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The Fourth House - The House of Home

This is the fourth part of a twelve part series briefly explaining how the signs work in each house. Enjoy!

Ah, the House of Home, where the Moon and Cancer are rulers. It is in this house where you begin to learn what it means to say there is no place like home. You have found security, what nurtures you, keeps you in peace, and are ready to plant a home in this safe space. Having undergone the experiences that have shaped you to the person you are today, it is here where you decide: “yes, this is what I will call home because it keeps me protected.” The events that might have occurred in your life to realize what type of place you’re calling home can be of the relationship between your nurturer, such as your mother or father, regardless if these relationships were good or bad. (With further research these relationships can be analyzed with this placement.) Another aspect of home is where you come from, such as finding out your ancestry, heritage, and what you consider to be your culture. Since we are home, this is the private self that comes into play. We are home after a long day at work and are finally at the dinner table with our loved ones where we can be ourselves. It is also in this house where we express how we want to guide our loved ones to help them achieve what we believe is a full life. All in all, the Fourth House represents memories, photo albums, family, and everything you would call home. 

Aries in the Fourth House: So we know Aries always wants to be number one, and to be number one you always have to be achieving something. You are the same way at home. You may always be doing something in the house that involves action, like cleaning, painting, or rearranging furniture. If something needs to get done in the house, you do it. However, this can also be a bad thing because you may limit someone else from learning how to do for themselves and can be overbearing. Just because you can get the job done right and fast, doesn’t mean you should always do it. Be the leader, but do it in a way that others feel right following you. 

Taurus in the Fourth House: Having financial security and stability are what makes you feel like you are home. Not only for yourself but also your loved ones since this is how you feel protected. The drive that you have to achieve these things serves as a guide to the people in your life who might need some assistance in building better lives for themselves. However, you can come off too forceful so try to ease up a bit and let others ask for your help. Overall, your presence is a strong one and will not go unnoticed. You are extremely influential to the people around you so you have the power to lead people down the right paths of life if you learn to not let your temper get the best of you. 

Gemini in the Fourth House: The mind of a Gemini is always restless. Your family may know you as being energetic, talkative, and always up to something. There is never a dull moment with you because you’re full of curiosities and putting your thoughts into action. The perfect home for you involves a safe space where you can comfortably communicate with those around you and have them feel just as comfortable. Knowledge is power and being able to send that message is how you affect people’s lives. You want people to expand their minds to their full potential, as you would want for yourself, and when you achieve this, you are home. 

Cancer in the Fourth House: The familiar is home to you. How you were raised as a child can very well be a reflection of how you may set a home for yourself today or in the future. You have a strong sense to nurture and protect as any Cancer would, however, these qualities are much stronger in this placement since this is where Cancer rules.Your emotions have great power and can set people in the right direction if you learn to use them for good and not just be an emotional mess. In order to be the mother or nurturer to your loved ones you have to guard your feelings and be strong with your emotions. This way those around you can also learn how to be more in tune with their own emotions, and what better way to learn than from you. 

Leo in the Fourth House: You have a light in you that yearns to be shined at all times. Around family and loved ones you wish to be at the center of attention and it can cause you stress when you are not. You must learn that others may feel unimportant around you because you might not let them have a chance at the spotlight. Everyone has a light of their own so it is crucial for you to see that others want to be recognized too. Once you understand and are in tune with your ego and sense of self, this is how you will influence others in making lives for themselves. Since this is the house of home and togetherness you may find it difficult to lead others because all you want is to be the center of them. The Leo placement in the home can be one more of learning than of teaching. 

Virgo in the Fourth House: Very detail-oriented, the way you establish a home for yourself is through creating a routine based life. You can be the stereotypical Virgo of being a neat freak at home when you’re being critical on the house itself or your family. You set high standards for yourself and loved ones often causing stress in everyone because you make them feel like they have to be perfect, but perfection doesn’t exist. You have a strong sense of intuition like a mother’s intuition which helps you be of great service and a counselor: the ultimate goal of Virgo. People may be attracted to asking you for advice but there is a reason and you may have the answers to things you wouldn’t even imagine, all you have to do is dig into your intuition.  

Libra in the Fourth House: Living in harmony and peace is the only thing this Libra could ever ask for. When your family is in a good place and coming home feels relaxing and loving, this is when you are most happy. You are the peacemaker so your family has gotten use to you being the mediator and can constantly expect you to be the one to make everyone get along again. You don’t mind this too much because in the end you need the love of your family to survive. You can be somewhat dependent on others and are not too fond of being alone, but to avoid unhappiness, you must learn to find peace and harmony all on your own. 

Scorpio in the Fourth House: Since we are entering a private space, it is here where Scorpio feels comfortable enough to let their guard down. You may have deep, intimate relationships with your family members since you want to know them to their deepest, darkest level because you believe this is truly knowing a person. To them, however, you will always be a mystery. You have a powerful aura and it can express strong feelings of intimacy and depth. You may come off controlling to get what you want and this can be a turn off. Your highs will be very high and your lows very low so if you find yourself at a very low point try not to bring others down with you. Instead bring them with you when you come back up and aim higher.

Sagittarius in the Fourth House: With how much you love the outdoors, adventure, and exploring, your home will be a reflection of that. Doesn’t a house with big open windows looking out the forest sound beautiful? With walls filled of photographs of all the places you have travelled to. Freedom and independence are everything to you so you can make a home out of just about any space that is comfortable. You can teach people to be more independent and a bit more self centered, but in a good way. You show others that it is okay to be on your own and do things for yourself because in the end we really only have ourselves so why not make a home within ourselves so that wherever your travels take you, you are home. 

Capricorn in the Fourth House: At home you feel best being the provider and ensuring that everyone feels safe, protected, and emotionally satisfied. Troubles of unity may rise for the Capricorn in this house because this house is ruled by its opposite, Cancer. Where Cancer may be telling everyone how they feel, Capricorn keeps to themselves. You must learn to help others find purpose in life and not keep quiet of your intelligence because it might be that extra help they need. You may feel as though your words do not matter to people so you stay out of their lives, but in this house we are not meant to be alone so it is essential that you learn to find a home with your loved ones. You may have strong doubts within yourself because of the way you grew up but you must find confidence within yourself and mend any broken ties in your family. 

Aquarius in the Fourth House: As eccentric as the Aquarius is, your home is nothing of the ordinary. You will be interested in the innovative and your home will show for that with the newest technologies or even by the amount of times you move around. With family, you enjoy bringing everyone together but will not be tied down by them. If anything, you enjoy being in a group setting only to show off how different you are from everyone else. However, it is in this setting where you must learn that what you say has a strong influence on people so you should use that to direct them in their lives. You tend to want to help humanity as a whole forgetting that each individual has emotions that need to be understood. You will for the most part be independent in your domestic affairs but this is the house of home so don’t forget that we must come together here.

