the freak beat

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I’ve tried to look up if anyone else noticed this but only found one instance on Reddit… and it was only a small comment. 


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They’re at the bar drinking and having fun talking about disastrous embarrassments they’ve all faced and someone asks Alex what’s the worst for her, only she gets all solemn and serious and says,

“The worst thing that ever happened to me was when Kara,” she takes a slow breath, everyone gets quiet and uncomfortable thinking she’s about to drop the realest shit only her to finish with, “learned to dab.”

Everyone freaks out, the beat drops, the whole bar claps, astra is there

Number Two

ask : can you do a Leo imagine where reader loses an arm in Gaea’s attack on CHB and he builds her a new metallic arm?

oh I really hope you like this, it took me forever to put up, I’m so sorry !!

warning : language (it’s me guys let’s be real here)

The war with Gaea took a toll on everyone.

You were no exception.

“Y/N!!” Turning your head, a sword collided with your arm, slicing it clean off at the elbow. Shock went through you in arcs, and you didn’t know whether to cry, scream, or freak out.

Will beat you to it. “Y/N!! FUCK!!” He screamed. You looked up, clear pain in your face. Jason, close by, tugged off his shirt, wrapping your injury with his shirt tightly.

“Jason, you have to help fight-” A whimper escaped your lips, as the shirt he wrapped around your unwanted amputated arm grew dark with blood. “Shit-” You whimpered again, looking up. Your vision left for a second, before coming back. Your (e/c) eyes were looking into Will’s blue eyes.

“Stay with me, alright Y/N?” Hoisting you up in his arms, Will started taking you to the Infirmary.

“Y/N?!” Annabeth shouted, and you attempted to answer, but the blood loss made you pass out.

“Hey, how you feeling?” Will’s voice was soft, and your eyes fluttered open. Reaching up to push your hair out of your face, you screamed.

“WHERES MY ARM?!” You screeched, looking at the wrapped up stub where your left arm should be. Your chest rose and fell quickly, and Will grabbed your shoulders, pinning you back to the bed.

“Calm down. You lost it in the war.” Will frowned, and your heart wrenched.

“In-In the war?” You stuttered, your eyes darting across Will’s face. “Wait-” You tried getting up. “Where’s Leo?” Will’s eyes fell.

“No..” You trailed off.

“I’m so sorry Y/N. Leo died in an explosion-” You cut him off, covering your mouth with the one hand you had, heart wrenching sobs escaping your lips.

“You-I- Oh gods.” Wrapping your arm around Will, you tugged him down into a hug. Crying into his shoulder, he rubbed your back soothingly.

The next few months wasn’t that good either. You had to get by with one arm, from getting dressed, to training, to helping out at the Infirmary like you always do. You often asked Nico if you could see the scroll Leo sent back, saying that he was alive.

You didn’t know whether you wanted to kill him or kiss him.

Maybe both.

“LEO’S BACK!!” A shout rang throughout camp. You shot up, running towards the door and swinging it open. Running towards the group, you saw Leo, Festus, and a goddess..


“LEO!” You shouted, hoping to catch his attention. It worked. Leo smiled, walking up, a backpack hanging off of his shoulder.

“I have something for you.” He spoke, and you looked at him, confused. What could he possibly have for you? Leo pulled an imperial gold and celestial bronze arm out of the bag, one that matched your size.

You gasped.

“I know you probably shouldn’t forgive me after this, but-” He paused, fitting it onto your arm.

It felt, real.

“It’s magic. Well, sort of. It should respond to your nerve impulses, like a normal arm should, and it can also be used as a weapon.” You wriggled your new gold and bronze fingers, looking up at Leo in awe. He rubbed the back of his neck

. “Cool, huh?” He smiled sheepishly. Squealing in happiness, you wrapped your arms around Leo’s neck, tackling him in a hug. Peppering his face with kisses, he laughed.

“I really hate you. You scared the shit out of all of us!!” You whispered, pulling back.

Leo shot you that lopsided, sarcastic smirk you grew to love. “How about you punish me with more kisses?” He cocked his eyebrow playfully.

“I think not Valdez. You’re on everybody’s shit list.” Nico said from behind you, and you stood up, helping Leo up. Cracking his knuckles, Nico came up, punching Leo in the arm.

“Dude, what the fuck?” Leo rubbed his arm, and Nico smirked.

“Oh, that was just one. I passed out numbers to everyone in camp.” Nico laughed.

Wide eyed, Leo looked at you. Pulling a number out of your pocket, you smiled sheepishly.

“I got number two.”

- Nezzie