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top 10 sizzling pictures of christen

Y’all thirsty as fuck

Top 10 “I can’t fucking breathe because of you” pictures of Christen Press

1. Ok will start off easy

2. She is my sunshine

3. She was even gorgeous as fuck when she was young

4. you just played a full game and you look like a god

5. How are you doing that?

6. Stop

7. Stop stop

8. StOp

9. I swear to god Press you better fucking stop

10. It’s ok im dead


Sweden Press

  • Me: -sees full length promo picture of Belle's dress-
  • Me: pssshhhh they spent 10,000 hours on THAT?? How??? That's not even...
  • -sees movie-

Let’s start a Traveling Fannibal Journal!!!

The idea would be a shared journal passed between Fannibals, to be filled with adventures, thanks, pictures and words from all over the world.

Here’s how it would work:

The journal would be sent to a Fannibal

The Fannibal would have it for about a week and fill it with whatever beautiful thoughts they had.

At the end of the week, the Fannibal would send it to the next person on the list

The order would be determined by proximity so that no person would have to send it the notebook too far! And upon receipt, the receiver would notify the blog to receive the name of the person they are sending to, and send in a picture of the journal to share!

When the journal is filled, a new one would be started, and the first would be shared online and, even better - sent to Bryan ;)

It would require everyone’s cooperation to work smoothly, but could be incredibly cool!!! 

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please let us know!!


I hope the writing isn’t too small, full view/open in a new tab to zoom in!!

Some more tips:

  • If you want to improve just do lots of little studies!! Find pictures from different angles & with different lighting, and even better make strange faces in the mirror & shine a torch at your face!!
  • Make sure you take the entire face into consideration. When doing each stage of the drawing, eg. outline, dark areas, shading etc, I like to do each step for the entire drawing. That way I don’t end up spending an hour rendering the eyes before realising they need to be further apart to fit the nose. Instead it’s best to outline the whole thing and have it look right, walk away for a while, and then start shading - try to think of the face as a whole & make everything fit together rather than adding parts separately!
  • Use different darknesses of pencil - I mostly used 2B, and 6B for the darker areas - don’t be afraid to make the shadows dark!!
  • No matter what art style or medium, the same principles apply for structure! When doing a cartoon style I normally include the central line & outline around the areas that have the most volume, just a bit more simplified!

Guys… Look at the full picture about this richonne baby. Like some clever peeps have spotted this picture way back in S3

and the whole Adam and Eve imagery in 6x15 with them naked in white bedding eating an apple together?! They are really going to repopulate society and what better people to bring in the future!  

This is not really a spoiler but for anyone who wants to avoid 7x12 talk…

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Billie Piper appreciation weekDay Five (March 17): Best on-screen romantic partner

I couldn’t decide between nine and Ethan. I didn’t pick ten, because even though he’s the Doctor, nine was so much more romantic, if you catch what I mean. I have split versions of the drawing, the ethan/brona one, and the nine/rose one, but they look better when combined into a full picture.

I tried a new way to color the picture, but I’m not sure whether this one is better or not. So I need some suggestion. > < I can make my work better only through this…

I have more and more ideas about drawing the growing relationship between Nick and Judy now. This time, you can see them dating. Mabey next time you even see them confess to each other, or…I don’t know…kiss?

Just hope from more comics.XD

Also, If you like this comic, share it like before~

Thanks for watching~~~~~~~(full of excitement)  

I have a headcannon that when Alec dies, he leaves a lot (and I do mean A LOT) of those «Open When…» letters to Magnus. And so for years, Magnus opens them one at a time. When he’s so sad he can’t function, when’s he so angry he wants to burn down the world, when he misses Alec so much it feels like he can’t breathe. And also when he falls in love again. Alec wrote one for every occasion and they always make Magnus feels better. Until one day he opens «When you realize you can’t remember exactly what shade of blue my eyes were» and it’s a beautiul letter full of love and understanding and encouragements and even countains some of Alec’s favorite pictures of him and Magnus together. But then Magnus realizes it’s the last letter, the only one he didn’t open before.


