the frog lad project

BTW Ozzy in that last post doesn’t have holes in his skin. Since he’s based on a Vietnamese Mossy frog, his skin is super bumpy and stuff, like so:

Of course, it’s great for normal frogs, as it serves as camouflage, but not so much in Ozzy’s case.

That being said, he’s pretty insecure about his back, and to a lesser degree, his face. It’s partly the reason he prefers hoodies, to regular shirts.

Just thought I’d explain that.

mamananner  asked:

Ozzy is, without a doubt, perhaps my very favorite of the Heqet boys. He's just got this sort of pizzazz with his personality and his appearance; surely the trickster of the bunch. I really can't wait to hear and see more of this lovely lovely character ~ ! Though I was wondering; on account of his anisocoria, does he have any sight issues? Does he have prescription glasses, for instance? Suppose those would be hard to wear without proper ears to hold them in place.

Waah, thank you very much! I can’t wait to show more about him too. ;-;

Ozzy is definitely the joker of the group and being the youngest too kind of helps haha. He usually takes it upon himself to liven things up if he thinks it’s become too boring.

As for vision, his is actually perfect, so glasses would be unnecessary! True not having ears to hold the glasses would be a problem normally. However though, that would be no fun at all and I refuse to let a minor detail like that stop him (or the others) from donning some cool eye-wear B) 

In short, if they want, they CAN wear glasses and the like because they’re magically held in place, also because I said so 8U

the-strawberry-bunny  asked:

Okay, I remember you saying Frog Lad lives on an island. This makes me wonder if there are certain places on... Earth? that have the syndrome more so than other places or it it happens in a certain part of the world specifically? Also, where does the color on the head go from froggy to human?

Yes, he does live on an island! To be honest, I haven’t gotten around to figuring where exactly in his world the syndrome would more widespread, but there are places where they’re located in more concentrated clusters…I just need to figure out where haha.

As for the mutation, here is a rough mapping of Frog Lad’s:

Now the proximity of the mutation does differ from one individual to the next. For example, it can also extend a little farther beyond the base of the neck, usually along the spine and/or shoulders. Like so:

These are only a few rough examples, but I hope this gives you a good idea!   

A while ago, someone reblogged this post:

and in their tags, they mentioned that Jag would probably sock them in the face for flirting with him, despite them being a lady. An interesting observation, sure, but not 100% true.

As cranky, short tempered, and nasty as he is, he’s not one to hit a girl/lady for any old reason (especially for flirting with him). Actually, he’s such an angry guy, he probably wouldn’t realise he was being courted to begin with heh. 

However, if he feels they are overstepping their boundaries, he’d most likely resort to intimidation, and threats, rather than outright physical violence.

At least, not yet.

Remember his hair trigger temper, because once he’s pushed to the brink, there’s no going back, female or not. Of course, and much like Frog Lad, that means he can and will defend himself against a girl/lady, especially if they’re a threat to him or anyone he cares about.

Unlike Frog Lad, though, Jag is less forgiving and gracious, and in most cases is more willing to “go for the kill”.

flutiez-deactivated20131230  asked:

I wanted to let you know that I think it's the cutest thing that boys with heqet croak/call when they're nervous or scared or angry. I just giggle when I think about it! I like to think that whenever Jag, Bear and Ozzy are out doing something, seperated but close by, they call to each other for either fun or to signal. Another little headcanon I have is that when Ava is like really sad, Frog Lad will croak purposely because it makes her laugh (yes I ship it too!).

Those are…

REALLY GREAT/CUTE HEADCANONS OMG they would totally do those things!

(ahhh I’m glad thank!)

treebook  asked:

Hey you! I ran across the weirdest frog in my internet browsing today, called trichobatrachus robustus or the 'hairy frog' (or 'wolverine frog'), and immediately thought of your frog lad project and wondered what a person with heqet based on this breed would be like. Does the disease ever go down to the hands or hips?

WHOA SHOOT that is one strange looking frog! Definitely haven’t seen that one before wow. From what I’ve read so far, those “hairy bits” you see aren’t hair, but rather ridges on the skin that are thought to absorb oxygen, much like external gills.   

But no, since the disease doesn’t go past the upper part of the torso, it really wouldn’t show up on them. Unless…it appeared on their back, neck or jaw? Dang, I need to give this some consideration haha. *_*

Thanks for bringing this little guy to my attention! 

Honestly, sometimes they just occur to me, and sometimes I decide “I want this kind of character to be a part of my story” and sketch out ideas till I’m satisfied.

At times I think of appearance first, but simultaneously work their personality into the design. However, most of the time I start with a personality and build the looks based on that alone. A prime example of that would be Jag.

As for how I came up with Jag, Bear, and Ozzy…I had them in mind for months before getting around to drawing them. It just came down to deciding on what type of frog they’d be and working out their final designs.

Jag: He was the easiest because the moment I saw the Malayan Horned Frog, I knew that was the one. Because of Jag’s inherent grouchy, and intimidating nature, that frog fit him hilariously well.

Bear: He was more or less unintentional, really. I was browsing tumblr and happened upon a gif of Darwin’s Frog and immediately sketched him out as that frog. The sketch resonated with me, and so I chose that type.

Ozzy: Took the longest since he’s this energetic, somewhat eccentric and showy character, I wanted a frog who’s physical appearance would emphasise those traits. The Vietnamese Mossy frog really fit the bill, in my mind. Especially so with their rough, bumpy looking skin.

All in all, for the three of them I wanted to go with frogs that would better suite their personalities, but at the same time compliment each other’s design.

I’m not sure if I ultimately succeed in that endeavour, but regardless, I’m happy with how they all turned out. 

Sorry for the wall of text, but I hope that answered your question! 

anonymous asked:

I'm guessing there have been abortions when the parents found out in ultrasound they had a Heqet pregnancy. Also, you could use vulgar slurs related to tongues+sex. Hell, since the character likes cats somebody might call him a pussy-licker.

Good God, anon, it took me a minute to realise what you were talking about.

About the abortion thing, seeing as it’s a touchy subject, I’m still fine tuning exactly how I want it all to go down. But the short and sweet answer is, yes, unfortunately there will be hysterical parents aborting their kids left and right, when Heqet first shows up, and even long after.

As for the latter part of your ask, yes, technically someone could resort to using that kind of slur. But really, is it necessary for my story? No, it honestly isn’t. On top of that, the characters have more than enough obvious material to fuel their name calling, slur slinging needs. Let’s not bring sex and pet preferences into it, alright?

So, no, other than the Heqet related slurs you see me make reference to in-story, you’re not gonna see anything beyond common, everyday curse words.

While we’re on the subject, and because I’ve gotten similar questions/comments, I would like to take this chance to say that the focus of my story is not to see how vulgar or down and dirty I can get with my concept and characters. Things like this are not relevant to me OR my story.

Yes, I am trying to create a believable concept that some, if not most people can relate to and hopefully enjoy. And yes, there will be drama, and dark aspects, but only as plot devices to move the story along. That being said, I won’t delve too deeply into those aspects if I deem them unnecessary.

Also, please don’t ask me exactly what aspects I’ll be exploring, because even I don’t know yet, and  believe me, I’m still a long way from figuring it out.

tobogganhawk  asked:

Tell me how much Bear can bench press?


he can successfully lift a Kodiak Bear over his head no problem, and those suckers weigh a shit tonne, I’m gonna have to say…

an undetermined whole freaking lot!

to be honest, I haven’t yet figured out exactly how much he can lift, other than it’s a unrealistically large amount??? =’D