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MBTI in fiction, part 5: ENFP.

ENFP characters are definitely something. Bright-eyed, pleasant, and all around nice people. They WILL be a friend to the other characters, and that is that. They are optimistic, hopeful, usually adventurous, and always look for the good in everyone.
They are almost always among the most likable characters, and are capable of bringing a smile to even the coldest audience (speaking from experience). If an ENFP dislikes someone, out of what underworld did that person crawl.

Leadership: Generally, they are not found in command of large groups. They are ideal teachers of kids (see #3 character listed), but are excellent counselors, mediators, diplomats, and ambassadors (#2 character). They know people very well, and seem to be able to find just the right things to say and do to make things right.

Recreation: If a character wants a fun time, they need only to find an ENFP. Be it going out to explore, or playing a boardgame, they can make anything fun. And it does not matter if it is just the two of them, or ten others, they are the best.

Under stress: This is the weakness of the ENFPs. Often times, an ENFP character will become stuck (or go into a loop, technically), and nothing will get done. They will over-analyze everything, and think up, “at least two-hundred ways this could get worse.” They will probably need another character to help them through, and how could anyone not help an ENFP?

ENFP examples: Penelope Garcia (Criminal Minds), Neelix (Star Trek: Voyager), Miss Frizzle (Magic School Bus), “Bones” McCoy (Star Trek: The Original Series), Dory (Finding Nemo), Will Smith (Fresh Price of Bel-Air).


literature meme [1/8 plays]

Hamlet (The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark), William Shakespeare

Often regarded as Shakespeare’s greatest play and the world’s most iconic tragedy, Hamlet has been intriguing audiences, actors, directors, and scholars across the world since its 1599-1602 completion date.

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firefistnoct  asked:

Request!: While in altissia, Noctis's S/O dies after saving one of the guys or Luna? Idk I've had this in my head! Love your account and your writing! ❤️

I hope this is okay! It took a little bit to write because of so many interruptions! I tried to imagine what would be different if Luna survive? Feel free to give me feedback, this is my first time using Lunafreya ♡

Word count: 734 words

Tag list: @disneygirl2202 @itshaejinju @eternallydaydreaming2015 @xnoctits @blindbae


It was decided, while the three boys evacuated the city, you and Noctis would fight the Leviathan. Why he chose you was still a mystery, however you promised him you’d do anything to protect him, so that is what you’ll do.

You remained focus, until you saw a stray Imperial aircraft head towards the alter. You quickly ran towards it, using broken houses and ripped apart streets as your pathway. Lady Lunafreya fell to her knees, just as the chancellor passed by her. You quicked your pace, determined to get over there as fast as possible. “No, no no no-” You muttered.

Just as he kneeled down, you jumped onto the alter, his dagger moving swiftly. You jumped in front of the Oracle, the dagger piercing through your abdomen. You gasped sharply, and choked out a few more afterwards. A smug grin formed on his face.

Once he pulled the dagger out, you fell into Lady Lunafreya’s arms, your breathing weak. “No…” She whispered, her hand gently caressing your face. She looked up at the man, a glare on her features. “I will pass the ring to the rightful King…” She whispered. Tears ran down her face.

He gently reached over and grasped her chin, making her look at him. Her hands wrapped around his wrists and a soft yellow light glowed. “When the prophecy is fulfilled, all in thrall to darkness shall know peace.” She whispered, forcing an angered look to form on his face. Ardyn then slapped her, standing suddenly as the aircraft slowly landed.

“How sweet… But I’ll allow your friend to first.” He turned with a bow, before boarding the aircraft.

You reached your hand out to Noctis, who kept eye contact with you, tears running down your face. Lunafreya lifted the triton, that same light shining from the heavens above. Noctis was lifted into the air slowly, finding a deep determination within him. The Oracle let go of the triton, which floated up to the Prince.

Once the rite began again, she quickly ran over to you. She pulled you into her lap, tears in her eyes. “Y/N, I am so sorry… You do not deserve this.” She whispered. You smiled weakly and ran your thumb against her cheek.

“Why are you sorry, Lady Lunafreya? My job is to protect the King. If he suffers the loss of you, it’ll tear him apart. Therefore sacrificing myself was the best option.” You murmured. “Besides, many people are still counting on you.”

Your eyes slowly slid closed, your hand dropped from her face. Your breath slowed. “Thank you.” You whispered, before letting go of your last breath.

Once the trial was over with, and both Noctis and Lunafreya returned to the Leville, she was the one to break the news. The three boys were the first to hear of it. They were silent, shocked, and heartbroken.

Noctis took the worst of it however. Lady Lunafreya waited in his room, sitting patiently. The images of your death fresh in her mind. Once she finally heard the prince stir. She stood and turned to him. He was sitting up in the bed, staring into his hands. He felt empty, but his memory wouldn’t allow him to remember what happened.

Until he looked up and saw Luna standing there. His eyes widened as everything came back to him. “Wh-Where’s Y/N?” He choked out. She looked down at the ground. He knew what that meant. Tears streamed down his face. “Why..?”

“She sacrificed herself so that I may live.” She whispered. His heart dropped, he realized why she did it. So that him and Luna could marry. Noctis squeezed his eyes closed, praying this was some bad dream.

“Where are the others?” He asked, his voice cracked.

“They are downstairs. Your friend, Ignis, he’s…”

“He’s okay, right?”

“He is blind. He believes it is temporary.” Lunafreya whispered softly.

He looked down at his hands, they were shaking. He’s lost his love, his everything. It hurt, a lot. The pain was almost unbearable.

Lunafreya stood there silently, allowing Noctis to mourn. “I will tell the others that you’re awake.” She murmured before leaving.

Noctis tried registering everything. He remembered Ardyn using that dagger, trying to kill Luna until you jumped in the way. He closed his hands tightly, shaking from a new found anger. He was going to kill Ardyn for what he did.


コーヒーのある食卓の風景・その55 - Prince殿下大特集・その1編

1. Coffee with Fresh Kiwi, Passion Fruit, Strawberry & Yogurt Juice feat. “For You” Prince CD - Breakfast

2. Coffee with Tortilla Chips & Strawberry Salad feat. “Prince” Prince CD - Breakfast

3. Coffee with Pecan Nuts Salad & Yakult feat. “Dirty Mind” Prince CD - Breakfast

4. Coffee with Fresh Banana, Mango & Yogurt Juice feat. “Controversy” Prince CD - Breakfast

5. Coffee with Fresh Banana, Passion Fruit, Strawberry & Yogurt Juice feat. “1999″ Prince - Breakfast

6. Coffee with Fresh Banana, Strawberry & Yogurt Juice feat. “Purple Rain” Prince & The Revolution CD - Breakfast

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Okay, so i guess you can say im a binge watcher, these are the shows im a huge fan of. Im kind of picky when it comes to the shows i watch, so i hope you guys love these as much as i love them! If you have any show suggestions id love to hear some!