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Writing is Hard, pt 9: Sexting

Summary: You send Dean some dirty pictures.

Read Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Warning: Smut, taking pictures during sex

Word Count: 2600ish

A/N: This is all written with love for fan fic. I’m teasing, not putting it down in any way. Hope you enjoy! (Sorry, tag list is closed!) XOXO

You hold up the phone, then almost instantly put it down.

This is stupid.

No. This isn’t stupid. This will be hot. Just do it.

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Reflect on Your Actions Spell

Anonymous said: a spell to make someone reflect on their actions towards me???? 

I am sure I have seen a spell similar to this before, but I can’t find it right now, so here is my take on the concept. If anyone can find any links to a source, please let me know so I can give credit for the idea! 


  • a small piece of paper and writing utensil 
  • a compact mirror, the kind that you open up that has mirrors on the inside 
  • a sigil relating to the intent 
  • black string or yarn 
  • sea salt 
  • a white candle 


  • use a picture of the target instead 
  • regular salt can be used instead of sea salt 
  • use an LED / digital candle instead 


  • moon phases: full moon, waning moon 
  • day of the week: Monday, Tuesday, Saturday 
  • time of day: dusk, night time 


Write the target’s full name on the piece of paper, and write the list of things they’ve done to you that you wish for them to reflect on. Alternatively, print out a picture of them and write down their actions over their image instead. Channel your feelings towards them and their actions into the piece of paper - try to put as much emotion into it as you can. 

Place the paper in the compact mirror - if there are two mirrors on the inside, even better. Fold up the paper if you need to, as long as it is completely closed into the mirror. 

Affix a sigil relating to your intent to the outside of the mirror. 

Wrap the string or yarn around the mirror, and tie it tightly. 

Create a salt circle (it doesn’t need to be perfect), place the mirror inside it, as well as a white candle / LED candle. Light / turn on the candle and focus on your intent. If you are using a digital candle, place the mirror beside where the candle is - on a computer or phone, etc. 

If you are using a real candle, it doesn’t need to burn out completely; if you don’t let it burn down, light the candle by the mirror for the next few nights. 

Pumpkin Spice

Summary: AU. Reader loves pumpkin spice lattes, fall, and Bucky Barnes.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 1,910

Warnings: language, misunderstandings, a teeny bit of angst, some crankiness, excessive caffeine consumption, excessive fluff, friend-to-lover, almost a coffee shop au?

A/N: Here’s something fluffy to lighten the mood a bit. This is for @promarvelfangirl‘s 2k Fall Follower Celebration. Congrats!!! My prompt was pumpkin spice.

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blurrysleeps  asked:

Could you post some studying tips? Thanks in advance! 💕

Okay so here is some real ass shit that has helped me get through my classes. I’m not the best at studying but here we go!

1. Find out what your learning style is (click here to take a quiz & find out!) -knowing how you percieve information the most effectively is super important if you wanna be successful. You wanna study in a way that YOU can understand. Flashcards don’t work for everybody kiddo.

2. 1 Notebook = 1 Class - organization while studying is what will keep information clear in your head. This has always been a golden rule of mine throughout my entire middle school, high school, and college career. Dedicate a specific notebook for each of your subjects so that notes are easy to look back on. If you get handouts back from a class, I suggest glueing it into the notebook as well! If you don’t like notebooks, a binder with dividers is cool too.

3. ACTUALLY TAKE NOTES - do not be the slacker that takes a picture of the notes with their phone or just reads the slides at home. Just write the shit down dude. Writing shit down helps you remember information a whole lot better and that goes for everyone. I don’t care if it’s tedious. Skip the pics, they aren’t gonna be what saves you on an exam (struggling to know how to take notes? click here for a How To guide!)

4. Revise, Revise, Revise - revising is so important. Even if you don’t get full credit for going back and correcting your mistakes, you should always know what you did wrong so you can correct yourself in the future. Don’t just revise big assignments either, revise hw assignments and quizzes. It’ll help you learn the material if you didn’t get it the first time around and there’s no problem with that. This tip is probably the one that helps me the most. 

5. Go to study groups - if your school has a designated lab or time for students to go in and ask questions or study together, go for it dude. Everyone’s gonna be confused but there’s gonna be people to help get your shit together so it’s no worries and hey if people aren’t your thing don’t EVER be afraid to go to your professor or teacher directly. They’re there to educate you, it’s what they’re being paid for. Don’t let your grades suffer because you don’t reach out to others for help! Getting help is a good thing!

6. Don’t wait til the last minute - just don’t do it dude. It is not worth half assing a study session at 1am right before your quiz in the morning. You won’t absorb as much information and I promise you that your body is gonna fucking hate you for not letting it rest. Take the time to study at least 30 minutes every day for the entire week leading up to whatever test you’re gonna take. I know it sucks but it had to be said honey, procrastinating doesn’t work all the time plus it totally isn’t punk rock.

7. Listen to music - there’s some sciencey shit behind this one but I can’t remember it aha. It’s supposed to help with the neuron dendrites axon synapsey brain lobey blah blah blah just (click here for 3 hours of classical kickassness!). Honestly gaming music helps me study too because it’s literally designed to keep you focused on tasks (click here, nerds). And hey if you’re into Studio Ghibli their music is PERFECT for studiyng imo (you know the drill)

8. Take care of yourself - TAKE A FUCKIN SIP BABE. Get yourself a tall glass of rebull vodka water and some healthy brain food lvl shit to go along with it. You can’t expect yourself to absorb everything if your body is too busy focusing on taking care of it self because you’re too busy studying. Honestly just take 10 minutes before you start studying and grab an apple! I like to make smoothies and light an inscence stick or something just to make sure I’m 100% IN THE ZONE. Ya know? Do your chores or run those errands first. Then study. It just really helps when your body is taken care of and you don’t have other things to worry about. 

