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i want to make a list of movies/books/etc where a major plot point is “mom helps daughter kill a man who hurt her, or at the very least helps her hide the body” but in general that is never what the actual plot is about, so it’s huge spoilers, which is ACTUALLY KINDA WEIRD now that i am thinking about it. with dad movies it’s the whole plot of the things, SOMEONE HURT HIS DAUGHTER AND NOW THEY’RE GONNA PAY

but i read a book once that was entirely about a girl going back to her hometown after twenty years and trying to reconcile with her mother after The Incident. then they finally reveal 80% of the way through the book that The Incident was that protag thought she’d killed her date rapist and had been scared to come back because she’d somehow made it twenty years without consequences, but actually she’d only seriously injured her date rapist. protag’s mom had found the guy while looking for her wayward daughter, realized what happened, and ran him over with her truck and buried the body under her garden. she never said anything because of Mom Code.

there was no indication at any point prior to this that this was a book about a murder. it was a heartwarming coming-of-age story about a woman entering her middle years learning to better understand her mother. that just happened to include covering up a murder. protag thought her mom was just an obsessive gardener.

Here’s to hoping these don’t suck!

I’ll post more details later. These are “Peanut Butter Swirl Lentil Brownies,” and if they’re good I’ll post the recipe I concocted for them. If they suck you’ll never hear about it again. That’s kind of the Russian roulette with cooking experiments, yeah? Sometimes you make dog food (do not feed to dogs). We can at least appreciate that they do look gorgeous, right? Not gonna lie, I ate some of the baking chocolate. I’m one of those psychos that love 100% unsweetened chocolate. That’s how deep my chocolate love goes. Even if these don’t hit the spot for dessert, maybe they’ll be a good hiking/trail snack? Once summer hits I’m going to start these epic several hour treks across Metro Park.

Reblog if you go to fictional characters for comfort.

Whether it be when you feel you don’t belong, when you feel upset, when you’re angry, when you’re going through a hard time or when you’re feeling empty. (Social Experiment: I want to see how many people do this)


     I’ve seen SO many of my friends struggle with motivation these days, so I wanted to make a little psa about how to attempt to get motivation back ( this also helps fight depression yo ) — It’s all about POSITIVE VIBES. Positivity attracts positivity. Motivation is driven by the WANT to do something, and that doesn’t ( usually ) come on its own, but needs a kick-starter ( this is where inspiration comes into play ). Inspiration is easily triggered by positivity, and everyone has positivity stored in them ( it is a human thing after all ), so what’s needed is to extract it. This part is where people say that their depression prevents them, and a big reason for that is because they are waiting for the positivity to come to them, but relying on something to come to YOU is not as good as generating it YOURSELF. So, can positivity be generated when you feel down? By: DOING YOUR BEST. This is a cliche saying, but it actually works. Do one more thing than you did yesterday. For some, this is a slow process. Doing one more draft, answering one more ask - but the thing is, the more you do, the better you will feel about yourself. And, there it is: you have made a positiv feeling/vibe/emotion. By feeling good about yourself, and sending out this ‘ positive vibe ‘, you are attracting inspiration, which will turn into motivation. Then, it’ll be easier to do more things, which, again, will give you an even better feeling - more motivation - more productivity - more positive vibes! When you hit a certain point, you will have “excess” positivity, which you can give to the people around you! So now you’re not only making positiv energy, but you’re also distributing it to your social circle, which will make good things happen to you. You’ll feel better about yourself, your work, and the people in your life ( and they will feel better about you ). And all of this JUST because you decided that you wanted to do a little more than usual. People who say that “this won’t work for me”, are ruining for themselves, because that means that instead of generating positivity, you are making negativity, which brings NOTHING good. Don’t say: “this won’t work for me”, don’t say “this might work for me”. Say: “THIS WORKS FOR ME”, because — Well, it does.

     Small personal note about my own experience with this ‘ method ‘ of generating motivation ( feel free to ignore this) ; People tell me that I can’t understand what it’s like to be depressed and that it’s impossible to just “do” things when you’re feeling down, but, trust me, I DO know what that’s like. I suffer from a rare medical condition that causes me a lot of pain, which I have been very depressed about ( still feel down sometimes about it ), but I can STILL use the method described above to make motivation! So, I have no doubt that it will work for you too! 

Just so y'all know

•if you bleach your hair do your roots last

•if your blue hair fades to green and you don’t like green, and you don’t wanna bleach your hair again, and you want to go somewhat natural, red is the best solution I’ve found. Don’t do brown unless you want swampy lookin hair.

•coconut oil. Everywhere. Haha what I do after bleaching my hair is I trim like an inch off and then put coconut oil in my hair and leave it in over night. Your hair will love you so much more after.

• if you have dyed blonde/any other light color, use purple shampoo that shit will make your hair color last way longer and it’ll take any brassiness out

•on top of coconut oil…eggs, mayonnaise, avocado, and olive oil are all good things that can make your hair healthier :)

•if you want long hair don’t cut it… like at all. Idk about you, but I’ve always heard stuff like “trim your hair every few months if you want long hair” but this year I haven’t cut it at all and it’s finally to the length I’ve always wanted.

• if you want a cool color (Pink, blue, purple, green, ect) and you don’t have very light blonde hair, you’re gonna want to bleach your hair in order to turn out brightly.

•(this part is for naturally curly haired people like myself lol) when your hair is wet put argon (I think that’s how ya spell it) oil in your hair and then mouse then defuse. You’ll get the perfect crazy curls :)

This is just from experience!!! I’m not a licensed cosmetologist, but these are some things I wish someone else told me when I decided to do my own hair. :)

Drama-free PSA!

