested by anon! I don’t have too many Lucifer one’s so have some… minimal sin ;) I don’t think this one could have gone any other way lol.

Word Cont: 446

Warnings: minimal sin, implied sex

(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns)

You’d been teasing your boyfriend all day.  To you, it was a fun game.  You also loved getting a rise out of Pride.  You would bend over his desk on purpose when you would hand him files.  Then there were the times where you would “forget” to button up your shirt when you would go into the kitchen.  Not to mention how you would sneak small touches on his upper thigh in the car.

As soon as LaSalle and Percy left the office, he locked the door.  He knew you would try again, not knowing that everyone had already left.  He was going to end this game of yours, once and for all.  He leaned against his desk, waiting for you to show up.

You strolled into the squad room, narrowing your eyes at Pride, a wide grin unfolding on your lips.  You padded up to his desk, sitting in the chair in front of from him.  Your fingers looped around his belt loops, tugging at them slightly.  

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"Hiccup.  You have a giant flaming sword 
and your first instinct is to
put it in my face?"
                               "Rapunzel.  You have glowing healing hair                                           and your first instinct is to                                                     pull out a candle?"

I’m working on revising my Jack Frost cosplay, and the anniversary for this movie is coming up, so I thought I’d color a sketch of my boy! 

You will always be in my heart,
In my mind,
And in your grave.

I’ve had this sketch for months but hey ho. Michael, who was too cute to live, and that makes me feel bad.

Mod Jaz

Hey all! I’m Jaz, the new mod on RTGT (this may be mildly obvious, but redundancy is often good). I’m happy and excited to join!

I’m a 25 year old trans woman. Been on hormones for over 6 months now. I’m a huge nerd, games (both video and tabletop alike) and Doctor Who are two of my most favorite things ever. I’m also relatively super into LARPing, specifically Dystopia Rising. Quite fun. 

Have a good one!

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*kicks down the door* omg. Djwifi for 11?or ladynoire for 32? >:3c

11. “Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!” 

“You’re not gonna get her, she’s like ten meters away,” Nino points out. 

“You need to get your eyes checked again. That’s no more than seven meters at most,” Adrien counters as he shapes the snowball in his hands. The light, fluffy powder doesn’t pack very well, but there is nothing like the determination of an adolescent boy to act as an effective binding element.

The distinctive pink pompon of Marinette’s hat bobs as she talks to Alya, providing a target apparently too enticing to resist.

“If you miss…” Nino winces as Adrien takes careful aim.

“I won’t,” Adrien assures him confidently. A playful, secretive smile lights his face up. “But she’ll catch it if I do.”

“I can’t look,” Nino gulps as he turns his head and covers his glasses. A second later, he peeks between his fingers; but instead of watching Adrien wind up, he spots Marinette’s blue eyes dart over to them before realization and mischief spill across her face.

“3, 2, 1-” Adrien swings his arm back, steps forward and-

“Don’t you dare throw that snowba-” Nino shrieks as Marinette shifts so Alya stands between her and Adrien. Too late, Adrien’s arm whips forward with unerring precision, and the snowball explodes all over Alya’s mass of curly hair.

Both boys freeze as Alya slowly pivots around to face them. The snow frames her face, making her hazel eyes impossible to miss as they glitter dangerously at them.

“…goddammit,” Nino breathes in terror as Alya locks them in her crosshairs. He watches in horror as Marinette leans in and whispers something into Alya’s ear, prompting Alya to shift and lock eyes with just him.

“It was good knowing you,” Adrien whispers.

“Wha-?” Nino squeaks incredulously, making the crucial mistake of turning to stare at his supposed friend in utter betrayal.

In the distance, Alya roars.

Screams erupt into the air, from Adrien or himself Nino isn’t sure (both of them, Marinette would tell them later between her hysterical laughter) as Alya flies towards them, a blaze of fire burning across the frozen ground. Marinette shadows her, blue eyes pinning Adrien down like predator hunting prey.