9. Turn your phone off - oh the horror that comes with this one.. the texts, the calls, the snaps, the notifications, THE MEMES. How ever will you survive without them?! HOnestly? Pretty damn well actually aha. Just turn your phone off to garuntee you’re giving yourself the best oppertunity to study possible! Don’t cheat yourself out of a good study session by checking your phone constantly. Tell your textin buddies your busy and to send nudes after. 

10. Reward yourself after - go out with friends or have a good, relaxing evening afterwards. Seriously. SPOIL YOURSELF GORL. You deserve it for studying your fanny off!!! This will keep ya motivated to keep studying throughout the week because you’ll be running on a praise/rewards system. This is more of a psychological trick but I mean it’s also just really nice to spoil yourself after a long day heh. Take it easy and remember to let loose once you’re done with all your studying for the day! 

Well that’s all the tips I’ve got! Thank you for asking for help and I sure hope this list is what you needed to read! Best of luck sweetpea~ xoxo

Chocobro Relationship Headcanons:

Prompto Argentum–

Fem!Reader, SFW.

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  • Meeting Prompto is low key the best thing that ever happened to you.
  • Even if it was kind of a mess.
  • It’s a blind date that does it. Your friends set the two of you up at a diner in the city, and he is such a bouncy, sputtering nerd from the very moment you introduce yourself.
  • He can barely look you in the eyes without the fear of just screaming compliments at you because what the hell how are you so pretty and how is he actually on a date with you right now where did Noct even find you?
  • And you aren’t much better.
  • The second you see him standing there with that crooked grin and those big, blue eyes your brain short circuits and cheesy, 80s love songs start playing on a loop.
  • You’re pretty sure that within the amount of time to takes for your order to get to the table, you drink double your weight in ice water.
  • Like, you’re so nervous that your hands are practically vibrating, and naturally water dribbles all over you at least twice. Which makes him choke on his tongue and throw an insane amount of napkins in your direction like it will help.
  • Poor boy can’t stop staring into his cup as if it’s giving him advice on how to not screw this date up.
  • He does not. Because despite the awkward start, the two of you somehow, someway power through it and agree wholeheartedly to a second date. And a third. And so on.
  • Eventually all of the nerves that comes with a new relationship leave you both, but for the better part of six months he still turns a pretty shade of pink any time you look at him. Prom just can’t get over it. You are really so, so beautiful and he can’t help it.
  • He does try to hide it, often turning his chin down to burn a hole into a spot on the ground as you grin at him and continue with whatever you are saying.
  • Admittedly, you are just a little evil about it.
  • Sometimes you stroke a single fingertip down the warm skin of his cheek as you speak, just to see it darken in color. It’s pretty fascinating.
  • You’ve started a game with yourself where you count how many ways you can get him to blush. You’re currently at 143 (and still counting).
  • One of your favorite ways to get him all flustered is by giving him kisses on the nose. It makes him giggle, high pitched and shaky as he turns strawberry pink all the way to the tips of his ears.
  • Being this close to him has many perks.
  • From this proximity you can memorize every single freckle, every pale lash that rests against the softness of his cheeks, and the curve of his lips beneath his scrunched up nose.
  • You commit to memory every tiny detail of him and catalogue it in your brain under the never ending list of things you love about him. And, then you’re making out with him because who can blame you.
  • You are absolutely obsessed with them, and you make it known like ten times a day.
  • It usually starts when you’re cuddling. Prompto will be sprawled out on the bed with you, nuzzled into the front of your shirt and voice muffled as you talk about your day and such.
  • You don’t know how it happens, but you always end up starting at his shoulders, counting out each little freckle one by one.
  • At this point, he knows you’re going to start before you do, and often times you can feel him shaking with laughter against your chest. It absolutely does not stop you when he teases you about it, and it never will.
  • Every ten or so are punctuated with a press of your lips to whatever part of him you can reach, and you don’t cease until one of you falls asleep or you lose count all together.
  • One day he shows up to Noctis’s place with a face full of tiny, drawn-in constellations. It didn’t take much convincing for him to agree to let you play connect the dots with one of your felt tipped eyeliner pens.
  • You were so cute, tongue sticking out as you concentrated on getting the lines straight and stopping each time you finished one to explain the meaning behind it.
  • He totally teared up when he had to wash it off before bed that night. Not that he’d ever admit to it.
  • Prompto is extremely supportive of anything you do, especially if it will make you happy. Sometimes to the extent of annoying his friends by going on about this awesome new thing you’re up to.
  • “Noct! Did you see this pic of what Y/N made for dinner last night?”
  • You jealous that my girlfriend is a better cook than you, Iggy?”
  • “Prompto, it was just take out that I put on to a plate for you. You literally watched it happen.”
  • Remembers every anniversary and every important date, even makes up his own important dates and discreetly reminds you a couple days before hand bc he’s a good boy.
  • He is very thoughtful. The king of homemade gifts!!!! They are all so well made that at first you think he purchased them.
  • Your first anniversary was when he gave you a giant photo album full of pictures that he’d been taking in secret.
  • A lot of them were of you in various situations, of the places you’d been to together, or just of things that reminded him of you.
  • Every time you flipped to a page that had a selfie of him in it you screamed out loud about how handsome he is and how much you love seeing him.
  • He hid in the couch cushions, nervous laughing and smiling so hard that it made his cheeks ache.
  • This sweet little baby is so full of love for you that sometimes it physically hurts.
  • But like any other human being, Prom’s not always 100% sunshine and rainbows.
  • He’s too nice, too sweet, and too scared to ruin your mood so a lot of the time he just won’t tell you if something is wrong.
  • His feelings will eat away at him until it gets so bad that you have to pry it from him, wrapping every limb around his frame and not letting go until he tells you what’s up.
