the frothy one

Misspelled (Kim Taehyung)

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Word Count: 514

Genre: Fluff, Oneshot

You’d been working at this coffee shop for who knows how long. Usually, you ignored the costumers who came in, except for the occasional middle-aged woman who complained about the milk in her latte not being “frothy enough.” However one day a particular man caught your eye. He had bright red hair, the only color on his entire body as he was wearing completely black.

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On the Writing of Clio’s Treatises

So Diana tells Steve Trevor that she has read all twelve volumes of Clio’s Treatises on body and pleasure.  A little amusing speculation as to how they may have come to be….


Artemis’s knife hurtled through the balmy air and buried itself with a loud “thunk” in the ancient olive tree, precisely where Clio’s head had been resting a moment ago.  It was good that Clio’s reflexes were quick.

“Artemis!” she sputtered, dusting herself off as she sat up.  “You could have killed me!”

Artemis wasn’t even looking at her.  Hadn’t been looking at her when she reached out, left-handed, groped around on the grass for her belt, drew the small throwing knife, and hurled it in Clio’s direction.  Her right hand was, well, otherwise occupied.  With Clyemne, specifically.

“But I did not,” Artemis snapped, and Clio observed for a moment the play of muscle under Artemis’s scarred back as she lay on top of Clyemne in the soft grass.  “I told you we would let you watch, we did not agree to a hundred and one questions.”

Clio decided perhaps she had overstayed her welcome.

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Cure For The Cold // Mingyu

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Word count: 657
18 / ?

People say that you can never really appreciate something until it’s gone and they’re right; having to breathe with a stuffy nose is such a nuisance.

You blew your nose and sniffed, trying to unclog your nose from the nasty cold you got over the weekend. Mondays always sucked but with your clogged nose and your sleepiness level going up, it just got worse. Luckily, there was only a short line at your favorite shop and your favorite barista was in charge making the day just a bit better.

“Hey Mingyu,” you greeted him as happily as you could but Mingyu caught on easily and winced at your voice.

“Didn’t know Bane goes here for coffee.”

“That bad?”

He pursed his lips and nodded. “You okay?”

“Used to it. Always happens with a bit of rain, you know?”

“So that’s what happened. The usual?” he asked, taking a medium sized cup and a marker.

“The usual,” you confirmed.

“You should try taking vitamins.”

“I do. But I always forget. I’ll sit there,” you said pointing at an empty table while Mingyu set out to work.

It’s been almost a year since you met him at this very shop. It was just a normal customer-employee thing at first but soon, through various small talks, he became one of your really close friends. He was artistic too. Every coffee that you get either has a personalized doodle on the cup or if you get one with frothy cream, has his art on it.

And it looks like it’s a landscape of mountains and the sun this time. Mingyu walked over with your drink when you felt a sneeze coming, him silently handing you a tissue before setting your drink down. “And my friends say I’m nasty,” he commented.

“Stop reminding me. I hate getting sick.”

“Why don’t you skip work today then?”

“I can’t just do that.”

“I’m just saying. Health is more important.” He watched as you sneezed more violently this time and shook his head. “Dying while working for your boss won’t heal you.”

You took the second round of tissues from him and blew your nose, your head feeling light and your eyes growing heavy. “You know, sometimes you make sense, sometimes you don’t. But I think I’ll take your advice on that,” you say, your fingers already busy tapping the screen of your phone.

“Are you going home now?”

“Yeah. But I’ll have to stop by somewhere to buy food. I feel too sick to cook.”

“I could cook for you. My shift is almost over anyway. Hold on.” He ran back to the counter and into the staff room before you can even say his name and protest. Minutes passed by with customers going in and out before he came back wearing his casual clothes and a wide grin on his face.

“I’m all set. Let’s go?”

“How can your shift end when it’s only 8 in the morning?”

Mingyu turned away and laughed before smiling back at you. “It means don’t worry about it because I already got permission.”

“Fine,” you rolled your eyes as you stood from your seat. “Just make sure I actually get better after eating your food.”

“I am offended. It’s not part of my job but I’ll have you know that I’m the best cook in the world and I’ll make you the best food you’ve ever had.”

“Okay Chef. Whatever you say,” you laughed, leaving the cafe with him.

