the front bottoms acoustic

Let’s sit around and listen to The Devil and God
And talk just like we used to
I never want this song to end
I was never good at endings.

acoustic JAMZ

someone messaged me and asked me about my favorite acoustic versions of songs and i thought it would make a good post so here we go! i don’t typically listen to acoustic versions of songs because i usually like heavy music, but i have a few standouts that i can think of so i thought i’d share them with you guys!

click here for a youtube playlist!

i’m gonna break this into two (2!) categories, acoustic versions by the original artist and acoustic covers

original artist:

1. front porch sunrise (acoustic) - forever came calling

2. acoustic songs - real friends (this is an album and it’s p good)

3. jim bogart - the front bottoms (acoustic version by brian sella) 

4. jude law and a semester abroad (acoustic) - brand new


1. such great heights - the postal service (acoustic cover by iron and wine)

2. radio - lana del rey (acoustic cover by conan gray)

3. there for you - trove sivan and martin garrix (acoustic cover by caroline butler) (shameless plug of my own music)

4. new york, new york - frank sinatra (cover by dodie clark and thomas sanders)

(question from @coffeeeyes1015)