the fubbles


I feel like I always express this but it’s so rad how Finn sees PB rn. Teen boy heart throb … Kill me. But also when he called her the life of the party n shit . It’s really interesting, I don’t think his crush is gone (I figure not much has changed since pajama war- dat shit obvs mutual too) but what they have is so mellow and mature. We were told his primary emotion / relation to her now is loyalty and I think that’s telling.

I always predicted he’d become more suspicious of her as time went on , as he discovered more and more about who she is and the horrible things she’s done, but I was wrong. He never did. What did change was he now doesn’t put her on a pedestal like he used to as a child, and project his perception onto her.

His loyalty isn’t based on abstraction or her past maternal influence. I think starting with James we’ve truly come to realize how different Finn is from the candy people and most importantly he’s figured it out himself. He is informed about what’s at stake , and he understands pbs mistakes and decisions. He just sees her as human now and that’s what makes his loyalty so sweet. 😭 I mean the magic of his arm is based in that shit… Fuck

His journey to adulthood could practically be measured by the arc of their relationship. So much has changed u.u