It’s so BIG, you have no idea, it’s like the size of my arm it’s PERFECT

And there’s a Len and a Stitch In Time prints toooooooooooooooooooo!!! <3

@kickingshoes - you are both the BEST. Thank you SO MUCH!

I’m going to get this framed and put it on my wall and then I’ll take another picture <3 It’s even better in person.

I’m going to tell everyone that it’s based on a story I wrote and when they ask for a link have to say no because it’s full of smut oh my god XD

hc that when Sirius and Remus were raising Harry after his parents died, little Harry began to notice that both of them always went away once a month and were always so so tense and sad and tired around that time, so at some point he started drawing pictures, making cards and crafting presents for them every full moon, at first not even knowing why they felt so bad. Of course that didn’t make Remus’ transformation any better, however these little elbow noodle cards, made by the tiny boy he and Sirius loved so much, made him pull through it better than any wolfsbane potion. 

For The Love Of Cake pt. 1

Word Count: 1,308

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x awkard, cupcake making!reader

A/N: This is the first of three, and I hope you like it.

Part Two!

Originally posted by esraa1993

It was a Saturday afternoon.

She had slept in, ignoring the bright, midday sun pouring through half-opened blinds. A long groan escaped her lips as she stretched, shaking the sleep from her bones. The first thing she did was check her phone that sat on her bedside table; but it wasn’t a surprise that all she saw staring back at her was the time and the picture of her favorite actor that she had set as her background.

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Sansa’s relationship with religion is far more complex than ‘Old Gods or Faith Of The Seven?’

Before I write this, I’d like to say that the Old Gods isn’t better, or superior to the Faith Of The Seven. Comparing religions, even fictional… yeah, not a fan. These are my thoughts on Sansa’s role within them. I also don’t think you can expect someone who isn’t an adult to have a full blown complex attitude towards religion.

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It Started with Clown Make-up —Brett

I felt as Lydia lightly tugged on another piece of my hair and wrap it around the hot iron. I had to keep my eyes close as Kira finished my eye make up and Maila went through Lydias clothes looking for something that I could wear. 

“Ok Y/n I’m finished you can open your eyes.” I hear Kira say.
I open them to find a person I don’t even recognize. 

“Oh god.” The words slipped out of my mouth. 

“Is it that bad?” Kira asks. 

Malia walks over to me “Ok I think- oh geez Y/n.” 

I look at my hair and it’s two times it original volume with more fizz then I’ve ever had. My make up wasn’t much better with bright green eye shadow, and black eyeliner over it that was way too thick. In summary I looked worst then a circus clown. 

“Oh geez.” Lydia says taking a couple steps back to see the full picture. I wouldn’t be in this mess if Lydia wasn’t forcing me to go to a date but she was tired of seeing me single. Stiles and Scott walk while Scott’s mouth drops, Stiles asks “What happened to you?” 

I cover my face with both my hands “Don’t look at me, I’m a monster.” I start to giggle can’t help but to feel so silly.

“Yeah no kidding.” I hear Brett say. Thanks to Lydia for telling me this was a ‘Pack Meeting’ and inviting everyone when really it was a trap for me. 

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little late butttt.. my harley quinn costume for halloween ~

@angeliccorpses since you asked.. here it is!

@missharleenfquinzel not sure if you’re still doing this but just in case :)

Liara ( @shadowbroker),

[In response to this]

“Puppy” is actually the word we use to refer to a dog’s babies. They are an Earth species, and I’m sure you’ll find more of them where that picture came from. The Extranet is full of them. Can’t say I’ve ever had one, seeing as I was a spacer and all, but they tend to bring people comfort. I hear it’s even better when you get to see them in person. 

Don’t worry, Liara, we’ll find you a puppy. I’m sure Garrus wouldn’t mind a new pet.

- Shepard

The Erebor Project

Ok folks.

We have talked for a long time about wanting to have a map or a schematic of Erebor, since we do not have a full one. Most of us would also lose our minds at the chance to VR walk through it. Even parts of it. This is a way that it can happen. Really

I figured that pretty pictures might help make people excited for this. And make it clear that I’m not joking.

