the french connection is too much

Jean is terrified of his new team. With the Ravens, he knew what to expect, how to act, what to do in any situation… He was an actor on his own life, always having to behave in a certain way. He always knew the script.

So when he meets the Trojans damn he is terrified. His new team is loud, and scandalous, and love to touch each other (and not with punches wtf) and hug and kiss and he is just paralyzed at this.

He has been taught he only have to talk when required, emotional connections are worthless and never show your feelings.

But with the time, he finds himself being less scared.

Because his team knows. He hasn’t talked to them that much but they know.

They know that if you want to give an exy advice to Jean you have to do it kindly. They know that Jean likes to stay at the court after practice to be even better so they take turns to stay with him so he doesn’t have to be alone. They know Jean doesn’t like going to parties (too much people, he tried once and had a panic attack) so they tried to found something to connect with him that wasn’t exy. Jeremy discovered he liked to stay late watching old French movies on TV so Laila searched for any cinema that played something like that and all of the team started going with Jean. Sometimes, it isn’t even all the team. Sometimes, it gets too loud and full so once a month it’s only Jean and Jeremy in the cinema (date goals tbh)

It’s not going to be easy to adapt. Sometimes, Jean thinks he is never going to fit with them. But he discovers, it’s so easy to be happy with his team.

He smiles more. He almost laugh (Jeremy discovered him trying not to laugh at his team being silly so Jean stopped, Jeremy was smiling all the day because of this). He try to do nice things to them as they do with him. He tries new things because he knows that make them happy. He starts opening more to the Trojans.

Next game, when Jeremy is doing a stupid dance bc they won, Jean laughs. It’s a quiet laugh but still. Everyone notices but doesn’t want to make him uncomfortable so they ignore it. Except Jeremy, who does visual contact with him. Jean smiles and Jeremy smile grows even more.

In that moment, Jean is not terrified anymore. He is happy.

Hard to Handle - Danny x Reader - Chapter 3.5

Series Name: Hard to Handle

Chapter Name: Smells like Teen Spirit (aka the High School chapter)

Pairing: Danny x Reader

Word Count: 2162

Parts: 1 | 2 | 2.5 | 3 | (3.5) | 4 | 5 | 6 | 6.5 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

A/N: Sorry for the delay. I’ve been in and out of the hospital for brain stuff and my memory is really bad right now. Love you guys! <3

TW: Alcohol

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You were late. Only a little late, but late nonetheless. You had planned perfectly, gotten ready just in time and then you had noticed the stain. It was small and not too noticeable, but it was the result of a white-out disaster that had happened weeks ago and it looked exactly like a cum stain—not really the first impression you were shooting for.

The dress went directly into the trash.

You stood in front of your closet, looking for something else that qualified as cute but that didn’t look like you were going out on the town (or out on a date, for that matter.) You rifled through the clothes you had that were still clean. You really needed to do laundry sooner rather than later, but that was a problem for another day. Future You may not thank you for it, but Current You was quite content with the arrangement. You pushed a few dresses to the side and wondered, briefly, where you had acquired a pantsuit. You settled on a simple light-green camisole and a floral skirt (with pockets!)

Even with all of that, you were almost on time. You grabbed the two bottles of bourbon you had been saving for a special occasion and were striding to the door when someone knocked. Almost.

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anonymous asked:

you mentioned that JK talks only "semi-formally" to JM. i know he doesn't always use "hyung" but are there other examples of him addressing JM informally? i don't know much about the korean language, so i'm really curious about the differences in formal speech. (btw i love your blog!)

I made a mini compilation here showing some examples. Some of my earlier asks covered Jungkook’s speech patterns and mannerisms, too (they go over formal/polite/semi-polite). I’ll go ahead and probably go back to tag those posts as “language” so they’re easier to find^^ 

Anon: This is more Korean related than Kook/Min. You know how when the members call Jimin, they say “Jiminnie” or Jungkook “Jungkookie”? Is it easier to say (like in French they have liaisons to make the words connect together) or is it a term of endearment? Jungkook calls Jimin Jiminnie hyung a lot, so I was just wondering. In the Christmas V live too, Seokjin said, “Ok, Jiminnie,” when it was Jimin’s turn when he could have said Jimin. I’m just very curious, thank you! I love your blog so much TT

It’s both. For example, Taehyung without the -ie at the end is just awkward to say (태형 형). But you wouldn’t necessarily say hyung or call somebody by their first name unless you were relatively close to begin with, so usually, one comes with the other.

