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Gaya x Nakaken | Kisumai Busaiku 3.16.14

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Read Receipts. (Kylo Ren x Reader // Modern AU)

In honor of Star Wars Day!

So. There was a tumblr post that talked about putting on your read receipts just so that the other person knows that you’re ignoring them.

I thought, “Hey. What would happen if Kylo Ren did that to his significant other? Because he seems like the kind of person that would.”

Anyways. I’m not that terrific of a writer. I mess up a lot, so I apologize in advance if you were expecting something really well-written.

This is also my first ever second person POV fic!

(As well as my first ever Star Wars fic. Characters will probably most definitely seem OOC. I apologize in advance.)

I don’t know the universe well enough to write it in the canonverse. (Sorry!)

Title: Read Receipts.

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Rating: T (for language)

(There were also a few Kylo Ren x Reader fics that inspired this one. They’re on AO3. Abstruseness by dilatory. And Not A Fan and Such Kylo Trash by ElmiDol.)


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THE DAY IS FINALLY HERE AGAIN AND HAPPY PALLETSHIPPING DAY TO ALL OF YOU LITTLE SHIPPERS!!<333 \( >u< )/ May your day be filled with lots of two dorks in love and fluff and porn! \o/ I shall submit something later tonight for it<3


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