the franchise affair


The Franchise Affair [d: Lawrence Huntingdon, 1951]

I was a little worried about watching this, because it’s probably my favourite Josephine Tey book, and it’s always difficult when you watch adaptations of faves. Also I had not really pictured Robert as quite as sassy as Michael Denison, much as I like him. MD and Dulcie Gray were the British box office husband-and-wife darlings of the early 50s, but let’s not hold that against them.

It is, however, really good. It’s a pretty straight version, condensed of course but retaining the feel of the book, especially in the character of Mrs Sharpe (Marjorie Fielding} who is as acerbic and awesome as originally written. The only criticism I have is with the brief appearance of Grant -  John Bailey is a far cry from book!Grant. But he’s not in it much, so it’s ok. Also there is bonus wee!Pat Troughton as Bill, hurrah for that.