Anon: Hi! Can you tell me please, which would be considered as more naughty: calling your elder by their name only (e.g. Jimin!), or adding a cute honourific (e.g. Jimin-ah!) :D :D

Both. But adding -ah/-yah is more intimate. The delivery is also important. If you’re asking because you want to use this in a fic.. I would recommend saving “Jimin-ah” until they’re alone. JK can say this to Jimin to indicate a wide variety of emotions: happiness, excitement (every kind, if you know what I mean..), disappointment, worry, anger, etc.

Anon: your blog is a favorite of mine, and I love seeing your posts! I just wanted to ask what your observations are on bts’s speech patterns - like you mentioned before, jimin has a tendency to lisp. Are there any distinctive traits you’ve noticed about everyone else? Or even anything else you notice about jimin’s speech patterns would be great! much love :))

Yoongi also has a lisp, but it doesn’t distract me as much as Jimin’s for some reason. Out of everybody though, I think Taehyung has the cutest speech pattern (tied with Jimin). He, I don’t know how to explain this but.. spaces off? He speaks like I type sometimes. Inserts a lot of “like this” and “like that” kind of flavor words while talking. It’s like his thoughts are all over the place. It’s fun to listen to.

Osomatsu-san character headcanons part 2/?


–Runs a gaming channel on YouTube that’s only garnered 16 subscribers in four years. Sacrifices so many social outings because “his many loving fans expect quality content.”

–Paid Choromatsu in candy to copy his homework as a kid

–Once got drunk and proposed to a telephone pole, before eventually running away scream-crying “YOU’RE ALL THE SAME”

–Owned a vape until Ichimatsu hid it under the floorboards in the attic

–Still chases pigeons on the sidewalk


–Has been wearing cologne since he was 10

–Chibita had to make the first move because Kara’s so damn modest

–Can make Chibita’s heart melt with Spanish guitar. Or by taking his shirt off. Or sleeping next to him. Or just doing anything really.

–You can grind meat on his abs, (and yes, Chibita’s done this.)

–Very, very good at martial arts. He learned them to be prepared to defend his darling Chibita.

–Once came home wearing Chibita’s bow-tie and had some ‘splaining to do.

–Writes really good poetry but only lets Chibita hear it.


–Kept a lot of technical books about trains as a kid and still reads them every now and then

–Writes essays for fun

–Went through a two-week phase where he tried his hardest to mimic George Orwell: writing like him, dressing like him, thinking like him, even taking up smoking. It really pissed off everyone in his family except Jyushi who had no idea who Orwell was and just thought Choro was practicing for a play

–Will probably hate himself for being a weeb five years from now

–Always drinks sugar-free sodas

–Really concerned about dental hygiene

–Loves painting with acryllics


–Can spend hours listening to creepy ambiance on his iPod

–Likes documentaries about serial killers

–Pansexual as fuck

–Even his parents are kind of scared of him

–Was getting bullied in fifth grade until he kicked the kid in the throat

–Was a pyromaniac as a kid and still really is

–Admires the ancient Egyptians for worshiping cats

–Lolcats are practically the only thing that can get him to laugh above a whisper


–Listens to videos of baseballs getting hit on YouTube repeatedly

–Physically can’t lie

–Really good at reading people


–Runs a tumblr blog that is so popular he often gets stopped in public by people who recognize him.

–Prince of Pettiness

–Would and has sucked dick for cash

–Sometimes cries when Atsushi has to leave for work

–Likes wearing lace and garters for Atsushi

–Was once at the mall with Totoko when some girl started talking smack at her. Totty calmly and collectedly talked about her outfit and eyebrows until she ran away crying at full volume. Totoko bought him fro-yo afterwards and made a mental note to never come at Totty even as a joke.