I reorganized some advice from a dramatic post and just note:  the original information was pointed out by the wonderful @gabriel-fucking-agreste and @sinfulpapillon, so if you like Miraculous Ladybug, I highly encourage you to check out their pages!  

Anyways, onto the information already shared!  *^_^*

How to make your tumblr experience enjoyable!

  1. Blocking persons who you don’t want to see or be associated with is actually effective and not really offensive.  There are millions of tumblr users and blocking a few of them to guarantee personal peace of mind doesn’t make you a bad person.  (Unless you messaged them horrible things and then turned around and blocked them.  Then you’re just being mean.  DX)
  2. Blacklisting does wonders for anyone who doesn’t want to tip toe on eggshells around tumblr!  The lovely ladies above mentioned Xkit, but for some readon that doesn’t work on my computer, so I’ve settled on Tumblr Savior, which does the exact same thing.  You can block out whole words and phrases, which makes avoiding spoilers, porn, and NOTPs much, much easier!  *^_^*
  3. Being ‘salty’ privately means not putting it up on your public blog for people to find and get offended by.  If you don’t mind the drama you’re about to stir up, then go ahead and post it, but if you would rather not be as’salt’ed because of your saltiness, grab a friend and complain mutually and privately.  Like a huge gal-pal session where you complain about your day and then forget about it.  Because you can trust your friends not to raise a stink (unless someone’s actually hurting/insulting/degrading you.  Then your friends will fite them) and you’re allowed to be salty peacefully.  In short, find or create a safe salt zone.

I hope you guys find this advice helpful, because it’s really good advice!  *^_^*

I can’t stop thinking about how Tim was the only hero among his closest friends in the Teen Titans who wore a cape. So sometimes the core four would be super impressed with how Tim was able to keep up with them without superpowers, but then sometimes Cassie is calling Kon and Bart to wait up because Tim got his cape caught again or the villain literally just pulled Tim back by his cape.

Imagine how the stands will react if they meet their fathers.

Stone free: (seeing Star Platinum) “Thats my father i guess.”

Spice girl: (seeing King Crimson) “Thats my Daddy!”

Golden Experience: (seeing The World) "Thats my Padre”

Crazy Diamond: (seeing Hermit Purple) WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!

Sigil Tip

Draw sigils on your body, then charge them by tracing over them with the index finger of your dominant hand while channeling energy from the world around you through your body, out through your finger, and into the sigil.

Some options:

  • trace the sigil exactly as you have drawn it while repeating the intent in your mind
  • trace circles over the sigil, going clockwise for attraction and counterclockwise for banishing
  • dip your finger in a corresponding oil before tracing it - be careful of any skin conditions / sensitivity you may have
  • cup a crystal relating to your intent in your palm before tracing the design - draw the energy into the crystal then out through your finger

The options can be endless, feel free to experiment!


All I wanted to do was look for more details about a pretty looking cheesecake recipe and I get sucked into a textbook example of the dehumanizing nature of racist cultural appreciation and the vitriol that arises when one tries to call it out.

Something that we all recognize is the dynamic that’s going on. 

Tammy stated something problematic. Prassy calmly stated a fact that was met with disrespect from Sara (who really just needed to mind her own business - but racism never sleeps!).

Darneisha, Layla & Stephanie then proceeded to offer a FREE educational experience, free of the dragging they deserve, on why Tammy’s comment was problematic - and were bombarded with slurs and more attacks.

Lastly Tammy, who has apparently studied other cultures for years, won racism bingo by, literally, pulling out every racist liberal’s favorite lines.

“It wasn’t meant to be racist”

“i’m just fascinated and exotify other cultures”

“I have a Chinese friend and I’m going to use this imaginary person to absolve myself of being responsible for my words and thinking deeply” (despite the original point of Asian being a big ass continent).

“thanks everyone who targeted and attacked the people who went out of their way to educate me”

Sometimes they just don’t want an education, they desperately just want to hold on to privilege and ownership of the marginalized

For the past ten years or so I’ve maintained a genealogy/reunion website for my father-in-law. Once I got it redesigned (which was a TREMENDOUS pain), it’s not been particularly labour-intensive as a general rule, due to the fact that they only do reunions once every two years. Still, when it’s reunion time, it becomes a real pain in my ass, in part because I find the subject matter and presentation to be … let’s just say not of my personal style. And in part because the people involved in this family reunion stuff have absolutely no concept of what I do, and so are eternally unhelpful in the doing of it.

Such as this rather lengthy list of names I’ve been provided to put on the website to identify everyone in the family reunion photo.

Which was sent to me in PDF form instead of easily-copied text document. And you KNOW someone had to convert that shit, this was plain fucking text once upon a time, but no, PDF was FOR REASONS I CANNOT COMPREHEND determined to be the best method of communicating this information to me and I could smack the entire universe in the ear for this right now.

SKAM needs to come back already.

I’m running out of stuff to watch and do.

Plus I really really need it to peel me away from the stress that is RobRon


I made these for my advertising course, but then I was like “wait these are good why would i just let them sit on my computer???”

Inspired by people who keep saying rude, condescending things to me about my disorder lately! And….you know, throughout my entire life…but especially lately.

Shout out to all the trans aces who:

  • Don’t feel ‘truly’ asexual because you don’t know whether your dysphoria is having an affect on your sexuality
  • Feel that your trans-ness can’t be removed from your ace-ness but are told it should be
  • Don’t feel comfortable in hypersexual LGBT spaces
  • Have had your asexuality invalidated by people who say you can’t be ace and trans
  • Have had your trans-ness invalidated by people who say you can’t be ace and trans
  • Are happy that you’re trans and ace
  • Are sad that you’re trans and ace

Your feelings are valid. Your identities are valid. And you are amazing (ace, even!).