  • It’s something the two of you are working on, and it’s becoming easier and easier for both of you– easier for you to catch the tiny hints that something’s wrong, and easier for him to talk to you about it, too.
  • Prompto always wants to be connected to you in some way. His hands are always grabbing for yours, and if there’s ever a situation where hand holding is somehow not okay his pinkie is still sneaking over.
  • He just wants to know you’re real and that you’re still with him sometimes.
  • A ball of energy that is constantly bouncing around, fidgeting, or rocking you from side to side if you’re near him.
  • This is accompanied by him humming little songs under his breath, soft and sweet against the shell of your ear.
  • You aren’t sure if he notices, honestly.
  • Gets cold so easily in the winter months!!! You had to purchase him several giant hoodies for Christmas last year because every single time he went to touch you his hands felt like ice cubes.
  • Will unzip the hoodie and make you get into it with him before zipping it back up.
  • Because he’s kind of a demon who can get whatever he wants from you just by pouting and calling you your favorite pet name.
  • Nicknames make him melt into a pile of mush! The dumber they sound, the better they are to him.
  • One time you called him “Little Spork” after a particularly good cuddle session and he laughed so hard that he fell out of bed.
  • You’ll do anything if it makes him happy. Well, pretty much anything.
  • You still refuse to let him take those special pictures of you, no matter how precious those begging eyes of his are.
  • It’s only a matter of time before you give in though, and he knows it.
  • So yeah, this boy will be the end of you honestly, and you wouldn’t have it any other damn way.
NCT 127: Boyfriend Taeyong
  • the visuals on this kid is no joke right 
  • so he’d probably catch your eyes in a matter of seconds when you first meet him through a mutual friend 
  • it was Jaehyun probably lmao he’s been trying to hook yall up for the longest time
  • and despite your protests, you still decided to go ahead and actually meet this mysterious Taeyong character 
  • oml he’d knock the breath out of you bc he was so gorgeous 
  • but also he was struggling to breathe as well bc wtf ??? he didn’t know Jae had such an attractive friend tbfh and now he’s sweatin hella
  • conversation will come pretty easily bc he’d know what you’re interested in and etc.
  • plus he’d be amazing at making all the first move bc admit it you’d be too scared to approach him
  • no matter how cool and mysterious he tries acting in front of you…………all of that goes out the window when you say something funny and he smiles 
  • like ACTUALLY smiles like an ACTUAL sun not just a smirk
  • and that’s when you were like !!!!! I’m making him mine dammit
  • he’d be such a goofy boyfriend tbh
  • like I’d imagine he’ll never run out of compliments for you or ways to make you smile
  • and it’s so effortless man idk how he does it
  • his kids tease him all the time about this and it’s hilarious bc he’d be more embarrassed than you???????
  • it’s only bc he’s so unaware of everyone else’s presence around the both of you that he’ll literally come up behind you and nuzzle his lil nose into your neck and tickle your sides a lil
  • Johnny’s like “yall idk about the rest of u, but I’m gettin real tired of this disrespect while I’m tryna eat-”
  • sometimes he forgets that you’re not one the members
  • that he’s confused why he doesn’t see you backstage sometimes 
  • “why’s taeyong hyung looking around like a confused puppy”
  • “idk I think he’s calling for y/n again lmao”
  • I mean you can’t blame him tho you’re always chilling w/ them at practice and plus they’d always hangout at your place afterwards and sometimes crash there cough haechan cough
  • it would be an understatement to say that he’d mother you
  • but like not in an overwhelming way ?
  • does that make sense or 
  • like he’d always want to remind you to eat and stay hydrated and omfg just imagine like 
  • he’d have your schedules on his phone as well just in case you forget 
  • and he’ll send you a dozen texts bc he’s worried that you were going to be late oml
  • “y/n my love ur going to be late and miss the bus if u don’t leave now omg :o”
  • “bb relax, I know how to use a reminder on my phone lmao”
  • and you’d never tell him this but honestly it makes your heart flutter when he does stuff like that 
  • as if you needed another reason to love him agahsjdkflg;
  • he’ll always tease you about having a crush on him in the beginning 
  • and you’re like ?? boi u asked me out first, u held my hand first, u kissed me first///////
  • **shuts u up w a kiss** :)
  • he’d always be smiling in adoration @ you when he sees you w/ the NCT kids 
  • like not even playing around and causing a havoc around SM lmaoo
  • just when they come to you for advice or when they’re thanking you over and over again for bringing them a snack
  • he knows dang well they love you and appreciate you
  • but what he doesn’t know it’s bc they genuinely believe you make him a better person and a better leader and wow just imagine how emo he’d be when they tell him this
  • he just stresses less when you’re around tbh 
  • you’d probably be the only person that he’d let play w/ his hair
  • esp when he’s tired and laying in your lap
  • he’d struggle to stay awake aw 
  • he doesn’t want to fall asleep bc it feels so nice just laying there and spending time w/ you during his schedules like he just wants you to hold him
  • did I mention he loves being the lil spoon :’)
  • he’ll start off by wrapping you in his arms and then suddenly you’ll find yourself enclosing your whole body around his and playing w/ his hair and stroking his neck and the next thing you know you’re both asleep wow I want this 
  • coffee and park dates have become your guys’ thing like there’s no going back
  • he’d take hella pics of you and giggles like a lil kid when you do the same and whip out your phone
  • “everything I do is a pose, y/n”
  • yall would unintentionally match each other’s outfits sometimes 
  • like his closet is full of your over-sized sweatshirts and vice versa 
  • that you can’t even differentiate anymore tbh but hey he’s cool w/ that and it gives him a sense of belonging :’)))))))
  • like ye that’s all mine and that’s my shirt and those are my sweats and- wait y/n that better not be my snapback :o
  • Taeyong texts you pictures of him eating and he looks so adorable trying to convince you to come over 
  • also tries being nonchalant and sending you shirtless pics just casually w/ him being all sweaty and lookin like a snacc
  • he knows you can’t resist it ahahsjkkflg
  • not that you’d want to ummm
  • pls love this smol leader forever 💓

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All the cool kids are doing it, so I wrote my first OMG, Check Please! fic… I blame @wrathofthestag, who sent me a picture that I had to turn into a fic. I also blame @disraeligearsgoestumblin, @victorineb and @wraithsonwingsposts - you all are terrible influences! 