–Observant and cunning enough to become dictator of the world if he wanted

–Smells like mint and bubblegum


–Regularly competes in Tokyo cooking contests and always wins multiple prizes

–Wants to invent oden-flavored cheesecake

–Sometimes thinks of Karamatsu and balls up his fists because he just loves him so damn much

–Really feels a connection with this one female middle-aged customer he has but can’t explain it. She likes him too, and always gives him huge tips. Neither of them know it, but she’s his long-lost mother.

–Brings his oden stand to cater at charity events pretty often

–Charitable as hell

–Jumps into Karamatsu’s arms every single time he comes home from work

–Uses Karamatsu’s biceps as a security blanket


–Thinks he’s French because his adoptive parents were Francophiles

–Invites Chibita and Karamatsu every Bastille Day for dinner, and talks endlessly and lovingly about French history

–Is actually pretty old and dies his hair black. His birthday? August 25th, 1944, the day the last Germans surrendered in Paris

–Is a complete sweetheart once you get to know him

–Gives Chibita away at his wedding with Karamatsu

–Regularly volunteers to judge dog pageants and is very biased towards poodles

–Always checks if coins are fake by rubbing them on his tooth

–Would and has taken a bullet for Francois Hollande

trjwizard  asked:

Leon and Nomia are my precious children

I’ve been watching too much sense8 so I keep imagining the three of them having a mental connection lol

Also Leon and Hope greeting each other as “English bitch” and “French bastard” give me life

Hope meets Nomia in Greece with Aggie, and Aggie’s met her before, but she doesn’t like the calculating glint in Nomia’s eye when she says “We’ll meet again when you’re through pretending to be something you’re not”

An Angel’s Grace [Part 19]

Gabriel x Reader

Author: justcallmeyourgoddess

Warnings: Swearing, Angst (lots lots lots lots omg), Corpse, Violence

Word Count: 1676

Main Summary: Reader is already officially mates with Gabriel with all the ceremonies, etc. and can see his wings. He wants to introduce her to his archangel brothers (saying as Lucifer and Michael and Raphael all live together peacefully in heaven). They discover something about the Reader in the process.

Request(s):  I would say for what you should write, An Angels Grace [Part 19],because it’s a really great series ( myluciferromance ) AND I would scream with whatever you put up, so whatever you feel most inspired with, but I would like to see Angel’s Grace 19 ( homework-is-the-real-killer ) AND  Part 19 out yet!? ( Anon ) AND  I want Michael to suffer ò-ó I want him to get his mind together and realize what he did, that he just killed his brother and I want him to feel terrible and mourn over him. But most of all I want Luci back :( Or, if not, at least don’t send him back to hell. Jumping in front of her was a selfless act that shouldn’t be punished by going to hell again. It should be rewarded instead ( my-shotgun-angel )

Note: Ugh, I’m crying during this. Definitely going to end the series on a good note. Probably going to go until part 25 or 26 perhaps

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19

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saltkettle  asked:

re: expensive unique thing for bitty to buy Jack. what about a vintage WWII camera, originally owned by a queer soldier? that came with a box of vintage gay pictures?? :D

whooooahhh this is perfect i Love

the soldier, robert *convenient loud noises*, maybe got some kind of commendations for bravery etc and he was minorly important historically, but his sexuality is erased from anything that mentions him. there’s even a whole book about this guy that doesn’t touch his sexuality at all, it’s kinda ridiculous. but if you look at the historical documents (maybe the letters of his estate survived) it’s pretty apparent he had a long term male partner? jack wrote a paper about him (and talked about the erasure of queer identities in historical figures in general. shitty loved it & made everyone in the haus read it. jack is always way too embarrassed to have people read his papers if they don’t ask to but he’s happy that shitty told everyone to read it since he was pretty proud of his work on that one. he’d gotten to do way more primary research than usual just because there wasn’t anyone talking about how this dude was obviously in love with a man!!!)

anyway. robert’s partner, arnaud fournier, was parisian (and actually pretty cool in his own right too), and bitty manages to trace down the people that inherited his estate, matthieu and vanessa fournier (matthieu is the great nephew of arnaud). bitty has bob help him write them a letter in french that basically goes like, hello! so, this might seem out of the blue, but my fiancé is really into wwii history and he wrote a paper about your great uncle and his partner. we’re coming to paris for our honeymoon and if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, he’d totally geek out over seeing any parts of your great uncle’s estate that you might have!

