the fourth one down is the best

Our group is currently in a session where the characters are facing their worst fears. One of said characters is a bit of a psychopath, who breaks the fourth wall a lot, so his “fear” involves not being able to burn down an orphanage because he keeps crit failing. I walk away from the table for a few moments and as I return:

DM: You missed the best line: ’The orphans cheers of joy and delight can be heard across the bridge, as they play in the gasoline.’

Me: You mean ‘What the f*ck man’ from our goliath upon walking into the scene wasn’t already the best line?

So, now that this is a thing, I’m gonna be tinfoil hatting.

There are a lot of potential options here - Reyes having been Reaper for the entire duration of his life (which is unlikely, from what we’ve seen in the lore and his connections to Mercy/Angela) or, the one I’m focusing on here, Reaper being a title, in a Red Hood or Dread Pirate Roberts situation. Either passed down from person to person or claimed by multiple people at once, so on, so fourth.

My personal theory here is that Talon (or, I guess, whatever organization Reaper’s hailing from, since he only works with Talon, not for them, but I’ll use Talon here out of ease) has gone through multiple Reapers in the past. Potentially as a project - make the best soldier they can. A serum, Captain America style, or maybe just straight up experimentation on humans, whatever - but they’ve gone through multiple Reapers over time, trying to perfect one. And Reyes is their perfect Reaper. Maybe because he went through the Soldier Enhancement Program so he was already a good base.
(And here’s where I start meta talk.)
But there’s one problem with Reyes. He’s kind of garbage at his job as Reaper. The serum technically works perfectly with him, gave Talon everything they needed, but Reyes just doesn’t do well in the field. In the shorts and comics we’ve seen him in, he’s failed in all of them, from the cinematic trailer to the Recall short to the Old Soldiers comic and the Infiltration short, he’s failed all of them. Didn’t do a damn thing of note.
Widowmaker managed to do something during her and Tracer’s short, actually killed Mondatta (even if she’s missed every shot since then) and Sombra did her thing with Katya Volskaya. They’ve had some bit of productivity.
Reaper has, so far: Gotten wrecked by Winston and a kid with a gauntlet, gotten wrecked by Ana and 76, gotten wrecked by Winston again, and then got wrecked by a Russian mecha.

He’s just really bad at this.

SO, that said. Talon has a perfect base for their Reaper, but their candidate is severely lacking in other respects. Assuming they see that, they very well might figure - they want another candidate. One that can work with the serum or whatever just as well as Reyes does, but can also get stuff done.

My stupid idea is that they might go for 76 next, since he went through the Enhancement Program too, and can evidently do shit. But regardless of whoever they pick, they’ll still be getting rid of Reyes in favor of them. Which leaves you an angry, less than human, semi-magic guy. If they try to put him down or just decommission him, he’s still left lacking and probably very unhappy about the whole ordeal for whatever reasons.

And then there’s the fact that this is Blizzard we’re talking about. Blizzard has something of a hardon for both redeption arcs and corruption arcs, it’s a theme shown in every game they’ve made (especially Warcraft, though, where you’ll see either redemption or corruption in every expansion), they very well may try to a redemption with Reyes/Reaper. If he’s left decommissioned and angry, he doesn’t have much place to go, and he can’t exactly die. Even if it isn’t a “Reyes rejoins Overwatch,” situation, it could still be a shift for him from being a main antagonist to just being an anti-hero, or just a less extreme Zuko situation.

And that’s all I’ve got for now because I’m writing this at 2AM.

Thank You - Scorbus one-shot

fanfiction?? what’s that?? oh yeah haha I still write stuff

This is supposed to be a chapter for something much bigger but I really liked it and I have posted anything in ages so here ya go

Scorbus and dad Draco was one of the only good things that came out of TCC and I’ve kinda been living and breathing it for the past few weeks so this sort of just spilled out of my brain in an hour enjoy ~

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Public Indecency

ao3 / vaxgrog / oneshot; 1k words

A break-in does not go quite as planned, aka FAKEOUT MAKEOUT IN MARQUETTE.

