the frostman

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because of their accelerated healing abilities, it is very difficult to get a troll drunk. This is the origin behind the Frostmane's conflict with the Dwarfs of Ironforge, as even the slenderest of troll could outdrink even the greatest drinkers of the dwarven clans, and the dwarves did not like that too much.

Confirmed. Additionally, Vol’jin initially befriended Chen Stormstout after successfully outdrinking him– a feat many thought impossible. 

Commission by @marobot This commission is an example and a taste of the Robot Master Challenge I thought up. From left to right, my 3 favorite Robot Masters have some Special Weapons equipped. Snakeman has Fire Storm, Crystalman has Thunder Beam, and Gyroman has Blizzard Attack, and unlike Megaman, the playable Robot Masters can combine their original weapons with the special weapons of the boss Robot Masters they defeat. And as always, my Megaman Robot Master Challenge is still around. As always the rules are they must be Robot Masters from Megaman 2-6, 9, and 10 who should be playable, the selected Robot Masters must have at least one hand. Also, their special weapons MUST be neutral types. No elemental Robot Masters will be accepted. Also, be sure to pick 8 Robot Masters for them to battle and get special weapons from, but be reasonable depending on what kind of weapons your selected playable Robot Master uses. No Gameboy bosses will be accepted such as Enker, Quint, Punk, Terra, and the Stardroids


Playable Robot Master 1: Gyroman

Bosses with Special Weapons: Cutman (Rolling Cutter), Starman (Star Crush), Blizzardman (Blizzard Attack), Turboman (Scorch Wheel), Springman (Wild Coil) Tenguman (Tengu Blade), Dynamoman (Lightning Bolt), Strikeman (Rebound Striker)

Playable Robot Master 2: Snakeman

Bosses with Special Weapons: Fireman (Fire Storm), Bubbleman (Bubble Lead), Geminiman (Gemini Laser), Ringman (Ring Boomerang), Stoneman (Power Stone), Knightman (Knight Crush), Frostman (Ice Wave), Clownman (Thunder Claw)

Playable Robot Master 3: Crystalman

Bosses with Special Weapons: Freezeman (Freeze Cracker), Heatman (Atomic Fire), Pumpman (Water Shield), Elecman (Thunder Beam), Strikeman (Rebound Striker), Shadowman (Shadow Blade), Centaurman (Centaur Flash), Ringman (Ring Boomerang)

Which Robot Masters will you choose?