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The First of Many Times

Summary: Nygmobblepot Fic: Part of the Sea of Photographs series - After Oswald surprised Edward with the painted portrait, the newly found lovers express their feeling for each other in the most intimate way.

Rating: NC-17 (Anal Penetration, Unprotected Sex)

Note: This is probably the second hardest thing I’ve written, after the golden shower fic I wrote. It’s my first time writing smut for this pairing, so I’m very nervous about it. This is the second part to the one-shot I wrote that introduced virgin Oswald. I’d like to know what you think and I hope those who read it enjoy. Happy reading!


“Are you frightened, Oswald?”

Oswald gazes, lost in a haze, at the handsome lips that have spoken his name. They were responsible for giving him his first kiss, and the second, and now they crave for a lot more.


He finches out of his hypnotic state, never has he heard Edward say his name in such a way, filled with so much love and desire. “We were hanging the painting, weren’t we?” Oswald removes Edward’s hands from his hips and hobbles to the fireplace on the far right end of the room.

“That was the excuse I used to get you to my bedroom.” Edward picks up the painting resting down at his side and joins Oswald by the fireplace, standing behind the shorter dark haired man.

“I know that, Ed. You weren’t very discrete about it.”

He rests his chin on top of Oswald’s head, pressing their bodies together like perfect puzzle pieces. “Who needs discretion.”  He rubs his free hand over Oswald’s black pin-striped jacket and unbuttons the middle button, then slips his hand to the front of his pants, delicately fondling the other man’s package.

“Ooh….”, Oswald screeches, skittishly squirming out of Edward’s touch. He hastily steps away from him and turns back to face him. “I’m sorry—” he deeply exhales, refastening the button of his jacket, hands jittering like the tail of a rattlesnake— “but this is all just a little awkward for me.” He licks his dry lips, straightening the wrinkles out of his jacket.

“Why?” Edward closes the gap between them and lays the painting down at his side. “Is it because this is your first time?”

“No—” anxiously shakes his head from left to right— “no!”, he lies.

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My mum fears that I won’t enjoy living in Europe, and will be forced to teach languages here in Australia, instead. Since it’s already hard enough to get work as a languages teacher in Australia because there’s such low demand/value concerning languages, she wants me to be as “employable” as possible.

The most common foreign language taught here is French (I’m pretty sure), and German is fairly common too. Italian is slightly less common, though not unheard of. My mum thinks that, in addition to learning German and Polish in uni, and learning Norwegian independently, I should also learn French. But I kinda don’t know whether I’d prefer to learn Italian? I just feel a bit more… I don’t know… more of a connection with it. It’s hard for me to explain but Italian just seems to come much more naturally to me than French does. While Italian is certainly not as “employable” as French, it’d still be fairly beneficial? I don’t know whether, if I forced myself to learn French when I would have preferred to learn Italian, I will end up resenting French. And I also feel like being a beginner in Norwegian through self study and beginning Polish at uni and beginning another language at uni in addition to majoring in German at uni (I’m intermediate in German), would be the wisest thing to do… Technically I could just learn French instead of Polish, but Polish is like… I love it so much; I adore it.

Wintershock Winter Challenge Day 2: hot chocolate/peppermint

“Oh, yes! Come to mama!” the feminine voice calls from the kitchen, jolting Bucky from his doze on the couch in the common area.

He wasn’t asleep, not really. Just zoned out and working on relaxing. He thinks, sometimes, that it’s pretty funny that relaxing takes so much effort. 

“Oh, baby, oh, baby, you just wait till I get you all hot and creamy, my lovely Steven,” is the next thing he hears from the kitchen, making Bucky tense up, all his hard won ease going right out the window. He can’t have heard that right? Can he?

Is Stevie making time with some girl in the kitchen? In the middle of the day?