I don’t even know, y’all.  I blame this gifset and also @trinketchu​.

It was supposed to be a simple break-in, exactly the kind of thing Vax did best.  As in, best on his own.  His backup stepped on the fourth creaky floorboard of the evening, and Vax grimaced.

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The Tampon

Dean leaned against his locker and ignored Victor and Benny as they talked about Alex Smith’s awesome Hail Mary in the game against the Broncos the previous night.  Any other time he’d be happy to join in and talk smack about Peyton Manning (even though he secretly liked the guy), but right now was that magical time between third and fourth periods.  Those magical twenty-three seconds that he got to watch Castiel Novak round the corner from the math hallway and make her way down the main hallway to her history class (not that he was a stalker and knew her whole schedule or anything).  Usually she was surrounded by three or four friends.  Rarely, she was by herself, but those were the best times because there was no one around to obscure his view of her shapely legs in the short, pleated skirt that was a part of their school’s female uniform.

And here she was, right on time.  She was walking with only her friend, Hannah, so he had a pretty good view of her as she clasped her books against her chest, not really hiding the fairly sizable mounds under her argyle sweater vest.  She laughed at something Hannah said, and then glanced in his direction.  She looked away again quickly and the two girls giggled as they walked past.

Dean sighed and dropped his head back on his locker.

“Pathetic,” Victor commented.

“Ninety-two,” Benny added.

Ever since they had figured out that he went silent right around this time to watch Castiel Novak parade past in all her perfection, they’d been counting the days that he’d chickened out and not gone to talk to her.  He scowled and ignored them.

Castiel reached for something in her bag, and when she pulled it out, a pen fell onto the floor.  She didn’t seem to notice it had fallen.  His chance had finally arrived!

Dean ran forward, keeping his eyes on Castiel, and bent down to pick up the pen.  It felt a little odd, but he was too focused on making actual verbal contact today.


Castiel and Hannah stopped and turned, and so did most everybody in the hallway because he had shouted so loudly.  Castiel looked up at him with those huge, luminous blue eyes.


“You dropped this.”

Castiel looked down at his out stretched hand.


Her expression changed into something strange.  He looked down to see if he had a wart on his hand or something.  Then he saw that he wasn’t holding a pen.  He was holding a tampon.


Dean snatched his hand back like he’d been holding a hot iron poker.  Castiel had been reaching for the thing when he dropped it to the floor.

“Oh, shit, sorry.”

He leaned forward to pick it up again and collided heads with Castiel who had also bent forward.



They both stood up, rubbing their heads.

“I-I’m so s-sorry,” Dean stammered.

Castiel smiled and laughed.  “It’s okay.”  She bent down, picked up the tampon, and tucked it safely back in her bag.  “Thank you,” she said, smiling at him.

“You’re welcome.”

Castiel bit her lip shyly and then turned and started walking with Hannah again.  They glanced back over their shoulders to look at him and then giggled wildly as they turned a corner.  Dean stood in the middle of the hallway and barely heard all the snickers around him.  He was pretty certain he had a dopey smile on his face.

“Smooth,” Victor commented.

“I guess we now get to start counting the number of days until the second time you talk to her,” Benny added.

Dean grinned and waved them off.  “Ice is broken now, bitches.  I’m gonna talk to her tomorrow.”

Benny and Victor exchanged looks.

“Thirty.  Minimum,” Victor said.

“Naw, it’s going to take him until next year.”

Dean scowled at them.  “You guys suck.”


Dean whipped around and took a step back.  There she was.  Up close.  She smelled like honey and fucking fluffy pink clouds.

“Y-yeah?  Um, hi.”

“Hi.  I wanted to, uh, well, uh, again, thank you for picking up my, uh—”

Dean put up a hand.  “Don’t mention it.  Really.”

