the frost giant's daughter


Hnossa, the child of Freya and the lost Odur, was the youngest of all the Dwellers in Asgard. And because it had been prophesied that the child would bring her father and her mother together, little Hnossa was often taken without the City of the Gods to stand by Bifröst, the Rainbow Bridge, so that she might greet Odur if his steps turned toward Asgard. 

In all the palaces of the City of the Gods little Hnossa was made welcome: in Fensalir, the Halls of Mists, where Frigga, the wife of Odin All-Father, sat spinning with golden threads; in Breidablik, where Baldur, the Well Beloved, lived with his fair wife, the young Nanna; in Bilskirnir, the Winding House, where Thor and Sif lived; and in Odin’s own palace Valaskjalf, that was all roofed over with silver shields.

The greatest of all the palaces was Gladsheim, that was built by the golden-leaved wood, Glasir. Here the banquets of the Gods were held. Often little Hnossa looked within and saw Odin All-Father seated at the banquet table, with a mantle of blue over him and a shining helmet shaped like an eagle upon his head. Odin would sit there, not eating at all, but drinking the wine of the Gods, and taking the food off the table and giving it to Geri and Freki, the two wolves that crouched beside his seat.

She loved to go outside the great gate and stay beside Heimdall, the Warder of the Rainbow Bridge. There, when there was no one crossing that she might watch, she would sit beside Heimdall and listen to the wonders that he spoke of.

Heimdall held in his hands the horn that was called the Gialarhorn. He would sound it to let the Dwellers in Asgard know that one was crossing the Rainbow Bridge. And Heimdall told little Hnossa how he had trained himself to hear the grasses grow, and how he could see all around him for a hundred miles. He could see in the night as well as the day. He never slept. He had nine mothers, he told Hnossa, and he fed on the strength of the earth and the cold sea.

As she sat beside him day after day, Heimdall would tell little Hnossa how all things began. He had lived from the beginning of time and he knew all things. “Before Asgard was built,” he said, “and before Odin lived, earth and sea and sky were all mixed together: what was then was the Chasm of Chasms. In the North there was Niflheim, the Place of Deadly Cold. In the South there Was Muspelheim, the Land of Fire. In Niflheim there was a cauldron called Hveigilmer that poured out twelve rivers that flowed into the Chasm of Chasms.  

"Ginnungagap, the Chasm of Chasms, filled up with ice, for the waters of the rivers froze as they poured into it. From Muspelheim came clouds of fire that turned the ice into thick mists. The mists fell down again in drops of dew, and from these drops were formed Ymir, the Ancient Giant. 

"Ymir, the Ancient Giant, travelled along by the twelve rivers until he came to where another living form was standing in the mists. This was a Giant Cow. Audhumla was the name of that cow. Ymir lay down beside her and drank her milk, and on the milk she gave him he lived. Other beings were formed out of the dew that fell to the ground. They were the Daughters of the Frost, and Ymir, the Ancient Giant, married one, and their children were the Giants.

"One day Ymir saw Audhumla breathe upon a cliff of ice and lick with her tongue the place she breathed on. As her tongue went over and over the place he saw that a figure was being formed. It was not like a Giant’s form; it was more shapely and more beautiful. A head appeared in the cliff and golden hair fell over the ice. As Ymir looked upon the being that was being formed he hated him for his beauty.

"Audhumla, the Giant Cow, went on licking the place where she had breathed. At last a man completely formed stepped from the cliff. Ymir, the Ancient Giant, hated him so much that he would have slain him then and there. But he knew that if he did this, Audhumla would feed him no more with her milk.

"Bur was the name of the man who was formed in the ice cliff, Bur, the first of the heroes. He, too, lived on the milk of Audhumla. He married a daughter of the Ancient Giant and he had a son. But Ymir and Ymir’s sons hated Bur, and the time came at last when they were able to kill him.