Pisces in the Fourth House: In the home, you will probably give yourself to your family more than you should. Everyone will continue to take as long as you keep giving. Your unhappiness should not equal their happiness, this is where your strong sense of empathy can get you into trouble. Your safe space is anywhere where you can be as imaginative as you want to be. Your mind explores places one cannot even dream so we may never really know you. You, however, are very intuitive and psychic about the feelings of others so you will know most of what is going on in the household. This can bring you to smother the ones you love because all you want to do is protect them but guilt tripping them to make them feel empathetic towards you is only going to push them away.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this short analysis!

- Astrologia xo

Bangtan Spells Compilation: Fights and Arguments.

Hello lovelies! It’s been a while since the last compilation, but here we are with one you will surely love. In this one we’ve gathered scenarios in which You and one of the boys are having a fight or an argument. We know you all love some drama, so here it is, enjoy!


  • Borderline: Seokjin’s ex comes back pretending to be pregnant to ruin your relationship and you breakup with him, he tries to convince you of the truth with the help of the boys. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • All that Remains: You break up just before Seokjin is going for tour so you leave things like that despite still loving each other, Jin is afraid of talking to you because he thinks you are mad, so the boys arrange for you to go to his birthday. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Running On Empty: You get jealous of Jin’s screen partner in a drama which winds up in Jin and you having a big fight.
  • Don’t You Remember: Jin and you got into a serious fight, while you try to cool off you take your daughter with you, but scared of a separation she seeks help from BTS to keep her parents together.  Genre: Family / Drama.
  • I Promise You Forever: Seokjin breaks up with you because of work but when you try to move on with another guy he tries to get you back. Genre: Romance / Drama.


  • Stay:  You meet Yoongi at the music shop where you work, since then he goes continuously to be able to see you, you want to be with him but just when your relationship gets serious you might have to go. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Edges You two are heirs of your companies and engaged because of it, there’s a love-hate relationship between you and a lot of tension because you love each other. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Unspoken:  You have a big fight when you tell Yoongi you don’t want children even though he wants a family, later you reveal you are afraid of him being an absent father. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • It Will Rain: Your family don’t approve of your relationship with Yoongi a famous rapper, when you go visit them he can’t stop himself from thinking someday you might not come back. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Let It Snow You want to celebrate Christmas big time but Yoongi isn’t very enthusiastic about it so you have a fight. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Safe Haven: You come from an abusive relationship, one time Yoongi and you are fighting and in the anger he lift his hand and you flinch, Yoongi realizes what is wrong and swears to protect you.
  • Heartstrings : You have a big fight because you feel neglected in the relationship, despite everything you want to be with him but Yoongi thinks he’s not good enough. Genre: Angst / Drama.
  • Dead Leaves: Yoongi is wrecked when you say you’re going to leave him because he’s not taking you seriously, later you find out you are pregnant. Genre: Angst / Romance.
  • In A Heartbeat: Yoongi and you were in a relationship but when you got pregnant you leave to not disturb his career, after three years you come back with a boy who looks like Yoongi.  Genre: Family / Drama.
  • Mad About You: Yoongi loses his cool when he gets jealous of one of your friends.
  • Wicked Games: Yoongi is a bad boy that wants you but all you do is argue until he starts to make you jealous with another girl. Genre: Romance.
  • Crash and Burn: You have an ugly fight after you miss a date so you don’t talk to each other for a few days until both of you give in. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Breathe Into Me: You have been keeping secrets from Yoongi, you have a huge fight because Yoongi thinks you are cheating on him, when you go out alone after that and your car breaks you get scared so you call Yoongi who gets very protective even more after hearing the truth of your secret. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Silent Treatment: You two are having a fight when he says something that hurts you so you give him the silent treatment and he tries to make it up. Genre:Romance.
  • Remains Of April: You get into an accident that causes you to forget everything from the past few years and still believe that you are dating Yoongi, he doesn’t remind you about the break up because he thinks this is his chance to start over. Genre: Angst / Drama.
  • Love Is Not Over: You are a writer that’s been given the opportunity to go to work to New York, doing that would mean fulfilling your dream, only that you’d have to give up on the love of your life, Yoongi. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Hidden Promises: Yoongi is neglecting you and your daughter because of his work, when he fails to go to the little girl’s ballet recital you decide it’s enough, you leave and decide to not talk to him until he reflects on his actions. Genre Family / Drama.
  • Harder To Breathe:  Yoongi snaps with anger and jealousy when Taehyung gets too touchy with you, afterwards you have a fight because of it. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • I Can’t Let You Go: Your relationship with Yoongi reaches a dead point, and then he gets in an scandal with a girl.  Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Everything To Him: Your ex is back in town and he insists in getting back with you, your boyfriend Yoongi is at first jealous and angry but then gets very protective when he discovers your ex is harassing you. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Two Faced Lovers: Yoongi and you hit it off right away after meeting, after getting pregnant he leaves and you abort, depressed and hopeless you start sleeping around to fill the void.  Genre: Angst / Drama.


  • Sweet Evening: You get jealous of one of his sister’s friends so you fight but it is also your anniversary. Genre: Romance.
  • The Girl Is Mine: You have a fight and break up because Hoseok is too jealous, later he protects you from a guy who was trying to touch you. Genre: Romance / Drama.


  • Worth Changing: Namjoon is always partying and drinking but he decides to change when his daughter is born. Genre: Family / Drama


  • Clarity: You are in the E.R with another male idol, Jimin doesn’t like any of it. Genre Romance / Drama.
  • Leaked: You are doing a risky photoshoot with a male model, when pictures get leaked Jimin isn’t pleased. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Earned It: Jimin gets more than jealous when he sees you doing an overly sexy special dance stage with Hoseok. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Kindhearted: Jimin and you have just moved together when in one of the boxes he finds a photo album with pictures of your ex boyfriend, Jimin gets really jealous and confronts you to discover it not what it seems.
  • Bad Behavior: Jimin is the bad guy at school who wants to date you, but you are always judging him. One day he confesses after school. Genre: Romance. 
  • Come a Little Closer: You have a big fight with Jimin and don’t talk to him for a few days but even if you are upset you can’t spend too much time without talking to each other. Genre:Romance / Drama.


  • 11:11: Your relationship reaches a point where Taehyung makes a harsh decision. Genre: Angst / Drama.
  • Only You: Taehyung is jealous of your best friend, Park Jimin. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Severely: Taehyung and you are having trouble as a couple, one time you get home and see him kissing another girl. Genre: Angst / Drama.
  • No One Else’s: Werewolf AU. Taehyung and you just found out you are mates, he’s very protective of you and very jealous of all the guys who you could be close with, but because of the past you are in a love-hate relationship with him. Genre: Romance.
  • Against All Odds: You are forced to marry each other, you really love him but he has a girlfriend. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Don’t Wish Is Over: You meet after two years of your breakup and you ask him to explain why everything ended. Genre: Romance / Drama.