Castiel smiled and butterflies exploded in his stomach.

“Right.  Well, I was wondering if you, um, well, if you don’t have, like, plans or anything, if you would want to sit with me at lunch today?”

Dean’s brain had skidded to a halt sometime around when she had started smiling at him.  He felt someone behind him nudge him, but he couldn’t speak.

“He’d love to,” Benny saved him.  “Trust me.”

“Great!  Great.  Um.  Yeah.  Okay.  See you after next period then.”

She waved and hurried back down the hall.  Dean watched her go, and then turned to his friends.  He held his arms up in triumph.

“Who da man?!”

Benny and Victor rolled their eyes as they turned and walked away.



there wasn’t a year that went by that natalia and her siblings didn’t throw their christmas house party. it was their tradition that once their parents flight was in the air, the drinks were out, the friends would arrive, the music would blast down the street, and their beautiful home would turn into a college frat house. she was on her fourth game of flip cup, her team was winning, but when she caught the familiar face walking through her house she dropped the cup on the floor out of shock. “ TALIA !! “ she heard one of her brothers shout from making their team lose. “ oh you will get over it! “ she shot back before walking off to follow behind her ex best friend. “ excuse me, stranger. “ she teased grabbing her wrist. “ are you lost ? “  

• I’m sorry it’s late guys but I just found internet so that’s why I haven’t been able to post this shit thing. I dedicate this one for you, reppingirwin because you wanted Calum so yes here you go •

it was baby Hood’s birthday, and single daddy Calum ran around the house trying to get everything ready.
“Calum, calm down” his best friend Luke appeared in the room, carrying Calum’s daughter. “she’s four, she won’t care if there’s toys on the floor”
Calum stopped, grabbing a t-shirt he had thrown on the floor last night. “Luke, you don’t understand. it’s her fourth birthday, I want everything to be perfect”
“yeah yeah, I understand” Luke grabbed a toy, handing it to the kid on his hip. “you want to make sure she gets the best and all that, but you don’t need to fix every little small detail”
Calum knew that Luke was right, perfect wasn’t when everything was just right. perfect was a lazy movie night, his little daughter curled up against her daddy’s chest, falling asleep half through a Disney movie. perfect was waking up to his baby girl jumping on his bed at 6 am because she wants someone to play with. perfect was when her chubby little hands grabbed his, and when she with tired eyes mumbled how much she loved him. perfect wasn’t necessarily a perfect birthday cake and a clean house, perfect was when they were together, having the time of their life.
Calum looked at the little girl in Luke’s arms, she had your eyes, but otherwise she was all Calum’s. his dark hair, his smile, his adorable cheeks and lovely laugh. he loved her more than anything, and the day you walked out he promised himself that he’d do anything for her. no matter how hard and impossible raising a child could feel most of the time, he told himself that he just couldn’t give up. he was a part of creating her, he’s one of the reasons why she’s here, he felt the need to be reason who made sure that she had a great time.
Calum followed Luke into the living room, watching him as he put down little Hood. she walked over to Michael, grabbing his hand and begging him to pick her up. she loved all of Calum’s friends, but Luke, Michael and Ashton were her favourites. they were all like little extra dads, always being there if Calum needed them.
a pair of eyes turned to Calum, and all of a suddenly his mini version was on her way over. “daddy! daddy look at the fwower Ashton drew on my arm!”
Calum bent down, smiling at his daughter as she showed him her arm. he ran his fingers over the little flower. “that’s beautiful, princess”
“I know” she giggles.
he grabbed her, lifting her up and placing her on his hip. “almost as pretty as you”
she giggled again when he bopped her nose with his finger, burying her face in his neck. he kissed the top of of her head, softly rubbing her back. “are you having fun on your birthday, baby?”
she nods, glancing up at her dad with a smile. “yes!”
that reply was what Calum needed. the fact that a normal, simple day was enough for her, made it all perfect. and even though it still hurt that you didn’t want to be a part of all of this, he still wouldn’t change it for the world.

