the frank family


Annabeth: We kind of bonked her head. It wasn’t really hard and she is not acting differently. I’m just worried-

Sally: Relax it happens. Percy used to bang his head all the time, and he is perfectly fine

Annabeth: Okay alright. Thanks it helps a lot covers the phone and whispering We gotta take her to the doctor


Miep Gies, tiny, white-haired, gentle and courageous, is an unfamiliar name to most people, but without this remarkable woman, there would be no The Diary of Anne Frank. During the Nazi occupation of Holland the Austrian-born Dutch woman risked her life daily to hide Anne Frank and her family from the Nazis.


so…y’all requested: more frank, more pipercy, clarisse and more happy families au. so, here we are. big sis clarisse taking her lil brother frank out for a playdate with piper ft. tired percy. he is regretting this very much but will go through with it anyway because piper is too cute to say no to

The Longbottoms

The more I think about it, the more it cracks me up how Frank and Alice are portrayed in the movies.  They look like such cinnamon rolls:

And they have such cinnamon roll names, too.  Frank and Alice Longbottom.  

Neville makes a big deal rightfully about how they survived torture and never gave in.  But what really blows my mind is how they were already BAMFs before that happened.  They were Aurors.  Like, the Ministry version of bounty hunters.  These two sweet, adorable looking people were chasing down Death Eaters as part of their job.  

And the whole family is like this.  Neville, too, is rocking the sweater vest, looking like the squishiest of cinnamon rolls.  But when it came time to chase down evil:

The Longbottom family is the epitome of Looks like a Cinnamon Roll/Could Actually Kill You.