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Comfort, Humor, Honesty, Insecurity, Possession

malmequers asked:  Can you give me your opinion about that scene in Dragonfly In Amber when Jamie comes back from a brothel all scratched and bitten.

Oh, this scene. Jamie and Claire’s deepest feelings - and fears - are beautifully played out. Some key themes:

Jamie and Claire’s physical comfort with each other: After a night spent “defending his virtue,” the first thing Jamie does when he gets home is let Claire strip him naked - and see his entire body. Throughout this scene, Claire remarks to herself just how big - and beautiful - Jamie’s body really is. They always seem to derive the most comfort - and feel the deepest connection - when they’re literally stripped bare to each other.

Jamie’s humor: He tries to defuse Claire’s suspicions by making light - as much as he can - of how he passed the night:

“Surely ye dinna think I’d do such things? I’m a married man!”
“Monsieur Millefleurs isn’t married?”
“He’s not only married, he has two mistresses…But he’s French—that’s different.”
“The Duc di Castellotti isn’t French—he’s Italian.”
“But he’s a duke. That’s different, too.”
“Oh, it is, is it? I wonder if the Duchess thinks so.”
“Considering a few things the Duc claimed he learnt from the Duchess, I would imagine so.”

Jamie’s honesty: He tells Claire everything that happened - even that he wanted to “rut” with the whores, like the men he was with - because of the complete, absolute honesty between them.

Claire’s insecurity: Claire is always in a fundamentally insecure position - after all, she *is* living in the past - and now, she’s in 1744 Paris, with a husband (who she knows is physically striking and attractive) telling her that he spent the night in the company of whores and lecherous men. And she’s pregnant, and self-conscious of how her body is changing. No wonder she immediately fears the worst.

Their bone-deep physical - and emotional - need for each other:

“Claire. To feel the small bones of your neck beneath my hands, and that fine, thin skin on your breasts and your arms… Lord, you are my wife, whom I cherish and I love wi’ all my life, and still I want to kiss ye hard enough to bruise your tender lips, and see the marks of my fingers on your skin…”

The disagreement drives them to even greater honesty - and an amazing reconciliation: As with most of their fights and arguments, they “make up” by learning so much about each other - especially how profoundly and deeply they love each other.

He bent and picked me up, carrying me to the bed. He sank to his knees, laying me amid the rumpled quilts.
“You’ll lie wi’ me now,” he said quietly. “And I shall use ye as I must. And if you’ll have your revenge for it, then take it and welcome, for my soul is yours, in all the black corners of it.”
…And when I had at length taken my last revenge of him, I did cradle him, stroking back the roughened, half-dry locks.
“And sometimes,” I whispered to him, “I wish it could be you inside me. That I could take you into me and keep you safe always.”
His hand, large and warm, lifted slowly from the bed and cupped the small round swell of my belly, sheltering and caressing.
“You do, my own,” he said. “You do.”

Can’t Get You Out of My Mind Chapter 2

Chaptered Fic: Chapter 2/?

Pairing: Phan

Chapter Word Count: 1,634

Summary: Phil is weird in many ways, but there’s one thing about him that is weirder than most. He has the ability to enter people’s dreams. Normally, he just hops into a random friend’s dream and goes along for the ride. Until, that is, the new kid, Dan Howell, comes along. From the moment they meet, Phil can’t stop get him out of is head….. And Dan may have a hard time keeping Phil out of his. Literally.

Warnings: Unbeta’d, some semi bad dreams? also sorry this is a really weird premise i know



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My thoughts about the HIMYM finale
  • the show is called ‘how i met your mother’ not ‘how i ended up with your mother’ not ‘i’m sorry that your mother got cancer and died wow somehow that’s my fault because i fell in love with someone else years and years ago’

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Rough draft of a fic that'll likely never be

“That’s… uh. That’s my phone. I should…”

“… oh.”

Jack means to say ‘I gotta go’ or ‘I’ll text you’ or even better, ‘I gotta go, but I’ll text you’ and then maybe even add an 'okay?’ to make sure Bitty heard him.

But what comes out of his mouth instead is. “Come to dinner with us.”