         Bitty was toweling off his hair when he heard his phone buzz. Resigned to the fact that the Georgia humidity was going to ruin any careful sculpting he wanted to do, Bitty huffed a sigh and went to check his phone.

        J-Z: Thank you for the cookies, Bittle.

         Bitty grinned at the text. He paused before typing, wondering if he shouldn’t cover himself up before responding to Jack. He gnawed his lip for a minute and smiled. Well, if he got a little thrill out of texting his crush in the buff – that was between him and the lord, no reason for Jack Zimmermann to worry his pretty little head over it.

        Me: Anytime, honey.

         Bitty sighed and flopped on his bed, phone resting on his chest. Lord, just thinking about that boy made him feel flushed. He gave a little yelp when the phone buzzed again, sending a tingle through his body.

        J-Z: What are you up to?

         “This boy,” Bitty said to Señor Bun, who offered Bitty a sympathetic look.

        Me: Nothing much. Just working out and eating more protein!

        J-Z: Haha.

         “Lord, he puts a period after everything,” Bitty showed the text to Bun.

         Me: I am! I’ve been doing the chest press variations you showed me, I think it’s made a big difference.

         J-Z: Yeah?

         “Yeah?” Bitty looked at Bun. “What the hell does yeah mean?”

         It sounded kind of like flirting, but one never knew with Jack. He could just want Bitty’s new chest measurements to mark off on some sort of Team Workout Progress chart he made in his spare time.

         “He’s not flirting, Jack isn’t programmed to flirt…right?”

         Bun didn’t seem to have a lot of thoughts on the subject. Bitty looked at the text one more time and screwed up his mouth. Well, Jack wanted to know about his progress, maybe Bitty should show him. Just because Jack was a hockey robot didn’t mean Bitty couldn’t have a little harmless fun flirting.

         “He’ll probably just think it’s informative, right?”

         Before Bun could talk him out of it, Bitty hopped up. Running a hand through his hair, Bitty held out the camera, made his signature selfie face, framed the shot to show off his chest and abs, and flexed his pecs. His heart was hammering, so he took one second to check his face in the picture and then immediately sent it to Jack.

         Me: Much better, right?

         Bitty sat his phone down and shivered, the AC finally driving him to put some clothes on. When he was decent, he checked his phone – no new messages.

         Bitty frowned. Not even a haha for his efforts? That was disappointing. On a whim, he checked the conversation – maybe Jack had responded and his phone had just failed to notify him? Bitty looked at the texts, nothing since he sent the picture.

         The picture.

         What was that in the background?

         Bitty pulled up the pic and promptly dropped his phone.

         His mirror. The full-length mirror that Moomaw had given to him on his 14th birthday. Bitty hadn’t even noticed it behind him. Sadly the camera had, offering the viewer a full-length view of Bitty’s completely naked backside.

         “Oh God,” Bitty whispered, wrapping Bun in a panicked hug. “I just sexted Jack Zimmermann.” 

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More rain :-)

Please no re-blogs to NSFW/Porno blogs.

Hello, yesterday I posted my rain animation and I had one in my file ready but I was waiting to post it. Thanks again Denny. 

Today I show you the animation created with After Effects and with Denny’s picture: @dennybitte.

The best way to see my animations, is to go directly on youtube (you can see under the animation written: watch on youtube) and even better to click the full screen. Thanks.

For this animation, again strong rain and you can hear the rain/thunder and the birds singing.

Thank you for the comments: @amymontico, @iceintheattic, @lunoday,  @marauderfan, @sharonbphotos@sideshowjimmy, @soraniyan.

Today’s SKAM clip had Vilde as the main, this leads me to believe that this last episode of SKAM will have a different character as the main in each clip. The way I see it, Sana’s season storyline is as solved as it could be at this point, she is good with the girl squad, her mom, Jamilla, Yousef (I know they are technically not together, but considering their different beliefs and the fact that he is travelling, I think this is as solved as it will get right now). So, I find it an awesome idea to have a different main character for each clip in the last episode. 

Since it was announced that season 4 would be the last season everyone in the fandom has mentioned at least one character who deserved to have their own season but now never will, we all thought we would never get to see the battle each of them is individually fighting, but now (hopefully) we will. 

I mean, this clip of Vilde was super important, she is not a character loved by every member of our fandom, she has been constantly judge by her actions, even though none of us had seen the full picture, now we have further knowledge (even though it is not nearly as detailed as a full season would be), we know what battle she is fighting, we know she is struggling financially and with her family, we know she has to deal with things teenagers shouldn’t have to deal with (it was pretty clear she is dealing with her family’s issues by herself). I hope we get more of this. Maybe we can find out a little more about the battles of Even, Chris, Magnus, Mahdi, Eskild, Jonas…

After all, what a better way to end SKAM them with a reminder that everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.

