the frosting legacy


Asher: I imagine that we’d live here. The home would look more like the cabin. Lila would have had a garden- she liked to garden too. She was notorious for picking plants on hikes, storing seeds. She always dreamed of a big garden.

Frost/Port Residence

[Lila singing]

Lila: Momma and Violet in the garden, wondering where daddy be, daddy gonna come back to garden with some flowers for baby V!

Violet: Again, momma, again!


Jean Grey Vol. 1 #3-8

I just want to take a moment to give a mini artist appreciation post for David Yardin. He has been producing some fantastic covers for the recent Jean Grey series, and I have been really enjoying seeing young Jean cross paths with a range of Marvel heroes. Beautiful artwork. :]

What I want from Marvel Legacy

Logan stays dead: I like Logan as much as the next guy, but we already have 3 wolverines running around we don’t need 4.

Amazing Spider-Man gets a new writer: please for the love of god get rid of Dan Slott.

The fantastic Four return: Its never been the same with them gone.

Emma Frost gets a redemption arc: They did my girl wrong in IvX. She deserves better.

She-Hulk gets better: Seeing her all depressed/broken like this is well depressing. And after what happened to her in Civil War II, she deserves better.

Mary Jane gets written properly: A long shot, but the way she’s been written in the past 5 years have been awful and once again she deserves better. 

Phyla-Vell comes back from the dead: Yeah this is a looong shot, but dammit i miss her and moondragon.

The OG X-men return to there time line: They have overstayed there welcome and are honestly not compelling enough to warrant there stay and pale in comparison to there older counterparts.

Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel gets called out on Civil War II: It needs to happen. Carol was an absolute monster in CW2 and frankly needs to be called out on it. Someone needs to say how much of a cunt she was. 

New creative teams: The most important thing that Legacy needs is new creative teams for there books. I mean if all there books have the same people working on them then absolutely no one will care.