April 23th 2015 is the best day for Manga/Anime Fans

Never forget April 23th 2015

First Naruto Gaiden 700+1 with Sarada in a dilemma about who really is her mother, Sakura or Karin. Entering into some Maury shit right here

Then there One Piece 784 with Luffy revealing Gear Fourth that looks like a Battle Tank Ape, that ready to fuck shit up

That can fly too!!

Finally for Bleach, Honestly I thought it was going to wrap up this week poorly since things in Bleach has been going down hill for a while, making me read it from time to time so I just checked it for the hell of it like “Ok, What does Bleach have to end things off” expecting the worst and…..




Ichigo’s face represent mine and everyone faces seeing King Jeagerjaques back.

Never Forget April 23th 2015 folks

Hate - Sehun Imagine

(A/N: I’m finally getting around to a long scenario!! I thought I’d combine these because they’re pretty similar and it brings my to write list down to 5 after this one, so I can open the requests again sooner! I love this idea, and I hope you guys like it!)

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Learn to Shut Up ~ Sirius Black Imagine

“C'mon y/n, lets do something fun!” Your best friend Sirius whined for the fourth time within the last few minutes. As you had a day off, the two of You had decided to head down by the black lake. His back was against the tree while you were reading one of your favourite books, resting your head in his lap.

This was certainly one of your favourite things to do. The way he hummed softly and played with your hair lightly as you read really relaxed you. However he was being anything but relaxing today.

“Sirius I am having fun, now hush!” You replied, trying to keep your focus on the book. This was made increasingly difficult when Sirius began running his hand gently along your cheek, down your neck and side until he met the curve of your waist. Once there he began drawing shapes lightly on an exposed piece of your skin.

You felt your whole body tingling at this action. You had always had a teeny crush on Sirius.

Okay screw that you were pretty much in love with the guy. But you knew there was no chance of him feeling the same.

He was Sirius Black. With his charming good looks and award-winning smile he could have any girl in the school. Himself and the other Marauders were the kings of the school no doubt. Why would he want you? You were just you.

You were so busy in thought that you jerked suddenly letting out a loud giggle when his fingers brushed over a spot near your belly button that was ticklish.

He froze as did you and met your eye. All of a sudden his eyes filled with mischief and a smirk etched itself onto his lips.

“Sirius no-” you had began but before you could even turn away in protest he was attacking your stomach with tickles, causing you to laugh uncontrollably. You tried your best to escape his grip but he was too strong.

Eventually you managed to roll slightly, figuring it would be your best chance of getting away. However that plan backfired when he tried to catch you and ended up lying on top of you.

“Sirius get off of me you great oaf!” You complained, his sudden weight knocking the wind out of you a little.

However his smirk had faded now and was replaced with a serious, almost unsure look.

“Are you okay? You look like you’ve seen a-” you were cut off by his warm lips meeting yours. His lips stayed with yours for a few seconds but because you were in such shock you didn’t respond at all.

Before you could understand what was happening he was mumbling apologies, getting up off of you as quickly as possible. His muttering was almost incomprehensible and you only picked up on things like “Never should have been so stupid” and “what exactly was I expecting.”

You sat there still frozen to the spot as he began walking away from you, still rambling to himself.

Once you finally processed what had happened in your head you hopped up off of the ground, running to catch up with him.

He turned to face you with a rather pained expression. “Sirius-” he once again cut you off.

“Look y/n I’m sorry about what happened. Really, I guess I just got carried away and thought for a minute that maybe you could like me the way I like you” he explained.

You felt your heart soar at the words and had to bite your lip to stop from grinning. “Sirius-”

“You don’t have to say it y/n, I’m not stupid. I get it okay, I just really hope you don’t feel weird around me cause your friendship means so much to me that I could never lose you. Thats why I didn’t want to tell you how I fe-” It was your turn to cut him off.

