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Come Back to Bed

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I used to live in the Grimm Book Bindery in Madison, Wisconsin. I don’t know if it was ever really a bindery, but whatever it was, it was made into two level studio/efficiency apartments. All the bathrooms were in the back, but they had those blurred glass squares to let in light. It wasn’t too bad; there was always a little light coming in. I lived on the bottom floor, which was technically a basement, but they opened up the front of it so they could put doors in. 

I woke up in the middle of the night and saw my boyfriend standing by the bed. It looked like he had gotten up to go to the bathroom, but he was just standing there. 

“Scott? What are you doing? Come back to bed.”

I rolled over, closed my eyes, pulled the blankets up to my chin, and shimmied to get comfortable again. Then my eyes popped open as I realized…

My boyfriend didn’t sleep over that night.

I can’t tell you how long it took me to get out of the bed to turn on a light…I was so conflicted with wanting to get rid of the darkness and not wanting to put my feet on the floor…but I can tell you I did not turn the light off until the sun was up.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 8/10 That got me good.  Thanks for sharing the scares!

the signs as songs by the front bottoms (part one)
  • <p> <b>aries:</b> santa monica<p/><b>taurus:</b> au revoir (adios)<p/><b>gemini:</b> 2yl<p/><b>cancer:</b> bathtub<p/><b>leo:</b> tattooed tears<p/><b>virgo:</b> be nice to me<p/><b>libra:</b> fuck jobs<p/><b>scorpio:</b> swimming pool<p/><b>sagittarius:</b> father<p/><b>capricorn:</b> looking like you just woke up<p/><b>aquarius:</b> help<<p/><b>
  • pisces: </b> mountain<p/></p>
the signs as the front bottoms songs
  • aries: maps, be nice to me, the boredom is the reason i started swimming (...)
  • taurus: rhode island, the feud, everything i own
  • gemini: swear to god the devil made me do it, flying model rockets, water-gun-knife
  • cancer: jim bogart, lonely eyes, santa monica
  • leo: skeleton, so sick we're dead, motorcycle
  • virgo: bathtub, au revoir (adios), swimming pool
  • libra: lipstick covered magnet, mountain, plastic flowers
  • scorpio: the beers, cough it out, looking like you just woke up
  • sagittarius: twin size mattress, backflip, laugh till I cry
  • capricorn: the plan (fuck jobs), summer shandy, help
  • aquarius: historic cemetery, awkward conversations, 2yl
  • pisces: twelve feet deep, you wouldn't be laughing, west virginia

@Rules: Using only songs from one artist, answer these ten questions and tag ten people.

Band/artist: The front bottoms

What’s your gender: Lipstick cover magnet
Describe yourself: Looking Like You Just Woke Up
How do you feel: Summer shandy
If you could go anywhere: Maps
Favorite mode of transportation: Flying Model Rockets
Your best friend: Laugh tis i cry
Favorite time of day: Cough it out
If your life was a TV show: Funny You Should Ask
Relationship status: Awkward conversations
Your fear: Be nice to me/Twin Size Mattress

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