May  The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor {Lee Minhyuk}

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Prompt: For minhyuk an imagine where you take him home to meet the parents and they separate Y/N and him from sleeping in the same bed but he just gets hella desperate

Pairing: Minhyuk x Reader

Word Count: 7.134k

Warning: smut, oral -female receiving-, shower sex, PORN WITH PLOT, A LOT OF PLOT, 

Requests Open || Smut Game 1 || Smut Game 2 || Smut Game 3 || BTS Masterlist || GOT7 Masterlist || Monsta X Masterlist

**I don’t even know what happened tbh…

**This may be the last story I post for a while simply because school is starting up again and I will be busy with that…of course…please stick with me and REQUESTS ARE OPEN !!!

**Did I ever say thank you for 1k? If not, thank you, babies!

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anonymous asked:

Hiii T I was just thinking about how Harry went to Leeds Festival a while back and how fun would it be to meet him at one like!!! being there alone because you were going to go with your friend but she ditched you and the lineup is so good you decide to go alone. And you bump into Harry as you're looking at the setlist on your phone and panic because the beer in your hand spills onto his shirt but he laughs it off and it turns out he's going to see the same artist as you so you.

So you end up going to the stage with him and suddenly you’re surrounded by bodies and bodies of people and everyone is jumping and dancing and Harry’s hands are wrapped around your waist as the two of you are shouting lyrics at the top of your lungs. And when it’s a bit calmer you take the flower crown from the top of your head and place it on his and he laughs because you tell him he looks pretty with peonies on top of his curls.

And as the night wraps up he walks you to your tent and the two of you are buzzing from the natural festival high and he doesn’t hesitate to kiss you outside of your tent. When he pulls away you say something mischievous like “you know, my tent fits two people.”

And Harry’s still wearing your flower crown as he fucks you into your sleeping bag. You’re tugging at the tips of his hair- careful not to grab onto the crown- as he’s grunting into your ear and telling you how beautiful you look under the moonlight and how tight you are around him. And he spends the night in your tent instead of his because you two of similar music taste so you’ll probably be with him at every set tomorrow.

And you do go with him to every set the next day and you’re taking pictures this go around, because as good as this feels, you only know for sure that you’ve got two days left together and you want to remember this festival you almost didn’t even go to and this beautiful boy who makes you feel like you’re completely intoxicated, even when there’s no way you’re drunk because you’ve been too focused on him to get wasted like you’d planned. So you’ve got a million polaroids, and Harry’s taken a million more of you on film, and he smiles as he takes each picture, all fond and sparkling eyes, still donning the flower crown you’d placed atop his head (he told you that you would never get it back the night before, and you think you’re okay with that – it suits him better). 

You two end up becoming one of the couples in the crowd who are all over each other, too – full on making out during some of your favorite songs and smiling against each other’s mouths. When it’s time for your favorite band, the entire reason you even decided to come alone after your friend ditched you, Harry lifts you up onto his shoulders and you stay there for a few songs, and you try to imprint the moment into your brain, because it’s just too good to ever forget. When he puts you down, he holds you in front of him like he had the first night, and mouths over one of the hickeys he’d left behind the night before as you sway to one of the slower, ballad type songs, and you desperately hope that this weekend never ends. 

You end up by one of the campfires that night, too, and you’re sat on Harry’s lap with a few other couples, and you must look pretty loved up, because one of the girls you’ve just met asks how long you two have been together, and Harry shrugs and shakes his head. “We’re minutes away from a full forty-eight hours, actually. Thought we’d celebrate the anniversary here,” he says, and you laugh as you lean down to kiss him, and it earns you a few whoops and hollers, and Harry just holds onto you tighter and kisses you deeper when you try to pull away. “Leeds love, then,” one of the other girls say, and you nod, but you don’t bother to look away from Harry, and he’s smirking up at you as you speak, “I’d say so.”

He ended up moving all of his stuff into your tent earlier that morning, so after he fucks you, he practically begs you to let him take a few pictures of you in your post sex haze, and normally you’d tell anyone no to a request such as that, but Harry’s so pretty and you definitely think you could love him, probably, someday soon, so you just grab for your own camera and snap a few polaroids of him hovering over you – one of just his tattooed chest and neck, one of his face while he’s smiling down at you, another that cuts off right at the ‘v’ of his hips, and you’re giggling as you stare up at him. “’S only fair now, I s’pose,” you answer, and he grabs for his camera and takes a few polaroids of you laughing – your bare breasts on display and hair messy from the heat and the way he’d fucked you in the sleeping bag, lips swollen, neck and hips covered in pretty bruises that were all reminders of him. When he reaches to the side for the flower crown and places it on your head, though, you go all soft and warm, and you think you’d lay there and let him take as many pictures of you as he’d ever like. 

“M’ muse,” he murmurs, and you blush, and he finally sets the camera down and leans down to press another kiss to your lips. “You never mentioned where you’re from,” you tell him, petting through his hair where he’s laid against your chest, and he hums, stroking his thumb over your hip. “’S a surprise,” he tells you, and your eyebrows furrow as you look down at him, and he smiles up at you. “That mean this isn’t the end when we have to pack up Monday mornin’?” You question, and he presses a kiss to the swell of your breast, because that’s just where his lips happen to fall. “Wouldn’t be the end of this even if you lived on the other side of the fuckin’ world, baby,” he whispers, and you smile, and he mumbles something else against your skin. You ask for clarification and you nearly sob when you hear what he’s said: “Said I live two towns over. ‘S a thirty minute drive, love. Looked it up earlier.” 

You give him the best head of his life after that, or so he claims. 

u hurt me. and then i hurt myself. and this was just a vicious cycle of us hurting each other i wanna die 

Me: Okay, let’s write today!