Bitty’s eyes widen a bit and he seems to be trying to shake himself out of his shock, but Jack barrels through now that the idea has gained traction in his mind.

“I, my flight…” Bitty starts to protest.

“Change it, or I’ll buy you another. Come to dinner. Please. If you want.”

“And then what?”

“Then, if my parents haven’t scared you off, come to Providence and help me find a place. Just a week, or more, as long as you want to. All summer even…”

Bitty stares at Jack eager and hopeful face, trying to determine if he’s in the middle of a rather lovely dream. After subtly pinching himself, he opens his mouth to reply.

He means to say, 'I can’t do that’ or 'my parents would kill me’ or even 'I have to take my flight but why don’t you come in July?’

“Ok” it’s what his traitors mouth ends up saying, because it seems the only thing he’s capable of saying when Jack takes him by surprise.

The smile that breaks on Jack’s face is purely delighted. It makes him devastatingly handsome. Bitty can’t even bring himself to consider changing his mind.

Jack kisses him again, quickly and bursting with unsaid things. It’s clear why his mouth made the executive decision to ignore his brain.

After that, they hurriedly grab his bags, thankfully already packed, lock the haus, and start to make calls while power walking across campus.

Jack calls to change their dinner reservations, Bitty to cancel the shuffle and to inform the airline he won’t make the flight, Jack to his dad and Bitty to his mom.

Bitty has one moment, between waiting for his mother to pick up, to hysterically wonder what the hell he’s doing and how he’s going to justify his abrupt change of plans.

But then he looks at Jack, who is having an animated conversation in French while pulling Bitty’s luggage and throwing happy glances his way, smiling each time their eyes connect.

It’s like he can’t believe Bitty said yes and this is all actually happening to him. Bitty’s chest feels too full with how much he wants Jack to always be this happy, this glad to just walk next to him.

He remembers the story of how his parents met. How his aunt, having just had an ugly break up had showed up with another friend and dragged his mom in a completely spontaneous summer road trip with no destination, very little planning and a lot of parental disapproval.

How their old car had broken down in the middle of nowhere, and how Coach had stopped to help because he had seen his mom in the review mirror, laughing despite the smoke coming out of their engine, and thought she was too beautiful not to miss his job interview for.

“So really” Bitty explained, a safe enough distance from Jack not to be overheard. “If we have to point fingers at whose to blame, I think you and Coach have some answering to do. I mean, I know it was very spontaneous but you two always talked about how much fun that summer you met was, so I thought maybe this is a chance for me to have an adventure of my own.”

“In Providence?” asked his mom sounding highly skeptical.

“It is the largest manufacturer of silverware in the world.”

His mom was silent for a long pause, before she started laughing. Long and breathlessly.

“Oh Dicky” she said fondly resigned, still chuckling. “Whatever it is that made you change your plans, I’m sure it’s very important. I still except you to come home and visit for a few weeks before classes start again. I’ll smooth things over with your dad. Oh say hi to Jack for me, and to his dad as well!”


In my head this would turn into a summer adventure fic for Bitty, with Jack and the building of their relationship as a constant but not only plot point.

Jack would be doing his training thing and bonding with his teammates, while trying to figure out this new part of his life. But the main plot is all Bitty and his summer shenanigans.

Bitty maybe finding a job and making friends, and dunno, just being a 20 year old creating some stories for when he’s older.


Spotted This Spring

Men’s Animal Print Clothing

It might’ve taken a while but we finally got a taste of some nice spring weather this weekend in New York. It was the perfect opportunity to break out some shorts and give my legs some breathing room. Although I’m not too much of a “shorts” guy I do love a loud print so when I saw this sweater and pair of shorts I knew I had to be a little wild and pair them together for a playful look that was perfect for wandering about my neighborhood. Hope you all had the chance to enjoy the beautiful weekend. Happy Spring!