"And now there was war between Ymir and Ymir’s sons and the son and son’s sons of Bur. Odin was the son of Bur’s son. Odin brought all his brothers together, and they were able to destroy Ymir and all his brood–all except one. So huge was Ymir that when he was slain his blood poured out in such a mighty flood that his sons were all drowned in it, all except Bergelmir, who was in a boat with his wife when the flood came, and who floated away on the flood to the place that we now call Jötunheim, the Realm of the Giants.

"Now Odin and his sons took the body of Ymir–the vastest body that ever was–and they flung it into the Chasm of Chasms, filling up all the hollow places with it. They dug the bones out of the body and they piled them up as the mountains. They took the teeth out and they made them into the rocks. They took the hair of Ymir and they made it into the forests of trees. They took his  eyebrows and formed them Into the place where Men now dwell, Midgard. And out of Ymir’s hollow skull they made the sky.

‘’And Odin and his sons and brothers did more than this. They took the sparks and the clouds of flame that blew from Muspelheim, and they made them into the sun and the moon and all the stars that are in the sky. Odin found a dusky Giantess named Night whose son was called Day, and he gave both of them horses to drive across the sky. Night drove a horse that is named Hrimfaxe, Frosty Mane, and Day drove a horse that is named Skinfaxe, Shining Mane. From Hrimfaxe’s bit fall the drops that make the dew upon the earth.

‘’Then Odin and his sons made a race of men and women and gave them Midgard to live in. Ugly Dwarfs had grown up and had spread themselves over the earth. Odin made them to go live in the hollow places beneath the earth. The Elves he let stay on the earth, but he gave them the tasks of tending the streams and the grasses and the flowers. And with the Vanir he made peace after a war had been waged, taking Niörd from them for a hostage.

‘’Bergelmir, the Giant who escaped drowning in Ymir’s blood, had sons and daughters in Jötunheim. They hated Odin and his sons and strove against them. When Odin lit up the world with the sun and the moon they were very wroth, and they found two of the fiercest of the mighty wolves of Jötunheim and set them to follow them. And still the sun and the moon, Sol and Mani, are followed by the wolves of Jötunheim.

Such wonders did Heimdall with the Golden Teeth tell Hnossa, the youngest of the Dwellers in Asgard. Often the child stayed with him by the Rainbow Bridge, and saw the Gods pass to and from Midgard: Thor, with his crown of stars, with the great hammer Miölnir in his hands, with the gloves of iron that he used when he grasped Miölnir; Thor in his chariot drawn by two goats and wearing the belt that doubled his strength; Frigga, with her dress of falcon feathers, flying swiftly as a bird; Odin, the All-Father himself, riding upon Sleipner, his eight-legged steed, clad all in golden armour, with his golden helmet, shaped like an eagle, upon his head, and with his spear Gungnir in his hand.

Heimdall kept his horn in the branch of a great tree. This tree was called Ygdrassil, he told little Hnossa, and it was a wonder to Gods and Men. "No one knows of a tune when Ygdrassil was not growing, and all are afraid to speak of the time when it will be destroyed.

Ygdrassil has three roots. One goes deep under Midgard, another goes deep under Jötunheim, and the third grows above Asgard. Over Odin’s hall a branch of Ygdrassil grows, and it is called the Peace Bough.

You see Ygdrassil, little Hnossa, but you do not know all the wonders of it. Far up in its branches four stags graze; they shake from their horns the water that falls as rain upon the earth. On the topmost branch of Ygdrassil, the branch that is so high that the Gods themselves can hardly see it, there is an eagle that knows all things. Upon the beak of this eagle a hawk is perched, a hawk that sees what the eyes of the eagle may not see.

"The root of Ygdrassil that is in Midgard goes deep down to the place of the dead. Here there is an evil dragon named Nidhögg that gnaws constantly at the root, striving to destroy Ygdrassil, the Tree of trees. And Ratatösk, the Squirrel of Mischief–behold him now!–runs up and down Ygdrassil, making trouble between the eagle above and the dragon below. He goes to tell the dragon how the eagle is bent upon tearing him to pieces and he goes back to tell the eagle how the dragon plans to devour him. The stories that he brings to Nidhögg make that evil dragon more fierce to destroy Ygdrassil, the Tree of trees, so that he may come upon the eagle and devour him.

