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My newest poetry collection, SMS, is now available for purchase as an eBook in my Etsy shop! Priced at $8.99, and you can currently get your entire order in my shop 50% off when you use the code “SUPPORT50″ at checkout! All profit is currently going towards my trip to Tennessee for gas, food, and the like.

SMS is a compilation of responsive poetry to text messages I have received from either current or past lovers of mine. The collections delves into the thoughts of three men who had/have stolen my heart, if only momentarily or for the long-term.

Of the three boys, each has three “good” texts and three “bad” texts I have expanded on via poetry and given my honest thoughts on. Ranging from verbal abuse, heartbreak, and hurt, to passion, adoration, and even puppy love, this collection of poetry attempts to put all emotions I felt at the time into perspective.

Art format for the texts was inspired by the Tumblr user @unsends

breaking shoulders

Fingers drummed against the edge of the suspicious table. A habitual visitor painted my face crimson. Oh dear. The leather of my suitcase unearthed my skin. A sort of wet substance trickled. Couldn’t really notice. 

What’s in this luggage?

Won’t say, sir. 

May I take a look?

Perhaps not sir, perhaps not.

Why not? 

Because some things are too heavy to look at. My cheeks won’t seem so red. My eyes so blue. The leather so brown. 

Everything’ll seem black and white, sir.

Black and white. 

Copyright © 2017 Margaux Emmanuel

The small talk is what kills me – I don’t want to hear about your favorite color, expert pastimes or the job you have lined up. I want your spine curved. Bones broken; reexamine your reflection. Tell me your mother’s first memory. Where you were when the World Trade Center went down. What you feel on Christmas morning. I don’t want to know who you think you are; I want to touch your soul.
—  And that’s my problem, you see. No one wants to get that close. // Jenn Carmen


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