the free speech movement

The fact that one of the few nations with free speech has a large movement that supports stopping free speech honestly makes my heart sink and I’m honestly not sure if anything, family, life, friends, nation, people, anything will matter if free speech is destroyed. If free speech dies, I will go with it.

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This is probably a common thing to say. But I am really irritated with the SJW and feminist movements supporting and encouraging free speech while at the same time silencing people and organizations who express their concerns with problems not catering towards the far left. I want to listen to what Male Rights Activist need to say about unfairness in the male world, but I see more often then not protests from Leftist Feminists silencing what they have to say.

On one hand, I do think freedom of speech can be taken too far. Example: The KKK being allowed to make events where they openly promote the superiority of white people over other races.

On the other hand, I think it’s important to at least hear someone out before deciding whether or not their opinion is hateful, as opposed to silencing people just based on preconceived notions about their group.

Libertarianism is dead

I’m really considering dissociating with the terms “anarcho-capitalist” and “libertarian”.

These movements have been infiltrated by fascists, gutted and debased.

The “libertarians” on this website especially have become apologists and panderers to fascists. You fuckers know who you are. You disgust me. Nationalism, racialism, protectionism, religious moralism and disdain towards free speech should have no place in the liberty movement, ad yet they do. I’ve seen too many “nationalist anarchists” and “monarchist libertarians” being paraded around as respectable representatives of the movement.

And those of you that have been trying to fight this, throw in the towel. We’ve lost. It’s over. Accept it.

I hate leftists, I hate socialists, I hate cultural Marxists. But, it is becoming increasingly clear to me, that fascists, nationalists and the “alt-right” are the bigger threat to me, my way of life, and my political beliefs. 

And again, to all of you apologist shills shacking up with the fascists for nothing more than a pat on the back, go fuck yourselves. You are garbage.

When will white nationalists realise that their rhetoric of ‘hurrrrr durrr when it was TIBET getting invaded it was called save Tibet but we’re getting invaded and it’s called multiculturalism’ is completely fucking illegitimate? a) poc do not desecrate churches/holy sites b) poc do not imprison and torture innocent white people c) poc do not abolish your right to free speech and movement d) you’re not getting fucking invaded by poc, grow the fuck up and finally e) !!!if white nationalists got what they want then there would be nowhere for thousands of Tibetan refugees to go!! They don’t fucking care about Tibetan people they just want a situation to compare their own disgusting cause to, and for some stupid reason they chose Tibet but Tibetans would NOT be happy with white nationalists using this as an example. I know this because a) my dad is Tibetan and he was outraged by this comparison and b) I am half Tibetan and I am outraged by this comparison!

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Wow, suggesting to have people you disagree with politically locked up. So much for a movement that claimed to support free speech. You Trumpkins only support free speech when it's in your favor. Are you proud of yourself for being intellectually dishonest? Anyway, I can get anime gifs from people who aren't asshats. Unfollow.

You’re still going in a camp

I’m just running out of things to say about the whole Gamergate thing at this point. Like, everything bad about the movement can be boiled down to:

1. It doesn’t understand how critique or opinion pieces work
2. It has bizarre ideas about free speech and censorship
3. Forming a massive, decentralized, purposefully definitionless movement is a fucking awful idea because every single person speaks for it in the same way that no one does. You can’t claim that Gamergate raises money for charity while denying that Gamergate harasses people because Gamergate has no official goals or guidelines. 

On Politicizing Paris:

If, after the terrorist horror in Paris, all you can think is how this “proves” that your pet idea, whether gun control, or anti-immigration, or whatever, is “right,” you are so far lost in your ideology you barely deserve to be acknowledged, much less discussed.

Free speech, and free association and free movement, however imperfect they are in practice, are both things to be defended and things that entail risk. These risks cannot be ended by excluding the world, or by killing everyone who disagrees with such values. 

One demonstrates one’s values by living them. If you want to be free, live free. Neither the terrorists nor those who seek to use terrorist attacks to restrain freedom can win if free people don’t let them.

“Yale Students Erupt in Anger Over Administrators Caring More About Free Speech Than Safe Spaces”

I found the above titled article on Slate this morning very interesting. It documents how Yale’s SJW students exercised their right to free speech by demanding Yale administrators be fired for voicing the need to protect free speech. Hypocrisy incarnate? Yes. Typical of the SJW movement? Doubly so.

The article was written by Katy Waldman. Ms. Waldman used to write for feminist website The DoubleX: What Women Really Think, but has stopped writing for that website and now writes general interest articles for Slate. Here is her interpretation of theses events:

I was shocked to watch students treat their professors and administrators with such disrespect. But horrified emotional responses aside, it’s troubling to see the Christakises scapegoated for defending the crucial liberal tradition of free speech. That’s not to dismiss the pain of students of color; I’m sure Yale proves far less hospitable to them than to the wealthy white scions it was founded to serve. Nor should anyone mourn the days of good old college fun, when wearing a racist Halloween costume was considered a harmless bit of white wing-spreading. But in censuring the Christakises for wanting to create “an intellectual space,” students are vociferously exercising the very rights—to speak out against people and practices they find objectionable—that the Christakises seem to want to protect.

That response fascinates me because it could have been written by an anti-feminist/anti-SJW. 

It makes me wonder if Ms. Waldman quit blogging about feminism because she got tired of defending the obvious hypocrisies. If so, kudos to her. Then again, the contentious issue at Yale was more about race than feminism, so it’s quite possible their agenda was simply not her own.