the fourth time was obviously the charm

Oops, I drabbled again...

I just wrapped up my third set of 100 Miraculous Drabbles so I should be done now just started a new one.

One Hundred Miraculous Drabbles: Oh wow, I’ll never write 100 drabbles. What a crazy goal I’ve set for myself.

One Hundred MORE Miraculous Drabbles: I still can’t believe I just started a second one of these. I’m ridiculous.

Three Times the Charm: More Miraculous Drabbles: Obviously I’m obsessed and please keep reading because I’m not going to stop.

Go Fourth and Read More Drabbles: Someone may need to send help.


Requested by leana-armen

You had been the one to suggest Mario Kart, you knew Steve had absolutely no chance at beating you considering you were pretty much the master of this game, but you thought that teaching Steve how to play would be a nice way of wasting time together.

It started off cute, you picked Birdo and  Steve decided to pick Yoshi, thinking that they looked almost as cute as a couple as the two of you did. You sat behind him, your arms barely wrapping around his biceps, and then you began to show him the controls. It took him a while but he eventually managed to get the hang of what does what.

You weren’t using the wii controllers, you were way more comfortable using the gamecube controllers and so you just made Steve use it as well. Giving him small hints now and again on how to get speed boosts using the D-pad, and how to drift as well. Not realising that this would lead up to him somehow managing to beat you, twice, then a third time and then a fourth. “Last match, winner takes all you!” You demanded, your voice raising a few octaves and making your gamer rage quite clear.

“I don’t know Y/N,” he leaned away from you, weariness seeping into his expression. “Maybe we should do something else.”

“No, no, no.” You demanded, putting your hand on his left boob, “come on baby, if you beat me then I might even give you a prize?”

He gulped, obviously trying to fight against your charm but the both of you knew he wouldn’t win. “Fine, but it’s a friendly match.”

A false smile filled your face and you sat back down with a new found confidence booming within you. This confidence was quickly slaughtered when Steve started to destroy you, thinking quickly you began to knock him purposely with your arm, he yelled at you but you didn’t care, you were determined to win. And win you did, after pushing him over and laying yourself on top of him. It made the game go twice as long, but all that mattered was that you managed to beat him.