Minghao, Mingyu’s co-worker and best friend stood behind the counter shaking his head at the sight of you two. As if Mingyu’s not noisy enough on normal days, he’s sure that he’ll be talking nonstop tomorrow about how he finally did something about his growing little crush on you.

Siren Queen


Continued from Here

The siren queen pouted at the parents, jabbing her finger accusingly at the plaque besides the tank. She hated the idiots that put her there, but at the very least they had given her the proper documentation. It wasn’t her fault if people couldn’t read! Weren’t they here to learn about marine life, or some such nonsense?

After they walked away, she settled back into her scowl, back to the outside world. Her golden tail twitched, the colors fading into silver towards the edge, like the rest of the fins. They flipped around her like some sort of skirt, or jellyfish tendrils. A few lures, such as those one might find on a deep sea angler fish, or some other such nightmare, hung around the top of those fins. They were a trap, you see, to snatch up unsuspecting fish when she didn’t have any humans to devour.

Fat lot of good that did her now. To add insult to injury, all her food was thrown in the water dead already. They had to take away all her fun, it seemed – everything that made her a siren.

She hardly noticed the sandy-blonde man who had been watching her interaction with the family, though she did notice when the toy was dropped into her tank. Golden eyes flashed and she instantly went after it as though it was the first meal she’d seen in years – instinct at this point really, from lack of natural stimulation. Though made of plastic and batteries, it was shredded by those long, sharp claws in minutes. Tiny bits of plastic floated to the top of the tank, while the more metallic parts settled at the bottom.

A wave of relief washed over her – she felt better than she had in months, though had no doubt terrified anyone who might have been watching. It was their own fault anyhow. A half-dazed, murderous smile grazed her lips as she lazily turned to look at all the no doubt horrified faces. However, all she saw was that sandy-haired man who had bought it for her in the first place. Was that a smile? And a wave?

She swam closer, for once not to ram it, but he was out of her view of vision before she could tell.

That was odd. Usually those that wanted to taunt her stayed longer than that. She shrugged it off and swam back to her traditional sulking spot. It was a momentary distraction, yes, but it had been a rather nice one at that.

She slept through the night, though that wasn’t her natural cycle, and was poked awake by the feeders in the morning. She growled and tried to go after them, but damnit if they weren’t fast with the follow-up.

She ate her breakfast out of spite, determined to cause the aquarium as much damage cost as possible before she died, and settled back into her routine of sulking and occasionally terrifying guests.

Her tail would flick and she would feel the people pounding on the glass and her tail would flick more. She couldn’t hear what they were saying of course, but water carried vibrations far longer than one would expect. She was always being bothered, whether she knew exactly over what or not. She hardly even noticed when the tall man from before returned, moving a bench from one of the more flamboyant merman’s tank so he might sit and watch her

Fairy Tail Christmas Fic Exchange!

Merry christmas dudes! Sorry for the hella inactivity but school and some other stuff got in my way.

Any who I got here a lovely present for @not-just-any-fangirl a la percy jackson AU becausè I’m your secŕet santa! Hi friend!

I was trying for fluff as I already told you but it kinda went down the hurt/comfort route. I know pain isn’t ideal for the holidays, my bad!

Either way I hope you enjoy my work and Merry christmas! (Am I supposed to tag @rivendell101 for this too?)

Pairing- Nalu

Rating- T

Percy Jackson AU

Not knowing is the greatest pain any of us will ever encounter, but with someone by our sides maybe we can endure it for a little while longer.”


The entire camp shook.

Birds were frightened from their nests sent screeching into the sky, half-bloods were thrown to the dirt at the force- ruining basketball games, sparring matches and makeup sessions. The curses were loud and unrestrained.

Lucy moaned from where she landed, blindly groping around for her book until she felt its smooth cover under her fingertips. Thank gods for the dust jacket else it’d be completely ruined by now.

Her clothes, dirty. Hair, messy. Skin, unbruised.

She was fine by all means but, she thought standing with a frown gazing elsewhere, someone probably wasn’t.

The Hephaestus cabin door slammed open before ungraciously falling off its hinges. Foul smelling smoke billowed from the opening and leaked through cracks- new and old- while teenagers poured out from the building, eyes and noses streaming, all covered in a black gooey something and on their knees trying to hack up a lung.

