the fruit of fate


Leo is usually the one to make Takumi flustered, but sometimes Takumi catches him off guard (▰˘v˘▰) 

Just wanted to draw Leo being the big tomato he really is. Also RIP TAKUMI.

(Base on one of Takumi’s english My Castle lines. Reposted from my FE twitter!)

Autumn Equinox / Mabon 🍁🍂🎃🍄🍁🍂🎃🍄🍁🍂🎃

The Autumn Equinox is sometimes called ‘the witch’s thanksgiving’, it’s a time of harvesting and preparation. It’s a time to reflect on your life and to start making plans for the future - it’s also a time to appreciate and give thanks to the Goddess for her bounty.

Autumn Equinox, also know as ‘Mabon’ is the midpoint between the Summer and Winter Solstices. As at Spring Equinox, days and nights are of equal length, but from then on the days get shorter and the nights get longer. The main agriculteral harvest has been gathered and all that is left are the late fruits, berries and nuts.

The norse believed that your fate for the coming year was sealed at this time, they would perform divination, such as tarot cards or runes on the evening of Mabon to see whether their life had pleased the deities so far It’s a time of equilibrium, as plants wither their energy goes into the hidden roots and nourishes the Earth. The leaves of trees turn from green to red, brown and gold - symbolic of te sinking sun as nature prepares for winter. This is a time of balance between the outer and inner worlds. From now on, we should turn towards nurturing our own roots, pondering our innter lives and planning for the long-term. Thoughts can be seeded, gradually growing in the unconscious until they can emerge in the Spring.

Mabon is a great time to cast spells for balance, harmony, protection, wealth and prosperity. During the Autumn Equinox stones ruled by the sun, such as Ruby, Rhodolite, Clear Quartz, Peridot, Citrine, Red Tourmaline, Yellow Topaz, cat’s-eye and Aventurine bring really good energy.


Happy Birthday! (May 20th)

  • Setsuna (Fire Emblem Fates) 
  • Kamui Woods (Boku no Hero Academia)
  • Cuba (Hetalia)
  • Tachibana Chizuru (The Fruit of Grisaia)
  • Kawakami Bansai (Gintama)
  • Ryunosuke Chiba (Assassination Classroom)
  • Nadeshiko Kinomoto (Cardcaptor Sakura)
  • Amane Kuzuryu (Devil Survivor)
  • Narancia Ghirga (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)
  • Conis (One Piece)
  • Weinheidt (Nanatsu no Taizai)
  • Satori Tendou (Haikyuu!!)

“I don’t think I was meant for Earth,”


“Because Earth is all blood,
It’s all water and soaked rags and bruises and battered knuckles,
It’s all heavy-fists and short-lived loves and lights burning out too quick.”


“Kind. I thought Earth would be soft,
Soft like the clouds we soared through,
Smelling sweet like nectar and ambrosia and perfumes,
The dirt as light as pillows ‘neath my feet,
But all has turned to clay and all has become cold.”


“Because Father loved this Earth
With it’s harsh words and ill-fated people,
With the grounds growing poisonous fruit and vines gnarled around fences,
But I don’t know if I love this Earth.”


“I know this, and I am scared for them.
They do not love. Not like we do.”


—  “i want to know that love again” C.E.F.

me: can i get those beads
mom: no you’re not gonna care about them in a week
me: (waves my credit card around) (MANIC LAUGHTER)

There’s a wicked smile as Fate smashes Cinderella’s slipper. It rains glass shards that night. Peasant girls shouldn’t pretend to be something they’re not.

Fate laughs when Eric marries another. Laughs again when the little mermaid edges the ocean. Love isn’t real, Fate murmurs into the girl’s ear, humans don’t love.

A red apple rolls to the floor, half eaten. The prince lays still, remnants of the sweet fruit on his lips. Fate steals a kiss and licks its lips. Delicious.

How boring, Fate says and walks away. Mulan collapses, fisted hands strike the ground in a fit of anguish. She sobs, draping herself over the grave marker with the name “Fa Zhou.”

Princes are a lie, Tiana thinks as she scrubs the table a little harder. Fate had no hand in her situation, but takes satisfaction in seeing the girl toil for a restaurant she doesn’t own. She’s right, of course; princes don’t exist, only liars do.

Fate likes Peter Pan. It smirks when the boy stumbles upon Wendy’s grave, smiles when the boy returns to Neverland cheeks stained with tears and the taste of death on his lips. Fate likes Peter, but when is love ever kind?

Once upon a dream, Aurora meets a dashing prince. Once upon a dream, she pricks her finger on a spindle. Once upon a dream, Fate stops the good fairy and the sleeping princess never wakes.

The cold may have not bothered Elsa, Fate muses, but what about Anna? It watches with glee as Elsa sobs over her ice encased sister. What’s wrong, princess? Can’t let it go?

The last petal falls and crumbles in Fate’s hand. A heartbreak later, it appears by Belle’s side. Foolish girl, it hisses, you cannot save a monster.

—  HAPPY ENDINGS DON’T EXIST | nhi (for @inkstay’s prompt #344 “the thief of fairytales)
Γαῖα θεά, μῆτερ μακάρων, θνητῶν τ’ ἀνθρώπων,
πάντροφε, πανδώτειρα, τελεσφόρε, παντολέτειρα,
αὐξιθαλής, φερέκαρπε, καλαῖς ὥρῃσι βρύουσα·
ἕδρανον ἀθανάτου κόσμου, πολυποίκιλε κούρη,
ἣ λοχίαις ὠδῖσι κύεις καρπὸν πολυειδῆ·
ἀϊδίη, πολύσεπτε, βαθύστερν’, ὀλβιόμοιρε,
ἡδυπνόοις χαίρουσα χλόαις, πολυάνθεμε δαῖμον·
ὀμβροχαρής, περὶ τὴν κόσμος πολυδαίδαλος ἄστρων
εἱλεῖται φύσει ἀενάῳ καὶ ῥεύμασι δεινοῖς.
ἀλλά, μάκαιρα θεὰ, καρποὺς αὔξοις πολυγηθεῖς,
εὐμενὲς ἦτορ ἔχουσα, σὺν ὀλβίοισιν ἐν ὥραις.
O Earth god, mother of the blessed, and of humans doomed to death,
nourisher of all, all-giver, bringer of endings, all-destroyer,
bloom-grower, fruit-bearer, brimming with fair seasons;
foundation of the deathless cosmos, o polychrome maiden,
you who with labor pangs produce fruit of many kinds;
everlasting, greatly revered, deep-breasted, fortunate of fate,
rejoicing in sweet-breathing foliage, o many-blossomed divinity;
delighting in rain, around whom the rich-wrought cosmos revolves
with the ever-flowing form and fearsome currents of the stars.
Still, o blessed god, may you strengthen joyful crops,
keeping a kindly heart, accompanied by fortunate seasons.
—  Orphic Hymn to Earth (26)