Me: *writes literally half a sentence*

Me: I’ll come back to it later

Me: *later* Okay, let’s start this up aga-oh, I can’t remember what is happening *even if I did outline* 

Me: I’ll just reread the last paragraph- oh, I feel like I should read all of it to get a better look at the full picture *Reads all of it*

Me: well now I don’t feel like writing-


Finally! Here’s part two -a better one asdfasd- of the ideas of the chicken akuma. You can check out the first part right here.

And since I forgot it last time, here’s the link to the song that started everything.

Bonus: The full picture of the akuma design (kinda).

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  • Me: -sees full length promo picture of Belle's dress-
  • Me: pssshhhh they spent 10,000 hours on THAT?? How??? That's not even...
  • -sees movie-

Gheleon sits beneath the tree and leans against its gnarled trunk, enjoying the summer warmth while it lasts. It is old, its boughs blackened by the passing of time and he does not know what else. Perhaps it is older even than he is, older even than them all. Timur would find some wild portent here, would make some reference to the old books and legends he collects, but Gheleon respects it because it has survived. Even this far north, where the winters are cold and long.

Once, he put Quietus into the trunk to test its hardness, but that was long ago and now he cannot find the scar.

It is Efrideet who finds him, as she always does - he is not surprised that it takes one Hunter to catch another. She comes up over the hill, singing to herself, not bothering to hide her approach.

“Gheleon!” she yells, waving an arm over her head. He doesn’t respond. Her cloak shifts in the bright sun, sparkling white and green, and although they are all accustomed to the weight of their armor, today she is helm-less.

She sits next to him with a sigh. “You’re not thinking of cutting it down, are you? Whittling yourself a pair of greaves?”

He shakes his head. “Soft, flammable - hard to think of something worse.”

Efrideet laughs. “Less morbid than bone, though.”

“Less effective, too.”

“As you say. Besides, I can’t picture you hurting the old thing. I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone to be so fond of a tree.”

They share the silence for a few long moments. Hunters are better than the others at keeping their mouths shut and their eyes open, but only Efrideet knows what it means to be really, truly still. Even Perun, cat-like and predatory as she is, is full of restless, twitching energy.

“So?” he says at last, eyes closed to the sun.

“The Fallen are moving east, towards the old Cosmodrome. Radegast is worried.”

“Better them than another upstart warlord.”

“Perhaps. We’ll move tomorrow. Bring your knives.”

“You came all this way just to tell me not to be late?”

“Someone had to find you. And maybe I’m fond of the tree, too.”

She stands, stretches, then pats the trunk. Her hair flashes in the dappled sunlight that filters between the leaves. “Always nice to catch up.”

“Likewise,” mutters Gheleon.

“Wasn’t talking to you,” Efrideet says over her shoulder, but there is a smile on her lips and Gheleon cannot help but return it. She disappears the same way as she came, and only by straining his ears can he hear the crackle of her jumpship.

He looks down at the grass that splits around a thick root that rises, serpent-like, before diving back beneath the ground. He imagines how deep it goes, pictures it circling the world, pictures the deep roots and the reaching trunk above supporting all the cosmos in the gentle grasp of leafy branches.

He has been spending too much time with Timur.

Perhaps Efrideet is right. Perhaps he is morbid. But when he speaks of finger-bone gauntlets and skull-helmets made from the remains of his friends, it is because it is a kind of comfort to imagine their presence wrapped around him. He pulls Swiftling from its sheath, and the metal sparkles almost as brightly as her smile.

He wonders if she understands it as well as he has come to: even the strongest plate can be shattered. This is his armor, now; the summer sun and a moment of quiet, the wolves and their boundless hope, the promise of growing earth beneath his tired feet.


Klaroline | Summer Aesthetic

Vacation with Klaus Mikaelson - An E x p e r i e n c e:

📷 he takes more pictures of Caroline than of sights

“Oh look, yet another photo of me in a hat…Klaus! Did you even try to take any picture of the canals?!”

“But you looked so lovely in the gondola, sweetheart, who cares about the bloody canals?”

🚗 means of transport - a Hybrid Piggyback

“Absolutely not, Caroline. I have a reputation to maintain.”


[a sigh] “Fine.”

🍾 they watch sunsets on a yacht, sipping champagne



“Don’t know how but there’s some champagne in your belly button, sweetheart.”

“Oh really?”

“I think I’d better take care of this. It’s an excellent vintage, we wouldn’t want it to go to waste.”

🍹 he makes her fruity drinks full of % and B+

“Yours still tastes better, you know.”

“Well, all you need is come over here and take a bite, love.”

🙃 173 pics of Caroline - 1 pic of Klaus

“Come on, Klaus, stop brooding and smile, it’s not t h a t hard.”


“That’s me bloody smiling, love.”


I hope the writing isn’t too small, full view/open in a new tab to zoom in!!

Some more tips:

  • If you want to improve just do lots of little studies!! Find pictures from different angles & with different lighting, and even better make strange faces in the mirror & shine a torch at your face!!
  • Make sure you take the entire face into consideration. When doing each stage of the drawing, eg. outline, dark areas, shading etc, I like to do each step for the entire drawing. That way I don’t end up spending an hour rendering the eyes before realising they need to be further apart to fit the nose. Instead it’s best to outline the whole thing and have it look right, walk away for a while, and then start shading - try to think of the face as a whole & make everything fit together rather than adding parts separately!
  • Use different darknesses of pencil - I mostly used 2B, and 6B for the darker areas - don’t be afraid to make the shadows dark!!
  • No matter what art style or medium, the same principles apply for structure! When doing a cartoon style I normally include the central line & outline around the areas that have the most volume, just a bit more simplified!

 … 1 Year Later.

It’s been about a year since I ventured over the wall, but with the autumn colours falling once again, I think it’s high time to return. What kinds of things did I notice this time around? Besides the gorgeous atmosphere and October mood dripping from everything?