One guy had the right idea and made a beeline for the lake.

The cabin shook ominously-once, twice, thrice. It groaned from whatever stress it was under then tiredly gave in when a section of the roof collapsed.

The poor cabin has been through a lot in the past days, it’d probably collapse fully if it isn’t seen to soon.

More smoke chugged out from the cabin, so much so that the summer sun had retire early and when it disappeared, two figures appeared in the doorway.

Big, burly and with a swath of spiky, black hair to boot, cabin leader Gajeel was as intimidating as they came with a scowl ever present on his chiseled face. There was even a joke rumour that he was one of Hephaestus’ more sophisticated automatons sent to watch over his children.

Now he was pissed, more so than usual. 

His hair and clothes were smoldering and fresh burns trailed up his arms. Some of that mystery goo was splattered on his face, covering up his eyebrow piercings though ironically giving him new eyebrows.

Any other time he’d look hilarious but somehow the goop only managed to sharpen the rage in his red eyes as he glared at the person he held arms-length like an insolent puppy. A person who was not quite as burly, dangling above ground with a scowl and hair strikingly pink despite the goop that slithered through.

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Get To Know Your Followers

I’m typing this up so forgive me what I miss. Thanks for the tags @organanation and @jin-rio-akabi ! I’m not gonna tag anyone because I’m just not that good at being outgoing, but I’m glad you guys are better at it than I am.

Brace yourself for the stunning lack of interesting I bring!

Name: Hit me up to chat about that.

Nickname: IRL I don’t have one, though I’ve been teased about being a replicant. Here, Cic!

Height: 5′2″. I’m a runt.

Orientation: Heterosexual. 

Favorite Fruit: Raspberries off my raspberry bush. 

Favorite Season: Fall. I look forward to it every year and then it’s over! After that, spring, then winter, then summer. 

Favorite Book: Impossible to say. I love novels by Jane Smiley, Jim Harrison, Raymond Carver, John Cheever, John Irving, Joyce Carol Oates, Paul Theroux, Alice Munro…but I love nonfiction too (I try to alternate, non-fiction then fiction). And I have truly read fic novels lightyears better than published, mainstream work. Remain in Light? Mighty Things? COME ON 

Favorite Flower: Hydrangeas, peonies, roses, lilacs. I like the big frothy ones. 

Favorite Scent: Baking bread. Rainy days. Clean sweat. Ocean. 

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: Tea (Irish Breakfast, timed for 3 minutes and 20 seconds– yeah, I’m real fun) and cocoa. I love the smell of coffee but hate the taste– though I drink my cocoa unsweetened, just cocoa powder and milk, so is that similar to coffee? Maybe I would like coffee now? 

Average Sleep Hours: About 8. I’m an early riser. I’d like not to be because bed is comfy and awesome, and I don’t have to be because I work at home, but…I am. I think best in the morning, and while exercising. Wrote most of NHI on the treadmill. :D

Cat or Dog Person: Yes! Kitties! Puppers! I only have a dog now as my much-beloved ancient cat died a year ago, but I can’t say I prefer one or the other. Have had strong emotional connections with both. 

Favorite Fictional Character: Han Solo. 

Number of Blankets: I struggle with how to make this interesting to you? Which is funny because I find the minutiae of all of your lives genuinely intriguing. A duvet with flannel sheets in the cold months; I switch to thin cotton sheets and a knit blanket in the warmer. 

Dream Trip: I’d like to see the UK. Cool people there!

Blog Created: Uh, about 20 minutes ago, thanks to @organanation

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Random Fact: I love clothes and outfit-planning way too much for someone who works at home. Sometimes I think I wrote a ‘50s AU just to dress the lovely Leia Organa up in wonderful vintage clothing. I’d like to run a boutique if I had any head for business. I like to help people shop. If I was a character in any SW fic,I like to imagine being a super badass rebel or spy or tech genius…but I’d be Jennavelle in @justinegraham and @erindarroch ‘s delicious Blush. I’m a friendly categorizer and pattern-recognizer at heart. 

Of Taverns and Drakes

Wrote yet another short thing for one of the newest NPCs the party has encountered so far.