Sketchup is free, user friendly, and capable of doing this. I work in it professionally, and have no problem doing the heavy lifting when it comes to creating objects. @oakenskeld is better with maps than I am, and we are trying to create a general layout. The treasury, the forge, the Gallery of the Kings, the throne room, the main gate, etc. Those, thanks to movies, we can vaguely place. But there is an entire city in between those locales. There are markets and hallways and shops and homes and I don’t even know what else. 

There is, by our guess, about 10 cubic miles of Erebor, minus a bit for structural stability. The places we see are scarcely a tenth of that.

This is where we’d like to ask for help from anyone that might be available. If you have any inclination toward 3D programs, Sketchup is super easy to learn (I can help) and I would be happy to furnish you with building blocks, like this:

 Then you can play like you have a stage maquette, or like you’re in the Sims, and work out some of these unknown places. 

Or, if 3D modeling isn’t your thing, we’ll take anything. Headcanons, meta, random doodles you did while you wrote a dragon fight, layouts you used for an RPG, whatever you have. Several of you have already thrown some things at us. And thank you for that. We’ll try to take the sum average of fanon wherever possible. (We will manage a terrace garden somehow) Then there are things like communal baths or private ones or both? What about kitchens? Are the work areas all grouped? Sub Grouped? Spread out all over the mountain? Do goats power a system of elevators?

We have read A LOT of fic, so we have a general sense of what fanon expects, but, I will always listen to more. Send me an ask if you want to babble on skype, or leave us asks, or messages, or tag us in posts, however works for you. 


On Consensual Collaboration:

Almost all the arguments I get into my siblings with happen like this

and there’s a good chance I would have been cool with it but now

And if you want to wear someone’s shirt, or if you want to use someone’s art in collaboration with your own work, you have really better have their full and complete okie-dokie.

because chances are I’m happy to oblige if you want to dub a comic or use my art for a playlist or for your fic (I have REDRAWN ENTIRE PICTURES for people’s playlists), but this isn’t about reposting a stand-alone piece of artwork.
This is taking it and using it to further your own work. 
And you can credit all you like, but if you don’t even bother asking just because you assume the artist won’t mind (or even worse because you don’t want to be told no), then you’re treading the thin line between flattering an artist and pissing them off.
And and you never know how they’re going to react.

Because maybe, just maybe, I was going to wear that shirt tomorrow. 
Or maybe, just maybe, there’s a 5% chance I have a good reason for not wanting you to use that drawing.

But you didn’t even bother finding out.

Random Miraculous Headcanons

in no specific order or relevance (all post reveal unless stated otherwise):

- Adrien, as a model, has astoundingly good posture. He was trained to look professional since he was little so he has amazing posture. Marinette, on the other hand, has the fabled Artist Posture (ie, constantly sitting hunched over like a gargoyle). Adrien has made it his quest to fix her posture. Even in a battle, he’d shout “Nice shot, babe! But distribute your weight better or you’ll have lower back pains by the time your 20!!!! Sheesh”

- As hilarious and ironic as it is, Adrien is crazy “camera shy” when it comes to random impromptu selfies/pictures. He’s so used to posed and controlled pictures that taking random pictures is so new to him and Marinette takes FULL advantage of this and constantly takes surprise selfies with him and loves his little “ahh!!” face

- Marinette likes to sew little accessories for Adrien, like hats or gloves or whatever else, and he CONSTANTLY wears them (occasionally into battle as Cat Noir, even)

- Adrien used to make a different nickname for Marinette every single day, but he eventually settled on “lovebug”, because its subtle enough to be a normal couple nickname, AND it works as their own inside joke. Also, he takes great pride in calling Ladybug his Lovebug.

- Marinette also comes up with a few simple nicknames for Adrien, too, but nothing overthetop like he came up with. Her favorite is “sweet-pea”, which he absolutely adores.

- Adrien loves taking Marinette out on dates, things like bowling or mini-golfing or anything simple like that, because he never really got to do too much fun stuff growing up, so now he gets to not only do these fun things, but also with Marinette!!!