the frying game

reasons to watch sherlock holmes game of shadows

-it’s disconnected from the first movie so you don’t have to watch the first one

-jude law confirmed that sherlock and john are in a romantic relationship

-sherlock and john wear each other’s clothes a few times

-moriarty lit sherlock’s pipe while it was in his mouth

-mycroft calls sherlock ‘sherly’

-sherlock’s in drag for the first ten minuted of the film

-moriarty sings opera

-good cinematography

-Reichenbach falls was an actual waterfall

-sherlock and john slow danced

-no actually they did, after the fact sherlock was like “wHO TAUGhT yOU TO DAnCe?” and john was like “you did” 

-Moriarty low key wrapped a blanket around Sherlock and I thought it was John just because I couldn’t see his face so kudos to this movie to just letting me assume that John would slowly wrap a blanket around Sherlock and having it make pretty decent sense

-the hand on hand fight scenes are lit

-the whole reichenbach fall scene was handled really well and it was very wrath of the lamb so

-jude law is a really really good actor

-mycroft holds an entire conversation with mary watson while being completely naked

-after he “dies” sherlock breaks into john’s house and blends into his chair, effectively disguising himself so he can drop hints that he’s not dead

-anyways just watch it it’s worth it


I had a revelation while watching Futurama’s Game Of Tones. Fry and his mom relate so much to Finn and his mom. On that episode and on Islands finale both Finn and Fry recur to Nibbler’s powers/BVR to stay with their moms and have a chance to talk while the powers/VR signal was on. Both endings are very bittersweet but cute.

I made the Classic Tomato and Egg Stir-Fry from FFXV!

No recipe for this here because you can get it in the (unofficial) FFXV cookbook. ;) @cooking–with–ignis

Even though this is a classic Chinese dish, I’ve never had it before going to the US (of all places). I found it too sweet at those Chinese takeout restaurants (or maybe it’s because it’s tailored to American tastes) , and for some reason never ate it when I was in Shanghai for 3 months. The only change I added to the recipe was to put in a ¼ cup of chicken stock when stir-frying to make it more savoury.

On a separate note, I’m getting addicted to final fantasy 12 (the Bottomless Pit runs it from a PC emulator for PS2). Not much food in it, but I’m already falling for Balthier. The english voice acting is great too! And gambits are like a way to teach kids programming.