Nino always believed that when it came down to it, he could be the sort of person who would choose to fight instead of resorting to flight. As Alya bears down on him armed with a massive snowball and a sharp-toothed smile, Nino discovers that his body helpfully locks into freeze instead.

Right before Alya strikes, there is an infinite second where he can see every glitter of snow decorating her hair and winking from her eyelashes; where her ombré curls ignite the vacuum left behind her charge; where he stares death right in the face and finds her to be a terrible, glorious vision.

Impact hits Nino like a freight train, hurling him back into a deep snowdrift. Icy snow slides down the back of his jacket as wet hair smothers his vision, but he’s too breathless with laughter saturated in adrenaline to really care. Alya mercilessly dumps her snowball right on his head.

“I give,” Nino gasps as he brushes the snow off his face. His glasses are hopelessly blurry from melted snow, but he can still make out Alya’s triumphant grin as she straddles him. Similar cries of defeat and laughter ring nearby, informing Nino that Marinette’s successfully taken Adrien down too.

“You should’ve seen your face,” Alya cackles, planting her hands on his chest. As she sits up, she tosses her curls into the air like a victory flag. 

“Have you ever seen your own battle face?” Nino shoots back, shifting so he can grip her hands with his. Her fingers are icy, but that doesn’t stop him from reaching for her. “You might have won the battle, Césaire, but you haven’t won the war.”

“Oh, that’s how you want to play it then?” Alya leans down until she’s nose to nose with him. Her lips brush his as she growls, “Game on.”


The Big Four >> Elsa’s Coronation

As he passed over Arendelle, Jack picked up a cold, strange sensation, and knew it had nothing to do with his powers. He gathered the Big Four to share his discovery. Rapunzel and Merida perk up at the mention of Arendelle, because they were both invited to the coronation of the soon-to-be Queen Elsa. While the girls would waltz right into the castle, the guys would have to sneak in. “Won’t be a problem for me, of course,” Jack tries to joke, but the rest of the Big Four knew better than to bring up the fact that he was still invisible to many.

Finally at the Coronation, Hiccup tries to keep Toothless in the shadows and at bay. Jack walks around, searching for any sign of trouble. Merida struggles with the dress Queen Elinor had her wear, but tries to talk to as many people as possible (including Princess Anna herself); and Rapunzel, forgetting a little about the task at hand, dances the night away.

Jack grew impatient, wondering where that cold feeling had gone. It was odd that he ever felt it at all, as the cold never bothered him anyway. Suddenly from across the room, someone yells, “I said enough!” and that cold feeling wells up in his chest as Queen Elsa’s ice powers are revealed. Jack was left speechless, not because her powers were similar to his, but because out of all the people she could’ve looked at, out of everyone in the room, her eyes had landed on him.

“I’m telling you, she looked right at me!” Jack insisted, throwing his hands up in exasperation. “She saw me. She knew I was there. She … she believed in me.”

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Ive noticed a pattern in leo moons eyes. A childish playful gaze idk how to explain. Especially when they smile. And i see that in myself too although my moon is in sag. Which is a fire sign too so maybe that explains. But im also a leo rising with moon on the 5th(leos house) and ive met other sag moons that dont have that. Do you think my moon being in the 5th have any correlation with that? Thank you ♥♥♥

Yes of course, the 5th house is ruled by Leo and is the house of fun and pleasure! you’re also a leo rising. all fire signs have that youthful and childlike disposition though

Which LL Character Kisses You (according to your shirt color)
  • Red: Sandor
  • Orange: Sam Goode
  • Peach: Daniela
  • Yellow: Six
  • Green: Marina
  • Dark Blue: Devektra
  • Light Blue: Crayton
  • Purple: Five
  • Lavender: Mark James
  • Pink: Eight
  • Light Gray: Henri
  • Dark Gray: Nine
  • Black: Adam
  • White: Sarah Hart
  • Brown: John
  • Patterned: One
  • No Shirt: Setrakus Ra
  • Other: Lexa