the frostgaurd

League of Legends Ask Meme
  1. First Champion played?
  2. First Champion you mained?
  3. Champion you main/play currently?
  4. Best or Favorite role to play?
  5. Favorite Top champion to play/have on your team?
  6. Favorite Jungle champion to play/have on your team?
  7. Favorite Mid champion to play/have on your team?
  8. Favorite ADC champion to play/have on your team?
  9. Favorite Support champion to play/have on your team?
  10. Best champion design(no skin)?
  11. Best champion ability/kit? 
  12. Worse champion design(no skin)?
  13. Worse champion ability/kit?
  14. Favorite Female champion?
  15. Favorite Male champion?
  16. Favorite Yordle?
  17. Most annoying champion to play against?
  18. Favorite champion laugh track?
  19. Favorite champion Taunt track?
  20. Favorite champion Joke track?
  21. Favorite champion dance track?
  22. Thoughts on Surrendering?
  23. Favorite game mode? (including temporary game modes)
  24. Best event for the game?
  25. Demacia or Noxus?
  26. Piltover or Zaun?
  27. Winter Claw, Avarosan, or FrostGaurd?
  28. Shadow Isles or The Void?
  29. Favorite champion associated with Shurima?
  30. Favorite champion associated with Ionia?
  31. Favorite champion associated with Bilgewater?
  32. Praise the Solari or Lunari?
  33. Static Shiv or Phantom Dancer?
  34. Favorite item in game?
  35. Flash on D or F?
  36. Current game icon? Do you ever change it?
  37. Have/do you watch(ed) LaLaLa Demacia?
  38. Best skin in game?
  39. Best splash art(skins included)?
  40. What ping do you play on?
  41. Do you keep up with pro play? If so, favorite pro player(s)?
  42. Favorite ship?
  43. Do you listen to music while playing? What kind?
  44. What season did you get into league?
  45. Favorite type of Poro from Blitzcrank’s Poro Round Up?
  46. Pref playing AD or AP champions?
  47. Favorite Rioter?
  48. What do you play more Ranked or Normals?
  49. Do you prefer Red side or Blue side?
  50. If you could remove one champion from the game who would it be?