the freshman files


Thoughts while playing Rules of Engagement Book 2, Chapter 3: London Calling

Nicole (Nerdy Twin) is in London!

Blaire arrives ten minutes early to the meeting (and ten minutes “ahead of the world”.). Love it. She’s my fictional businesswoman idol.

“Wasted time is the enemy of success.” Another quotable quote! Hmmm. (Am I wasting my time and hindering my success by playing a video game during my lunch hour at work?)

This red brick-walled office is so nice!

We meet a colleague! He looks so very young with an oversized blazer. Hello Paolo!

Ha! He’s asking us to get him coffee. Not falling for that, Paolo! James Ashton did the same thing in Book 1 of The Freshman!

“Perception is power.” *files in mental library for future reference*

What! There’s only one opening and we have to compete for it? I see where this is going. (Flash forward: Nicole gives up internship to complete her bucket list. But she’s too damn precious to Blaire already when that happens and Blaire will ask her back.)

Okay first project. 24 hour sunscreen? Why would I need sunscreen at night?

So the two interns are at the park for some interviews on why the sunscreen isn’t selling. Paolo has taken his shirt off. He really looks like a little boy to me so… “I’m not impressed.”

Random Girl looks like Vanessa Kingsley from “James: Masquerade Ball”.

Nicole needs to step up her game and spots her respondent. Isn’t this the guy from Cheerm (Most Wanted)? And the guy who was selling brownies at Dolores Park in Lovehacks?

Back at the office! So the sunscreen’s name sucks. Did they really need to do interviews to know the name was bad? Let’s replace it with Solixir! Yay, Blaire likes it! We win this round.

A fancy dinner with Blaire? Yes!!

We get to do Q&A with Blaire. I ask her if she’s always had a passion for tech. She says that business isn’t always a passion, but a necessity. More explanation. I’m learning a lot from her!

She’s asking us about our top priority! “Career” is probably what she wants to hear but I choose “Family.” I think it’s the wrong answer for her.

Paolo’s asking her what trait she looks for the most in people she work with. She says “Desire.” DAMN! I’m gonna go use this in the office sometime.

Dinner is over.

She’s deleting Audrey’s number!?

Now playing as MC.

Bartender’s asking us out on a date! Time travel he says?

We head to the boutique.

Dean looks funny. I burst out laughing. Oh man. C'mon guys, there’s GOT to be a more flattering outfit for our hunky bartender!

Aaah, he’s in 1920s attire. I STILL think there are more flattering costumes than what he’s wearing.

We get to choose a costume too! I love the Razzle Dazzle dress!!!

You step off the boat for your date with Dean.

The end.

Final thoughts:
The highlights of the chapter for me was getting to know Blaire better and the Razzle Dazzle dress. That’s it. :( And I REALLY thought Bartender looked a little silly in his 20s outfit. There must be other outfits from that era right? I don’t know what to make of Paolo yet. He seems intense and a little manipulative but let’s see what his character arc will be like.