You grabbed the shirt he was wearing, pulling him closer to you, forcing his lips to yours. It took a few seconds but all of a sudden he was kissing you back, his hands tangling in your hair.

When eventually you parted for air you couldn’t resist the smile that spread across your face.

“You really need to learn to shut up” you whispered, smirking slightly as you leaned in, letting your lips meet once again.

Here Comes Your Man Chapter 5

Hello lovelies! Here is Chapter 5 of HCYM. I started it after watching the finale because I couldn’t deal with that shit show (literal and figurative??) and just finished it, so I haven’t really done any checking for grammar lalala Also I’m going to be road tripping down to Austin (WHERE I’M MOVING WHAT UP) so my internet connection will be tenuous at best since I’m also going to be taking my time and hitting up some parks and stuff. So I’ll try to be on top of my answering game, but no guarantees.

Previous chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4 All my fics: here. Let’s go!

“I’m going to kill him. He said he’d be here! This is the fourth one he’s missed, why even bother inviting him if he’s not gonna show?” Archie fumed as yet another call to the mysterious Finn Nelson’s phone went to voicemail. Izzy had maybe, sort of, definitely told him about Rae and Finn’s moment in the tea shop the day before and now that Archie had learned about their instant attraction he understood how good the pair would fit together. They both liked music, they were both stubborn but softies, which could lead to some interesting fights, and they were both Archie’s best mates. This was the night that they were supposed to finally meet, especially after he heard, once again from Izzy, how sexy Rae’s poem for Finn was.

Rae was completely oblivious to Archie’s anger, focusing instead on the growing butterflies in her stomach and her silent, still phone in her pocket. Chatting with “Dave Francis” that afternoon had temporarily taken her mind off the reading but now her anticipation to meet him had decided to become pals with her nerves for the night, a kinship that resulted in knee sweats, an inability to keep down anything but peppermint tea, and blurred vision, so really the night could only go up from there. Peeking out from behind the curtain she could see the shop filled with people, some sitting in the provided chairs but far more milling around, chatting and enjoying the free, cheap, wine.

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the signs as kids on the playground at recess
  • aries: upside down on the monkey bars to prove that they are the alpha
  • taurus: telling all the other kids to try the onion grass
  • gemini: running from two feuding groups of friends either as a peacemaker or making things worse
  • cancer: will pout in a corner until you play house with them
  • leo: eats a bug to impress the other kids
  • virgo: building something elaborate in the sandbox
  • libra: singing loudly
  • scorpio: playing four square, wants to be in the fourth square a little more than they should
  • sagittarius: somehow escaped the designated play area, probably got poison ivy
  • capricorn: trying to get really good at the monkey bars
  • aquarius: swearing really loudly because they can
  • pisces: playing lava and taking it a little too seriously
Re: SNL 'Avengers' skit

One of the more amusing aspects of the Age of Ultron victory celebration sketch to me (besides the awesome drunk!Thor) is–

how Taran Killam’s Iron Man is basically a Robert Downey Jr. impression.

From the rapid-fire dry humor,

to giving breaking-the-fourth-wall stage cues (ex. “rim shot” in this skit; RDJ asking “dim the lights” at the PCA),

to the gum-chewing,

to that sudden, gritted, “for the press” smile thingy that RDJ does a lot when he’s walking down the red carpet or press line

(this one)

(not the best example but really, he does it all the time that you must’ve seen it)

I guess my point is– 

an “Iron Man impression” in the minds of the general audience is essentially a “Robert Downey Jr. impression”, 

which is something that really does not apply to any other actor and their respective superhero counterpart.

(Maybe except Samuel L. Jackson/Nick Fury)

So yeah.

