the fray feelings,m

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Any clace smut that you would recommend?

I just checked my recs page and there are a few on there if you’re interested, though they’re mostly chaptered fics with some smut. I’ll also make a list below, so hope that helps!

Clace Smut

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I'm like all about the way stuff feels so like if the end of a blanket or towel is frayed I'm in looove because it feels soft and I just hold it in my hand and run my thumb over it. I'm also a big fan of flapping it's really nice and I use it when I'm uncomfortable or just not ok at the moment in general.

Nice nice nice

i literally fall in love with people so much and so easily but i’m so Uh Frayed of my feelings never being reciprocated so i’m just Never gonna love anyone again , anxious aromanticism