“Fine!” A slurred voice shouted from down a stained, dingy bar. “Thish place don’t desherve me anyhow!”

The assembled patrons paid almost no heed to the slushed words spouting out of a plump, almost slug shaped creature at the bar’s end. Thin scales of green covered its hide with a dull yellow underbelly. A stripe of dark jade running from tail tip along a smooth back between small wings to cover an upper stumped jaw and snout that still dripped of a frothy ale.

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imaginejolls  asked:

Did someone say lostia


1. Costia is soft and kind and everything that Lexa is afraid to be. She braids flowers into her hair sometimes, frothy white ones that grow right from the ruins of old buildings, and the tiny blue ones that grow at the base of trees, sometimes even daisies from the wide open meadows. at the end of the day when her eyelids grow heavy, lexa helps her take them out one by one. like, “costia, what’s this one called?” “forget me nots.” “they’re pretty on you.” “you say that every time.”

2. costia was really small, shorter than lexa since they were really tiny. then around 12-13 she grew and grew and grew and they became the exact same height. it was easier that way, easier to climb trees together and scramble through brush and kiss. they always argue about who’s really taller. 

3. Anya hates most people. Anya loves Costia. She calls her goufa (approximate translation: kiddo) and buys her sweets when they go to the market. and once she gets older, Anya comes back from long hunting trips with bundles of dried plants and pressed flowers for Costia.

4. Costia gave Lexa her first tattoo. She drew it out first on rawhide canvas first, the gently sloping parallel shapes that spanned Lexa’s upper arm. Costia found a needle and poked it in, dot by dot, holding Lexa’s elbow steady with her cool, still hands. Lexa didn’t wince once. 

5. The heda is as close to a goddess as the TriKru have. Lexa is sixteen and wide-eyed and everything she’s ever been told has turned upside down. Her body isn’t her own, is it? Lexa feels like she’s just a vessel, like her whole life has been nothing but an elaborate daydream before the ascension. Costia says she’ll always love her. Lexa kom Trikru, the muddy knobby-kneed girl she met at the age of six. 


The signs as coffee beverages

Aries: Espresso - Straight, bold, and bursting with energy. A sure-fire start to an active day. One little sip is enough to carry you, and everyone else you lead, through the day.

Taurus: Decaf with Cream and Sugar - A true hard worker doesn’t need caffeine to amplify their already strong abilities. A slow but dependable start to the morning, heavy with sweet indulgences, is the reward for steadfastness.

Gemini: Latte - So many options! What flavor? What design? Hot or cold? An exciting treat nonetheless, the perfect addition to your bookstore or study space aesthetic.

Cancer: Caramel Macchiato - A bit bitter at the first sip, but as you get further down the sweet cream and full flavors show through. Will make you feel less ~crabby~

Leo: Irish Coffee - It’s not a party until we kick things up a notch. Warm. Conversation starter. Conversation continuer. Conversation center. Definitely knows how to make people happy.

Virgo: Mocha - Bittersweet. Hot. Not quite kid-friendly. Would you like whipped cream with that? Depends, how good were you today?

Libra: Café Viennois - How elegant, a dollop of whipped cream within and on top. Make sure to wipe your lip when you’re done. How embarrassing (but cute!) would it be to have anything on your face!

Scorpio: Iced coffee - Cold, refreshing, what everybody craves at the end of a long day. But you can’t fool us for too long - we see your beautiful milky swirls and impossible patterns amidst the darkness.

Sagittarius: Black - No strings attached, please! Whatever is the easiest to carry, most versatile to play with, and universal in flavor. Let’s just get the day going, please.

Capricorn: Caffè Americano - Not quite decaf, not completely espresso. Slow and steady wins the race for you. The less frills it takes to get your fix, the better.

Aquarius: Caffè Affogato - Not your typical coffee drink. The sweet, creamy center is the true heart of the beverage, although one would not be able to tell with the dark, unsweetened coffee surrounding it.

Pisces: Dirty Chai - Too dreamy to be a fully-caffeinated beverage. Aromatic spices, frothy milk, and just one shot of espresso to wake you up and roll over into the eyes of the human you love.


i wanna do this….. its sad that i dont drink coffee