the fourth world sage



Again, there are better written comic books, and there are prettier comic books…

…but no one ever exploded this many great ideas and images out onto the world all at once, ever.

‘Cause remember, Kirby just wasn’t writing these stories. He was also illustrating them, designing all the characters…

Think about all your favorite writers now working in the medium. Now think about all your favorite illustrators. Now think about how much of their work is commentary on characters or work that has gone before.

Now think about Jack Kirby and the Fourth World Saga. Here, he’s creating a 20th Century Mythology, on his own and he’s weaving in his person experience in the comic book industry, he’s placing avatars of his friends into the books. It is the mind of a savant as interpreted by a genius.

Big words? Well that’s because Kirby is TWO-FISTED!

'Cause if comic books are junk food, this series is heroin. Pure, uncut and not for the faint of heart…