the frog lad project

mamananner  asked:

Ozzy is, without a doubt, perhaps my very favorite of the Heqet boys. He's just got this sort of pizzazz with his personality and his appearance; surely the trickster of the bunch. I really can't wait to hear and see more of this lovely lovely character ~ ! Though I was wondering; on account of his anisocoria, does he have any sight issues? Does he have prescription glasses, for instance? Suppose those would be hard to wear without proper ears to hold them in place.

Waah, thank you very much! I can’t wait to show more about him too. ;-;

Ozzy is definitely the joker of the group and being the youngest too kind of helps haha. He usually takes it upon himself to liven things up if he thinks it’s become too boring.

As for vision, his is actually perfect, so glasses would be unnecessary! True not having ears to hold the glasses would be a problem normally. However though, that would be no fun at all and I refuse to let a minor detail like that stop him (or the others) from donning some cool eye-wear B) 

In short, if they want, they CAN wear glasses and the like because they’re magically held in place, also because I said so 8U