  • Fools: The boys made a bet with Jungkook that he couldn’t date you, Jungkook won the bet and you guys became a couple with real feelings, after some time you find out about the bet. Genre: Romance / Drama
  • Be Mine: You’re best friends who secretly like each other, after an argument Jungkook gets distant and you are upset about no having by your side, until one day at school he pulls you with him and tells you his feelings.   Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • All Of Me: You are in your fourth year anniversary with Jungkook, you love him so you withstand how he neglects you but when he starts hanging out with a new girl you break down. Genre: Angst / Drama.
  • Lost Stars: Jungkook and you had a secret affair in school that ended up badly, a few years later you see each other again. Angst / Romance.
  • Still The One: When Jungkook reencounters with his first love he breaks up with you, but then he realizes his true feelings and wants you back. Genre: Angst / Drama.
  • Believe In Us: Jungkook is a popular student and you are a shy girl, when the rumor of him sleeping with someone else gets around Jungkook is expectant of your reaction. Romance / Drama.
  • Full OF Regret: Jungkook is having a hard time being a teen dad, one day you hear him saying he regrets meeting you. Genre: Angst / Drama.
  • Say Something: You are dating, but you’re so reserved one day he tells you he could be with anyone else because you don’t open up to him. Genre: Angst / Drama.
  • If This Isn’t Love: You have a fight when you join the military and Jungkook doesn’t want you to leave. Genre: Angst / Romance.
  • Second Chances: Jungkook goes out to have fun but does something really dumb that he regrets so he tells his pregnant girlfriend.  Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Pick Up The Pieces: When Jungkook sees you he can’t believe it, later he finds out you have a child and he is the father. Genre: Angst / Drama.
  • Undercover Surprise: Jungkook is secretly filming Masked King and since you love the show he wants his appearance there to be a surprise so he sneaks out for filming but you start to suspect he’s cheating. Genre: Romance.
  • Jumping Into Conclusions: You think he’s cheating with you best friend but it turns out an entirely different thing. Genre: Romance / Drama.

i walked into work an hour early on accident and when my coworker informed me that i wasnt supposed to be there yet, i went starbucks next door to get something to drink and jst kind of hang out, since i couldn’t really justify going back home. anyway this guy was there with his laptop. idk what he was so engrossed in that he didn’t realize that something was up, but he was listening to this really awful acoustic cover of bon jovi’s living on a prayer on repeat for at least a half hour. he didn’t realize his earbuds weren’t completely plugged in. after the third or fourth replay, the morale in the store had tangibly decreased. people were whispering to one another about bon jovi guy. the baristas looked just as uncomfortable as everyone else but i don’t think anyone knew what to say to him. 15 minutes go by and people start leaving the store with their unfinished drinks. i left soon after; i had business to attend to. it is unknown how long bon jovi guy continued this sonic assault, but you could death in the eyes of everyone there

oh well. at least he didnt say “frappe”

Deamus (Headcannons)

If Deamus is what you want, then it’s Deamus you shall get!

(Posting separately from the ask)

•Dean and Seamus didn’t meet on the train; oh no. That would be too easy. They actually met when Seamus almost plowed Dean down with his trolley in his rush to get to the platform. After a huge apology and Dean SWEARING ON HIS LIFE that he is okay, the two get on the platform together and find themselves sticking to each other.

They sit in the same train compartment and Dean asks a million questions about the wizarding world, and about Hogwarts. Seamus answers them as well as he can, but he himself doesn’t know too much about Hogwarts since his mum didn’t talk about it much at home in front of his father.

•When they get to the boats, they of course go the the most crowded one (as you do), and end up with Seamus pretty much in Dean’s lap.

“Are you alright?”

“Yeah…” *wheezes* “I’m fine everything’s okay yup”

•When Dean is going up to the sorting hat he accidentally trips and falls. Seamus runs to his aid (not on the stage yet) and says that he accidentally pushed him. Dean looks back at him gratefully and then walks the rest of the way on stage and is sorted into Gryffindor.

Seamus is the one who claps the loudest.

•From that day on they’re inseparable; some say that they’re even closer than Harry and Ron (and eventually Hermione as well). They do absolutely everything together, and all is well for their first year. (Save for some minor Seamus explosions and an argument about whether football is relevant)

•During the summer of their first year, Seamus’s father asks him whether he got a girlfriend or fancied anyone, and Seamus realized that really the only person he really noticed was Dean. And that terrifies him because in his house, being gay or bi or anything other than straight is considered sinful and punishable. (And Seamus knew about punishments)

On the other hand Dean’s mom heard so many good things about Seamus, and wanted so badly to meet him. She didn’t find it odd at all that the only friend her son would talk about was this Seamus fellow, and occasionally that he shared a dorm and is friends with Harry Potter, (after he explained who exactly Harry Potter is).

•In third year when the Gryffindors are going against the boggart, Seamus is terrified that the boggart will turn into Dean dead on the ground, or into his father finding out he has feelings for another boy.

•In fourth year, when the Triwizard tournament rolled around and the age restriction was put in place, Seamus kept trying to think of ways to sneak his name into the Goblet of Fire. At one point, Dean actually had to tackle Seamus in the Great Hall at 3am (because of course he followed his best friend, even though it could’ve gotten them into enormous trouble) and sat on his chest, pinning him down, and holding his arms above his head until he stopped struggling.

“Get off me!”

“Not until you calm down. You’re gonna get us caught!”

“You didn’t have to follow me!”

“Of course I did!”

Eventually Seamus calms down, but Dean still doesn’t get off. Instead, he finds himself frozen, hovering over his best friend and just thinking

‘Merlin, I want to kiss him’

But he doesn’t; he gets up and Seamus takes an exaggerated gulp of air.

“Merlin, finally! It felt like a giant was sitting on my chest.”

He half smiles, propped up on his elbows. Dean just rolls his eyes (though his heart is going crazy) and offers a hand, which Seamus takes and pulls himself up. Once he’s on his feet though, he doesn’t let go of Dean’s hand.

•At the Yule Ball, both boys and bored of their dates before the first dance has even ended (all they do is make eyes at the Durmstrang lot!). Not long after they find themselves dancing with each other, laughing and and being ridiculous, as usual.

Then a slow song comes on, and they find themselves in a sea of couples; many of the boys with their hands a bit too low. Dean smiles awkwardly and offers his hand.

“May I have this dance, my good sir?”

Seamus laughs a bit and takes it, putting his other hand on Dean’s shoulder, and Dean’s is on his waist. They find themselves getting closer together than friends probably should be, until-

“Fuck it”

And Seamus presses their lips together, if only for a second. He pulls away and Dean is staring at him with wide eyes, and a smile on his face.