Well, while I don’t think I’m the first to find all this, I think I have strong case here for 3 specific things:

1. Why most of the characters are there
2. A theory about Wirt and Greg’s last name
3. What “the loveliest lies of all” really means/ What the show is really about

Ready to dive back over the wall of the Eternal Garden (which, as Cartoon Conspiracies pointed out, is the name of the graveyard in chapter 9)? To go into the Unknown? 

… To experience true darkness?

Popular Fan Theory: The Unknown is Purgatory

Everybody know this theory. It’s the idea that when Greg and Wirt fall into the river after a lucky miss from the train, their spirits enter into a kind of purgatory– a realm between life and death. If they’re successful, they can return to the land of the living. If they fail …

Thank goodness that didn’t happen.

By this logic, the colourful cast of characters we meet in the unknown are lost souls as well, often said to be looking for their final resting place. 

It’s a good theory. Whenever Greg and Wirt are in danger, you’ll see a pair of shining lights (the dog’s eyes, Lorna’s eyes once she’s possessed, the Beast’s eyes), and this could be said to remind them of the train’s headlights. Tumblr users also pointed out that in Chapter 9, we can see Quincy Endicott’s headstone in the Eternal Garden graveyard. If Endicott’s dead, that seems to prove it, right?

Right. But, there’s one detail that I think people are missing, or at least not talking about as much. But, I’ll get to that later. Right now, I want to go into why everybody’s there, and what kind of backstory we can gain from what we get to see of them.

Be warned, though. I tried to base these guesses in fact, but you’ll see a few leaps in logic here and there, and a lot of it is just guessing, after all. 

The Potsfield Pumpkins: All the skeletons dancing around, celebrating, wearing pumpkins– you can either interpret them as souls who’ve accepted their deaths and have moved on, or, more interestingly, souls who haven’t. Spirits who make bodies out of pumpkins and enjoy the festivities to keep from remembering their fates. To forget. More on this later.

Ms. Langtree & Jimmy Brown: If I had to guess, I’d say Jimmy died before Ms. Langtree, forcing her to wait for that man of hers, and only be reunited in the afterlife.

The Tavern’s Folk: These are people absolutely obsessed with their roles in life. If this really is purgatory, I don’t think they’ll ever move on unless they forget who they were– but they’re pretty insistent on their roles. The cobbler, the baker, master and apprectice– it’s how they would’ve been known when they were among the living.

Proof? When they assume Wirt’s the lover, they’re ecstatic because “there’s work for all when little boys get married!“ They can relive their roles again! Huzzah!

Quincy Endicott & Marguerite Gray: This one’s interesting. In life, it wouldn’t seem that these two would even be close to one and other. Wirt notices Ms. Gray’s home is “French Rococo style,” which clashes with Endicott’s “Georgian sensibilities” in his opinion– which gives us a cool little clue. 

These styles of interior design were popular around the same time, in the 18th century, which means they were alive in the same period, but most likely in two different areas of the world– Ms. Gray in France, and Quincy in America, where his headstone would eventually be.

We can’t know for sure how involved they would’ve been in each other’s lives, but when they finally met at the end of Chapter 5. Mad Love, they recognize each other as business competitors, whose mansions grew so large they intertwined. Maybe that just means in life, their companies grew so large, they were in direct competition with each other, given that their geographic locations wouldn’t have matched up for their mansions to actually grow that large in reality.

Before he died, I think Quincy went insane. It’s what he’s worried about the entire episode, perhaps worrying that his past has finally caught up with him (“Do you know what I did for this money? The things these filthy hands have done?”). But, you say, this can explained away by the fact that he literally thought he saw a ghost. Maybe. I still think he went insane in real life, because he mutters “maybe the doctors were right” when looking for the ghost with Greg. 

Plus, he’s also very quick to call Greg “nephew” after Greg starts calling him “Unkie Enidcott.” Maybe, at this point, Quincy doesn’t want to seem as if he’s lost his mind– I mean, if Greg really was his nephew, and he forgot, that would surely mean he’d gone insane, wouldn’t it? He’s willing to go along with it out of the fear that it’s really true, and he just doesn’t remember.

Lorna & Auntie Whispers: My guess is, Lorna died due to a terrible illness of some sort– represented in the Unknown by an evil spirit that possessed her body that made her appear pale and gave her a bad cough– and Auntie Whispers was her nurse. 

Remember that Aunite Whispers isn’t actually Lorna’s aunt- she says so herself. And, the fact that once the spirit’s gone from her body, Auntie Whispers is worried Lorna won’t need her around anymore “to look after [her].”

Also, Auntie Whispers only looks the way she does because she ate the turtles. The dog from Chapter 1. The Grist Mill transformed back into it’s original form after spitting out the very same turtles that Auntie Whispers eats later. We can guess that, in reality, she probably looks like her sister, Adelaide. 

Adelaide herself is harder to pin down, because we only know what she does now– trapping children to work as her servants because of the Beast. It’s pretty interesting, though, that one sister spends her time caring for children, while the other wants to use them as servants …

The Woodsman & His Daughter: Hard to say. We can speculate that the Woodsman has been blaming himself for not watching over her, letting her wander off into the woods as seen in the opening song, but beyond that? I can’t really say. All we can do is guess that he was a father who lost his daughter far too young, and has been paying for it ever since. 

Beatrice & Her Family: Whatever the reason, it’s all Beatrice’s fault. I don’t know if there are any clues as to what it was in real life, but Beatrice’s family is trapped as bluebirds because Beatrice threw a stone at one, right? I think that’s just a way of saying she blames herself for their deaths: she can’t move on until she fixes it, and they can’t move on without her. The thing is, they don’t leave Purgatory/The Unknown when they’ve returned to human because they’re still dead, and Beatrice still can’t accept that.

