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The paradox of freedom is that it severs you from the world in which you practise it. Once again, self-realization involves self-estrangement. The price of liberty is eternal homelessness. Freedom can find no fitting objective correlative of itself in any of its works, a fact which threatens to strike all of them trite and arbitrary. A desire which is acted upon thus comes to seem just as fruitless as one which is not. The more the subject feels its freedom to be necessary, the more dismayingly contingent its existence becomes. For Machiavelli, our appetites are insatiable and our fulfilments confined, so that ‘the human mind is perpetually discontented, and of its possessions is apt to grow weary’. Shakespeare’s Troilus puts it rather more memorably to Cressida: “This is the monstrosity in love, lady, that the will is infinite, and the execution confin’d; that the desire is boundless, and the act a slave to limit’ (Act 3, sc. 2). Desire is the great tragic protagonist of modernity, striving and forever falling short, entangling itself in its own too-much.
—  Terry Eagleton, Sweet Violence: The Idea of the Tragic

You don’t want people to travel without restrictions - so you’re against freedom of movement. You don’t want people to immigrate without restrictions, so you’re against freedom of residence. You don’t want people to start businesses without a licence, so you’re against freedom of trade. You don’t want people to spend money that they earned, so you’re against financial freedom. You don’t want people to choose what food or drugs they consume, so you’re against the freedom to personal autonomy. You want to impose a mandatory minimum wage, so you’re against the freedom to contract.

Yet would you say it? You obviously believe it, but can you bring yourself to say those words and feel the bitter taste on your lips? If limiting people’s choices by force is so important to you, then go ahead and say it loudly:

“I am anti-freedom.”

The popular mood: A modern history

[…] by the middle of the twentieth century the philosophy that best reflected the popular mood was existentialism. Preoccupied with the fate of the individual, the existentialists saw the individual life as one of despair, anguish and, ultimately, absurdity. What other conclusion could be drawing from the cruelty of two world wars and the indiscriminate miseries of economic collapse?

[….] the 1960s and 1970s administered a forgetting potion and the promise of wealth and liberation seemed to fill […. the] void. Consumer culture has subsumed the individual in the grand, unifying vision of the market and has succeeded where all the despots failed; instead of forcing submission, it gilded the cage and persuaded us to enter and lock the door behind us. We fought ideologies and system that would subjugate us to a single idea, only to succumb to the creeping colonisation of our minds by a hidden power, a power that seduced us with the promise of luxury, the vision of riches, and the opportunity to create any identity we desire. 

As the despair of existentialism was swept away by the passion of time and the march to prosperity, a new mood of confidence took shape. But it was not to last; in recent times, in the age of superabundance, a pervasive sense of disappointment has intruded. Once again that disturbing feeling of meaninglessness has asserted itself. The secularisation of society meant that, as the emptiness of affluence finally had to be confronted, there was nowhere to go except to return to a gloomy nihilism. 

~ Clive Hamilton / The freedom paradox: Towards a post-secular ethics / p.246-27

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Can you make a guide to asses like you did with knees?

A ranked sampling of asses.

Buridan’s Ass

Desire without choice, impetus without motion, will without freedom. A noble paradox of an ass; I revere him.

The Golden Ass
A man is transformed into an ass: a satire. The ass is changed back to a man: a tragedy.

Aesop’s Ass
I make it my business to forget all moralizing, and so I have forgotten him. Farwell, good ass, and may you instruct some other fool.

My father
The worst ass of the lot. Do not purchase at any rate.