There are two wells by the roots of Ygdrassil, and one is above and one is below. One is beside the root that grows in Jötunheim. This is a Well of Knowledge, and it is guarded by old Mimir the Wise. Whoever drinks out of this well knows of all the things that will come to be. The other well is by the root that grows above Asgard. No one may drink out of this well. The three sisters that are the holy Norns guard it, and they take the white water from it to water Ygdrassil, that the Tree of Life may keep green and strong. This well, little Hnossa, is called Urda’s Well.”

And little Hnossa heard that by Urda’s Well there were two beautiful white swans. They made music that the Dwellers in Asgard often heard. But Hnossa was too young to hear the music that was made by the swans of Urda’s Well.

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Frostbitten - Chapter One

TITLE OF STORY: Frostbitten
AUTHOR: freudensteins-monster
GENRE: Drama/Erotica
FIC SUMMARY: King Loki of Jötunheim is in negotiations with the Allfather to broker an uneasy peace between the two realms. His last request, a request made simply to offend the proud Asgardian, is for the Allfather to offer up one of his citizens to be the Frost Giant’s bride.
WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES: I needed to write a Jotunn!Loki fic, and whilst the summary kinda sounds like my last fic, as always I hope to write something different/original, at the very least write a different incarnation of Logyn.
FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: Feedback appreciated. xoxox **Edited 04FEB2015**

King Loki of Jötunnheim sat smugly at the head ofthe negotiating table, a long thick slab of ice and slate with an array of Jötunn and Asgardian dignitaries seated around it. Currently those seated on the opposite side of the table were huddled together bickering about the Jötunn ruler’s final demand.

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i have always had a fondness for the sleeping princess; who saw her fate written in her fingerprints, who was born caged. who had parents who couldn’t know her; did not care to look after her. at sixteen she would die; as soon as she could walk they left her.

they called her perfect. what an impossible mantle to rest under. laurels she suffocated to earn. always kind, always obedient, submissive, her voice a fern. she was beautiful and that was all they wrote about her; her personality nothing noted on but for “good”. if she wrote poetry, she burned it. the long nights where she stayed up, trying to make herself the littlest bit more beautiful for the parents that never saw her - is this where she grew bone weary. or was it every skipped meal, every ballet lesson she was alone for, every book where the father kisses his daughter and the mother is wise and caring. was it simply that there is too many shadows in the forest. 

i have always had a fondness for her wide eyes. for approaching the wheel which was her end and finding herself all full of sad heat, an emptiness, a loneliness. the princess who did not want to be queen. who saw queens as frost giants, out there in the world, uncaring, letting their daughter alone on the eve of her birthday. in the stories, she is tricked. her delicate hands (she wrote books where blood spilled, but tore out the pages before anyone could read them) caress a poison tip.

i wonder if she did it because she was sick of running from it. from following their plot. from being perfect. if here was the one thing her parents had forbid of her: but who were they to her anyway? what if the spindle was not fairy magic; but rather her own. what if this was the rebellion of aurora. when she woke, would it all be different? would her responsibilities and problems melt away along with the darkness?

i, too, yearn for a sleep that i cannot wake from. a dream space. not for the kiss that follows. but for a new world where i am free from all of the things that bind me. a sleep that erases. that covers all my secrets in roses. when i wake, i am finally rested. my heart doesn’t sing lullabies to my head. when i wake, there is no prince, no parents, no perfection. it is just me, and a castle of thorns, and for once, i am glad to be alone.


Skadi is the goddess of winter whose name means shadow.

Her home is in the mountains of Thrymheim, home of the giants. She is the daughter of the frost giant Thjazi who was murdered for stealing the goddess Iduna.

Ever since she descended from Asgard to dwell in the mountains. She put on her weapons to seek revenge. The gods offer her peace with letting her choose any god to marry. There should be one condition only - she chooses her husband by only looking at his naked feet.