•In 5th year, Seamus comes back from summer break with a black eye and bruises all over. When Dean asks what happened Seamus just turns away, mutters something about a broom, and walks over to Neville, leaving Dean confused. Seamus is more hostile than usual, going off at Harry and snapping at everyone who tries to help him, especially Dean.

For the rest of the year, Seamus doesn’t make any unnecessary physical contact with Dean, who is feeling pretty hurt at this point.

With Umbridge around, the war impending, O.W.Ls, and the D.A, they hardly have any time to themselves.

Dean is left confused and heartbroken when Seamus tells him that last year was a mistake and that they should just be friends.

•The next year Dean is determined to get over Seamus and starts dating Ginny. She tries to make things work, but Dean really only wants to be with Seamus. (Who is literally dying a little inside whenever Ginny leans in for a kiss)

•When Dumbledore dies, everyone knows that it’s the start of something terrible. Seamus persuades Dean to run, even though it hurts him more than anything.

•All of seventh year, through the beatings and the curses and just the Carrows, all Seamus finds himself able to worry about is Dean.

Had he been captured?

Was he even still alive?

The dorm was more than half empty every night when he went to sleep; just himself and Neville remained. Sometimes in the middle of the night, he would look over at Dean’s bed and cry because he may have lost the one person who truly loved him; all because he couldn’t stand up to his father. He couldn’t even bring himself to tell Dean that he came out to his family.

Meanwhile, the entire time that Dean was on the run or trapped in Malfoy Manor, all he could think about was Seamus and how he had to live to see him again.

•They met during the battle of Hogwarts because Dean decided he wanted to fight, and war be damned they kissed right in the middle of the courtyard.

“I’m so sorry-”

“Not the time, Seamus.”

•Seamus went back to Ireland after that year and having lived through a war, he marched up to his father with Dean at his side.

“This is Dean. My best friend.” He turned around and kissed his boyfriend. “And my boyfriend.”

His father was mad beyond belief but Seamus just casually pointed his wand at him.

“I just lived through a war. If you think you scare me anymore, you can think again.” And he walked away, hand in hand with Dean.

•Just Deamus, please and thank you


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H E A D C A N O N S   F O R   A L L

How They Cuddle

D R A C O   M A L F O Y 

New Sides: (Name) has a clothing incident which leads to a flustered Draco and a sweet ending.

Do Re Mi(Name) and Draco have a toxic relationship that can’t be fixed. Finally, (Name) leaves without a care in the world. Based off of the song Do Re Mi by Blackbear.

Connected: Modern AU. Draco had ended it with (Name) years ago after being in a relationship for years. What happens when they reconnect in a hotel bar and live the scenarios they thought would never happen again after their separation?

Draco Malfoy Crush Headcanons

Draco Malfoy Girlfriend Headcanons

Being married to Draco Malfoy would include…


 Break Me: (Name) gave everything to him, but he wasn’t willing to give back. (Chapter One)

Help Me: Second chapter to Break Me.

Redeem Me: Third chapter to Break Me.

Regret Me: Fourth chapter to Break Me.

Forgive Me: Fifth chapter to Break Me.

G E O R G E   W E A S L E Y

Heart Race: (Name) met George in her third year after being pushed down. After another year, what will happen when George has to find a way to keep his feelings for her in check?

The Challenges You’re Facing: (Warning: Depression)

W E A S L E Y  T W I N S

Being best friends with the twins would include…

N E V I L L E   L O N G B O T T O M

Every Part of You: Reader is insecure about her body.

The Perfect Blind Date - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Dylan O’Brien/Reader

Word Count: 10,822

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (both receiving), Multiple Orgasm, Public Kissing, Unprotected Sex, Morning Sex, Shirtless Dylan at the beach, Dylan on a motorcycle, slight shade coming from me towards my ex

Notes: So, @ninja-stiles an I were talking on day and we were sharing these motorcycle pictures of Dylan and Chris and we’re like “OMG WE SHOULD WRITE ABOUT THIS!” So, I wrote the Dylan side while she did the Chris side. The two fics are linked in plot but different in character and execution. So make sure to give hers a read as well! Also, this is slightly AU. Dylan is not famous here. Let him be a normal guy for a day y’all.

(As a note, her internet was being shitty today so I will post a link here as soon as she gets hers up! But still read hers once it is up because it is so good)

It’s hard to want to date when so many bad things have happened to you. One wrong turn in a relationship, and everything comes crashing down. Once that happens, why would you want to get back out there? You worry that the same thing will happen again, or that you won’t find the great guy you wish will sweep you off your feet the way you always imagine it.

Well, welcome to my life, honey.

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work for it | reggie mantle (riverdale)

Originally posted by riverdalesource

a/n: if you want to be added to my tag list leave a comment below or drop it into my ask box and ill add you!! i have three different lists one for each of my short series and one for all my posts!! happy reading be sure to leave a request!🦋💙

request: can i ask for a reggie x reader where he tries to ask her out but plays hard to get? thanks! :)

it was just another pep rally for the river vixens but for cheryl blossom it meant that there was another opportunity to be in the spotlight, being the captain and all.

you smile over to your red headed best friend, she was nervous like always. her parents had attended every single bulldog/vixen event but after jason’s death they had stopped because the memories flooded back each time they sat in those bleachers.

tonight was different though, tonight both blossom parents were here to support the teenage girl, so we had practice every damn day for at least a few hours. 

we had to make this rally perfect so cheryl could show her parents what they’ve been missing.

“you know this routine inside and out cheryl, you could do it in your sleep” you reassure her placing a comforting hand on her shoulder.

“thank you” she smiles softly at you “what are best friends for?” you giggle bumping her hip with your own as you apply your last coat of mascara to your eyelashes.

it was our fifth and final period and cheryl had ordered an emergency practice which resulted us being forced out to practice on the field with the jocks because the gym was being occupied by freshman gym class.

“5 minute break” cheryl yells allowing us to rest and hydrate.

you wonder over to the drinks table pouring yourself a cup a icy water from the cooler they leave there for the jocks.

“drinking our water i see?” you jump at the sudden voice almost covering yourself in water “god you scared me” you mumble wiping your mouth of the fallen liquid.

it was the one and only reggie mantle, it was common knowledge to all the kids at riverdale high that the raven haired jock had a thing for you. you flirted back and fourth tension building between the two of you.

he’d asked you out multiple times as well as half the other guys on the team but you refused to date anyone of them. the girls on your squad were puzzled at your decision to turn down only the best of riverdale high but you just shrugged it off.

you didn’t want to fall into the stereo type of an ‘easy’ cheerleader.

its not that you weren’t attracted to him because god, you were. he was tall, strong one of the best bodies in your year but he was more than that. you were the only one who’d seen past his bad boy jock facade.

he had everybody fooled, except you.

