the frisk

pROOF that yes I am still working, it’s just taking forever and I don’t want to post any more full wip’s cuz it’ll ruin the finished peice!


I’m collab’ing with @kamiiireru​ for her Yandere!Frisk doujinshi!  Have you guys seen her art?  It’s fantastic!  I’ve written a scene out and got permission to post it up here, and she’s going to be posting up pages of the doujinshi soon.  I most def recommend checking her out!  I know I’ll be reblogging things from her in the future.  

Some things about this doujinshi/the writing below:
It’s Frans.  
* Frisk is gendered.  
* Frisk is 18, and Sans is 21.  

If any of that isn’t your cup of tea–cool.  Please keep scrolling, and have a delightful day.  

This scene is pure, cute fluff before it all goes to hell.
Scene’s below the cut.  I don’t have a mobile link for you right now.  

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