Again, a leap in logic, but it’s a thought.

Greg and Wirt’s Last Name?

Yeah … this isn’t a strong theory at all. Still, it’s the closest thing we have to a canon name for them, so why not pretend?

These boys are from the opening music number if you remember, and some say they represent Greg and Wirt (just because they’re designs are similar, and they’re around the same age). 

If that’s at all true, we’ve got a case. We know that their toy boat is the same boat from Chapter 6. Lullaby in Frogland. Now on the back of the boat, towards the end of that episode, what do we see?

It might be difficult to read in the picture here, but the boat’s labeled “McLaughlin Bros.”(pronounced mick-glock-lin, for those who haven’t seen it wirtten before)

Again, this is a stretch, I know, but that’d make their full names be Walter and Gregory McLaughlin– or at least Greg. They’re half brothers, so Wirt would’ve been born with a different surname. Still, if he felt close enough, he could’ve adopted the name for Greg’s sake (not legally, I mean just to make Greg feel better).

I know, I know, probably not. Still though …

“The Loveliest Lies of All” Revealed

So … what does that even mean? At first glance, you might assume it means the story never happened, that Wirt and Greg collectively dreamed up that fantasy world somehow, but that it meant nothing. 

That doesn’t explain how Jason Funderberker (the frog) still has the bell glowing inside him at the hospital, though, so what could it be?

Denial. The most important piece of the puzzle. Once you have that, it all sort of comes to together. Let me explain.

If we’re to believe the theory from earlier, that everyone in the Unknown is dead and in purgatory waiting to move on, then why don’t they disappear in the end, when their stories are resolved in the closing song? 

When the Woodsman is finally reunited with his daughter, isn’t he at peace? Shouldn’t Beatrice and her family move on when they’ve returned to normal? I mean, if this is purgatory, then that should logically mean once they’ve fulfilled they’re purposes there, they should be able to leave for the next world, whatever that may be.

But they don’t.

Like I said, the Pumpkin people might be avoiding their grim fates by partying. The tavern folk are too focused on their jobs in life to consider anything else. Quincy Endicott is obsessed with his sanity, and meeting the business competitor he might’ve loved had he not been so focused on his business. They’re all lost in the fantasy of the Unknown, without even knowing it.

And the Beast wants to keep them there.

Remember, the Beast keeps asking the Woodsman for the lantern. You think: Wait. Why would he want the lantern? Doesn’t he want the Woodsman to have it, and keep it lit for him? He does. But, he also wants the Woodsman to think there’s something precious in there, something that he wants to protect, so he’s manipulating the Woodsman into believing it’s important that he keeps it, not the Beast.

This is the same kind of manipulation he’s using to keep the Woodsman in the Unknown.  At the end of Chapter 7. The Ringing of the Bell, the Woodsman says, “There has to be another way.“ 

To which the Beast replies, "No, there is only me. There is only my way. There is only the forest, and there is only surrender.”

He’s trying to convince the Woodsman that this is the only reality there is. 

He later wants Wirt to do the same, “wandering the woods aimlessly” just to keep the lantern lit. Forever. 

And this theory holds up. When asked about the Purgatory theory, Patrick McHale said that the story wasn’t just about life and death, but also fantasy and reality. What’s real and what’s not.

That’s what Greg was there for. Had he given up hope, and surrendered to the feeling that they’d never get home, they would’ve been lost long ago. In fact, Greg’s more important than Wirt, when you think of it like that. Still, people think of him as a sidekick. Ain’t that just the way.

So, there you have it. My theories are likely full of holes, and I know I’m probably not the first to make them, but that’s the fun of returning to a world like this. Every time I rewatch Over the Garden Wall, it’s a trip into the surreal, and can take on whatever meaning I assign. It’s been a wonderful visit this year, and for that reason, I know it’s far from the last.

I need a story where every year MACUSA sells a calendar with high-ranked officials. It’s always for a noble cause like helping children from poor families etc. Of course Percival features in that calendar every year. He feels a little silly in front of a camera, but it’s for little children after all and those photos aren’t bad looking. Percival usually wears his suit or something more casual - he could have been asked to do worse things.

Newt learns about the calendar and buys it, curious. Inside, on the page for April, is a big, black-white of Percival sitting in front of a fireplace with his legs crossed and smoking a cigarette. Three first buttons of his shirt are unbuttoned, teasing with a glimpse of naked skin, trousers stretch over Percival’s legs highlighting muscles there. Percival is leaning a little forward, looking straight into a camera as if asking someone - his lover, Newt’s brain supplies happily - to come closer.

Immediately, Newt decides that this is his favorite photography. Percival is looking so authoritative and stylish, and Newt feels a little bit of shame for how his body is reacting to this photo.

He stills hangs the calendar in the cottage.

Now, imagine Newt asking Percival to come to the case. Newt complete forgets about the calendar but it’s the first thing Percival notices.

“Newt, you remember it’s November already, right?”

“Why are you —-” Newt’s throat gets dry when he realizes what Percival is looking at. “I forgot about changing it?”

Percival’s gaze goes from the calendar to Newt and then to the small bad standing right in front of the calendar. Newt refuses to blush even if he has hung that blasted thing in that place just so he could admire that picture every morning from the bed. He has been only admiring it with his hands above the blanket. 


Clearly amused, Percival turns to Newt.

“I can show you better photographs,” he says, cocking his head to the side, his gaze sliding all over Newt. His eyes are like smoldered lava and he nonchalantly unbuttons the first button of his shirt, a full smirk spreading over his lips. “Interested?”

Newt doesn’t remember if he has ever said “yes” so quickly before.