“can’t a hard working vixen get herself some cold water?”

he smirks “depends” he steps closer continuing to flirt

“will this working hard-gorgeous vixen want to go on a date with this beautiful specimen of a bulldog”

you roll your eyes placing the cup back down on the table

“you know what I’m actually not that thirsty” you turn and walk back toward your squad, swinging your hips as you know his eyes are watching your every agonising move.

“your going to have to try harder than that reg” you yell to the boy

he bites his clenched fist before jogging over to his jock friends.

you begin to stretch when cheryl approach you a smirk evident on her face. you grab her shoulder to stabilise yourself as you tuck one foot up.

“what are you doing?” she questions you, looking you up and down then behind you were you know reggie is staring based on the voice of coach clayton yelling at the poor boy.

“mantle! ball. over here” you giggle turning and giving the small boy a wave

“gosh (y/n) why don’t you just say yes!” the captain fumes at you.

“because its reggie cheryl” you muse taking a break from the stretching.

she huffs crossing her arms over her chest.

“oh c’mon you don’t seriously think i should go out with him? you hate reggie and me dating jocks remember what happened last time?”

she ignores you staring off behind you

“god what are you looking out” you turn spotting a familiar red head looking your way.

you smile and wave at your long time friend before turning and facing your best friend.”

“oh. my. god.” you squeal bouncing on your feet

“what now?” she snaps

you grin widely “you have a thing for andrews gah this is golden!!”

her eyes widen and she shakes her head “no i don’t!” she defends 

you laugh clapping your hands together

“it doesn’t matter his into you- they’re all freaking into you”

your features soften “cheryl archie is NOT into me” 

“I’m serious its completely platonic- wait what does this have to do with me and mantle?” you question dipping down to touch your toes.

“well if you start seeing the bimbo jock-” you interrupt her “don’t call him that”

she sighs “anyways if you start seeing each other than you my dear friend can put in a good word with efron- and then we can have double dates at pop’s!”

“god you didn’t just refer to archie as zac efron” you giggle

she narrows her eyes causing you to shoot your hands up “fine fine ill put in a good word to archiekins, i don’t need reggie for that”.

you bend down again touching your toes when you hear whistles and a huge thud.

you both turn quickly glancing as reggie is sprawled out onto the floor clutching his head as he rips off his helmet. before you know it your legs are carrying you over to the injured boy dropping to your knees as you approach him

“reg oh my god are you okay what happened?!” you bout running your hands over his face worry covering your expression like a blanket.

he winces trying to stand up only to stumble down, you stand quickly trying to bare all his weight. “arch” you mumble begging for the bulldog to help you out.

he swoops over holding the boy up, “what happened?!” you exclaim glancing at his team mates they all go quite holding in laughter “what?!” you ask confessed looking to your friend and the injured raven haired jock.

arch sighs laughing before answering “someone was having a good look at your ass and moose clocked him because someone didn’t have his head in the game”

you laugh covering your mouth as your cheeks heat up “hey i wasn’t-” he tries to defend himself leaning against his team mate.

“oh im sure you weren’t” you tease poking his chest

“practice is over mantle your on the beach tonight” he throws his hands in the air in frustration pulling away from the support of his red headed best friend

“c'mon coach-” coach clayton tucks his clipboard under his arm pointing a finger at the raven headed captain “i can’t afford you trying to show off to your girl- rest up”

your eyes fall to the ground blushing as Reggies attempts to cover up what his coach just said

a laugh spills from your mouth but your hands dart up to stop anymore from being realised. he glances at you with pleading eyes his rosy cheeks evident on his tan skin.

“(y/n)!” you turn to see your best friend yelling your name “i gotta get back to practice to you need help getting him to the bench?”

archie shakes his head adjusting his grip on the sulking boy “nah we’re good, go back to cheryl before she bursts a vessel”

you give the two boys a two finger salute before winking and rushing back over to your hot headed cheer captain

“jeez cap don’t get your knickers in a knot” you complain throwing your hair up into a pony tail.

she huffs turning and clapping to get the vixens attention “lets go bitches formation!” she yells

you roll your eyes getting into position catching the boys staring as we start our routine. “be right back” you mumble to the red head before jogging over to the pair on the first row of the bleachers

“yes” you smile catching reggies attention, the ice pack of his head slipping as he moves his hand away. they share a confused glance before looking back at the dumb smile on your face.

“wait what?” the raven haired boy chuckles nervously “ill come with you- on a date. pop’s. tonight” you speak with confidence twirling your hair.

a smile grows on his lips “really?” you dip down to reach his eye level “as long as ginger god comes too, for my ginger goddess” you point to the anger cheerleader standing with her vixens

“deal?” you question smile lazily placing your hand on his thigh

he looks to archie and he shrugs “im in” you give your friend a fist pump before looking back to the shy boy “deal” he finally speaks smiling up at me.

“what made you change your mind?” he asks nervously

you bite your lip backing away “i told you mantle, you had to work for it”

his smugness overwhelms his features archie elbow him in giddiness as he watches his friend flirt with the girl of his jock dreams

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shy || l!b.b

Relationship: Librarian!Bucky x reader

Summary: Bucky helps you destress and relax after a long day. 

Warnings: SMUT {18+}

Word Count: 1359 words


“I give up,” you mumble to yourself, sliding down the uncomfortable library chair you’d been sat at for nearly four hours as your hands dug at your scalp in frustration.

You had told yourself that you wouldn’t procrastinate during your fourth year, that your final year would be the best one yet but here you were, two weeks away from midterms and you could’ve sworn that your professors didn’t teach you anything.

Sure you still had two weeks, but classes would still be running which meant more content that would inevitably lead to your meltdown and quite possibly an injury from banging your head against a wall.

You shook off all your thoughts for a second as you grabbed your phone quickly unlocking it before finding Bucky’s name, sending him a quick text.

I’m coming over before I implode from stress

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anonymous asked:

Peter Parker + sharing earphones! Maybe they both love each other and they choose songs that show that but they're both clueless as hell?

It was fourth period on a Wednesday, which meant you and Peter were both free to spend time studying in the school library. You made your way to your usual table, setting your bag down beside his before taking the seat next to him.

“How was the Spanish quiz?” you asked, nudging him. He grimaced.

“Let’s just hope I never go to Spain,” he replied, making you chuckle. “I think Ned did well though, so that’s good.”

You smiled softly at his proud tone as he spoke about his and your best friend. His loyalty to his friends was just one of the many things you loved about him.

“So, what are you studying today?” you asked. Peter pulled a textbook from his rucksack, showing you the cover.

“Chem quiz on Tuesday. You?”

“Art folio,” you answered, opening your sketchbook to the portrait you were halfway through and unzipping your pencil case. Peter bit his bottom lip to suppress his grin as he noticed you were drawing a photo he’d sent you of himself pulling a funny face to cheer you up. He’d completely forgotten that you’d screenshot it.

