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When I reapproached Newt’s character,  I was terribly nervous.  Mainly because I knew that with the movie coming out there would have been lots of people playing the same character as me and  –  having prior experiences with other fandoms  –  I was afraid to be left out.  Instead,  I’ve found and met some of the most incredible, sweet, talented and welcoming people I could ever see on my dashboard!  You’re all amazing,  and I’m so happy to be part of a fandom that is literally  goals.  It’s rare to find a community of people that will soon make you feel comfortable and accepted,  and that’s what you all guys do,  so keep on the good work!  love you all  ❤

Also,  since the followers are the same as here,  i’d like to thank you for the 100+ followers on Gabrielle and the 150+ on Pickett!  My two other trash children are so happy that you love them.

Now,  have a follow forever uwù


@fugitivis / @unexpectedways / @barestbcnes :  Heather, you know how much I love you.  You’re great and whenever we plot something on any of our blogs it turns out to pain and angst,  but it’s alright because we’re in it together.  We also have our occasional fluff,  which is also good.  You’re an amazing writer and person and I’m so glad I have met you and I can only wish you the best,  always.  And you people  –  if you don’t follow this incredible cinnamon roll,  do it now or you’ll miss out!

@loathedlineage / @banefulbloodstream :  there are brilliant people on this site,  and you’re certainly one of those!  Amelia is such a rounded,  well-structured character that she could be canon and I’d fully accept her.  You’re a wonderful writer and I truly enjoy your humour.  Plus,  your other blogs are also incredibly well-written,  so I’m in complete owe.  You deserve all the happiness of this universe!


I apologize if I miss somebody out,  but the fandom is growing continuously and I’m not caught up with the follows :’c  Just know that if you’re playing this cinnamon roll too pure for this world that is Newt Scamander,  you’re incredible and I love you!

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RAD PEOPLE THAT BRIGHT MY DASH  ❪ aka all the people I follow, because they are all amazing ❫

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I haven’t had time to make fancy banners for this or anything but I am very happy to accept @fugitivis into the group with her original character Emilie Breck in the position of security / intel officer.  Also, I am thrilled to accept @anuungunrama as Jayne Cobb and @langdon-caul as Hoban Washburne.  I am SO excited and pleasantly surprised by the amount of interest in this little group verse and I wanted to thank you all so much !!!  I’ll be messaging the new members with links to the ooc chat and over the next couple days I will publish character bios.  Any of the members already accepted, if you could fill out the character app and drop it in my submit box sometime this next week that would be great.  <3<3 

New episode tonight!

Sadly, I won’t be able to see it eastern time on Disney Channel cause marching band has to be at football games, but I MIGHT be able to see it on Disney Channel West cause I have that channel at 12 am, so don’t message me any spoilers when I get home around 10 pm, thanks~