She accepts the offer and so marries Njörd, the god of the sea. Their marriage is rather short and unhappy since the two cannot find a suitable place to live. Skadi is unhappy with living at the sea and Njörd gets tired of the mountains.

So they split and Skadi went back to her father’s home where she is walking on snowshoes and hunts deer with her bow. Especially in winter she brings hunters good luck.

Fallen Angels, Ch. 12

Title: Fallen Angels
Chapter 12: Before –  “Show me worthy of thy sweet respect”
Chapter Summary:  The chapter in which we answer the question as to whether Loki is man enough to ask forgiveness, and how long it might take for him to receive it. The action picks up precisely where ch. 11 lets off – in fact, within the same conversation.
Rating: E for the story overall; this chapter, though, is all plot)
Characters: Loki, Sigyn, and Thor
Story Description: a post-apocalyptic, MCU-Norse mythos mash-up; science fiction/fantasy

External validation and constructive criticism actively and shamelessly encouraged. I will re-blog with the tags.  I would be glad to add to or remove from the tag list at your request.

Thank you again and again (and again), @icybluepenguin , for your help and encouragement and editing. You are an angel.

Ch. 1: Walking with unblest feet

Ch. 2: “I struck the board and cry’d, No more.”

Ch. 3: “Like gold to airy thinness beat.”

Ch. 4: “We are tapers, too, and at our own cost die.”

Ch. 5: “Batter My Heart”

Ch. 6: “Lost hours recall’d”
Ch. 7: “Something wicked this way comes”

Ch. 8: “This fair acceptance take”
Ch. 9: “Like a fantastic ague”
Ch. 10: “Thy firmness makes my circle just/And makes me end where I begun”
Ch. 11: “No man is an island, entire of itself”

Ch. 13 here

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“That is the stupidest idea you have ever uttered, and trust me, you have formulated a host of nonsensical plans.”

“You love her?”


“Is there anyone else on your list of eligible matches? Are you hoping for political position — maybe you are holding out for a princess from Vanaheim?”

“Don’t be an idiot — no one with any political aspirations will link their daughter to a frost giant.”

“Maybe you’re looking for wealth? Is there a rich Asgardian family you’ve got picked out?”

“Thor, stop.”

“Or maybe you would prefer to collect a huge tract of land — I know! Amora once had her eye on you.”

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Character Review : Samirah Al-Abbas

Ok so I was asked by @laura-thewindwaker for a Samirah Al Abbas review from a Muslim point of view.

Before anything else I would request everyone to please not shorten Samirah’s name to Sam. Because it may be a regular thing with other names but in this situation it is a bit disrespectful as ‘Sam’ is not a Muslim name. It sort of erases the historical significance and Islamic meaning behind it which is very important in our religion. (I paraphrased this post by @datte-boo)

I’m not sure if I would have done this without @laura-thewindwaker asking (I probably would have) but if you want to read an analyzation of how Rick Riordan did his job then look no further. 

Overall I would say Rick did a pretty good job. I can see he tried his best.

  • I, personally, would have liked it if she were a bit more religious e.g. She wore her headscarf in front of all non family males as much as she could or if we got a proper confirmation that Rick intended for her to be a practicing Muslim but by no means am I ungrateful.
  • I really liked the fact that she wore her Hijab WILLINGLY and not because she was forced by her grandparents or anything.
  • I’m glad Rick sort of erased the probability of her having a relationship with anyone else by giving her a fiance. I’m not sure how much I ship them because we literally saw Amir for like 10 seconds but that’s good enough. (Maybe he’ll show up in later books ?)
  • I liked that even if it was a single line, the Islamophobia of society was brought up. It is REALLY important to me and I hope its addressed a lot more otherwise I will be VERY mad.
  • Alos the fact that Samirah didn’t shy away from her Islamic heritage is important. She had no problem telling Magnus about her family and going to the mosques etc. etc. She was defiant.
  • The fact that she was a daughter of Loki who is a frost giant and not a god is a very good thing even ifits not the absolute best. For more on the matter I discussed it here and here.
  • Samirah’s family customs were very much like Muslims. Like her grandparents being very traditional and having her engaged early or the fact that they grounded her and tried not to let her have too much contact with non familial boys.
  • I wish that I also had more of an indication that Samirah hated lying to her grandparents but as much as we got was actually pretty good. 
  • The fact that Rick made it clear that she goes to the mosque with her grandmother is also very nice to know. Once again, I would have liked to know the extent of her religiousness but at least this is a start.
  • I’ll say this once again but I really laughed at Samirah’s picture that Odin chose in his PowerPoint presentation and the reaction everyone had to it because it was incredibly realistic and if I were there I would have done the same. 
  • (I also would have reacted how Samirah reacted).
  • I liked how Rick made Magnus aware that Samirah had personal boundaries and that he respected her and saw her as an ‘annoying sister’. 
  • I’m pleased with her character. She could have been better but she also could have been worse and I am happy that we got this much.