“He’s cute,” he teased. You rolled your eyes and stuck your tongue out at him, making a face similar to the one in your drawing.

“He’s a little asshole,” you shot back, grinning cheekily at him. Setting your pencil down, you took your phone out of your pocket and set it on the table between you and Peter, before offering him one of your earphones. He took it with a smile, shifting a little closer to you in the process.

“You can pick the first song,” you told him. He scrolled through your music library for a few moments, before selecting a song and going back to his work.

You frowned slightly as Sam Smith’s smooth voice flooded your ears, telling you that no one would ever love you like he could. That wasn’t the type of song Peter would usually pick out, he wasn’t one for love songs. You told yourself to stop overthinking things, before realising it was your turn to choose the song. You decided to test the waters.

Peter raised his eyebrows in surprise but didn’t look up from his notes as the soft piano intro of “A Thousand Years” sounded in his right ear. He felt his heartbeat speed up at the romantic lyrics, and fought the urge to look at you.

When the song ended, you forced yourself to keep your eyes on your drawing as Peter carefully picked up your phone and began scrolling through your music. You breathed in sharply as a familiar intro played.

“I’ve found a love for me, darling just dive right in, follow my lead…I’ve found a girl, beautiful and sweet…I never knew you were the someone waiting for me…”

This time, you couldn’t stop yourself looking up to find that his warm brown eyes were already focused on you. He smiled such a tiny smile that it was almost unnoticeable, and you returned it shyly. He raised his eyebrows slightly, nodding at your phone. Your lips parted in understanding; he was waiting for your response.

You picked up your phone with shaking fingers, the silence when you paused his song deafening as you searched for the perfect song. Peter held his one earphone to his ear carefully, making sure he’d hear whatever you played. You breathed out slowly as you chose a song and set your phone down.

Peter’s face split into the most beautiful smile you’d ever seen as he recognised the song, “Still Falling For You”, playing. He met your eyes with a hopeful expression, and you reached to lace your fingers with his carefully.

“No one can lift me and catch me the way that you do…still falling for you,” you whispered along with the song. He cupped your cheek gently, somehow moving even closer to you. Your eyes fluttered shut as your foreheads touched, before your lips connected in a tentative, sweet kiss.

“Still falling for you,” he confirmed, nuzzling his nose against yours.


Reasons to watch: The BOLD type

Ok so this is one hell of a show and i refuse to let it go down without a fight. So i’m urging everyone to at least give it a TRY.

  •  Its a great show about three best friends who all work at a for a magazine called scarlet. Its really interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes of a company like this.  
  • ONE OF THEM IS A QUEER BI-RACIAL WOMEN, come fourth my fellow gays! There’s also a lesbian Muslim! I mean can it get any better than that?
  • This show is so inspirational in so many ways, it really shows that you shouldn’t be afraid to chase your dream, go for the goal! 
  • The show really touches on real life situations, things that could actually happen good and bad.
  • im not sure if im doing a good job at this but please TRY it 
  • KADENA #wlw #wlwoc
  • These three girls honestly and truly are best friends, they really care for each other and it’ll make your heart melt. 
  • Not to mention the romance, its honestly beautiful and it makes me cry, the straight couples are cute too! All hetero’s, come fourth!
  • AND ITS HILARIOUS, honestly i laughed every episode. 

and now if you wanna know more you’ll have to watch (; tune into freeform on Tuesday at 9/8c (;;;;;

Some HP!Pevensie headcannons for @western-woods I had so many ideas I thought I would write them all down here!


• is one of the best Quidditch players Hogwarts has ever seen
• plays as Keeper for the Hufflepuff team
• his favourite subject is Defence Against the Dark Arts as he likes to think that someday, if the moment came, he would be able to protect his friends and family from harm
• sneaks his siblings into the kitchens when they’re feeling lonely or sad - says a good biscuit always clears your neves and wipes away the tears
• got a detention once for punching a fourth year Ravenclaw who peter caught calling Lucy and her friends horrible names
• for some reason, Dumbledore gave him a lollipop afterwards
• he still doesn’t understand why??
• is truly abysmal at Transfiguration, but Susan helps him with his homework and studies
• breaks his wand every couple of years - usually by sitting on it - and Ed then makes a little coffin and gravestone for them all
• and Lucy occasionally looks out the window of their house and gets all upset by the row of dirt mounds that lines the edge of their garden


• Slytherin Prefect and #proud
• has never once gotten a detention - unlike her siblings
• excels at Transfiguration and Charms as she likes the practicality of both subjects
• is pretty much guaranteed to be Head Girl in her seventh year
• but cannot, for the life of her, understand why Qudditch is so fun??? like, it’s just throwing some magical footballs into hoops???
• violates the common room rule and invites her siblings for a gossip into the Slytherin common room every Friday evening because she really does get bored of studying and looks forward to that one evening ALL WEEK
• and she goes all out of this get-together
• there’s cakes and tea and all the sweets you could think of
• literally everyone is jealous too
• although, the one subject she is absolutely terrible at is Herbology - because plants should not talk, or make any noise for that matter
• she doesn’t think it, but she is definitely the most popular girl in school. everyone just seems to be in awe of her 24/7


• wizarding chess champ
• (and muggle chess champ too, but he doesn’t like to brag)
• most of the time Ravenclaw wins the house cup just because of his pure brilliance
• is also seeker for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team
• every time he gets house points, everyone is still chill because he’s just a modest and cool guy
• is the best at Astrology as he loves to look at the stars and loves them all for their little quirks and uniqueness
• and likes Potions too, but dislikes the Latin names that a lot of the ingredients have
• sometimes gets REALLY homesick and turns up in the middle of the night at the Hufflepuff Common room door looking for his brother
• after a couple (more like a dozen) biscuits and a hug he seems to get a little better
• he hates Divination - he’s not bad at it, but hates that it judges people based on their pasts and foretold futures
• constantly wants to show the writers of the Daily Prophet what’s right


• the bravest and purest cinnamon roll Gryffindor has ever seen
• literally apologised to the guy Peter punched after he called her names
• then punched him as well
• all the staff were so confused with the two normally kind and not-violent siblings that night??? was it something in their food???
• spends most of her spare time in the Owlery writing anonymous letters of happiness and telling her owl to post them randomly to someone who wasn’t having a particularly good day
• she also writes in the prettiest cursive ever (who can write that pretty with such a scratchy old quill???)
• excels at Care of Magical Creatures and Herbology as she is the gentlest being to have ever existed, but also is keen to meet as many of the most dangerous breeds and species as possible
• once stole some cakes from one of Susan’s little tea parties and gave them to lonely looking first years
• what was a small competition between herself and Peter where they battled each other on who could tell the best dad jokes turned into a school wide tournament and constantly interrupted extra-curricular activities
• loves to explore Hogsmeade instead of browsing through the shops on school trips

Loving Me is Like Loving War

Originally posted by cxhragrove

part 1

Billy Hargrove x Reader


A/N: y’all seemed to like part 1 so here it is, part 2 - enjoy!