“No, it’s nothing. Promise, I’ll call you tonight….” Pamela said softly before hanging up. Looking down at her phone with a sigh, her eyes landing on the hospital in front of her. This was the fourth time her boyfriend, the first one she’d had since high school, had called her that day. She couldn’t blame him though with how she was acting. The girl wasn’t the best actress- she sucked- so when it came to hiding the fact that she was freaking out she was failing big time.What was she supposed to do though, tell him her high school sweetheart, the only guy she’d ever loved in her life, just woke up from a coma and asked to see her? That she was in the parking lot trying to work up the nerve to go to his hospital room, and that’s why she had to cancel their date for the third day in a row? Something told her it wouldn’t go too well, and she had enough on her plate without making more drama.

Taking a long and deep breathe, she stood up straight and made her way into the hospital. It had been years, almost six years, since she’d seen this guy. A huge part of her was thrilled, excited to have him back and to be with him again, but her sensible side knew that this was and would continue to be very messy. So much time had passed, so many things had changed. She went from the sweet and soft-spoken girl who did everything to please her father, to the more opinionated but still sweet girl with purple hair and a few hidden tattoos. Walking to the nurses desk, she asked for his room number and was quickly walked to it and then left at the door. Her shaking hand reached up, giving a gentle knock on the door, before walking in. Her heart was racing and she was nervous to see how this would go.

it’s a date of sorts

Late 4th of July fluff. 

Storybrooke might have an abnormal population of magical beings, fairy tale characters and literature ones alike, but it was still Maine, still America, and a good portion of the population had memories of all the holidays that came with it. Between all the nasty business in Camelot and subsequent time in the Underworld, Emma hasn’t yet shone her pirate the best holiday.

Fourth of July didn’t require a family, or a home, or anything of the like in order to be celebrated. She could pick a bench, or sit in her car, or take a walk down the street and everywhere she turned would have a glorious view of the sparks and flares and pops of the fireworks.

She loves it.

She hopes Killian will too, but she says nothing about it. His experience with fireworks are the ones she made back when Elsa helped her accept her magic and perhaps some in the Enchanted Forest, a question she hasn’t yet asked, but Fourth of July is so much more spectacular than that and she doesn’t want to spoil it.

Storybrooke isn’t exactly good at keeping a secret, but she and Killian spend more time wrapped up in each other that neither of them really notice until her mother gives her the heads up.

“Swan, you’re up to something, don’t think I can’t tell,” he tells her when she leads him by his hook out of their house. Their house, she still marvels at it. Their house, their life, their love. How easy it is to think and say now.

She grins over her shoulder at him. The sun rests on his shoulder from this angle, just getting ready to settle behind the trees and, soon, from view entirely. He almost seems to glow from it, their long shadows standing side-by-side on the concrete, and she’s struck by his handsomeness, by his smile.

“I love you,” she says because she can, because it only gets easier to say every time she does it yet the words never lose their meaning.

“And I, you,” he replies. His smile might be small and fond, but his blues eyes are bright. “I’m quite perceptive though, you can’t change the subject so easily, luv." 

Her cheeks are warm. She had hoped to distract him, but he’s stubborn, thankfully so given their history.

"Try something new. It’s called trust,” she says instead.

He laughs. It’s beautiful and warm or perhaps that’s just how it makes her feel. “Is that so? Very well.”

She releases his hook to tangle their hands together, his fingers twining around hers. Together, they make their way down the street. He watches the streets, fondly at first, but with growing interest as he spots the people lining the streets on blankets and in chairs.

The roads are closed off on Main Street, but she leads him over the line and down the street, continuing passed everyone else, till they reach the dock. It’s dark now, even the street lights dim, which makes it hazardous to go up the steps and cross the gangplank to the Jolly Roger, but they manage.

He stops because there’s soft blankets on the deck, held down on the corners by an ice chest on one end and shoes on the other. One lantern rests on an empty barrel, not yet lit, and it’s not the most romantic thing, but from the look on his face, it might have been the Eiffel Tower. “Wasn’t it my turn?”

“Maybe, but you’ll have to let me have this one. Come on, it’s going to start soon.”


