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Is Kyler just like 2p!Wildcat?

I don’t know much about that AU- 

But the differences between mine and their, is- 

Vanti and Cheflirious are sort of like opposites, But they have their own twist- They aren’t inverted to be on point opposites, like 2P!Wildcat ( No hate- That AU is hella beautiful ) I’m just saying that Kyler, and the Dragon fruit Gang is not entirely like what you expect- 

Kyler does share similarities to Tyler- But unlike the Beautiful, Loud man-baby that our wildcat is- Bobcat is more- Silence, a bonafide charmer- Always out to get your vote and sweeten you up. But he does have the tendency to do you harm- Mental harm is more his speed. This usually occurs when he has gathered you balls deep and expects you to fall to his every wish- Vanti failed to see this and did as Bobcat requested- Causing him more trauma and a more aggressive attitude towards our infamous bobcat.  Although our Notorious Bobcat is still a sweetheart- He does do mental abuse- Does he feel remorse for what he did? Yes- But Kyler isn’t stupid- He knows that Vanti won’t give a second glance. But the sucker can try. 

“Fucking POT NOODLES, Maureen! They’re living the life of bloody Riley, that’s what they’re doing. Fetch my pen!”

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The Lost Boys of California Are Literally Dying to Pick Your Fruit

t the age when most American teenagers are trying to decide whom to ask to prom, Ernesto Valenzuela was instead weighing whether it was worse to die of thirst in the desert or have his throat slit by gangsters.

That’s the choice the 16-year-old faced in his hometown of Mapulaca, Honduras, a drowsy village where MS-13 and Barrio 18 gangsters are known for recruiting youth—sometimes as young as kindergartners—into their cartels. If the kids refuse, they are often killed. Now Ernesto was being recruited, and he didn’t want to end up one of the 6,000 people murdered each year in Honduras. With a total population just shy of 8 million, that means nearly one of every 1,000 Hondurans is a victim of homicide, making it the most dangerous place—after the war zones of Iraq, Somalia, and Syria—in the world.1

After mulling it over for months—and trying to dodge the tattooed gang members who wanted to sign him up—Ernesto decided his potential fate at home presented far more danger than what he might face at any distant desert crossing. So, early one morning in June 2013, after his mother sobbed and begged him to stay safe, he set out for a place he’d only seen in movies, a place where he’d heard a kid like himself—with just a fifth-grade education—could earn $60 a day working in the fields: America.


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If your still taking requests then can you do a Rampion crew road trip Au headcanon? I love your writing all of your fics and headcanons are amazing!

  • Cinder, Kai, Wolf, Scarlet, Iko, and Cress all pile into Thorne’s old station wagon for the road trip of the century. After they graduate from high school, it’s their last big summer hurrah before they split up and go to their respective colleges. 
  • Living in Michigan, Thorne really wants to take Cress to California to see the ocean.
    • “But Thorne, we can just go to the lake.”
    • “Hush, Cinder. It’s different.”
  • Thorne drives, of course, because the station wagon, dubbed the Rampion, is his baby. Sometimes he lets Scarlet drive because she’s a machine and when they need to drive through the night she’s always up for taking that shift.
    • Cress rides shot gun and is in charge of the radio and navigating, even though Thorne did try his very hardest to map out the route. Cress is the also only one out of the group that knows how to fold the map back up properly.
      • Sometimes Iko squeezes up front with them when she wants a change of scenery. She likes seeing the open road splayed out in front of her and Cress and Iko make plans on what they’ll do first at the beach.
      • Cinder and Kai are perfectly happy taking the second row, but when Iko’s not up front, her and Cinder sandwich in Kai. He should be used to it by now, but he’s not.
      • Wolf only agreed to come on the road trip if Thorne promised to set up the third row seat and everyone else agreed that was Wolf’s seat. He shares with Scarlet, of course, but that also means they have to keep the cooler back there. Scarlet makes sure Wolf doesn’t eat all of their road snacks. 
  • The gang loves stopping at diners and picking up souvenirs at gas stations.
    • Cress loves her “All My Exes Live In Texas” t-shirt. Thorne, not so much.
    • Scarlet makes them stop at all sorts of roadside fruit stands, but the gang agrees that the homemade pies stand in Illinois was the best stop.
    • Cinder bought Kai a trucker hat that said “Bling King” in Missouri as a joke and he wears it constantly. She groans about the plan backfiring on her.
  • Everyone is allowed to pick one roadside attraction to stop at and the rest of the group has to join in on the fun. The highlight was when Thorne picked the Dinosaur Park in Arkansas. They were disappointed there were no real dinosaur bones, but they did enjoy posing in front of the plaster T-rex and everyone has a copy of that picture somewhere.
  • It takes them much longer to get to California than they expected, but when they get into L.A. at 3am, they drive directly to Malibu, run onto the beach, and collapse in the sand and watch the sunrise.