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Red flags to look 4 if ur a trans person dating a cis

• telling everybody your name but ur partner asking “I can still call u [dead name] right???”
• when taking about dysphoria and surgery and they say “don’t get x removed, I don’t wanna lose the boy/girl I fell in love with”
• talks shit on nb genders
• has a fetish for only afab/amab ppl and defends it when u say it’s gross
• respects every other trans persons prounous and name except yours
• “it’s just so hard to use x pronouns and ur name:((((”

i want to make a list of movies/books/etc where a major plot point is “mom helps daughter kill a man who hurt her, or at the very least helps her hide the body” but in general that is never what the actual plot is about, so it’s huge spoilers, which is ACTUALLY KINDA WEIRD now that i am thinking about it. with dad movies it’s the whole plot of the things, SOMEONE HURT HIS DAUGHTER AND NOW THEY’RE GONNA PAY

but i read a book once that was entirely about a girl going back to her hometown after twenty years and trying to reconcile with her mother after The Incident. then they finally reveal 80% of the way through the book that The Incident was that protag thought she’d killed her date rapist and had been scared to come back because she’d somehow made it twenty years without consequences, but actually she’d only seriously injured her date rapist. protag’s mom had found the guy while looking for her wayward daughter, realized what happened, and ran him over with her truck and buried the body under her garden. she never said anything because of Mom Code.

there was no indication at any point prior to this that this was a book about a murder. it was a heartwarming coming-of-age story about a woman entering her middle years learning to better understand her mother. that just happened to include covering up a murder. protag thought her mom was just an obsessive gardener.

some of the things i've been told since coming out as asexual in 2015

-“you’re too pretty to be asexual”
-“you just haven’t met the right guy yet”
-“you’ll change your mind once you’re in a relationship”
-“if you ever get in a ‘relationship’ your partner will just cheat on you so he can have sex”
-“is there something wrong with you?”
-“it’s just a hormonal thing. doctors can help you fix that”
-“so… you’re gay?”
-“here’s the name of my doctor you should see him about your homone levels”
-“that’s not a real thing”
-“there must be something wrong with you”
-“you’re probably gay but too scared to tell anyone”
-“i can fix that ;)”
-“i called my pastor and he said he’s going to put you on the prayer chain”
-“the bible doesn’t necessarily say that asexuality is wrong, but it’s wrong because it’s an identity thing. you should just identify as a child of God, regardless of whether or not you actually get these feelings”
-“you’re basically just straight”
-“so you’re just gonna be alone forever?”
-“so you’ve never loved anyone?”
-“ohmygosh is this because of your past trauma?!”
-“i’m so sorry, this must be because of all you’ve been through”
-“you don’t look asexual”
-“so you probably masturbate a lot then…”
-“asexuals aren’t part of the lgbtqia community… the A stands for 'ally’. stop pretending like asexuals are descriminated against”
-“isn’t that a plant thing?”

(feel free to add some of your own experiences)

I feel like something that isn’t rlly talked abt as much as it shld be is how like.. trans people are treated as a spectacle & source of entertainment. like people have no sense of boundaries when you’re trans & will ask you about your body and how your family reacts as well as ask you to describe your dysphoria in extreme detail (I’m sixteen and I’ve had adults that aren’t therapists or medical professionals interrogate me about how EXACTLY I feel towards my genitals to a super uncomfortable degree, even when I asked them to stop) + disclose personal information about you to others without your permission. Idk it just feels like people don’t really respect me as a person sometimes and instead see me as an exhibit

Build a fantasy religion

i didn’t see around a lot of indications about this, so i decide of making some short, direct and usefull indication based even on my experience. (feel free to add tips) 

Why create a religion for my world?: 

Religion is a big part of every culture that can influence the daylife of larg group of people so it’s important to define it if present in your world. The other thing is that is a good way for worldbuild, you can define the life of people, the way cities are built and the way of think of the population.