After a late shift on Sunday you had been up late trying to get some school work done so that you weren’t completely fucked for the next day, but you ended up getting about 5 sentences written down before falling asleep into your textbook. As a result, not only where you tired as hell and falling behind, but you also kept catching yourself staring off into space, not paying any attention to what the hell was going on in class. What was more worrying was what you found yourself thinking about in those moments: Billy Hargrove. You couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like for him to wrap his muscular arms around you as he hugged you when you needed comforting, or how it would feel to have your hand in his, safe. Or even what it would be like to kiss him, imagining the smell of his cologne as you both leant in. And what a kiss could lead to; you’d heard many girls gushing about the things he could do with his mouth…

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To Speak

To my dearest Nonny, I hope you are smiling, I hope you find happiness- I am still here if you need me. All of us here are family you can count on. 


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Iron Or

Prompt:Forced orgasms where he ties her up and continues to eat her out continuously till she literally can’t crawl.

Negan X Reader

SMUT, NSFW, Non-con, oral sex, vaginal sex, light BDSM  

Tags:  @theonethatgotaway213, @marauderice @negans-network @kellyn1604 @megandrawsspace @idonthavehusbandsihavelovers @miiraal

   The doorknob looked so tempting.  You wondered if you tugged on it for the umpteenth time if it would finally open.  Your feet acted like they had a mind of their own as they turned away from the door and paced towards the other side of your bedroom.  There was no window.  You would have to work here a long time to get a room with a view. Even if you had one jumping would do no good.  There was no leaving the Sanctuary.  At best you could hide for a few hours, but it would probably only make things worse in the long run.

               Two weeks you had been here.  Two weeks and you had already broken the rules three times. Other residents told you rumors of punishment ceremonies.  Flashes of Dwight and Mark’s faces made you gasp and cover your mouth.  There was no way Negan would do that to a woman.  At least that is what you tried to convince yourself.

               His last warning kept trying to surface in your brain:  

               “You’re on thin ice little girl.  I won’t show you any special treatment.”  


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in which michelle hates shopping for dresses, but peter parker better damn well be sure that she’s gonna turn heads at prom.

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven (THIS ONE!) | eight | nine

  • most things in the jones family are community events. her little sister’s first day of kindergarten: the whole family piled into the car and took lots of pictures as little lola walked into the classroom, scowling as mj jumped up and down holding a small sign that said, “lola jones, you’re the best! lola jones, we’re so impressed!” (not her best work, but she was twelve.) there was the time when her brother made it to the regional spelling bee and got out in the fourth round. her mother even cheered when alexander misspelled “porpoise” and her dad had to nudge alice to let her know that alexander hadn’t spelled it correctly.
  • and now, michelle is dragging her feet through the mall as her family follows close behind, laughing and generally being too jovial. they’re even facetiming alexander in so he can be there too. lola is skipping through the mall, oohing and aahing at each dress store they pass. michelle wanted to go to old navy or the gap, but her father had insisted upon either nordstrom or macy’s.
  • “you can’t buy your prom dress at the gap, honey.” he had chuckled the night before when she had found out her mother had invited everyone to go shopping with them. “especially not if you’re going with peter.” he gave her a coy smile and then walked away, leaving her to gape and groan loudly before storming off to her room because there is no point in trying to stop her family.
  • her mother speeds up so she can walk next to michelle. michelle keeps her arms crossed over her chest and her eyes straight ahead. when it becomes clear her mother is not going to leave her alone, michelle sighs and quietly asks, “why did you have to invite them? why couldn’t this one thing just be small?”
  • her mother smiles warmly, wrapping her arms around mj’s shoulders. she squeezes her tightly, whispering, “because, honey, it isn’t small to you.”

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Summary: You were a junior and he was a senior. You were a good girl and he was a bad boy. It was so cliché, like every high school drama you’d ever watched, and you honestly did not want to be a part of it. 

Warnings: light bullying

Word Count: 2k+

When you’d entered high school you’d had your first encounter with the notorious Park Jimin. His best friend Jungkook had pushed him and he’d slammed into you on your first day as you wandered about, trying your best to find your classes during the too short passing period. Your schedule had flown out of your hand, feet shuffling it further away from you. You’d scrambled on your hands and knees after it, only to have a tan hand reach over you and trap it. You’d huffed out a small breath of air in relief, only to realize that the hand belonged to Jimin who was practically on top of you. He’d smirked, quirking an eyebrow as he stood up before extending a hand to help you up. You’d denied it, standing up and snatching the schedule out of his hand, walking away quickly. Your cheeks had been red and your heart had been beating fast.

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This is for @dreamin-of-somewhere-else challenge! My prompt was the song Smile by Mikki Ekko! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this challenge and thanks for the awesome song option! Sorry if this is super bad, I had to rewrite it like seven billion times!​

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Pairings: Dean and Sam x little!sister reader

Warnings: None! :)

Tags: @hellhoundlover @emmazach @percussiongirl2017 @winchesters-favorite-girl @sisterwinchesterwriter @staticweekes @lil-sister-winchester @hi-my-name-is-riley @the-third-winchester-warrior @fandom-queen-of-wonderland


You rounded eyes slowly met the sunset that left an orange reflection on the impala. Your pre-teen cherry lip gloss stained your lips as your cheeks were red, the chill gaining its power over your body. Shivers came and went as you sat on the hood of the impala, Sam below you on the old, worn out cooler, and Dean right beside you.

He moved his arm slowly, and casually over your shoulder. The weight bared onto your shoulders, but the heat from your father’s old leather jacket was worth the extra hold. Your spine cracked as you sifted, just as Dean took another swig.

Your eyes watched Sam trickle his finger down the side of his bottle, and another large grasp made your heart leap.

Everyone was on edge tonight.

Your father, John, had passed away a week ago. While somber hearts beat into the rhythm of the scene, a relief of stress, and new-found freedom grasped you all.

“Hey Dean?” you called up. He was still much taller than you were, even though your growth spurts were coming more frequently.

“Yeah?” he called down. You could smell the liquor lacing his lips and aligning the gaps between his teeth.

You sighed, taking another breath before asking the question playing at your mind, “Have we hit rock bottom?”.

Both Sam and Dean looked up to you, heads filled with what they knew was to come, what the outlined yet unplanned events would hold could only be far worse now that their father had made his choices.

“Um,” Dean started, but Sam interrupted, not meaning to cut his brother off.

“No, sweetie, not even close,” he grasped the bottle again. The sun was slowly falling beneath the rim of the land that passed your vision capability.