So this is a review coming from a 15 year old Muslim girl. I am happy about a lot of things in Samirah’s character and as you can see above, I’m not happy (or cynical) of some others).

I am in no way ungrateful. But this is the truth as I see it. I hope this was educational.

You may read my review for the entire Sword of Summer book here.


Frostbitten - Epilogue

TITLE OF STORY: Frostbitten
AUTHOR: freudensteins-monster
GENRE: Drama/Erotica
FIC SUMMARY: King Loki of Jötunheim is in negotiations with the Allfather to broker an uneasy peace between the two realms. His last request, a request made simply to offend the proud Asgardian, is for the Allfather to offer up one of his citizens to be the Frost Giant’s bride.
FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: Beta’d by ladyaudiophile. Here we are, at the end of the story… Thank you so much for reading and sending me your feedback. I appreciate it so much. xoxox

Previous Chapters  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13

The blinding flash of the Bifrost illuminated the rocky outcrops of Jotunheim, depositing the Allfather and a few of his delegates on the outskirts of Utgard. The Asgardian contingent travelled unheeded to the shining citadel, looking about them curiously at the lack of snow on the ground, finding themselves overdressed in the muggy warmth of the Jotunheim summer.

“Allfather, to what do I own this honour?” Loki welcomed his visitors from his throne, his white haired Jotun queen to his right.

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Imagine that after Loki gets banished to Earth he begins to raise a little girl. When the girl is 16 and walking home from school, she gets caught in one of the Avengers mission and she gets slightly injured. The Avengers take her back to the tower and patch her up and call her father to pick her up, without then knowing who her father is. While waiting for her father to pick her up she sits down and gets to know the Avengers and they quickly take a liking to her, but Thor finds her oddly familiar. Her and Thor eventually end up in a slight argument and end up having a stare down and during their stare down he sees something he knows all too well in her eyes, his brother Loki. He steps back startled and mumbles “brother?” And the girl just crosses her arms and says “you better watch it thunder boy” and at that moment Loki strolls into the room and the alarm set to go off at Loki’s presence goes off. Loki than has to explain to the Avengers and his daughter how she’s a frost giant and that she isn’t his real daughter.

TITLE: I Guess This is Growing Up


AUTHOR: The-stuttering-kiwi


Imagine being another child that Odin has brought back to Asgard to raise along side Thor and Loki.  Thor is always the older brother but even from a young age there is no denying the connection between you and Loki.

RATING: General


I never felt more free,

I’ve never been more true

never thought I’d see today with you

I didn’t picture this

Wasn’t hoping high

But now I’m reaching for the things I left behind

‘cause I’m finally content

And I sure as hell meant all of it

The tears well up and I

Just can’t help but smile

I think about the way

This took me by surprise

To see how far, we’ve come

My only wish

That we would see the sun at the end of all of this and

Is it to proud to say that

I like who we became

And I guess that growing up turned out to be okay

Tonight Alive - Sure As Hell

Sigrun and Loki stood outside the doors to the feast hall, each waiting for the other one to be the first to open the door.

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