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Hi there,I’m Alice (aka PhoenixFilth around the web and social networks) and I’m a makeup addicted.I mean,really.I have a problem XD
I’m going to post my makeup looks (I’m not a MUA, so they aren’t perfect ;_;) , my makeup collections, maybe some reviews/first impression/random opinions, wishlist and inspiration sooo ….let’s be friends 💖

This is my Jeffree Star collection so far.Jeffree Star Cosmetics has the best formula for liquid lipsticks and highlighters,hands down.Here you can see:

• Beauty Killer palette
• Androgyny palette
• Rose Matter lipstick [top left]
• Gemini [top right]
• Peach Goddess Skin Frost
• Ice Cold Skin Frost

From top:
• Watermelon Soda
• Doll Parts
• Sagittarius
• Blow Pony

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The most must have makeup products? And their names?x

Abh Nicole glow kit
Abh modern Renaissance
Violet voss holy grail
Abh dip brow
Ysl touché éclat blurr primer
Mac gel liner
Huda beauty rose gold palette
Mac studio fix foundation
Urban decay all nighter foundation
Ysl mascara
Mac fix plus
Abh liquid lipsticks
Kylie liquid lipsticks
Jeffree star skin frosts
Huda liquid lipsticks

So basically what happens when you become an adult is that everything you loved as a child comes back in fashion and there are remakes galore. Like, the millennials now were children in the 90s. We’re now seeing a lot of 90′s fashions and media popping up. This is all pretty good. The 90s had a lot of good things. However. I’m kind of terrified for the next generation b/c 2000-2010 fashion was truly horrifying. In a few years, we’re gonna see people w/ frosted lipstick wearing trucker hats and velour tracksuits w/ an unnecessary number of layered t-shirts. That’s horrifying.

Snow Queen lip detail. Wearing @Kryolan Aquacolor in 070 with @chaosmakeupartist white primer to make all the eyeshadows hyper shine. Eyeshadows (all over my face) are @Sugarpill CosmeticsLumi, Grand Tiara, Mochi, and Velocity. Wearing @Aromaleigh www.aromaleighcosmetics.comLaluna Lustre powder and @Kat Von D Beauty Ink Liner in Neruda. Lipstick is @prettyzombiecosmetics in Black Cat with @Lit Cosmetics in Undercover and Porcelain (also under eyes and on face). Septum is from @Regent Couture
That Mother-of-The-Bridezilla Fic
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Series: Part 14 of I love AUs

Sylvia Noble: Mother-of-the-Bridezilla. But Donna, Rose, and Jonathan Smith are quite adept at standing up for themselves.

Response to this fic prompt: I’m the caterer and you’re the florist on a huge expensive wedding and we bond over what an awful person the mother of the bride is AU (with a few adjustments to the prompt).

“That dress does nothing for your figure. You look like a wedding cake topper. What do you need pockets for, anyway? Frosted coral lipstick? I don’t know why you even need a new dress. The one you wore to your first wedding was gorgeous.”


“Purple and lavender? You know I don’t wear purple. I simply won’t. It is the colour of mourning. But then again, I am in mourning over this marriage.” (sniff sniff)


“Cupcakes? Really Donna. I know money is tight, but that’s going too far.”


“This reception hall is in a very rough part of town. No one is going to dare to go to the reception! Afraid their cars will get nicked. Pick someplace else.”


“You can afford an open bar, but you are serving frozen starters from Tesco. You haven’t even hired a proper caterer.”


“You are going to need more fairy lights to brighten up this dismal reception hall. At least you found a location in a safe part of town. But I can’t see my hand in front of my—“

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after seeing danielle’s interview with natalie abrams and her talking about wanting to team up with a makeup company to design a killer frost inspired lipstick, i was thinking that it would be really cool for the flash and the cw to send danielle, candice and violett to new york to visit the bite beauty lip lab and have each of them design their own custom lipstick based on their characters on the show