the french collection part i

Abîmer: to damage, ruin, spoil, wreck 

Abriter: to shelter, house, accommodate 

Aggraver: to make worse, worsen, aggravate

Améliorer: to improve, to make better

Appréhender: to arrest, apprehend 

Atteindre: to reach, attain, achieve 

tu atteins
il atteint
nous atteignons
vous atteignez
ils atteignent 

participe passé: atteint 

Bannir: to banish, ban 

Bouger: to move 

nous bougeons

je bougeais
tu bougeais
il bougeait
nous bougions
vous bougiez
ils bougeaient

Bricoler: to do DIY, to do home improvements

Cacher: to hide, conceal 

Craindre: to fear, to be afraid, to be scared

je crains
tu crains
il craint
nous craignons
vous craignez
ils craignent 

participe passé: craint

Corrompre: to corrupt 

il corrompt 

Déménager: to move [house] 

nous déménageons

je déménageais
tu déménageais
il déménageait
nous déménagions
vous déménagiez
ils déménageaient

Diffuser: to broadcast, release, spread, circulate, distribute 

Dramatiser: to dramatize (to make a fuss), exaggerate 

Emprunter: to borrow 

Éviter: to avoid

Exprimer: to express, show, reveal 

Frimer: to show off 

Freiner: to brake, slow down 

Gagner: to win, earn

Garder: to keep 

Grandir: to grow up

Grignoter: to snack, nibble

Gronder: to rumble, tell off, scold, reprimand, rebuke 

‘If music be the food of love, play on…’
(William Shakespeare Twelfth Night)

Small music box pendant in the shape of a harp with matching key….enamelled gold, rose-cut diamonds and pearls.

Made in Switzerland between 1805 and 1810…the height of ingenuity, combining Swiss sensibilities with stunning French design.

Apparently part of the V&A collection, but I couldn’t find it! this image is from 'stalking the Belle Époque’