French Connection Sweater //  French Connection Shorts  //  MBS MFG CO Hat  //  Vans Shoes

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I wasn’t at the show tonight since my show is days away yet- but this girl…. she has proved to us how strong she is. From losing her precious dog baby, Floyd earlier last month, to landing in the hospital (and being in and out of it before the initial reaction) with a severe allergic reaction antibiotic for 2 weeks having to postpone her beloved Bangerz tour, to standing in front of thousands of fans every night and showing us all what she is feeling inside- whether it be happy, mad, or sad. Miley has made it clear she isn’t afraid of many things, especially harsh comments but one thing many stars tend to hide are their actual feelings and what may be happening in their life. Miley knows shes open to people who will judge, but she knows her fans are proudly standing in her audience, at her concert and she knows its her job to please them the best she can. But tonight- the crowd helped mend Miley’s own heart a little. As she forgot her weekly “Floyd Friday” picture on twitter/instagram, fans signs in the audience reminded her. She felt sad all day without realizing why- until now. She cried to the audience. “I’ve been kind of sad all day… I couldn’t figure out why I was sad. I just remembered it was Friday.” she says. Then she mumbles, “you guys are so sweet.” Then she cries and says, “You guys are so sweet. thank you so much.” Then she says (through her painful tears) “usually I post a picture of Floyd on Friday’s and I forgot. So I’m gonna do this next song for him and this song is called ‘Adore You’. And if you guys came here with somebody that you love, I usually tell you to make out at this part. But I want you to grab the person that you’re with if you love them, so you guys can love the person that you’re with as much as I love Floyd. If you guys could give him a big hug or a big kiss, whatever you feel like doing for this. This next song is called 'Adore You’ and I hope y'all sing along too.” All throughout Miley’s speech the crowd is chanting, “Miley, Miley, Miley.” Now keep in mind, these are French fans and they most likely speak little to no English, but they feel Miley’s emotions and understands what she is feeling. Now if this doesn’t make you realize by now- it shows how Miley is so connected to us. She is so open to us- like we are her best friends and family. She treats us like we treat her- she shows us love, just like we show her love. I feel like I know her. Now, I’ve been a fan who hasn’t gotten the opportunity to see her, who will finally see her this summer. But I feel so connected to her and I haven’t even gotten to my concert yet. So if you aren’t a fan and reading this, please give Miley a chance. She already doesn’t care about your hateful comments- but she could use some love and respect for the things she’s gone through. And I leave this off here, if you didn’t find this touching, Miley already tweeted to the entire world her feelings in this heartbreaking and beautiful passage she wrote HERSELF. You can read that here. Sorry this is long but there is also this- Miley gave back to the fans in Boston, whom were excited to see her for Jingle Ball last December, but when her flight canceled, plans changed and she couldn’t make it. She gave them a special soundcheck and even though meet and greets had been canceled, she DID NOT cancel this soundcheck or the show itself. She battled her way through her heart wrenching song covers and was in tears the whole way- but did not let them down. You can see her at the soundcheck here and see her falling apart on stage during 'Can’t Be Tamed’ at her dog statue here where her baby sister Noah comforts her. And enough of the “its just a dog” crap. Some people are more of dog people than kid people. Miley’s dogs are her precious babies. She did this soundcheck and concert the day after she found out from her pups caretaker that he had passed away. He was attacked by a coyote outside her home in California. My whole point on this is just my viewpoint. I’m being honest- if I wasn’t a fan, I would still find myself showing her some respect because her life is NOT defined what she does on stage or what happens in her career- just like YOU its a job and shes a human with feelings. She has one great personality that is hard to miss. Don’t let one little event or stage act (remember her JOB) define who Miley is at heart. I love her art and everything she puts into her work but if you can’t find yourself to come to terms with any of that- then there is a little thing called RESPECT & LOVE.

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is there a story to your characters? i never see you post about a story to them but all the pictures seem to be connected?


Yes there is a story but I have to restart the story. But you can still read it here:

(sorry the translation isn’t really good)

and in french with much more pages :

This project is 3 years old, I started it in order to find my own writting with comics and oblige myself to draw comics page everyday.

I experiment so many things on it… it’s a little bit messy. Now I know what I want, so I stopped ‘cause the story wasn’t good has I wanted (a little bit too cliché maybe but yeah it was one of my first “real” comics and we have to start from something). My ideas are clear, I know what I really want to tell with this story now. But I don’t regret it messing up with these two characters, I learned a lot from it.