Where to start:

- Polytheist or monotheist: choose the type of religion that fit better your world, it’s important because polytheist and monotheist religions have some differencesthat have relevance when you write. (not only the number of gods but for example how gods are workship or how are build temples)

-Read about real religions: this is a good base and you are going to see a lot of aspect that you have to take count of. Reinterpret is a way of creating a new one, so you can take prinples for example.

-Decide the characteristics of the God/s: After have a clear idea of what you want to do (example: religion similar to Romans’ one or a mix between Egyptians and Greeks gods) you have to put cleare some poits:

  • Is you god/s good or bad? : so how is see by humans, what is famous for, which is their temper, is revengeful or their forgive, if it is feared or loved or both. If you create more gods then you can decide to make them represent somenthing.
  • Did your god/s in contact with humans?: The relationship with humans; so if they are between humans and if humans know about it. In this case when and how they do so. If they don’t meet humans you have to decide if they communicate with them and how.
  • Physical appearance: if they had a physical appearance describe it or describe characteristics that the god have when in physical form.

- Worship: While the poits before where about the poit of wiew of the God/s, you have always to define how humans venerate God/s. Some points:

  • Is all the population religious?: This is important because there you can determine the relationship between who belive and who not or between different religions. Or say if is imposed.
  • What role have religion in the State: So if religion have a political power, how much power have and if is used for good or for bad.
  • What are the religion institutions: There is a leader of the cult, what are the offices and how they are built, how much the istitutions influence the population. 
  • Where: where is workshiop God/s (temples or churches or at home)
  • HOW: this is probably the most important aspect but the more compless too. Here you need to define how people practice their own religion so if they only pray or do make sacrifices, if there are rules that influence the daily life, if there are festivity or particular ritual, if there are simbols that are workship.

The Name: The name can be 1 word or more but it’s better if not more than 4 because it have to be somenthing that affect. It can be a word or a period that describe a foundamental principe of your new religion, or somenting like “The believe of X” .

A thing that is always good to keep in mind is that religions tend to give a sense of belonging to the believers. This can be use in a lot of way and is a important specially if your new religion have political power or a big influence on population.

I hope it help someone. (feel free to add tips)


summertime soumako (✿´ ꒳ ` )

Imagine how the stands will react if they meet their fathers.

Stone free: (seeing Star Platinum) “Thats my father i guess.”

Spice girl: (seeing King Crimson) “Thats my Daddy!”

Golden Experience: (seeing The World) "Thats my Padre”

Crazy Diamond: (seeing Hermit Purple) WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!

Allistics have such a double standard….They hate autistic people for existing but if an allistic behaves in an “autistic” way then they’ll praise it, or at the very least excuse it.

If there’s an allistic person who conforms to a schedule and doesn’t like changes of plan, then they’re organized and it’s a wonderful character trait to have! But if an autistic person does that, then it’s weird and they have to learn to adapt to other people.

If there’s an allistic person who has a really intense interest/obsession with something, then it will probably be seen as cute or smart or cool, but when autistics have special interests it’s annoying or it’s “bad behavior”.

If an allistic person doesn’t understand social cues then they’re seen as cute or shy or quirky, maybe a bit weird or “off”, but overall no one has too much of an issue with it. Meanwhile, when autistics doesn’t understand social cues, people will try to abuse them into us!

If an allistic person has a type of sensory issue, then they’ll probably be told, “Oh, that’s okay, we all have our own things that bother us!” and their sensory needs will be respected. Meanwhile, autistics are forced into situations that are very sensory unfriendly - sometimes even on purpose because allistics apparently think that will cure us.

If an allistic person repeats phrases from TV or other people, then it’s just seen as a harmless, silly, endearing behavior. but when autistics do it it’s strange and unacceptable! 

This is one of the many reasons why we (autistics) hate hearing that “everyone is a little bit autistic.” Because not only is it not true, but on the occasions that allistics do behave in ways similar to autistics, then NTs won’t care…all while they punish autistics for existing.

yes, this is okay for allistic people to reblog.