His answer is a boom, loud like thunder and bright like lightning, that makes him twitch in surprise till the first light arcs and breaks in the air, exploding in an array of colors. The sky is lit in blues, oranges, reds so bright that it shines on his face; another bang, a staccato of noises and white colors that reflect off the ocean.

He smiles at her, but confusion reigns after a second. “Did I perhaps miss something?”

“It’s 4th of July,” she explains, plopping down on the blanket.

“I recall the date, luv. Still not precisely following.”  He sits beside her, a touch more gracefully than her limp fall. He’s a show off like that. 

“Holiday. It’s Independence Day. The country celebrates being free and so on, fireworks are the specialty of the day like gift-giving is for Christmas.” Henry had explained to him that much, enough that he nods, the light bulb going off above his head.

She continues. “I thought we could do this together, we can join everyone else later for the finale.” She figures they should make some effort to see their family, it has been a few days since she has done more than call them.

“As you wish.” He tugs her into his arms, settling back against the blankets. With some wiggling, they can see the fireworks from the comfort of their embrace.

She nestles close to him, leaning up to press a kiss against his lips, gentle and brief, bringing a smile to both their faces when they part. Then she drops her face to his chest, tilting to watch the lights, comfortable and warm and safe, a far cry from the Fourth of July’s in her past.

One thing still bugs me about The Last Dam Job.

I mean, it was a great episode. I’d probably only rate it the fourth-best season finale, but that’s not a knock against it - almost all of the finales were incredible.

But the ending…Nate’s the Mastermind. It’s his job to know how people will react in any given situation, and to plan accordingly. He knew exactly how that confrontation with Dubenich and Lattimer would go down. And if anyone else should have known that, it would be the Grifter. 

So the fact that, at the end, Sophie was praising Nate for not killing them rang really hollow to me. These two have spent years manipulating people - they know that you don’t have to hold a gun to get someone shot. Dubenich and Lattimer played exactly to their nature, but Nate put them in just the right position to do so. He wasn’t even subtle about it. Just because he didn’t pull the trigger, that doesn’t mean he didn’t kill them. It just means he can delude himself into thinking that he didn’t.

Another fun fact:  Simone and I are designing shirts for the ROWYSO tour for her and I and our other best friend to wear.  And since theres only three of us, and four boys, one of them will not be represented (which is totally unacceptable) SO we were thinking of possibly having the fourth shirt designed and then having a giveaway of sorts???  

It would be for a Michael girl, similar to the design they have in their merch store, but instead of the baseball style it would be a football jersey (much more flowy and comfortable)  We’ve got all the ideas down and literally months to actually design them, but from what we’ve figured out, these shirts are going to be amazing.

We’re going to be looking for someone to give it away to, hopefully at the Massachusetts show in August.  If you’re interested and you’re going to be there, let us know and we’ll pick a random winner to give it to.  We’ll keep you posted as the time comes closer and get actual pictures of the shirts and their designs, and remind you of this awesome giveaway.  Just keep an eye out!

- Taylor and Simone

Phasma's Five (Closed RP with TheRaggedSaber)

+ When Kylo Ren walked in, Phasma’s conversation with AN-863 and the others had come to an end. Phasma turned, standing slightly more upright in acknowledgement.

+“Sir, these are the five that are the best in their class.” She started from the left, listing their numbers, nicknames, and what they excelled in. She got to Adriana, the fourth one down.

+ “AN-863, Adriana. Excels in hand to hand combat as well as blaster and saber work. She shows extreme leadership skills and works well under pressure.” After Phasma’s words had been spoken, she nodded slightly and reaffirmed her grip on her blaster. Kylo Ren was much taller now that he was in front of her.

+“These are your troops, sir. They are trained to follow and protect you at all costs and carry out all orders you assign to them.”

+ Adriana couldn’t help but wonder what that entailed. She partially worried he would send some of them off the Finalizer to do mundane tasks, but maybe it would be best for a scenery change. She worried again because she worked directly under Kylo Ren now, and he was beyond unpredictable.