“What’s our rock bottom then?” you asked, the term being used once more. You had heard it form a friend from one of your many fourth grade classes.

Dean chuckled, feeling the guilt in his heart, “We won’t know until we get there, baby girl”.

You nodded at this, and let a single tear slip down your cheek. You quickly pulled the sleeve of your sweater up, and let the fabric stain with salted water.

“Hey bug,” Sam called out this time. For the past few weeks it had been only you who had asked the questions.

“Huh Sam?” you replied, feeling in your pocket for your father’s dog tags.

“The best thing to do is to smile,” he replied, taking his fingers, and trickling them downwards again.

Dean almost choked on the air that surrounded him.

“What?” you asked.

“The worst is still out there, and man it could come at any time,” Sam started.

“But, “Dean was the one to cut the response off this time, “No matter what happens, you should smile. You may not see it now, but there is always reason to smile”. This response was by far one of the greatest lies he would ever tell his baby sister.

“What’s your reasons?” you asked them both.

“You,” they replied in unison.

“No matter what time we end up kicking it,” Dean started.

“Or how many times we ask for forgiveness in the future,” Sam added.

“You will always be our reason to smile,” Dean finished.

And with the toss of a bottle, and a packed-up cooler, the impala drove off into the oncoming darkness, seeking the sun that would never rise the same way again.

Only luck could grant you the hope of more reasons to smile, and you would be lucky to ever see the sun again.

Top 5 favorite: YA Fantasy series

Halloween has never been my thing, perhaps because where I come from (especially when I was a kid), it isn’t celebrated. I do find it the perfect excuse to talk about my favorite fantasy books. These books might not be spooky in general, but they have their moments!

1. Mara Dyer 

I took the first Mara Dyer-book home with me from the library without having any expectations. Once I started reading these books, it was impossible to put them down. The story’s about Mara, a high school student who’s been noticing strange accidents around her. Accidents she’s afraid she caused. Noah Shaw is Mara’s love interest and he’s so hot and brooding but also sweet and caring. They really are M.A.D.N.E.S.S. (sorry, inside joke). Mara also has a great best friend and a cool relationship with her brothers. 

2. The Grishaverse

If there’s one author everyone should give a shot it’s Leigh Bardugo. She can create a mystery and let her kick-ass characters solve it with a lot of action and a little bit of humor. I deliberately wrote Grishaverse, instead of trilogy because Leigh’s Six Of Crows-duology is set in the same universe. The setting of Six Of Crows is very different from the Grisha-books but just as good. Maybe even better…

3. Vampire Academy (and the Bloodlines spin-off)

About three years ago I read Richelle Mead’s VA-series, which is narrated by the witty Rose Hathaway. She’s a dhampir, a half human-half vampire, who’s in training to become her best friend Lissa’s, a royal vampire, guardian. When I first heard of this series I wasn’t entirely convinced, but once I started reading the first book, I couldn’t put it down! I read the entire VA-series in one week. Luckily after I was finished there was the spin-off, which is about Sydney Sage. She gets introduced in the fourth VA-book. Bloodlines isn’t better or worse, it is only different.

4. Shatter Me

Writing, or even thinking, about Tahereh Mafi’s Shatter Me-series always hurts a little bit. I’ve read this series twice. When I finished Ignite Me, I started all over again the next day. Tahereh’s writing is beautiful. She writes about the journey of Juliette, a girl with fatal powers, who’s captured and eventually used as a weapon. In Unravel Me there’s this really intense scene and every time I read it, something scares the shit out of me, like the doorbell. My heart hurt so badly from being startled that it still hurts when I think about it.

5. Precious Stone

If you’re looking for an adventure with mystery and great humor, Kerstin Gier’s books are for you. In this trilogy, she writes about time traveling and her character’s are hilarious! Once you’ve finished this book you’ll want to read more of her. Luckily her Silver-trilogy is also published in multiple languages.

So, now that this is a thing, I’m gonna be tinfoil hatting.

There are a lot of potential options here - Reyes having been Reaper for the entire duration of his life (which is unlikely, from what we’ve seen in the lore and his connections to Mercy/Angela) or, the one I’m focusing on here, Reaper being a title, in a Red Hood or Dread Pirate Roberts situation. Either passed down from person to person or claimed by multiple people at once, so on, so fourth.

My personal theory here is that Talon (or, I guess, whatever organization Reaper’s hailing from, since he only works with Talon, not for them, but I’ll use Talon here out of ease) has gone through multiple Reapers in the past. Potentially as a project - make the best soldier they can. A serum, Captain America style, or maybe just straight up experimentation on humans, whatever - but they’ve gone through multiple Reapers over time, trying to perfect one. And Reyes is their perfect Reaper. Maybe because he went through the Soldier Enhancement Program so he was already a good base.
(And here’s where I start meta talk.)
But there’s one problem with Reyes. He’s kind of garbage at his job as Reaper. The serum technically works perfectly with him, gave Talon everything they needed, but Reyes just doesn’t do well in the field. In the shorts and comics we’ve seen him in, he’s failed in all of them, from the cinematic trailer to the Recall short to the Old Soldiers comic and the Infiltration short, he’s failed all of them. Didn’t do a damn thing of note.
Widowmaker managed to do something during her and Tracer’s short, actually killed Mondatta (even if she’s missed every shot since then) and Sombra did her thing with Katya Volskaya. They’ve had some bit of productivity.
Reaper has, so far: Gotten wrecked by Winston and a kid with a gauntlet, gotten wrecked by Ana and 76, gotten wrecked by Winston again, and then got wrecked by a Russian mecha.

He’s just really bad at this.

SO, that said. Talon has a perfect base for their Reaper, but their candidate is severely lacking in other respects. Assuming they see that, they very well might figure - they want another candidate. One that can work with the serum or whatever just as well as Reyes does, but can also get stuff done.

My stupid idea is that they might go for 76 next, since he went through the Enhancement Program too, and can evidently do shit. But regardless of whoever they pick, they’ll still be getting rid of Reyes in favor of them. Which leaves you an angry, less than human, semi-magic guy. If they try to put him down or just decommission him, he’s still left lacking and probably very unhappy about the whole ordeal for whatever reasons.

And then there’s the fact that this is Blizzard we’re talking about. Blizzard has something of a hardon for both redeption arcs and corruption arcs, it’s a theme shown in every game they’ve made (especially Warcraft, though, where you’ll see either redemption or corruption in every expansion), they very well may try to a redemption with Reyes/Reaper. If he’s left decommissioned and angry, he doesn’t have much place to go, and he can’t exactly die. Even if it isn’t a “Reyes rejoins Overwatch,” situation, it could still be a shift for him from being a main antagonist to just being an anti-hero, or just a less extreme Zuko situation.

And that’s all I’ve got for now because I’m writing this at 2AM.