the friendly skies


“Respect…hah,” the man named Frank chuckled, “I gave that mutt more respect than they deserved.  They had no right to question me like that.”

Despite his best efforts, Ben could feel himself becoming more and more angry.  The whole reason he’d even set foot in this place to begin with was because of (Y/N).  As soon as Ben had found out what Frank had done, he’d stormed right over to confront him.  Problem was nobody else acted like they even cared.  Even Frank seemed pretty pleased with himself at the moment.  He still thought what he’d done was perfectly okay and it made Ben sick.

“I’m not asking,” Ben said cooly, “Either you knock it off or I promise you…”

“What,” Frank demanded, his eyes narrowing, “Gonna have me reported?  Gonna run back crying to daddy?  Not that I’d be surprised really.  That’s all you Mason boys ever do…hide behind your daddy.”  The man let out another chuckle as he exchanged looks with the men seated around him.  "Now that I think about it,“ he went on with a sneer, "What’s your interest in all this, Razorback?”

Ben had heard enough.  Following the camp rules, even keeping up a good public image, didn’t mean anything at that point if this…man…was able to do this to (Y/N) and get away with it.  Before anyone else could react, Ben lunged forward and tackled Frank from his barstool.  The momentum carried both of them into the floor with a loud thud.  Already, other patrons started gathering round as Ben felt one of Frank’s elbows connect with his jaw…

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Okay, I was not expecting this. Why is the Brute riding in economy? #Halowars2 

Polite and mild-mannered airline pilot Clark Kent is happy with his life. He lives his dream of flying the friendly skies, seeing the world, and making enough money to send home to help out with his family’s farm. He doesn’t think his life is missing anything, no matter what his mother says.

When his connecting flight is grounded because of an incoming tropical storm, he’s forced to share the last available hotel room with a proud, standoffish fishing boat captain by the name of Arthur Curry.

Will their opposing personalities make their weekend together a living hell or will they be able to find some… Common Ground?

Some Riley & Lucas fans: Ski Lodge shows that Maya never liked Lucas so stop trying to act like Lucaya is a thing. They are just friends! That’s all they ever were. That’s all they’ll ever be.

*Maya jumps on Lucas’ back in GM Bear*

Same Riley & Lucas fans: Maya needs to stop flirting with Lucas. That’s not right to do to her best friend.

Me: But you said that Maya & Lucas are only friends and only will ever be friends so any interaction they have shouldn’t matter. If you truly believe that Ski Lodge proved that Maya never liked Lucas, then none of this should bother you because they are just being friends. Which is it? Either Ski Lodge holds up and this is just innocent friendly behavior. Or Ski Lodge is false and Maya & Lucas are on the path to learning they’re behavior was never strictly platonic and/or can never be platonic again.

Me again: I think Maya & Lucas are trying to navigate their friendship again to discover which boundaries are okay to cross and which aren’t. I think they are going to have some difficulties owing to the fact that they just can’t be strictly friends again. Not after having a moment like the campfire one. I don’t think either wants to hurt or betray Riley; they just don’t know how to best behave with each other now, and there will be missteps because of that. I think they are genuinely confused about what behavior was flirty and what wasn’t, and it’s only by attempting those same things again that they’ll learn. And it’s highly likely that something they think was friendly before now feels differently because they’ve taken those steps forward and no matter what was said in Ski Lodge, those forward steps can’t really be taken back. “We can still be friends. Not really.” But if you look at any of their behavior and consider it flirting or crossing a line - whether you are a shipper or not - then you have to admit the conclusions they all thought they had made in Ski Lodge are contradicting how they actually feel & behave as they now deal with the outcome.

Me yet again: Also how is Lucas never at fault for any of this when it comes to putting blame on Maya? If you put blame on Maya, I say you have to put equal blame on Lucas. It takes two to tango.

(✿◕ ‿ ◕) Friendly reminder that Colonel Weaver, the man who held both his daughters while they died, was the only person who never stopped believing in Lexi, even when both her parents had given up

(✿◠‿◠) Friendly reminder that Colonel Weaver has been there for Matt more than Tom has, helping Matt dig for his father even when Weaver was certain Tom was dead, and giving Matt the validation/confidence he needs by calling him “soldier” and treating him like an adult 

(✿✪‿✪) Friendly reminder that Colonel Weaver is an honorary Mason and I’ll fight anyone who disagrees